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River Of broken Dreams

May 27, 2014
By FluffyDucky13, Barrington, New Hampshire
FluffyDucky13, Barrington, New Hampshire
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The average person tells four lies a day, or 1,460 a year for a total of 88,000 by the age of 60. And the most common is: “I’m fine.” – adapted


People put up walls not to keep others out but to see care enough to break them down.~don't know


Ciana(China) is abused by Nathan her father. Brice is Adan, Ciana brother, best friend and is all way there for both of the abused teenagers. Adan has always want to leave ancient Egypt and go see the world. He wanted to be a sailor and he finally does. But this means leaving Ciana with their abuseive father. Ciana has a crush on Brice and he has seen what her father has does to her and her brother. This a short story, so please know that the abuse is problem in the story but I will not describe it with lots of details.


River Of broken Dreams

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