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May 29, 2022
By Victoriayoung06 BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
Victoriayoung06 BRONZE, Oak Park, Illinois
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Beverly the main character of the story is in the present-day spending time with her grandkids and they beg her to read a story to them. It takes a lot of convincing but she eventually does and the story begins in 1958. Younger Beverly is ready for her life to start as a singer. She says goodbye to her family and begins her journey to New York but in order to go there, she has to go on a train. As she heads to the train station she realizes she has time to spare. During this time she manages to find a band to sing with, but as her singing comes to an end she realizes she's gonna be late for her train so she runs. She eventually slips and a young man catches her. These two end up talking and come to find out there on the same train and that Beverly read her ticket wrong and she has an hour until they board. This met starts the beginning of their love story. 

Victoria Y.


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