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Obsessive and Controlling

June 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Author's note: What inspired me to write this was that there are so many women out there who don't know how do get out of a bad relationship. This is to show them that anything is possible for them. They are the women that will make a difference.

There once was a girl whose name was Katie; who was quite shy, and was also one of the shorter teenagers out there. She didn’t want people to be upset with her, so she gave people what they wanted from her, even if it was all of her food she would give it to them. Not only would she give them what they wanted, she would act like they wanted her to just so she would feel like she would fit in. That became an absolute nightmare for her one September day, and this is her story how.

It was the 5th of September around dinner time when Katie was texting a guy she’s known of since the 7th grade after they started riding the same bus. Although, she had only started talking to him about a month before that due to a facebook game that asked Daniel if he would date Katie. Which Daniel of course had to answer yes to, which when Katie unlocked it she instantly admired him for doing that. But in just a month’s time, Daniel had fallen deeply in love with her, and not afraid to tell her so. Which Katie loved since she had only had one guy before who told her he loved her. But that very night, Daniel asked Katie to be his girlfriend, saying,

“No one has to know about us, it’s just so that I know I am yours and you know that you are mine.” Katie of course said yes, not knowing that that very night, her nightmare had just hit the gas pedal, heading for a deep cliff.

And just the very next day, it was their first date together, which they spent at a festival with Beth, who was Katie’s mom. For the new couple it was an okay date there, but Beth noticed their utter boredom and took them to a bowling alley. Which is where Katie’s mom soon set up a game for them after Katie finished tying the bowling shoes telling them,

“Okay Daniel, Katie, here’s the rules. Daniel if Katie wins, you have to kiss her on the cheek. And Katie if Daniel wins, you have to kiss him. Okay?” Daniel quickly replied,

“Yes. And Katie, get ready to kiss me because I am going to win.” But Katie thought otherwise since she was a good bowler, well as long as the guard rails were up. So she looked over at Daniel with her blue green eyes looking a slight devilish saying,

“I don’t think so. Mom put up the guard rails, I’m going to win.” Katie’s mom smiled a bit when she entered it in.

“Daniel do you want the guard rails too?”

“No, those are for girls.”
“Really? Because I am a girl and I do not use them.” Daniel worried about what he should say next, just stood there. Katie having overheard the whole conversation went over to her mom and whispered in her ear,
“Mom, I am pretty sure he meant wimpy girls that throw the ball to the side and are afraid of getting the ball in the gutter.” Beth having to laugh a little at what her daughter said.
“You’re probably right about that.” Daniel and Katie soon begin bowling, Daniel keeps getting gutter balls, every once in a while getting a few down. Katie on the other hand, is getting more than just a few down, once or twice getting a strike but mostly getting spares and she ended up winning the game.
So with that, all three of them headed back to the car, Daniel and Katie both in the backseat with the middle armrest in between the two. Katie’s mom looking back,
“Okay, Daniel all you have to do is kiss her on the cheek. And until you do, we are not going anywhere.” Daniel begins looking nervous,
“Well, don’t look.” Beth turning around, but right when he was just two inches from kissing Katie, she turned around, making Daniel sit back in his seat, Katie and her mom looking at each other laughing. Daniel confused looking at them both asking,
“What is so funny?” Beth responding saying,
“Nothing, I’ll get out of the car.” Katie’s mom opens the car door to get out, but even before she can get even one foot on the ground, Daniel kisses Katie on her cheek. Katie yells to her mom saying,
“You can get back in the car now!” Which Beth does, and turns around looking at her daughter saying,
“So how was it?” Katie saying back,
“How do you think it went? I’m blushing bright red aren’t I?!” Her mom of course having to laugh at that,
“How did you know?”
“I sort of just figured that I was.” And with that, Katie’s mom dropped Daniel off at his house at about five or six, then driving her and Katie back home, both of them exhausted from the long day they just went through.

Daniel waking up early in the morning instant messaged Katie, who was still asleep saying to her,

“Good morning my sweetie pie, I hope you slept well. I wish I could talk to you as soon as you wake up but I will be golfing with my dad for a few hours. After I am done I will text you right away I promise. I love you.” Katie woke up at about 12pm, looking at the clock and noticing how late it is,

“Oh no, Daniel’s probably freaking out worried about me!” So she jumps off her bed almost falling down and runs over to her cell phone and reads the text Daniel wrote her almost four hours ago and texts him back saying,

“Hey sorry I just woke up.”

“Its fine, did you sleep well?” Katie laughing responded back,

“What do you think? I didn’t wake up till just now.”

“Oh yeah, so do you think you want to go see a movie tonight? It’ll just be me, you, and your mom. My parents are taking my brothers to a birthday party of one of their friends.”

