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Darkest Hour

May 11, 2011
By ShannonLaDieu SILVER, Waycross, Georgia
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ShannonLaDieu SILVER, Waycross, Georgia
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Author's note: Baised on The Dark Visions trilogy By L.J Smith

There I was another dreary day in the life of meShannon. I’m listening to the “it” girls talk about their next party. The thing is I really wasn’t ever invited so what’s the point. You don’t invite the class witch to your parties. It wasn’t my fault I hade my out of the ordinary ringed eyes that were truly purple. I’m about 5”5 with hair to my shoulders that is dirty blonde. When it comes to weird I’m that girl. People are always commenting on me. I have a rare talent that makes everyone think I’m a freak. I can predict the future. Well my drawings can anyways. I looked down at what I was drawing. I saw a face take form with sad Doe eyes looking up at me. The child had charley temple hair. Mr. Jackson passed my desk and took up the drawing, “Daydreaming again Ms.Gilbert?” “No sir I was just doodling “I stuttered. Just then a student named Tanner walked in. “Sorry to interrupt Mr. Jackson but Shannon is needed in the office immediately,” Tanner looked at me. I got up and marched out of the class room and heard one of the girls whisper “I bet she’s pregnant,” I gritted my teeth and walked out of the class. As soon as I got to the office a lady stood up. “Shannon, it’s so good to see you again, do you remember who I am?” I looked at the lady like she had lost her mind. “My name is Jennifer Blake, My boss Mr. Zeeman wants to start a special kind of school where kids like you can grow to use your powers more. What do you think do you want to join us?” Before I could respond I heard a crunch of metal. We ran out side and there in the window was the face I had drawn. I fell to my knees and Vomited right there in front of everyone I knew.

I sat in the office with my head in between my legs. So the little face I had drawn was Tanners sister Amanda. I really felt bad now because she was the most important person in Tanners world. Ms.Blake came and knelt by me, “Shannon, She’s going to be ok.”
“No she’s not, She’s going to die in the hospital,” I started to cry.
“What on earth do you mean?”
“I can see the future and I seen her dying in Tanners arms,” I was so scared now that I could barley breath.
“Ms.Blake is that offer still available?”I asked her. I knew I had to get control of this ability.
“Yes, Bailey it is available,” she stared at me.
“Good, because I think I want to accept your offer, “I stared into her eyes and knew she was full of goodness.
Or so I thought.

I had just gotten off the plane and we were now in Ms.Blake Jeep.
“Ok, Shannon, It’s time for you to meet your new house mates.”Ms.Blake stopped in front of a purple house.
“Welcome to the institute,” I got out and went inside to the house.
A girl about 15 or 16 came from upstairs.
“Hi, you must be Shannon? I’m Kaitlin but you can call me Kait for short. I can tell were goanna be really great friends,” She hugged me.

