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August 8, 2013
By PoisonGirl BRONZE, Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania
PoisonGirl BRONZE, Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania
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Rebecca has spent her married life living in hell. Her husband, who she married young, beats her and let's other men take advantage of her for money. Finally, after many years of living this life, Rebecca goes on the run, but it's not so easy when she has no family, no money, and no shoes on her feet. (Literally) Some how she makes it to Texas where she meets the Howard family who instantly take her in like she was their own. But with her husband still alive and looking for her Rebecca fears for her life and theirs. Will she survive her husband and the fear?

Jensen Howard has spent two years in prison for a saving a girl's life, but when he's free he finds a Rebecca living in his apartment. Seeing her bruised and scared, he instantly takes an interest in her and does everything he can to take care of her, but will his past push her away and into the arms of danger?



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