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The King of Lamoria

September 2, 2011
By kairi789 GOLD, Spanaway, Washington
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Princess Tara was lying in her bed reading her favorite book. She knew that she was ten minutes late for her piano lesson. But she didn't care she would rather read all day than never getting to do what she wanted. Her walls were pink and white with roses painted on them. She had a hope chest that was at the end of her bed. It had all of the things which reminded her of her mother. She stopped reading her book and got out of her bed. She opened her hope chest

And she pulled out her mother's dress. It was sliver and white with sparkles all over it. Underneath the dress was a picture of her mother. She was tall and slender with sliver blond hair. She knew that she didn't look any thing like her mother. She was tall and slender, but she had long, curly, brown, hair and had a small nose like her father's. Her mother died right after she was born. Every time she looked at that picture she tried to imagine an image of her mother.

But than her father came in and interrupted her thoughts. He had strong arms and was tall like his daughter for he was past six feet. His eyes were as green as the woods that surrounded the castle. She quickly put her mother's things away before her father saw them. Because he always told her it was very stupid of her to try to remember someone who was dead. She sat on her bed and put the book she was reading in her dresser drawer. He sat next to her and stared into her beautiful hazel eyes. He asked her why she didn't show up for her piano lesson. Because I never get to do what I want. Everything is planed out for me. I never get to choose want I want to do. You're a princess you need to know all of these things. If your going to be a Queen and a wife. What if I don't want to get married and become Queen! It's not your choice to become Queen. It's what you were born to do. Now I need you to finish your lessons. After a moment of silence he walked out.

She left her room to go to the music room. She knew that she had to listen to her father. She hated the songs that she had to play. They were so dull and boring. She had finished her piano lesson. So she was walking to the study. It was a huge room with two desks. One was for her and the other was for Professor Locke. He was short and slightly overweight. Tara sat down on her chair and stared at her schoolwork. John do you believe in true love? Of course I do every person has someone whom their meant to spend the rest of their life with. Your father found true love once when he was a lot younger. He only married those women for one reason, to bear his children. If I ever get married it will be the one I'm in love with. What if your father wants you to get married to someone whom you do not love? Then I would run away.

She finished the rest of her lessons and went to the dinning room for dinner. This was the only time she got to see her father. He was sitting next to two of his wives. He had eight children all together. The second oldest was fourteen her name was Courtney. She had long golden hair and blue eyes. The third oldest was thirteen her name was Emily. Her hair was as black as a raven. The fourth oldest was eleven his name was Luke. He looked exactly like his father with his curly brown hair and green eyes. The sixth oldest was six her name was Marcia. She had light brown hair and green eyes. The youngest was four his name was James. He had red hair and brown eyes. Tara saw her father tell one of his wives that her dress was pretty. Father why do you do this every night? You always compliment one of them!

She stopped eating and stormed off to her room. She sat on the floor and started reading. She would unusually do this whenever she was angry. Her father came in and said we need to have a talk. She just kept on reading. I know you’re angry with me but I don't know why. She didn't answer and kept on reading. Please put down that book and talk to me. You want to know why I'm so angry at you! You got married when I was only one. You never even talked about my mother. You sleep with a different woman every day of the week. And you expect me to call of them mother. I am a king kings are expected to have lots of wives and children. So you just do what everyone expects of you. I would rather be a peasant then become queen and do what everyone expects of me. You're saying that you would rather be a peasant then be what you were born to be. Yes father I am. That will all change tomorrow. What are you talking about? King Peter of Lamoria has been looking for a wife. So I wrote him a letter saying that you would. I'm only sixteen I don't want to be married off to a stranger! You will learn to love him in time. And you will understand what it means to be queen. I hate you! He walked out and for the rest of the night she was left alone. She wanted to run away. But how could she? The castle was heavily guarded. She had no choice but to go to sleep and wait for the next day. Knowing that tomorrow she would be a married woman.