“Kait, what did I tell you?” Ms.Blake tisked her.
“Oh sorry but I’m so excited to finally meet her since were the girls in the house,”
she grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs.
“Come on Shannon, you gotta meet the others,” she ran over to one boy. He was about 6ft and had dark hair. “This is Geffory, Say Hello Geffory,” She urged the male to talk. I heard him mutter a hello and that was about it. “Oh well anyways this is Heath, and this is Dylan,” she pointed everyone out to me. “And this is Bailey, She’s Heaths Fiancée,” She pulled me over to a blonde headed girl.
“Bay-Bay is it you?”I asked the older girl,
“Shannon? Oh My God, “Bailey hugged me tightly.
“And I think you already know Landon,” I looked over her shoulder at a boy around 17 or 18.
“Landon, don’t be such an A-hole to her,” Heath punched him in his arm. Well exactly how many of us are there?” I demanded. “Well not counting Ms.Blake there I think seven of us,” Kait was so happy I wanted to push her out of a window.
“Well who gets what room?” I asked since there were eight of us and only 3 rooms.
“I want the big room,” Landon said.
“And what makes you so special?” Heath stood up and demanded.
“I’ve lived in solitary confinement for the last five f-ing years of my life so you tell me,” Landen got into Heaths face.
“Let him have the room Heath,” Bailey and I held him back while Landen walked into the room.
“And Everyone leave me alone, Except for you, you can come knock on my door whenever you want to little lady and you can use the hot tube when you want to, With or without clothing ,” He winked at me and I just rolled my eyes at him.
“Can the girls have the room facing the north, I like to draw in the morning,” I asked.
We all agreed and we all went to organize the furniture.
“Wait, I think Bay-Bay and Heath should have the guy’s room and I’ll share with them,” Kait piped up. We all shrugged our shoulders and continued to organize our rooms. I was sharing a room with Geffory and that’s it! I sat down on the bed because the day was giving me a head ache. How did I end up sharing a room with Geffory? I didn’t know nor did I care. I was sharing a room with a boy! A boy! I laid down and my “roommate” Geffory walked in. He sat down at the desk and looked out the window.
“I don’t like this place there something off about it but I can’t figure out exactly what yet,” he was talking to himself. That’s when Dylan walked in I had completely forgotten about Dylan. He looked at me and walked into the closet.
As if sensing me staring he pocked his head back out of the closet, “It’s a walk in closet so I can sleep in it along with putting my stuff in it. Yours and His clothes go in the other closet,” He slammed the door before I said another word to him. I passed out a few seconds later. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I let curiosity get the best of me. I walked across the commons and knocked on Landen’s door. I just had to know what it was he did.
“What do you want Oh it’s you come to play have we?”He had a smirk on his face.
“I have to talk to you, “I pushed passed him into the room and sat down on the bed.

He had a dazed look on his face.
“Ok, so spill it you want to know how I ended up here. And what I do and who I am right?” He glared at me his eyes filled with fire.
“Yeah, and I was trying to be nice but if you cant even have the decency to talk to me without being a total A-Hole then I guess I’ll leave,” I got up and tried to storm to the door. But Landon had me in height and weight and he beat me to the door. “So you wanna know do you?” He grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him.
“Let me go,” I shoved away from him. He kept a hold of me and I realized he wasn’t trying to hurt me.
I stopped fighting and he let go.
“So what happened? Why are you here?”
“It was a girl about you age named Lylac,”he put his head down.
“What happened?”
He put his head down in shame, “She wasn’t strong enough.”
“What do you mean?”
“She wasn’t strong enough and I loved her. Our minds connected and I killed her by feeding on her life force.”
“So that’s why Heath called you a killer,” I mumbled.
“Now you can run away in fear like I know you want to,” he opened the door. I should have run but instead I shut the door again.
“No, I’m not afraid of you Landon,” I put my hands on the side of his face and made him look at me. All at once he had me up in his arms and in a tight embrace that I should’ve wanted to break. Instead I kissed him and I felt what had happened through him.
“Now, get out of my room, “He pulled back. I walked out confused and shocked.

