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Struggle 1-3

March 9, 2012
By amanda18, waterford, Wisconsin
amanda18, Waterford, Wisconsin
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One day there was two kids who were waiting for their mom to get home. One of the kids, which was a girl, was names Mariah. Mariah was a girl who was always sad. The other kid, which was a boy, was named Montee. Montee was a boy who knew too much. They have been waiting for two weeks for their mom now and still no sign of her. They only have one more day of food. Montee, however, knew what his mom, Shaynay was doing.

Struggle 2
When I last left you, Mariah and Montee’s mom died and they went to live with their grandma. Lets continue…Well now Mariah and Montee have a whole new life. They have a new house, school, and a new parent. When you look at Mariah and Montee they don’t even look like brother and sister. Mariah is white with black hair and Montee is black with blonde hair. They look like they are from two different families, but their not. Anyways back to the story. Now the story is a little different. Mariah used to be always sad, but now she is always happy.

Struggle 3

When I last left you Montee had just bought an apartment and him and Mariah moved in. I also told you that Montee found a job and works five hours a day everyday, another thing was that Mariah had to stay home by herself for those five hours. Shall we see what happens next?

Amanda G.

Struggle 1-3

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