"Peter we need to do something about this." "If you don't give the palens what they want than you'll be starting a war." "I appreciate you being my royal advisor Philip." "But I'm not going to give King Kevin almost all of our crops for his people." "We barely have enough food to feed ourselves." "He's greedy Philip he also wants our land." "And I will never give him what he wants." "So you're saying that you want to start a war." "I'm not saying I want to I just don't have a choice." They were talking in the room where Peter had all of his meetings. There was a huge table and a lot of paper work. The chairs they were sitting on each had a red canary carved into them. That was the symbol of the country. Peter got up and said,” I think we are done with this meeting." "I need to get ready for my wedding now." "Next week I want a meeting with all my generals." "Sir, don’t you think this is a bad time to get married?" "No I think this is the perfect time to get married." "This war could go on for month’s even years." 'I don't want to wait that long." 'I would love to have someone to spend the rest of my life with." 'Sir, you don't even know this girl." "It doesn't matter if I don't know her.” I believe this is one of the best choices I've ever made." "Morcia is my best Ali" "If I marry her, my relationship with King Eric will be even stronger." "I refuse to discuss this any further."

He went into the kitchen. "Katie is the cake done yet?" "The chef answered; yes I have finally finished it." 'It looks lovely I'm glad you put two canaries on it." "They make it look even more spectacular." He walked out and went into the room which was where he was going to get married. He was so happy that all the decorations were up. He had to keep on telling himself that he was going to be married in two hours. The only person he really trusted was his royal advisor. He couldn't believe that he was really getting married. He walked out to the library and started reading a book. Reading has helped him to remain calm. "Sir, we have been looking for you everywhere." "I'm sorry Philip I was nervous so I went in here to calm myself." "I guess I should get ready now." He went to his bedroom to get dressed. Then he walked quickly to the throne room; and took his stand by the priest. All he had to do now was to wait for the bride.

He thought she was gorgeous. Her gown was white with red roses on it. Her curly hair that was so long it had to be clipped back. She stopped walking and looked at him. She thought he was quite handsome. His hair was short and light brown. She thought it looked like the sand on the beach. His robes were red and white. "Do you Peter take this woman to have and to hold until death do you part?" "I do" "Do you Tara takes this man to have and to hold until death does you part?" "I do" "You may now kiss the bride." They gave each other a small quick kiss. Then they walked down the aisle together. And they went into the small carriage that was waiting outside for them.

"Where are we going?" "Peter replied, to a cottage it's not far from here." She stepped out of the carriage as it stopped. She couldn't believe what she saw. There were trees all around her. And there was a lake that had the sun's glow painted on it. The cottage looked very enchanting with the flowers planted all around it. "You never told me how pretty this place is." "You never asked about it." They went into the cottage. There was a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and one bedroom. Both of them sat on the couch. "I have the whole evening planed out for us." "We're going to go on a picnic by the lake." "Tara replied, I' haven't been on a picnic for years." "Then this should be fun for you." "I packed everything we need in this basket." He picked it up and asked,” Are you ready to go now?" "Yes I'm ready."

They stepped out of the cottage and walked towards the lake. Peter set a blanket on the grass. So they could have something to sit on while they ate. The weather seemed perfect for a picnic. There was no wind and the sky was clear. They sat down and started eating the sandwiches. "Tell me something about yourself Tara." "There's not that much to tell." I do my lessons and read everyday." "I suppose you feel trapped, since you're always stuck inside." "Yes I do" I've always wanted to travel the world." "I already have." What was it like?" "It was wonderful until my parents died." "I was only fifteen when it happened." "We were in China at the time." "I was in my room reading a book." "I heard screams so I went out." "I ran into the study, there was a tall man holding a gun with a mask on his face." "I saw my parents lying dead on the floor." "He said he had to kill me too." "That's because I was the last heir to the throne." "He was about to shoot me." But I ran to his bathroom and locked the door." "I escaped through the window and left on a ship to get here." "The last King who ruled here was my dad's brother." "My Dad didn't like staying in one place." So he decided to become a writer and travel the world." "That must have been hard for you." "My mom died after I was born." "A year later my dad got married again." "He has seven wives and eight children now." "And I thought my life was bad." "I can't even imagine how you must feel right now." "We better go inside now it's getting dark."

They packed everything up and walked back to the cottage. "I'm going to read for a bit." "You can read too if you'd like." “Tara replied; I can never stop reading." They sat on the couch and started to read. "What kind of books does you like Tara?" "Fantasy and fiction" "I love reading those books too." "My dad wrote those kinds of books." They kept on reading for a few minutes. Peter got up and said,” it’s getting late I'm going to get ready for bed." "You don't have to undress with me." "You can get dressed in the bathroom if you want to." She opened her suitcase and took out her nightgown and went to the bathroom to get dressed. After she got dressed, she heard Peter's voice. "Come and lie next to me." She walked to the bedroom. She saw Peter lying on a queen size bed. She lay next to him and waited for him to fall asleep. It was two hours until he finally fell asleep. Tara got out of bed and packed her things and left. She couldn't spend the rest of her life with a man she didn't even love. She started running into the woods. She didn't know where she was going. But she just kept on running.

