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The New Girl

January 4, 2019
By Bajabassist BRONZE, No, Kentucky
Bajabassist BRONZE, No, Kentucky
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"Music is my true love. Why? Because it's the only thing in my life that hasn't broken my heart, and never will." ~Julia Pierce


The Berkshire family moves from Kentucky to California. It conistists of two parents, and two teenage girls. There's Ellie, who's outgoing and friendly, and Bailey, who's more shy and reserved. The girls didn't want to leave home, but they had no choice. While on a Vacation the summer previous, they stumbled across a stable off a main road. It was beautiful- and for sale. The price was a bit much, but there were horses that were going to be shipped off to the slaughter house if nobody baught it. So that's exactly what they did.


The New Girl

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