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Hip to Hip: An Excerpt from my own personal soap opera

June 17, 2011
By Anonymous

-Episode begins at the house of Claudia- Claudia: What are you doing? Steven: Oh, I was just..uh..looking for Gulliver’s Travels. I have to bring it in for one of my students. Sorry for intruding, Tyler let me in. Where are you coming from? Claudia: I was out by the pool. The weather is wonderful today! I think I might have gotten a little tan…anyways; I am going to head over to Muchachos. Want to join? Steven: I can’t, sorry. I have so much work to do. Bring me home a burger? Claudia: Certainly. Have fun with your work! (exits) Steven: Where could it be? Why is it nowhere to be found when I need it most? (throws books off the bookshelf in a panic). I bet that filthy rat Seymour took it. Unless…(takes out the copy of Jane Eyre and flips through the pages. An envelope falls out onto the ground. She picks it up and examines the envelope) Perfect. -Scene Change: University- Teacher: Okay, class is dismissed. Your final paper will be due next Thursday. Please remember to do it, and try not to wait until the last minute! (the students collect their books, get out of their seats and file out of the classroom one by one. Tara is the last one in the classroom as she finishes up her test. She looks up to see her teacher staring her down.) Tara: I’m done. (gets up from seat and puts it on the pile of other tests.) (Teacher grabs her hand as she puts her test down. Tara pulls her hand away and walks back to her seat to pack up her bag. As she looks up, she sees Teacher locking the door. Her heart starts to race as she shuts her bag quickly.) Tara: Okay, I don’t know why you did that, but I really need to leave… I have another class to go to. Teacher: That’s quite alright, I’ll write you an excuse letter. You have Philosophy next, right? Tara: Yes…how on earth do you know that? Teacher: I have access to all my student’s schedules. I checked earlier during the test. You’ll be okay, just stay here with me. Tara: No, okay this is not good. I need to leave. You are really creeping me out! (Starts to run towards the door but Teacher grabs her arm. He pushes her on the ground). Teacher: You are going to cooperate, now. You can’t scream for help or anything, these walls are soundproof. (He picks her off the ground and places her on one of the desks). You look really pretty today. Did you do something different with your hair? Tara: What are you doing? You are a professor! This is so unlike you… Teacher: Don’t worry, Tara. Nobody will ever find out about this. (A close up on Tara’s face. Her eyes are lit up with fear as she is stabbed in the neck with a needle containing a serum that knocked her out. The camera fades out.) -Scene Change: Muchachos Café- Claudia: (walks into the restaurant and looks around. She spots Jared and smiles. She walks over to him and sits across from him in the booth). Hey Jared. I missed you this past week. Jared: I missed you too. This week seemed incredibly long. I’m just happy to be here again with you in my favorite restaurant. Claudia: How was your business trip? (takes a bite out of chicken wrap.) Jared: It was alright. I couldn’t stop thinking about you though. I just wanted to come back to the states as soon as possible, just to be with you. Claudia: (grins). That means so much to me. Actually, guess who knocked on my door a couple days ago? Jared: Who? (bites into tuna sandwich.) Claudia: Sal. He gave me a year payment of child support and told me that he is leaving the country. He’s moving to Puerto Rico. Jared: Well, that’s a bit random…How come? Claudia: Work. And he has family there. Apparently he can’t take the United States anymore so he wants to leave. It kind of angers me because he is leaving his child here just for me to take care of. It isn’t easy taking care of a child with downs syndrome. Especially since he is almost 19. Tyler is a delight, but sometimes he is just too much. Jared: Don’t worry, Person1. (grabs Person1’s hands). I am here for you. I will take care of Tyler whenever you need it. I won’t let you down. Claudia: (Smiles). Thanks, that means so much to me. -Scene alters to the back corner of the restaurant- Waitress: And here’s your coffee and salad. Would you like anything else today? Sir? Hello? Jack: Oh, um, yeah…I’m sorry. I’m fine. Waitress: Alright then…(leaves). Jack: (Looks around restaurant, as if expecting somebody to arrive at any moment). Erg, where is he? He was supposed to be here by now. I’m screwed. (stabs salad with fork). Steven: (walks into restaurant and looks around. Looks a little guilty, but also looks rather content. He spots