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Alisons Depression

June 19, 2011
By GlitterizedUnicorns, Goshen, Indiana
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GlitterizedUnicorns, Goshen, Indiana
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"There are three kinds of people who run toward disaster, not away: cops, firemen and reporters." -- Rod Dreher

Author's note: The general plot happened in real life. Some things are exaggerated for emotional appeal.

I Alison have brown eyes and short brown hair. I’m a middle child and kind of hate it. My family loves me but I don’t know how to prove it.
I look out the window and starred at the little forest in our backyard. It was just like me, empty, dark, and alone. Ever since me and my now ex-boyfriend Wade broke up, I’ve haven’t really cared much for life. But every now and then I’ll try to find something to keep my mind off it.
When I headed down to the kitchen to get my breakfast, it’s quiet. It's one of those days where my younger sisters go to school early; my older sister goes to school to meet up with her boyfriend. He's one of those sports freaks with the golden brown hair and dark brown eyes. I didn’t like him much, but now me kind of do. But can he do the moon-walk!? I want to find that out! Also my parents go to work early and they won’t say why, they'll just get a sad face and try to hurry everyone up so they can get work over with. I sometimes wonder if they even know I’m really here and there daughter. But we all wish sometime in our life right!?
After what seems like forever on the bus I see my friends Kristen, TyShawna, Chelsey, and Kristen’s ex-boyfriend William. They are my best friends forever. I never act depressed around them because TyShawna, black, has short black hair and brown eyes, is a party animal so no one is sad around her. Chelsey, white, dyed her hair black it is long and is my body guard and funny almost 24/7. Kristen, white, has medium/short brown hair and eye’s is the one I can talk to and be goofy around. William, white, has short brown eyes and hair, he’s there cause him and Kristen hang out before school.
"Was up Ali?" TyShawna say's before I can even reach them
"Nothing much, just got to school so nothing exciting really happened yet." I responded kind of in the mood to talk, but not much. I could see Kristen wanted to talk about me and Wade because she looked for William and looked at TyShawna who was watching us talk. She hated talking about couples in from of him.
"So you still upset about Wade?" Cha-ching right on Alison.
"Not much, but sometimes i miss that Micheal Jackson freak a little to much." We all laughed. By now everyone joined in and after my reply Chelsey decides to change the subject. I think she saw the sorrow in my eyes. She's good at that.
Chelsey says, "You guys want to go inside? It's getting kind of cold."
TyShawna answers, "Yeah I will, but I think Kristen wants to stay out here with 'William'." Kristen blushes, as we all kind of giggle. Now it was not long until the bell rang and then everyone headed to their lockers then class. Going to Goshen Middle School is a big relief, Wade doesn’t go there. He lives in another city close to Goshen.
When I entered the lunch room I sat at my table in the Wednesday section near the back. Adrienne (another friend) was at a different table but didn’t see me. TyShawna and Kristen were walking to their table with their lunch's. They didn’t see me either. That's when I was reminded of this morning, looking out the window at the forest. Alone. Kristen looks over at her crush and catch’s me in the corner of her eye.
She walks over to the table and says, "Hey, are you sad, because you look sad!?" I knew it, I just knew it! I can never be myself when my friend's are around. But I have to make up an excuse fast.
"No, I’m just, tired." I yawn to make it seem real. She just looks at me funny.
"Really!? 'Cause around lunch time you are always jumpy or hyper."
"yeah, I just stayed up late last night." She looks for Adrienne and see's her at Christian’s table chatting with them.
"I’m going to go get Adrienne, she might be able to get the truth out of you." She walks over and fetch’s Adrienne, she has died blonde hair with black under it and dark brown eyes. When they headed over to my table I didn’t care, i just starred at the middle of my table.
"Why are you sad Ali?" She says in the same question-y way Kristen did.
I replied, "I’m not sad i just stayed up late last night." Yeah, crying, I said in my head as if it was true.
Adrienne responds as if we were talking about something weird, "Ok, bye."
Kristen also says bye and I’m alone at my table not for long though because I saw my friends heading this way with their trays full of chicken sandwiches and apple sauce. I just hope this day doesn’t get any worse.
I was right it got worse. People kept asking me why I was sad and I always said, “I’m tired that’s all.” I couldn’t wait till I got home, id stay in my room all day and listen to the sexy hotty Justin Bieber. He’s my favorite Celebrity even though we never met. My younger sisters brought some friends over so there playing with their baby dolls on the floor. My oldest sister isn’t home yet. So she must be at school or at her “friends.” I head to my room and pop in my My World by, Justin Bieber CD.