She had to stop and rest for a while. But as she stopped she found herself falling through a hole. She asked herself, how did I not see this? But she didn't have an explanation. She was sure that she watched the ground as she walked. She had stopped falling. She looked around and saw nothing but dirt. There were torches everywhere, which lit the entire place. She thought to herself someone must be down here. Torches don't light themselves. A big, tall man with strong muscles snuck up behind her and knocked her out with a gun. She woke up and saw eight strong men all around the room. She also saw seven teenage girls. Some looked as young as thirteen. Others looked as old as sixteen. She and the other girls were all tied to a chair. She asked, "Where am I"? One of the men answered, "You're three feet underground." "I don't understand how I got here." "I didn't see a hole when I was walking." The dark haired man who knocked her out answered, "That's because we hid it with a blanket, leaves, and lots of dirt." "What are you going to do with all of us?" The girl who was sitting by her answered, "They're going to sell as sex slaves." Tara replied, "If you men don't release me King Peter is going to come rescue me and kill all who is responsible for my kidnapping." They just started laughing. The same man answered, "We've been doing this for years and we've never been arrested or killed." "Now all of you better go to sleep and stop talking!" "If I hear a word from any of you I'll start killing all of you one by one." All the men lay down and went to sleep. Tara tried to go to sleep, but she couldn't until very late because she had never been this scared in her entire life.
One of the men woke her up and said, "Get up we're going to leave." He untied her from the chair and tied her hands again after she got up. "You better not say anything or I'll have to shoot you." So she remained quiet. All of them were each holding a gun and the hands of every girl. They brought them to a dock where a huge ship was waiting for them. There were at least a hundred men and fifty girls aboard the ship. He locked Tara in one of the rooms. It was very small and the only thing it had in it was a bed. There wasn't even a window. She just sat there all day and wondered what was going to happen to her. Ten hours later, she went to sleep and tried to dream of somewhere she could go where no one could find her.
The same man grabbed her and took her of the ship. She didn't know where she was for she had never been here before. There were no trees all the land was flat. Yet it felt chilly, she didn't understand why because where she lived it was always warm. The sun wasn't out only the clouds were. The man holing her hands said, "Welcome to Normia." He took her to a saloon. She hated saloons with all the drinking and woman stripping. She wanted to run as far as she could. But she couldn't because the man behind her was holding a gun. After they went in she saw a tall, lean man with brown eyes. He said,” Here’s the money now give me the girl." The man who was holding her threw her at him and walked out. “I just spent half of my salary on you and I'm going to make sure you do your job." She replied.” I just want to go home." "Well I'm going to make sure that doesn’t happen." "I bought you and I own you." "I have a contract here that says you're stuck with me for two years." "Lizzie, I want you to show this girl how to do her job." Tara studied Lizzie; she had her under garments on and wore red lipstick. "Come on I'll show you to your room." It was a small bedroom with a bed, a dresser, and a nightstand. "Tonight you're going to start working." "All you have to do is go around and serve drinks." "And if a man wants something else, you have to give it to him." "I'm going to have to undress you from all of those petticoats you're wearing." "I'm surprised you're still breathing." "Now doesn’t that feel so much better?" Tara didn't answer; she looked down and started to cry. "Please doesn’t start crying on me miss?" "In time you'll start to love your job." "I'm a princess I don't want to work here." "If you really are a princess then how could you have gotten sold?" "I was running away from someone." "I guess I tripped and feel down a hole and got sent here." "Whom were you running away from?" "It doesn’t matter now." "I'll probably never see him again." "You need some makeup on." "Sit down and let me put some on you.” You look perfect now I think you're ready to start your job." Tara looked in the mirror, she didn't think so she always hated having makeup on.
Lizzie opened the door and said, "Those are the men you're going to be serving." Tara didn't like the idea of serving men who drank alcohol. "Here's your tray and drinks." "Now go out there and do exactly what I told you to do." She slowly walked out and started to serve one of the men. "Hey honey I think I'll have you after I'm done this drink." She wanted to punch him in the face so badly. But she knew she couldn't do that. So she kept on serving the other men. "Hey honey I'm finished with my drink now how about me and you go in to one of the rooms and have a bit of fun." He grabbed her and took her to one of the bedrooms. He forced her to lie on the bed as he forced himself upon her. She grabbed her knife that she hid under her garments. And she stabbed his leg with it. He got up and said, “I’m never coming here again.” Then he walked out the door and left. The owner of the saloon came in and said,”Tomarrow night you better do your job right.” “Remember I own you for two years.” She stayed on the bed and cried herself to sleep. Now she was wishing that she had never ran away.