“Hang on, I’ll ask my mom.” Katie walks downstairs to the living room where her mom is watching television.

“Mom, can you take me and Daniel to the movies?”

“I guess I can.” Katie immediately texts Daniel back saying yes, and the two in their different houses quickly start getting ready for the date that is only six hours away.

As soon as the clock strikes six, Katie and her mom are on their way to pick up Daniel, and when they do they head for the movie theater seeing just some random movie. They get in the room their movie is showing and the couple goes to the highest row, while Beth goes near the front. The movie starts playing soon after, not many people are in there with them so it feels sort of cold for Katie who starts shaking.

“Sweetie are you cold?” Daniel says sounding a slight bit worried.

“I am a little bit.” Daniel soon puts his arm around Katie trying to get her warmer, soon scoots closer to her getting her much warmer asking,

“Do you feel warmer now?”

“Why do you want your arm out from behind me?”

“No. But maybe you would feel warmer if you sit on my lap.”

“I think I will be as warm as I am now.” Daniel looking disappointed continued watching the movie. He soon hears something that like a sound of someone crying, someone quite near to him so he looks over to Katie just in case. He sees her wiping her eyes; he knows something is wrong, there just has to be something wrong.

“Baby are you okay?” Katie thinks to herself,

“Dang it, he’s going to think I am a big baby. Maybe if I don’t respond, he will stop.” A few minutes later with Daniel not getting any kind of response worries him even more. This time he takes his hand and gently puts it on her cheek, slowly moving her neck so she will face him. When they are facing one another, Katie tries to look away but Daniel keeps his eyes on her, now seeing that she’s been crying quite a bit, wondering what exactly brought that on.

“Katie what’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“Parts of the movie were sad.” Daniel laughs and rolls his eyes at her saying,

“They weren’t to me.” Katie pushed Daniel slightly,

“Well they were to me.” Just then the movie ended and they both got up and walked down the stairs with Katie in the front, when all of a sudden she trips, falling to the ground. Daniel without even noticing steps over her, but accidently he steps on her left hand, making her yelp in pain which then he jumped turning around starting to freak out.

“Katie! Oh no I am so sorry are you okay?”

“I’d be wonderful if you would be so kind to help me up off the floor.”

“But you look so cute lying there.”

“Daniel help me up right now.”

“Fine.” Daniel helps Katie up and they catch up to her mom, walking to the car holding each other’s hand. They are on the way home, passing an intersection where the sprinklers were on Daniel’s side, and then Beth rolls down his window getting him soaked.

“What was that for?!” Beth and Katie laughing so hard their crying saying,

“Oh you should have seen your face!”

“Yeah alright, but I’m going to get you guys back.” Katie saying,

“Uhum, yeah sure.” Beth drops Daniel off at his house, still soaked and his parents are standing at the door waiting, soon seeing he is soaking wet looking a little puzzled. And with that, Beth and Katie go home, right to bed since it is a school night and its already 9:30pm.

It’s the next day, early in the morning when the worst thing that could happen happened. One of Katie’s guy friends who is on the football team had just become single since his girlfriend had broken up with him and he was crying his eyes out and of course Katie was trying to comfort him and hugged him. But Daniel saw it another way, he thought it was more than a hug between friends and went up to Katie.
“How could you?”
“How could I what?”
“Forget it; you know what you did; besides we are over.” Katie getting tears in her eyes ran to the bathroom beginning to bawl her eyes out. Sam begins talking to Daniel to see what exactly is going on.
“Man what did she do?”
“She’s cheating on me.”
“Man you and I know good and well that she isn’t the kind of girl that would cheat. Come on man what happened?”
“She cheated on me with you by hugging you.”
“Man my girlfriend just broke up with me and I am a mess, she was just trying to comfort me. The hug didn’t mean a thing.”
“Then what am I going to do?”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ll talk to her for you.” Sam runs to their first period class to tell them that both of them will be a little late to class explaining why. Luckily the teacher was worried about Katie and let them both be late, not counting them absent. Quickly running to the end of the hallway where Katie went, finding her just outside the bathroom girl’s bathroom where she had curled up in a ball, her small hands covering her petite face perfectly. Sam begins rubbing her shoulder, then suddenly out of nowhere they both hug each other in a tight grasp full of tears from them both.
“Sam why does this have to hurt so bad?”
“I don’t know Katie, I don’t know.”
“I hate how your heart and mind can love someone so deeply and in an instant all that can be ripped to shreds.”
“I know. But we all will get over the pain, or the other person will realize they need you and then the two will be back together. And the next time they hurt you it won’t feel as bad.”
“So you’re saying I should get back together with Daniel?”
“Let’s just say I talked to him and he knows everything now and is sorry for what he did.” Katie hugs Sam in another tight grasp, whispering thanks in his ear, both helping each other up and they wash their faces so it won’t look like they’ve both been crying and they walk back to class knowing for sure that their classmates will ask where they were and what happened.

