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Stronger Together

January 6, 2017
By SavanaM GOLD, Conway, South Carolina
SavanaM GOLD, Conway, South Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"The caterpillar thought it was over, then she emerged a beautiful butterfly."


"Things change and people change faster, but sometimes they can change for the better."

Timothy Gray and Martha Kelly, two FBI agents that couldn't be more different show how much they're alike when Martha, an optimistic, hopeful criminal psychologist, is kidnapped by a team of criminals that have killed several agents over several years.  Timothy struggles to avoid falling into their trap, but after several of his agents are killed, will he take one final risk to save his best friend?  Will Timothy be able to save her without losing everyone and mend the damage done or will Martha give up on escape and the only place she's ever worked with the only people she's ever loved?  

Savana M.

Stronger Together

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