“Why did she run away from me?” Philip answered, Sir, if I may say so, “I think she ran
away because she doesn’t want to be married to you.” He had black hair and a long nose. “I gave her my country, money, and all of my love.” I don’t understand why she would want to leave.” “Has she shown any affection towards you?’ “Now that I come to think of it, No she hasn’t.” “She talked to me about her family.” “But she has never even touched me.” “So the reason she ran away is that she doesn’t love me.” “I’m afraid so sir.” “I still need to find her.” “I swore to her father she would be under my protection.” They were in Peter’s bedroom. It was a huge room, with a king size bed, a dresser, bookshelf, a table, and a chair. This was where he read his books.

One of his men came in and said, “We have found her!” “Where is she?” “She’s in Castlevania.” “How did she get there?” “We’ve been talking to the man who sold her into slavery.” “And he said, she fell down their hole and he knocked her out.” “She got sold into slavery!” “I have to rescue her now.” “Think of what everyone will be saying of me.” “Tell Captain Mark I want a ship ready by tomorrow.” “Yes sir” And without saying anything else, he walked out. It was morning now. The sun was just rising. And the birds were chirping. It was a lovely day for sailing. Peter got on the ship and thought about how Tara would react when they found her. Would she be happy to see him? Or would she be angry with him for rescuing her? The ship stopped. They got of the ship and entered the town. They walked quickly to the saloon. Peter said, “We’re looking for Tara.” “I know she’s here so don’t lie about It.” The owner replied, “She’s in the back I’ll go get her.” He came back with Tara walking beside him. “What do you want with her?” “We’re taking her back home.” “So you’re telling me she lives with you.” “Yes she’s married to me.” “Go ahead and take her then, I never wanted her anyway.” He threw her at Peter. “Let’s go home men.” He made sure she was walking by him.

She couldn’t believe she had finally gotten back. She thought she would be in that saloon forever. She loved the trees and the ocean, which surrounded the country. She walked into the sitting room. Peter was there. “Are you going to tell me why you ran away?” “I just couldn’t spend the rest of my life with you.” “Why not?”; “Because I don’t love you.” “So you just ran away because you don’t love me.” Most princesses would be happy they would have a King protecting them for life.” “Well I’m not like most girls.” “That’s obvious”; “I know I shouldn’t have run away.” “But I’m getting tired of always having someone protecting me.” “I want to protect myself.” “That’s very brave of you but it would be hard protecting yourself against all of those evil men who are out there.” “You’re saying girls can’t protect themselves.” “Yes I am, I hate all men always thinking that their better then us.” “They might be stronger but we have muscles too.” After a minute of silence, she walked out and asked one of the servants where her room was. “It’s the second door on your left.” “Thank you” She ran to her room. She wanted to stay there all day then having to talk to Peter again. She was angry because she never got to live on her own.

“Tara may I come in?” “This is my room too.” Tara replied, “I didn’t know this was your room.” “I’ll go out and go to the kitchen then.” Peter replied, “You don’t have to.” “You can stay in my room if you want.” “I’m not going to share a room with you.” “I know you’re stubborn but this is ridiculous.” “We’re married and you don’t want to work things out.” ‘I never wanted to get married,” I wanted to leave my country and travel the world.” “But you are married now and we can’t keep ignoring each other.” “I know that but I just can’t do this.” “I’m not ready to be a wife and a mother.” ‘Then why don’t we get to know each other all over again.” “We can go to the garden tomorrow and just sit down and talk.” “I would like that but I’m not sleeping in this room.” “I’ll be sleeping in another room.” “Fine, I’ll get you a different room.” “You can sleep in the room right across from mine.” “Good night” She went to her room and went to sleep. She was thankful she didn’t have to sleep with Peter.