When the song First Dance started to play I didn’t want to listen to it. So I went to my CD player to change it. Before I could even get half way across my room I lost it, I broke out screaming and throwing things all around in the room. I planned my First Dance with Wade and couldn’t see him dancing with some other hobo of a girl! Were not together anymore, your single, Wades moving on, you need to too, kept going in circles in my head. I also didn’t want to mess up my baby blue wall colored room, because it soothes me by acting like it’s a nice, warm, clear day. Then all of a sudden a twister comes out of nowhere and ruins my future plans. Want to know the worst of all!? Not a single person came upstairs while I took my anger out on my room! I made a lot of noise, so why didn’t they come up to check on me? I wiped my eyes to make sure that I could see the whole room. Nothing stirred… No one stirred.
“So that’s how you’re going to treat me!? Like I’m not even here!” I yelled while I came stomping down our wooden stairs. Of course now they look at me. Well, all except for my dad whose eyes are glued to the TV on a tight race.
My mom was looking at me in a confused emotion. She was the first to speak to her screaming daughter, “What do you mean Ali? Of course we treat you like you’re here. Why else would we care for you!?”
“Just too waste money on something stupid. I made a lot of noise thrashing in my room and no one came up stairs to check on me. Ever since Wade broke up with me, you’ve acted like I easy completely gone. Like I never existed and never been here before!” I was so mad I didn’t hear my older sister walk in the door with her friend and boyfriend. I wouldn’t care anyways.
“Alison you will not speak to me in that tone of voice! We don’t ignore you, and we certainly don’t waste money on you. Plus we have been giving you space to forget about Wade not ignoring you.” My dad, who was still staring blankly at the television watching NASCAR, didn’t hear a single word although we were screaming.
“Shush, Jeff Gordan is coming up from behind Tony Stewart, this is bad!”
“Oh my gosh. Who cares about that! My life is being ruined because of some important people in my life wont comfort me in my time of need!” I headed to the door even though I didn’t know where I was going to go. I looked back before I even opening the door and my dad (at no surprise) was still staring at the television with his fists clenched. My younger sister and her friends were staring at me with their baby dolls in their hands and the dolls heads on the floor. My older sister was now on the stairs. She got out of my way when I was heading toward the door. Her friends and her were just watching me her friend looked like she was about to cry. Mostly, my mom wasn’t even in tears, she starred at me with a sad face. I grabbed a hold of the bronze door knob and opened the door and left the house.
I headed down the street in my dark blue jeans, bright purple t-shirt with spaghetti strap underneath it along with black and white Nike shoes. My hair was not a complete mess but you can tell I messed it up a bit like I was frustrated, which I was. I also had my phone in my pocket and I could feel it vibrating nut I didn’t answer it. I knew it would be my mom or sister trying to get me to come back home. Why didn’t they just open the stupid door? I’m only in the neighbor’s yard. I whispered slightly to myself as I walked.
“Forget them Alison. If they don’t want to treat you nice to help you get over ‘you know who’ then fine. They don’t want you to be with them.” I didn’t want to believe what I was saying to myself but I had to, I now had no other option. They could’ve lied for all I know! I nearly ran into a pole that contained the sign STOP. I stopped thinking and looked around. I had no idea where I was. There are a lot of houses but every street has houses. I see a street sign and it says Denver Ave. I didn’t even know what’s on Denver or what it’s connected to. I’m lost! I didn’t pay any attention to where I was going and now I’m going to die. School’s tomorrow and I won’t be going, I didn’t want to go anyways. I’m going to be dead by the time someone finds me. Everyone is going to miss me at some point right!? Everyone will I just know it. I was to buy thinking I stumbled on another street called Walden St. What the heck kind of name is that!? And I got to stop thinking and walking at the same time so much. Walden without the L and N spells Wade.
“It's his fault I’m lost, all of this is because of him.” I said to myself. I screamed and banged against the pole viciously. I was too busy I didn’t see a cop running from out of his patrol car behind me. He reaches his arms around me and grasps me tightly against his chest to stop my anger and calm me down. Once I was calm enough he started to ask me questions.
“What’s the matter miss? Are you lost?” I sounded like I was emotionally challenged because I stumbled to answer.
“No, yes, no I mean yes.” I didn’t know how to answer. If I said no then he would leave me alone like everyone else. If I said yes he’d take me in and bring me back to my family. The ones who didn’t care as much as u care for a piece of paper about me. After abit I settled on yes, I didn’t want to become homeless, and live in an alley begging to strangers for food and money. Be smelly 24/7 and live in the same alley with bunch of guys.