Jack in the back corner and walks toward the booth). Hello, there. Haven’t seen you in a while. Jack: (Sarcastically laughs at Steven’s comment). Yeah, whatever. It’s only been two hours. Take a seat, and let’s make this quick. I got things to do. Steven: (Sits down, and takes envelope out of jacket pocket). So, I found the document. It wasn’t easy though. I had to search through Person1’s entire library to find it. She thought she could hide it so cleverly, but she didn’t. (passes envelope). It reveals everything. Jack: (opens envelope and reads the contents). Well, we were right about our assumptions. Tyler isn’t her son. Steven: Shhhh! (looks to other side of restaurant). She’s here! Crap, I forgot that she was coming here. I totally wasn’t paying attention. We have to be quiet. And she cannot see me. She thinks that I went home. Jack: That’s quite alright, I have to go. (Beckons waitress over). Put it on my tab. (Looks back at Steven). I have a plan. I will see you later. (exits). -Camera fades: Scene change to car of Sal – Sal: (driving down narrow, deserted road) S***, I’m late. My flight takes off in an hour! I’m screwed. (continues driving, full of anxiety and anger. The only thing on his mind was leaving his life behind here in Hipview. His phone rings and he reaches for it to answer.) Hello? Claudia: Hi, Sal. Sorry to bother you. Tyler just wanted to say goodbye before you take off. Here he is. (hands phone to Tyler). Tyler: Bye daddy! I love you! (blows kiss to the phone). Sal: I love you too. I will miss you. Take care of yourself and mom, okay? Tyler: Yes! (hands phone back to Person1). Claudia: Have a safe flight. I’ll talk to you soon, I guess. Sal: I’m sorry, for everything. I need to get away from here. Tyler is old enough to handle. (reaches over seat for GPS. Loses control of wheel). S***! (Crashes are heard over the phone. The line goes dead.) Claudia: Sal? SAL? Oh s***! I have to call 911! (dials number). - Camera fades: Scene change to University- Tara: (wakes up in classroom. The room is all dark and empty. Tara feels a bump on her head and grabs her head in pain. She then feels a sharp pain in her neck. She gets up off the floor and take a few steps. Her head is pounding with intense pain. She crosses over to the other side of the room, towards the door. She notices the door handle is covered in blood. She suddenly then feels pain in her nose. She grabs her nose, only to realize that it is bleeding and broken. She doesn’t remember waking up this morning, or how she got to the school. She opens the door carefully, trying to avoid blood. As she enters the hallway, she feels dizzy and faints.) (The hallway is dark and empty as well. It appears to be nighttime, so Tara is left there until the following morning). - Scene change to the house of Person4 the next day- Jack: (Sits in a chair while reading the documents within the envelope and eating an apple. Candles are set up throughout the room, giving the scent of wax and honeysuckle. A loud knock is heard at the door. He instantly gets out of his seat and dashes for the door. He opens the door.) Oh hi there. Steven: Hi, I can’t stay long. Sal got into a really bad car accident so I have to meet Claudia and Tyler at the hospital. Did you figure out how you are going to break the news to Tara? Jack: Not yet. I haven’t seen Tara since yesterday morning, when she left for class. Hold on. let me call her. (Takes out phone from pocket and dials her number.) There’s no answer. Well this is weird…she always answers her phone. You know what, you head over to the hospital and I’ll go look for Tara. I’ll meet you there. Steven: Alright. (exits). Jack: (Walks around living room, thinking about where Tara could possibly be.) Ah, well she must be at a friend’s house or something. She’ll be back soon. (phone rings). Hello? What?! How did this happen to Tara? I’ll be right over. (hangs up phone and heads over to the hospital.) -Scene change to the hospital- Claudia: (Waits outside of trauma center, impatiently waiting for good news. Person3 walks into the hospital and Claudia spots him down the hallway. She runs over to him into his arms.) I can’t believe this is happening. Tyler needs his father! The doctors haven’t even come out of there yet and it has been 3 hours. Jared: (Grabs Claudia’s face and gives her a warm and loving kiss. He embraces her.) Don’t worry…he will be okay. He’s a fighter. He won’t give on the world, and most importantly, Tyler. Just have faith in him. (Pecks her forehead). Claudia: (Sobs into Jared’s shoulder). I don’t know why I am so emotional. Sal and I have been divorced for about 2 years now. He isn’t a big part of my life anymore. Person3: