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The Heart of the storm

March 2, 2021
By Anonymous

Author's note:

My name is Brookelyn Whited. I am in eighth grade. I attend school at Saint Dominic Academy in Auburn, Maine. Throughout most of January and some of February, my grade has been working hard to write at least a ten thousand word novel. I have to say it was a bit hard. Every week we had to write at least a thousand words. That was the tricky part. This is because I would be staying on top of it, then if you fall behind just one day you have to write a bunch the night before. We usually had the next thousand words due on Monday. In my family, we go to a ski mountain that is two hours away from my house. So I would type all week and then on Saturday I would go skiing and then would have to make up Saturday’sword count on Sunday. That was probably the hardest part. In the end, looking back on it my hard work shows and I feel that it was pretty good.

The author's comments:

I hope you enjoy this part of the chapter.

On Rachel’s phone an alert saying Tom was calling. Sam quickly answered the phone.

“Dad!” Sam yelled

“Sam, my head hurts bad,” Tom confessed.

“Okay, Gram and Gramp are driving here. We don’t have a vehicle because you took mom’s and yours is where we found Lucy. should be here soon. As soon as they get there we will go straight there.” Sam said quickly.

“Okay, bye,” Tom said.

“Wait, dad-” Sam started to say

The call hung up.

“What did he say?” Rachel asked

“Not much,” Sam replied, “he just said that he was at home and that his head was hurt pretty badly.”

“Oh,” Rachel replied

“Do you think that he’s okay?” Sam asked

“Well, I’m not sure.” Rachel said, “I don’t think we should talk about it in front of your sister though.”

“Why?” Sam asked, “Is it the particular reason for this circumstance it is her fault that this whole thing happened?”

“Sam don’t say that,” Rachel replied

“No, I think she should know. She should know that the particular reason for this circumstance she ran away. Dad is now hurt and we have no way to get to him.” Sam said with tears forming in his eyes. 

          “Sam please don’t say that. He will be okay, you will go to him as soon as your grandparents get here.” Rachel said

         “Do you even care mom?” Sam asked, “Sometimes it seems like you don’t. If you hadn’t made her stop liking Dad’s house this never would have happened in the first place. Whenever you and Dad argue she takes your side. When you two argue and you mumble things under your breath thinking no one will hear you she does. Then she starts to think that a dad is a terrible person just the particular reason for this circumstance you said he is. You probably don’t even care. You probably think that he is a bad person but he’s not. He is nicer than anyone you have ever gone on dates with after your divorce. Guess what, maybe they never worked out for because they aren’t as good as a dad.” 

        Sam stormed out of the room. 

        “Sam, wait!” Rachel yelled as he ran out the door.   

Sam didn’t stop. He kept going. He didn’t know where he was going to go but he just didn’t want to be in a room with her. He knew what she was going to say. He didn’t want to hear it though. About how she knows he’s not a bad person and they just didn’t match. He had heard it too many times before. He saw a sign for the bathroom and ran to it. He ran into the bathroom and went to a stall. There he locked the door, sat down on the toilet, and started to cry. He cried about Lucy in the hospital. He cried about his dad being hurt. However, the thing that kept coming up in his mind was how he had just told his mom that it was her fault all of this had happened. He didn’t want to see her but at the same time, he just wanted to give her a big hug. He wanted to say that he was sorry but he didn’t think she would want to hear what he had to say. He thought that she would be mad at him so he decided to stay where he was. More and more time passed and Sam was starting to think that he should go back to the room and apologize. He got up and started the door. Just then his grandpa walked down the hallway towards him. 

“There you are.” He said

“Hi, Gramp,” Sam replied

“Your mom said you might be over here,” he said.

“Yeah, I’ve been here. I think she’s mad at me. I kinda told her it was her fault that Lucy is in the hospital and my dad is hurt.” Sam replied

“Your mom isn’t mad. She said she knows that you were upset and she shouldn’t have talked about your dad like she did in front of you two.” He said

“No, I should have even said anything,” Sam replied

“So your dad is hurt?” He asked

“Yeah, he called after I hung up with you. He said that his head was hurt badly and he was at the house.” Sam replied

“Oh well, then we should probably go over there and help him huh.” He said

“Yeah,” Sam said

“Then what are we waiting for?” He asked, “Let’s go and help him.”

Sam’s head perked up. He followed his grandpa down the hall and to the elevator. They got in and went to the floor with the lobby. They then walked outside and got in the truck. When Sam got outside he took a deep breath in and then slowly let it out. He thought to himself that it felt good to get some fresh air he had been sitting in the hospital for about five hours. They then walked to his grandpa’s car and they drove to Tom’s house. They drove past the road where they found Lucy. Sam looked down the road. It was like nothing happened. They arrive at Tom’s house.

“Here we are,” He said

“Thanks, Gramp,” Sam said

 “Of course,” He replied

Sam quickly got out of the truck and ran inside. He swung the door open and saw his dad lying there on the floor. 

“Dad!” Sam yelled

His grandpa heard the screech and rushed into the house after him.

“We’ve got to get him up.” He said

“How?” Sam asked

“I’m not sure.” He replied

“Here use my phone and call 911.” He said

“Okay,” Sam said

Sam took the phone and dialed 911.

“Hello, this is 911, what's your emergency?” The operator said 

“My dad is on the floor of my house,” Sam answered

“Okay, can you tell me what happened before you called? Do you know what might have caused this?” She asked

“Well, my sister is in the hospital so he went home to get some stuff. He was gone for quite some time when we got a call from him. He said his head was hurt badly and to hurry to get to him. Then he just hung up.” Sam answered

“Okay, what is your address? I will send first responders to you now.” She asked

“It is 145 Lake Harris road,” Sam responded

“Okay, someone will be with you in about 5 minutes.” She told Sam

Sam hung up the phone. He turned and looked at his grandfather. 

“Well, what did they say?” He asked

“She said they will be here in about 5 minutes,” Sam responded 

They both sat there next to each other. They were still sitting with Tom when they heard the sirens.

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