Tara woke up early the next morning. She didn’t want to get out of bed. She would rather stay in bed all day then having to listen to someone she didn’t want to. One of the maids came in with a big tray and said; here is your breakfast miss. Then she placed it gently on Tara’s lap and walked out. I want to do something fun today Tara thought. Maybe I should ride one of the horses they have here. She finished eating breakfast and slowly walked out of her room. After all I am the Queen; I don’t think anyone would mind. She kept on walking and soon came to the stables. The stable was huge with at least twenty different horses. She took the first one she saw and thought yes I can finally go somewhere by myself.

The horse was already geared up. So all she had to do was untie the lead rope and walk the hose out of the stable. She jumped up on the horse and it started to gallop. The horse kept on galloping until she came into the woods. I think I’ll name you Lillian because you’re fast and pretty. She made Lillian come to a halt as she carefully jumped down to the ground. She took out her book that she had put in her pocket earlier. I wish I could stay here forever but I can’t. Everyone will keep on looking for me until they find me. She leaned against a tree and started to read. A few hours later, she started to get very tired. She laid her book down and fell asleep. When she woke up it was morning. Oh no, I shouldn’t have been here this long. They are probably already looking for me. She went back on the horse and rode back to the stable. She put the horse back and walked quickly to the castle.

Peter was sitting in a chair in his study. It is my fault she ran away again. I should have paid more attention to her. I hope my men can find her. After all, she’s my responsibility. Phillip came in, and said Tara is back she’s in her room right now. “Thank you for telling me. I’ll see her as soon as I can.” After he said that, Phillip walked out. Well I’d better go see her now. She can’t keep on running away like this. He walked up the stairs to her room. He came into her room and shut the door. Tara was lying on her bed. “Why do you keep on running away from me?” “I’ve never done anything wrong to you.” Tara answered, “I didn’t run away.” “I only went to the woods so I could be by myself for a little while.” “I can’t just stay here and do nothing.” “I feel like a prisoner in here.” “Well I could have given you more freedom.” “But you haven’t showed me you’re mature enough for that yet.” “Oh please, don’t try to act like my father and lecture me about how I can’t do anything I want because I’m not mature enough.” “I’m not trying to act like your father.” “I just don’t know what to do with you anymore.” “I can never sit down and relax without worrying about you.” “I didn’t want to marry you in the first place.” “I don’t want to rely on anyone else but myself.” “I wish you wouldn’t have to worry about me.” “But that’s the kind of person I am.” “I don’t like anyone who tells me I can’t do something, when I know I can do it.” “I’m not going to talk about this with you anymore, since you obviously won’t listen to me.” As he was walking out of her room, he looked at her and said, “You better be ready for dinner in ten minutes.” He closed her door and went back down the stairs. Tara sat on her chair and began brushing her hair. All men treat women the same. They expect us do to whatever they say without any complaints.

I’d better be going to dinner now. I have to listen to him, even though I really don’t want to. Peter walked into her room, and said “we are going to have dinner in the sitting room tonight. I came in here to escort you there.” “So you still can not trust me.” “You still think I would run away again.” “What am I supposed to think?” “You ran away before, and got kidnapped.” “And than you ride off into the woods so you can be by yourself.” “I’m not going to let you get away this time.” “You are going to go down stairs and have dinner with me.” “Well I can’t argue with you about that.” “I can’t keep on lying to myself.” “I’m married to you and there is nothing I can do about it.” He linked his arm with hers and walked with her down stairs to the sitting room. They both sat on the couch and started to eat the food, which was placed on the table across from the couch.