Claudia, he will always be a big part of your life, and you know it. He is the father of your child and was once your husband. It is impossibly to get somebody like him out of your life. However, I will always be here for you if you ever need a distraction. Claudia: You’re the best kind of distraction. (Claudia and Jared start to romantically kiss. They are interrupted by one of the doctors). Doctor: Sorry to interrupt. After 3 hours and 15 minutes of surgery, we have completed the procedure on his brain. However, he is in a coma and we’re not sure when he’ll wake up. We don’t even know if he’ll wake up at all. We will give you another update in about an hour. Claudia: Okay, thanks. (Tears run down her face as she walks over to the waiting room and sinks into one of the seats. Jared walks after her and sits in the chair next to her to comfort her.) -Scene change to another room in the hospital- Tara: (She opens her eyes to find herself in a hospital bed. She doesn’t remember how she got there or what happened to her. The last thing she remembers is going to sleep the night before her Biology test. She feels a cast on her nose and her body feels numb. Frustration runs throughout her body because she doesn’t know what is going on. She starts hysterically crying.) Hello? HELLO?! What is going on?! Jack: (Bursts through the door.) Oh, Tara. You’re awake! (Goes over to bed and hugs her). Tara: Uncle Jack, what is going on? Jack: You were found outside your Biology classroom. Nobody knows what happened to you. It seems as if you were attacked on your way out of the classroom. Tara: What? I don’t even remember going to school. What is going on? Jack: Yep, you have amnesia. The doctors found a chemical in your system that wiped your memory of the day. You were awake before but nobody could understand what you were saying. Then, you passed out again. Tara: Uncle Jack, none of this makes sense. Can you give me some alone time to think? My head hurts. Jack: Certainly. (Kisses her forehead and exits). Tara: (Sits on the hospital bed, trying to collect her thoughts. Suddenly, a memory comes back to her like a big slap in the face.) (A flashback occurs of her being the last one in the class as she finishes the test. She also remembers the professor locking the door and walking towards her in a very creepy way. Tara’s heart starts racing as her memory returns rapidly.) -Scene change: Hallway in the hospital- Steven: (Walks down hallway and spots Jack.) Hey! Wait up! (Runs after him.) So what are we going to do? Should we even confront Claudia? She is a mess. Jack: Oh, we are going to confront her. Steven: But I don’t think that this is a good time…did you talk to Tara? Jack: Yup. She’s in the hospital right now. She got attacked during school. Steven: Oh no! I hope she is okay! Jack: She is awake. However, she has no recollection of her entire day, so she doesn’t know what happened to her. The doctor’s don’t know if it’s temporary or permanent. Steven: I’m so sorry…I have to take Tyler home, so I’ll see you later? Jack: Just wait. Here comes Claudia. Claudia: (walks down hallway). Hey Steven, thank you for bringing Tyler home. I appreciate it. I am going to go take a shower and stay here. Take care. Jack: Not so fast, Claudia! (pulls document out of pocket). Do you care to explain why you have the DNA tests of both Tyler and Tara? Why do you even care about Tara? You have never talked to her before. Claudia: How the hell did you get that? That is NONE of your business! Jack: It is my business now. Tara is my niece and I need to look out for her. Besides, where are the results? Claudia: Do you really want to know where those results went? Jack: I would love to. Claudia: I threw them out years ago. I couldn’t handle the truth. I didn’t want to lose my Tyler. Steven: Claudia, what are you talking about? Claudia: Tyler isn’t really my son! Tara is! There was a switch up in the hospital the night they were born. I was going to tell Tara’s parents before they got killed in that car crash. Now if you don’t mind, I am going to go report you to the police for invasion of privacy. That document was confidential! Jack: Go right ahead! I don’t give a s***! Everybody deserves to know the truth! Steven: Okay, Jack. Stop. (He grabs Jack’s arm as they watch Claudia storm down the hallway.) -Scene change to Tara’s hospital room- Tara: (As she remembers the horrific event that occurred the night before, her body is full of fury and weakness). How could I have let this happen? He f*ing raped me! (Tara’s body goes numb and she passes out in the hospital bed from exhaustion). -Scene fades: Episode has ended-

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