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Empty Parking Lot

March 3, 2011
By ilovenicole BRONZE, fort mill, South Carolina
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ilovenicole BRONZE, Fort Mill, South Carolina
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Desaray, Jayden, and hazel all wanted to go out to dinner and celebrate the last day before spring break. They went out thinking that it would be a fun night and they would party it up, but they were in for a rude awakening. They got ready at their houses doing their hair and makeup so it would look perfect. You could smell the sweet stench of all three of their perfumes coexisting together filling up the whole car when they all three got in. when they started out on their way to dinner they knew that tonight would be amazing, they had no doubt in their minds. They arrived at nakato’s at seven o’clock and had an amazing dinner; they surely got their money’s worth. When they left, they had heard about a party near one of their friend’s house. So they decided that they would go. But currently they were wearing dress clothes so they decided to go home and change and then they would all meet back up to go to the party. When they got home they stultified their outfits up and then all met back up in desaray’s car. They were about to set off spring break right! On the way to the party it was taking longer to get there than expected, and their was a lot of traffic. So they concluded that I would be faster to take this old short cut through this old empty parking lot. When they got to the parking lot, it was just as they had expected. Completely empty. Except for one car. So they cruised through there and went by the car extra slow to make sure the car was not just stranded there and left to rot. So went the girls went by the saw something that they definitely did not expect to see this night, and especially not in this empty parking lot in a car.. It was a couple having sex. The girls were so grossed out and kind of felt bad that the girl was so trashy and did not have the sense to go somewhere else and do that. Also it was kind of funny that they thought that no body would see them and they did. And public indecency is against the law. So the three girls had to call the police for them to come out and handle this, because what if a little kid saw them like that. It just was not right. So they called the cops and they were explaining what was going on and why they called and where they were and the cops said that they would be there shortly. While they were waiting for the cops to get there they pulled over to the closest gas station to the parking lot so they could watch them and make sure that they were still there. They waited and waited and the girls started to get tired. Finally the police officer arrived and came over to talk to them about what exactly we saw and to make sure that we did not leave in case they needed to ask them further questions, when they were done talking to them, they pointed them in the direction of the couple in the car, they thanked them, and they left to go and see what all the commotion was about. They were so nervous that the couple would see them and know that it was them that called the cops on them. But they did not really care. The girls watched as the police man drove across the empty parking lot and they were so quiet that you could hear a pen drop. When the police man finally got over there they watched him as he knocked on their window loudly, the couple was taken by surprise and thoroughly stunned. They rolled down their window as they quickly scurried around trying to find their clothes. When they found most of their clothes and put them on they rolled the window down the rest of the way. “Can I help you officer?” the boy asked. “Yes, do you want to explain to me what is going on here? You know that public indecency is against the law right?” lectured the police officer. The police man talked to the couple for about thirty minutes, when we was done he went back to his car and sat there for a while and so did the couple, so he obviously was not letting them go or anything. He looked as if he was almost writing something in his car, maybe a ticket for the couple? When the police officer arose from his car them strutted over to the couple still in their car and handed them what looked like their ticket. He then continued talking to them probably explaining the importance of following the law and not doing what they were doing. Then when he went to turn away and get back in his car, the unexpected happened. BAMM! They shot him in the back of the head! BAM! BAM! BAM! They continued to shoot him! The girls jumped! By this time Jayden and hazel had fell asleep. And desaray was the only one still up but when the shots were fired they both woke up screaming “WHAT HAPPENED?!” when they woke up desaray was telling them exactly what just happened and they started to totally flip out, they could not believe what she was telling them, but the proof was in the empty parking lot right over there! They started to scramble around trying to get out of there and go get the cops so they would not be next! But the couple saw them and then got in their car and started their way over to the three girls! The girls put their car in drive so quickly and scrambled out of there and the traffic kicked in and they lost the crazy couple.. They got away. But that poor police man.. He did not get away.

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