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Your Place

November 23, 2020
By oliviagreen, Saratoga, California
oliviagreen, Saratoga, California
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A woman, with a life no different than every other women living in the great New York City, wakes up and goes about her day like any other. In the year 2068, laws and precautions are engraved into the walls of society to ensure women are kept in their place.

The speculative fiction story titled, "Your Place," portrays the everyday life of a woman. The story implements the unfair treatment women have experienced throughout the decades, as well as the narrators personal experiences facing the constant judgement from society. 

"Your Place," is the story of a woman's struggles in the impossible society where around every corner there is a new law holding her back. The woman takes the reader with her on an inside look at what it feels like to be a women living in a man's world. 

Olivia G.

Your Place

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