Sam and Katie knock on the door, with the teacher opening it keeping the two of them outside so she can talk to them.
“Is everything alright with you guys?”
“Everything is alright now Ms. Cain; we just had something we needed to deal with at the moment.”
“Okay Sam, now Katie are you sure you’re alright now? Do you need to go to the guidance counselor?”
“I’m fine now Ms. Cain, really I am.”
“Okay but if you ever need anybody to talk to your always welcome.”
“Thank you, but I am sure I will be fine.”
“Okay then, you two can come on in.” Sam and Katie walked into the classroom, headed for their seats sitting down, waiting for people to ask them what just happened with them.
“Sam what did you do, what happened?”
“It’s not something I can discuss right now man.”
“Dude just tell us what happened.”
“Okay, Katie was having a hard time dealing with something, and I was asked to see if she was alright. And that’s what I did, end of story.”
“Katie what happened?”
“Brie, Kim, don’t worry about it. Everything is fine now, there’s nothing to worry about I promise.”
“Katie I swear if this has anything to do with Daniel I am going to kill him.”
“I know, but just don’t worry about it, everything is fine.” Everyone soon began reading the book they were assigned to read, until class was over, then going to their next class which for Katie was gym. It was a class she wasn’t too fond of but thankfully today was a free day for them, it was anything but a free day for Katie since she wanted no one else to ask her about what had happened that morning.
“Ralens, everything alright?”
“Yes sir, I’m fine.”
“Okay just thought I’d check on you and see.” The gym teacher walks away from her who’s now rolling her eyes at him. That’s when Alex, Samantha, and Hailey come and start walking with her around the gym.
“What happened today?”
“It’s a long story.”
“Tell us, we have plenty of time.” Katie begins telling them what all happened, trying to make the story understandable to her friends. She takes up about twenty of the
forty-five minutes of class telling them.
“Katie why did you have to date probably the dumbest person of all time?”
“Samantha, it’s not her fault he’s that way.”
“I know but still, you have to admit he is sort of on the retarded side.”
“We all know he is, but we can’t do anything about it now.”
“That’s true. But you know she had good taste in guys before he showed up, she dated Alex over the summer and before that she had a crush on James, its like everything went crazy in her life when he came around.”
“Yeah, maybe but all we can do is hope for the best for her and hope nothing goes wrong.” A few moments after, gym ended for them, so they picked up their stuff and walked out of there, going to the lunchroom. But Katie and Alex kept walking to their lockers, which on the way she had to trip and fall making her books go everywhere on the floor.
“Katie, you alright?”
“Yes Alex I’m fine. Expect my pride is crushed.”
“Here let me help you.”
“No I can get it.” Alex and Katie both leaned down to pick up the books, unfortunately they went down at the same time making their heads bang into each other’s.
“Ouch you have a hard head.”
“Me? You’re the one with the hard head.” The two laughing continue walking to their lockers, getting what they need and dropping it off at their next class then heading to the lunchroom to go and eat their food they both packed. Daniel shows up just a few seconds after they sit down, giving Katie a folded up piece of paper. She begins unfolding it, only to find that it just asks if she and he could talk in private. Katie gets up, Daniel leading her to an empty hallway in a corner, making her nervous about what he is going to do.
“Katie, I am so sorry for what I did.”
“I know you are.”
“Can you please forgive me?”
“Daniel there’s something you should know about me, I forgive but I never forget.”
“I understand that. But Katie you I love you, I never wanted to hurt you. It’s just that I saw that hug as something more than just two friends hugging.”
“Well he’s not my type.”
“Oh yeah, then who is your type?”
“It’s you silly!”
“So are we back together or what?”
“Do you want to be back together?”
“Only if you want to be.”
“Daniel I’m not saying if we’re back together or not.”
“Okay then I will, we are.”
“Okay then.” The two walk back together to the lunch table, and begin eating hoping lunch doesn’t end soon.

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quiet1 said...
on Aug. 11 2011 at 8:54 pm
quiet1, Fort Mill, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
Live, Laugh, Love
Girls rule, Boys drool.
Love will always find its way in.
If you don't like me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best.
You drive, you text, you die.

It's rushed like that because that's what the relationship felt like. I know that sounds bad but it's true. It's not quite done I have about a year left of info to do. Sorry about the grammar. I'm not the best speeler

on Jun. 27 2011 at 1:14 pm
freeflow23 GOLD, Durham, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
Saul saw Goliath as too big to kill. David saw he was too big to miss.

This was okay, but it didn't seem finished. It had some grammar issues and felt too rushed. Maybe spend more time describing each chapter so the reader can understand what's going on.