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Trust Me When I Say

January 19, 2012
By Ohitskarina BRONZE, Waterloo, New York
Ohitskarina BRONZE, Waterloo, New York
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I want you guys to meet my two favorite characters of all time. There from a mini-story I was working on forever ago. Madeline and Bren. They’re two adults in love. They fell in love as teenagers. Were separated for a while, but some how managed to find each other again. Growing up, Maddie was abused as a child. Physically, mentally and emotionally. She always went for all the wrong guys. Always made the wrong choices. Never knew what to do with herself. Bren was the one always looking out for her. Bren was the eldest brother of three brothers. He took care of everyone at his house, his parents were dead and they were living with their elderly Grandmother who couldn’t do much on her own.

Madeline - She was the type of girl who didn’t care what you thought about her. She was living life for herself. She was loved by most people, was always trying to help someone and was always smiling. But what no one knew, was she could barely help herself. In a not so great home situation, every day after school was over. She would find solace in all the wrong things. Drugs. Drinking. Fights. Multiple loves and different guys. There was only one consist thing in her life, that was her best friend, Bren. He was always there for her, when she needed him most. In school, she was the popular one. The out going girl that everyone loved and hated. Bren? Not so much.

Bren - He was the loner in school. He kept to himself. He got good grades and did what he could to avoid all public things. He never went to school functions, never cared to show school spirit or get involved. He was there for one thing, to get an education and get out. That was it. He had other things to take care, other people to care for. So why was he so naturally drawn to the biggest spot light in school? Cuz he knew she needed him. And being needed was his thing. He was always there to look after her, to make sure she didn’t totally crumple and fall apart. She slept on his couch, more times than he could count. Never once did he try to take advantage of her or coax her into anything. He just liked seeing her sleep. She was so beautiful. Many times, he held her while she was asleep. She didn’t even know. She was everything he loved, but she never knew it.

Karina A.

Trust Me When I Say

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