Tara gently said, “I can’t complain about this food.” “I mean it is extremely delicious.” “Of course it is; I have the best chefs in this country.” “You said you don’t like to rely on anyone.” “You are going to have to rely on me whether you want to or not.” “I always have to make sure you’re safe.” “If anything terrible happened to you I would be blamed for it.” “All of you men have such stupid rules.” “It’s like we’re children to you.” “When something bad happens we’re expected to sit and wait for our husbands.” “I’m sorry, but you don’t need to worry about me all the time.” “You just have to believe that I’m smart enough to get out of trouble by myself.” “How am I supposed to believe that when you haven’t proved you’re trustworthy?” “You haven’t done anything to earn that trust yet.” “Maybe I haven’t yet, but I don’t like the idea of someone owning me.” “I do not own you, I’m married to you.” “I’m not going to let you leave me.” “That is almost the same thing.” I’m not allowed do anything I want unless I have your permission.” “It’s your duty to listen to your husband.” “You were born to be Queen after all.” “I don’t know why I’m talking to you about this.” “You think the same way as all the other men I know.” “I’m finished with my food.” “I want to go to my room now.” After she said that, she got up and went off to her room. I hate this place. I want to go back home. At least it was better than living here. She lay down on her bed and went to sleep. She dreamed she was running in the grass with no one else there but herself.

Chapter six

Eric was sitting in his chair in his study. He was thinking of his first wife. He remembered that she was very kind and generous. She was the only person I knew who could put up with me. But I shouldn’t think about her anymore. She died a long time ago. I have to get on with my life now. I know that’s what she would want. Than he saw, someone climbing through the window. Oh no, that person is my daughter Courtney. She knows she’s not supposed to be climbing through windows. Why doesn’t that girl listen to me? She had finished climbing through the window and said, “Father I didn’t know you were in here.” “I thought you were at the conference.” “I was going to go the conference but it got canceled an hour ago.” “I’m sorry for interrupting you.” I better be leaving to my lessons now.” “You’re not just going to leave without getting punished.” “You have to stay in your room for the rest of the night.” “No please, I have plans for tonight.” Well you have to cancel them.” “You know you’re not supposed to climb through windows.” “You disobeyed a direct order.” “Now go to your room.”

She left the room and marched up stairs to her room. There were paintings hung up all over her walls. Sometimes she wished her life was like one of those paintings. She sat on her bed and thought to herself, I hate him; he pretends he cares about us, but he really doesn’t. He only cares about himself. I really miss Tara right now. She always understood how I was feeling. Nobody else in this family does. My mom is a tramp. She’s always fooling around with other men, because my father doesn’t pay enough attention to her. She never acted like she cared about me. Eric was in his room getting ready to leave. I wonder if Tara is still mad at me. I guess I shouldn’t have been so strict with her. She needs to learn she has to grow up sometime. She can not behave like this for the rest of her life. I’m guessing she will still be angry with me for what I did to her. Well there is nothing I can do about that. I am her father and she has to listen to me. He walked out of his room and put his luggage in the carriage and left to see his daughter.

Peter came into to Tara’s room and saw her sound asleep in her bed. He leaned over her and told her, “Your father is coming to see you today.” “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” “I didn’t know he was coming until today.” “I recently received his letter a few minutes ago.” “Thank you for the warning.” “Now will you please get of my room so I can brush my hair and get dressed.” “Yes of course I will.” He quickly walked out of her room and closed the door. I should have already known my father would come and see me here. He is always trying to make sure I don’t get myself into trouble. So now he comes to check up on me. When I was little, I was always trying to get my father’s attention. But it never worked. He just constantly told me he was busy working and for me to find something else to do. And I cried for many nights, thinking that he never loved me. I don’t think any king has ever really thought about their children. They are always too busy to even think about what their children are doing. She got out of her bed and walked to her dresser to get dressed.

After she got dressed, she walked down stairs to the kitchen. It was a huge kitchen with silver colored walls. She saw four women and three men cooking and cleaning. A woman with straight black hair and hazelnut brown eyes, walked to where Tara was and told her, “go ahead and have a seat by the table.” “I was going to bring your food up to your room, but it looks like you decided to come down to the kitchen instead.” So Tara sat down in the silver painted wooden chair. Even the table was made out of wood and was also painted silver. The woman walked over to one of the counters to get Tara’s food. She gave the food to her and took a seat across from her. “I hope you like your food.” “Today’s menu is eggs, toast, and bacon.” “I love it; all of you are very good at what you do.” “Thank you, my name is Lauren.” “I can already tell we are going to be good friends.” “I heard your father is coming to see you.” “You must be very excited to see him.” “Oh yes, I’m so happy he is coming.” “You don’t sound like you’re happy.” “You don’t know him like I do.” “He has never really acted like he cares about me.” “So why should I be happy that he’s coming to see me?” “I’m sure he still cares for you.” “He is probably too proud to show that he does.”

