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Lalani: Sisters From Another Realm

December 12, 2013
By Sheetal, Cupertino, California
Sheetal, Cupertino, California
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Stella and Aria were two ordinary girls. It was almost their sweet sixteen when they found out that they were sisters separated at birth. They went on a quest to Lalani, a magical kingdom, only to find that their parents were dead. Luckily, they had a brother, David, who was king of the land. Raven, a knight, told the girls about The Sorcerer and how he stole the gem of the city and that they were the only ones left to get it back or it will be too late. The Sorcerer would then use to turn everyone to zombies. With Ravens magic, the girls track the gem to Dara Heights, a mountain. They have to fight creatures and cross rivers to get to the top, but they manage to do it. At the top there is a cave in which a dragon lives. To their horror the gem is inside the dragon’s heart. But, that is the least of their problems. They get tied up by The Sorcerer and have no escape. Right then the girls see a shadowy figure. Is there hope?

Sheetal R.

Lalani: Sisters From Another Realm

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