I walked back to mine, Dylan, and Geoffrey’s room. I laid down and thought about Landon and his story. “Shannon, Its time to get up,” Heath pocked his head in the door.
“Leave me alone, “I groaned and turned over.
“Shannon get up or I’m gonna get Kat,” he threatened. I rolled over and outta bed. I got into the shower and got ready to begin my day. I sat at the desk and I laid my head down.
“Shannon, Lets get down to the lab please,” Ms.Blake stuck her head into the door.
“Coming Ms.Blake,” I said. She nodded and left. I stood up and dragged myself down the stairs. I walked in and realized that everybody else was already down stairs.
“Ok now that Shannon’s down here we can begin. We only have four volunteers and Landon needs to work with someone by himself.”
“Hey Heath, Bailey, and Dylan can work together. Geffory and Shannon can work together and I can work by myself,” Kat suggested. So for the next half-hour we worked with the volunteers until a scream broke into the room.
“I told him I didn’t want to do the test he wouldn’t listen,” Landon said with a smirk on his face. He walked out of the room looking only at me.
“Ok, I thinks that’s enough testing you can all go,” Ms.Blake knelt by the volunteer who I later found out was named Michel. While everybody went out side to swim I went back upstairs and laid down on the bed. Geffory came in a short time later and sat down next to me.
“Shannon, I have to talk to you about something I found,” he stared down at a piece of paper that was in his hands. I sat up and looked at the paper “Let me see that, “I demanded. I grabbed the paper and looked at it.
“Oh My God they’re trying to use us a weapons,” I looked at him and suddenly something clicked.
“Wait you; I, Landon, Bay-Bay, Heath, and Kat all have abilities. Dylan’s just here to be here. Oh my god their gonna use Dylan for us to test our abilities on.” I stopped because I heard someone in the hallway. I heard a knock at the door and I heard a small voice say
“Shannon, can we come in please?” before I could respond a wave of noshishness hit me and I had to lie back down.
“Yeah come in Shannon lay down are you ok?” I nodded and closed my eyes.
“Were leaving Shan are you coming with us?”
All of that happened 2weeks ago now we were all running for our lives. Bailey, Heath, Dylan, Kait, Geffory, Landon, and I were on the run.

Landon was outback when I walked out. He was talking to Mr. Zeeman.
“Landon, you have to remember that I brought you here for a reason. You’re different or so I thought?”
“I am different so is Shannon thought. Give me some time and I can prove that,” Landon begged him.
“Wait,” I jumped out of the shadows, “Landon’s right, we are different than other people and I want to prove it.”
I walked over and stood next to Landon.
“What are you thinking?” Landon thought to me. “Trying to help your tail,” I thought back to him. Mr. Zeeman was staring at me and finally spoke,
“Well Shannon, I should have known that your were going to be the second one to realize my vision shall we?” He asked pointing to his car.

We drove for about a good three hours when the car finally stopped.
“Thank you Mr. Soto you can leave for the night.” We walked into his house and a cage fell on top of me.
“Now, Landon, Break the link now,” he demanded.
“Landon, just do it,” I told him. Instead he turned around and told Mr. Zeeman to go to hell and he wasn’t gonna kill me.
“Fine I have the crystal that should make the link break,” He backed Landon into a crystal like thing that has smaller versions all over its self.
“Now, the link will be broke weather you like it or not.”
Mr. Zeeman decided to leave us so I just stared at Landon and told him
“Landon, I love you,” That’s all I told him before I passed out cold.

“Shannon, Can you here us Shannon?” Kaitlin’s thought’s shot into my head. “Shannon, Can you hear us?”
“Yes, Guys quick the links failing us again,” I thought back. “Shannon where are you guys?”
“In Mr. Zeeman’s House.”
“Shannon, Ms.Blake had no Idea what was going on with Mr. Zeeman she’s coming to help us try to hang on,” The link failed us.
“Landon, Did you hear that Landon, please wake up. Landon?”
I tried to wriggle out of the cage and succeeded. I ran over to Landon, We need you Landon please hurry up?” I heard sounds and Got back into the cage. Mr. Zeeman walked in and flipped a switch that turned the electric bars of the cage back on.
Suddenly a crash came from upstairs and the gang ran in.

“Shannon, I thought I lost you,“ Dylan opened the cage that held me and knelt on the floor beside me.
“Shannon? Shannon can you hear me?”
“Yes Shannon It’s me and I love you,” Dylan bent down and kissed me.
“Um guys I’m sorry to break this up but we kind of need to save Landon,” Bailey stood at the opening of the cage.
“Right, Come on Shannon,” Dylan picked me up and carried me out of the cage.
Suddenly without warning I heard Landon scream.
“Dylan, go help Landon please,” I begged to him. He set me down and that’s when Ms.Blake’s voice broke through all of the noise
“I’ll break the link I’ll break it I swear to god I will.” Landon was detached from the Crystal and she was at his throat with a knife. Before anyone of us could move Mr. Zeeman and Ms. Blake were on the ground withering.
“GO!” Landon screamed to the group and we all ran out side. We jumped into Ms.Blakes Jeep and Drove until we got to the institute.
“Go, pack everything you need only,” Landon took charge. I ran up to mine, and Dylan’s room (Geffory was killed by Mr. Zeeman trying to protect Kaitlin from Mr. Zeeman’s guard dogs), and began to grab some clothes. I grabbed my pastels also.
“Shannon, Lets go now,” Landon screamed from the bottom of the stairs. Everybody ran outside and we all piled into the institutes Van . Heath was driving as Landon shouted directions at him. Me and Dylan were sitting on one of the Bench seats in the back. Suddenly a major headache hit me.
“Shan? Are you ok?”
“Yeah, I get head aches very easily and It really doesn’t help when Landons screaming.” I laid my head on Dylan’s shoulder and closed my eyes.