Peter came in and said, “Tara your father is here now.” “He’s waiting for you in the sitting room.” “Why are you talking to one of the servants?” “I can talk to whomever I want.” “You can’t tell me who I shouldn’t talk to.” Lauren got up and told her, “it’s all right; I should get back to cleaning the kitchen anyway.” “All right; I’ll go see him.” “I just want to hurry up and get it over with.” Tara replied, as she got out of her chair. So she walked with Peter to the sitting room. She looked around and saw chairs and couches all over the room. She saw her father sitting in one of the chairs as she and Peter took a seat in two of the chairs residing both sides of her father’s chair. “If you don’t mind Peter, I would rather talk to my daughter alone.” “Of course I’ll go if that is what you want.” And than he got up out of his chair and walked out of the room. “So how have you been Tara since I last saw you?” “You’re asking me how I’ve been when you were the one who sent me here.” “Actually, I’ve been so much better until you came here.” “I wish you never came here to see me.” “And don’t you dare say you came here to see how I’m doing.” “Because I know you didn’t.” “I came here to see if you got yourself into any kind of trouble yet.” “Since that is what you seem to be good at.” “Maybe I was always getting into trouble because of you.” “The only reason why I kept on doing that was to get your attention.” “But I should have known I could never compete with your love of doing everything you possibly can for your country.” “There is nothing more I want to say to you.” “I’m going to leave now.” “But I will say this; I hope you can learn to forgive me in time.” He walked out and went back to his carriage.

I want to run to my room. But as soon as she started running, she saw Peter walking down. Oh no, I really don’t feel like talking to him right now. But it was too late. He saw her standing in the middle of the stairs. He stopped walking and said to her, “So how did it go with your father?” “Listen, I don’t mean to be rude to you.” “But I don’t want to talk to anyone.” “I just want to go to my room and sleep.” “Ok, if you ever want to talk to me, I’ll be in the throne room.” He walked down the stairs to the throne room. Tara ran the rest of the way up the stairs. She went in her room and closed the door. She jumped in her bed and started to cry. All my father does is mess up my life even more. I hope he doesn’t decide to come again. Because my life would be so much happier if he didn’t. So far, I’ve gotten along fine. “I don’t care if he is my father. I don’t want to see him ever again. I should go to sleep now. I don’t want to be crying all night over him. So she went to sleep and didn’t have any dreams for some reason.

Chapter seven

Kevin was lying in his bed with one of his maids. He opened his eyes and said to her, “Get out of my bed before my wife comes home.” She jumped out of bed and got dressed. And then she ran out the door. After she was gone, Peter thought to himself, no woman can seem to resist me. I must have gotten the good looking genes from my mother. She always told me I would get in a lot of trouble with women. I didn’t want to believe her before, but now it seems she was right about everything. I never even knew my father, since he died when I was only three years old. My mother said he stabbed himself with his sword. He blamed himself for his people dying. About a hundred died because of the war he started. He let his pride get in the way. He wouldn’t sign a treaty with the other country. So they got mad and declared war against his country. He thought he would never need any kind of help. I’m sure glad I’m not as arrogant as he was. I have certain countries which I chose to be my allies.

He got out of his bed and walked to where his mirror was hanging on the wall. He looked into and thought, life doesn’t get any better then this. He love the way his hair gleamed in the sunlight. He also loved his deep blue eyes. He went out and walked out of his two oak doors which led him out of his castle. He saw his wife and his three sons getting out of their carriage. His three sons were identical triplets. All of them had blue eyes and curly black hair. His wife’s hair was also curly and black. Her eyes were light brown. “I’m so happy to see you.” She ran up to him and wrapped and wrapped her arms around his neck. He replied, “I’m glad you made it back safely Christina.” “It’s too bad you were too busy to go to Spain with us.” “I can’t believe our boys are ten already.” “You should have been for their birthday party.” “They must have received at least sixty presents.” “John, Luke, and James, you may all go to your rooms and play while I have a long talk with your father.” They ran to their rooms and started to play with their toys.