“OK then, hop in my car and I’ll take you to the police station.” His car smelled of a wet dog, he was probably a k-9 carrier officer. It was real leathery to. The only thing not leather was his gadgets, he had many of those. He had a pager, cell phone, guns, computer, knifes, pepper spray, walkie talky, all those things a usual police officer would have.
“So what’s your name little one?” Man was I getting annoyed by him talking to me like I was a little girl. Also, why would he care?
“Why?” I asked curious.
“So I can call you that instead of treating you like a little girl.” OK, I guess it would be better.
“Alison, but my friends usually call me Ali.”
“OK, so we’re making progress, what’s your last name?”
“I don’t know.” I seriously don’t know.
“How come you don’t know your last name Ali?” Man is this guy serious!? More questions!
“I just don’t know, my mom is getting married and hasn’t told me my new last name yet.”
Then thankfully he said something I was so grateful to hear.
“OK, well here we are, maybe we can make posters and keep you somewhere safe until someone finds you.” I didn’t like the sound of that. I wanted one of my friends to come get me, not a parent. Chelsey, TyShawna, Kristen, maybe even Brianna or Jerica! But defiantly not a guardian. The police station looked kind of messy, phones are ringing off the hook, books of stuff I didn’t know or can’t pronounce, and pictures of missing kids lurked the rooms like ghosts. It smelled like a hospital, clean, bleach, and lots of it.
“Hey Nancy, this is Ali, I found her wondering around on Walden Street. The only thing I could find out was her first name, no last name.”
Nancy was a scrawny old lady, short, white hair, and had a great sense of style. Funny because usually old people wear SpongeBob Squarepants shirts and Mickey the Mouse pajama pants, but she was. Well ok, not that good of style, but for an old lady that’s the best update of 2010 I’ve seen in a couple days.
“OK, does she know where she lives?” Although I was scared I still (surprisingly) answered.
“I can’t remember the last four numbers and the street, but what I do know is that its 52 to start out with.”
“Aright, there are a lot of houses that start with 52, so she’s just going to have to stay here until someone gets here.” Nancy said. I didn’t want to stay here, I wanted. . . “Wade.” I said to myself. I was starring across the room and I wandered if it was him.
“Oh my gosh.” I said while putting my hands over my mouth trying not to cry. It was him. Standing across the station with a different police officer in cuffs!
The police officer who was standing and talking to Nancy crouched down to my height almost and he said oddly, “Excuse me Miss Ali!?” He obviously didn’t see me starring at Wade.
“Wade!” I yelled and now running toward him. My police officer didn’t chase after me even though a sign said ‘Do not let children run around in room.’ I dodged everything in sight, a mail cart, even two dogs who were barking uncontrollably. Still running to him he sees me finally.
“Alison!” He takes a few steps forward and I embrace him in tears. Even though he was in cuffs I could still tell he wanted to hug me back to.
The police officer with him said something that made me want to faint and just stay that way. There’s no way Wade could do something stupid like that!
“Miss, please let this young boy go, he claims he committed a crime and must be punished if done so.” The officer was black, black hair, and dark brown eyes. He had a serious expression on his face. Wade spoke from his heart and starred at me the whole time, that’s how I knew he was.
He said, “The crime I have committed was letting this adorable little girl go out of my sight and almost in someone else’s arms.”
“Aww.” the whole room said. Wades police officer was now smiling, released him from his cuffs, and we hugged then kissed each other for long. I knew I could trust him, and I know we will always have each other in our lives.

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