“Shannon, Are you ok?” Dylan sat down next to me again. I looked out the window some more.
“Shan, you need to answer me are you ok?”
“Dylan, I’m fine now please leave me alone,” I pushed his hand away from my face.
“Well I guess it’s time to sleep, Lets see,” Landon was turned around in the driver’s seat. We had pulled into a gas station.
“The girls can have the fold out seat in the back,” Landon was immediately cut off by Bailey.
“No Let Dylan and Shan have the back seat me you and Heath can all sleep in the bucket seats.”


I sat up when I heard the van door open and someone slipped into the night. I stepped out side and immediately felt the cold hit my face. I saw Landon in a corner and he was hunched over in two.
“Landon, do you need energy?”
“Go away Shannon I don’t need your help,” Landon growled out through his teeth.
“Landon, let me help you,”
I knelt down beside him and felt him grab my neck.
In a few seconds it was over.
“Come on Shannon, Lets get back to the van before the others wake up,” Landon grabbed me by the arm. We got back to the van and we both went back to sleep.

“Shannon, Hey Shan Wake up Shan,” Dylan was shoving at my shoulder. I slapped his hand away and realized that we were at Bailey’s parent’s house.
“What are we doing here?”
“My parents want to help us and after Kaitlyn was killed they wanted to do all that they can to get the jerk that killed her.”
“Wait a second Kait was your little sister?”
“Well actually she’s my adopted sister that’s why Geffory is her twin.” We all got out and went inside
(Five Hours Later)
Everyone was asleep when I found the note from Landon. He had left us and went back to Zeeman. I had to follow him. I grabbed some of Kaitlyn’s clothes including a very cute dress from the closet. I hopped the next train to Florida. When I got off I was on a dark street corner. A red headed man was staring. I could read all of the vile things he had done to other girls and now wanted to do to me. I tried to run but running in heels is like pulling teeth difficult. He had me in a dark ally and he had ripped my top down the front. I screamed for help and it appeared in the form of Landon. “Shannon what are you doing here?”
“I told you I want to be with you and not Dylan”
He grabbed the man and looked into his eyes. The man fell to the ground and Landon came to stand next to me in my skirt and torn shirt. He pulled off his jacket and handed it to me. “Thanks you Landon,” I grabbed his hand. “Let’s go tell Zeeman you changed your mind and are now on our side,” Landon pulled me towards the way he had come from.

Landon took me into the institute and we went straight to Ms.Blake room.
“Landon where have you been I thought,” She suddenly stopped once she seen me.
“Landon what is she doing here?”
“She wants to help Mr. Zeeman she actually agrees with his vision,” Landon was cut off by Mr.Zeemans voice.
“So Shannon has decided to join us again?” Instead of Landon answering I did,
“Yes Mr. Z I do agree with your visions. That we are more superior to others Regular Humans.”
“Well I guess we can let her stay but where will she sleep?”
“She can share a room with Landon’s Friend Kristin,” with that Mr. Zeeman let me and Landon go to our rooms. When we got upstairs there was a door already open,
“That’s Krista Luna’s room and Kathryn Michel’s room.” He knocked and went into the room dragging me along with him.
“Krista, Kat Anita said it was time to get up.” A girl about 18 sat up in the bed on the right.
“Fine Landon I’m up but you might want to leave so I can get dressed,” she uncovered.
“Sorry Krista,” Landon pulled me into another room that looked as if a pig lived in it.
“This is Trent and Jackal’s room,” whispered to me. Then he screamed in to the room “Hey Slobs Anita said it was time to get up!”
“Hey numb nut were already up,” a boy about 16 came out of the shower and looked at me.
“So who’s the new play toy?” he asked.

“Well number one her name is Shannon and number two she’s not a play toy for you Trent,” Landon growled.
He grabbed me possessively and we walked out of the room.
“And you know your room mate,” He said opening the door to the room.
“Geffory,” I breathed out. Landon grabbed me and took me down stairs for testing.

When we got down stairs Ms.Blake was already down stairs waiting for us.

“Landon are the others up yet?” Landon merely nodded.
“Let’s go already so I can go to the mall me and Kat need some new Lingerie,” Krista came down dressed in a dark green Tank top and a pair of booty-shorts. She licked her lips when she saw Landon standing next to me. Then she saw me and her eyes became slits that read “He’s mine back off”.
The others followed soon after.
“Ok you’ll all be working on the same tests with the same volunteers as last time. Shannon you’ll be working with Trent and his volunteer ok now lets get started.”
I was hooked to a machine and some cream slathered across electrodes connected to my forehead. They wanted me to close my eyes and draw what ever I saw. So I did and when I opened my eyes I decided to show Krista who was boss. I just casually tossed the pen at her face. It hit her and exploded.
“You little twit I’m gonna kill you,” She came charging at me and I was ready. I stuck my foot out and she went down.
“What’s going on in here?” Anita came barreling in like a bullet from a gun.
“Shannon what’s going on?”
“I didn’t like Krista so I threw a pen at her and it pissed her off so I tripped her and she fell on her perky little butt,” I smiled and looked over at the others. They were all laughing at her.
“Well lets end the testing for the day,” I ran upstairs before she could finish talking. I had such a headache. I laid down when I heard a scratching at the window. I walked over and opened the window. The cute little kitten had a note threaded through its collar. I took the note and petted the kitten while I read the note.
I don’t know what happened to you but I hope your ok. Where ever this letter is I hope it made it to you.
I sat down on my bed. What ever happens happens. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

I was laying down when a shadow crept above me that made me screech.
“Calm down Shannon your fine don’t worry it’s only me,” Landon chuckled. Apparently while everyone was lying down or screwing around in their rooms Landon decided to hide in my room. I sat up and he grabbed me.
“Come to the deck with me Shan-Shan come on please,” Landon whispered into my ear. We snuck across to his room where we went onto his deck.
“Shannon, I love you please tell me what’s wrong,” Landon was stroking my hair.
“Landon its nothing really I’m fine baby,” I turned on my side towards him clad in only my Camo-Tank given to me by Landon and Landons green Boxer shorts. Landon just stared at me when a letter fell from the sky.
“What’s that?”
“I don’t know Landon,” I opened the note.
Whts goin on?
Where R you?
Please tell me you didn’t go back to that piece of crap.
U knw Landons no good 4 u. Whts goin on?
Please Respond to me,
Landon read the letter with me.
“Wait so everything you said to me was a total lie?” Landon’s face was so hurt.
“No Dylan’s just jealous that I love you and not him truly so he’s trying to get me back.”
“Ok well I guess since he can’t do this,” Landon kissed me. A tongue-Down-Throat kiss.
I snaked his shirt off and threw it into his room. Suddenly I heard his door open and Krista clad in nothing walked in and sang out,”Landon where are you babe? I thought you were finished with that little toy and were ready for a real woman?”
“Landon what is she talking about?”
“Nothing Shan you know I only love you,” He grabbed me but I jerked away.
“You, You, You Animal how could you?” Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I ran from his room shoving the little skank out of my way. I ran down the stairs and outside. I tripped and fell but I just kept running. I ran until I collapsed and fell into a deep sleep.

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