“Let’s go in the sitting room and talk.” Kevin nodded his head yes and followed her to the sitting room. They both sat comfortably on the same couch. “So what have you been doing while I was gone?” “Oh the usual, I’ve been busy with paperwork and meetings.” “I think we should have a second honeymoon Kevin.” “We could let the nannies watch over the kids while we’re gone.” “You should be able to take some time off.” “You are the king after all.” “Maybe we could after the war is over.” “I can not just leave and let my country fall to pieces.” “Why does there always have to be wars going on in this country?” “Because my darling, if I never did these things, we wouldn’t have enough food and land for our people.” “Everything I do is for you and our children.” “I know that, I just wish there was another way to do it.” “I’m sorry Christiana, but there isn’t.” “This is the only way I can get what we need.” “Yes I suppose you are right.” “I’m going to go to my room and unpack.” “You can have one of the servants to that for you.” “No thank you, I’d rather do it myself this time.” She dragged her suitcase with her and walked to her room.

Kevin was about to walk out until he saw the maid whom he had been sleeping with earlier, walk into the room. “Why have you come to see me Emily?” “I came to tell you that I’m four months pregnant with your child.” “I would have told you before, but I thought you wouldn’t love me anymore.” He loved her long curly red hair and green eyes. “I still love you Emily.” “But you’re going to have to leave now.” “I can’t let other people tell my wife that you’re pregnant with my child.” “Please come back after the child is born.” “I would like to see what our baby looks like.” “And when you come back, don’t tell anyone I’m the father.” “I will go to live with my sister in France.” “You won’t need do worry about me.” “If anyone asks me who the father is.” “I’ll tell them he’s my old boyfriend, whom I recently dated a couple of months ago.” “I will come back to see you after the baby is born. “For now, I will say goodbye to you.” She quickly kissed him on the lips and left. So now I’m a father again. Pretty soon I’ll be holding a new baby. I haven’t been a very good father so far. What kind of father will I be to this one? That child will probably barely ever see me anyway. I can’t let my people see me spending a lot of my time with a child, who they think isn’t mine. Oh well, I can’t do anything to change that now. I’ll just have to learn to live with it.

Matthew; his royal advisor, came in and said, “We have found a descendent of the Lunar family.” His hair was light brown and his eyes were dark green. ”What are you talking about Matthew?” “Don’t you remember when you told me and all of your men to find the next descendent who could control the Lunar ring? “Oh yes, now I remember what I said to you.” “It’s just been so long I guess I almost forgot.” “We need the power of the ring to kill Peter and all of his people.” “Those lunar witches were the ones who crafted it.” “The writing on the ring says that whoever found it could use it to kill their enemies.” “And it also says the person who controls the ring has to be a descendent of the lunar family.” “Since; I am the person who found the ring in a cave.” “I believe its power will work for me.” “But we can not control it without a descendent who caries the gene in order to do so.” Matthew looked carefully at the ring which was resting on Kevin’s ring finger. It had a sparkling green gem in the center of it. “Sir, I don’t think this plan of yours will work.” “You may not think it will.” “But I’m not going to listen to you and let you change my plans.” “Now who is this descendent you said you have found?” “Her name is Tara, she is Peter’s wife. “Than you will have to find a way to kidnap her.” “We can’t do this without her.” “I may not be able to find a way.” There are at least hundreds of guards protecting her.” “I’ll give you three weeks to kidnap her.” “If you don’t, you’ll be killed.” “I understand what you’re telling me sir.” I shall try my best.” He walked out and closed the door behind him. Kevin lay restfully on the couch. I can’t wait until I have the victory in this war. Everyone will soon know I’m the most powerful king who has ever lived.

Chapter eight

Tara woke up and got herself ready for the next day. She was about to walk out of her room when a woman came in carrying a dress between her arms. “Hello my name is Nichole.” “I’m under direct orders form the king.” “He told me to make sure you put this dress on.” Tara looked thoroughly at the dress. It was pink and extremely puffy. “Why would he want me to wear that ugly thing?” “The millard ball is at six o’clock tonight.” “I’m supposed to see if it fits you right.” “Now go into your dressing room and try this dress on.” Tara opened the door to her dressing room, which was built into the wall across from her bed. There were dresses hung up on hangers all over the room. She walked in and closed the door. She quickly got undressed and put the pink dress on. She went back to her bedroom. ”I’m so happy the dress fits you so well.” “Now I don’t have to order a new one.” “You can tell Peter I’m not going to wear this.” “All right, I’ll tell him.” “I hope he won’t be angry with me.” Nichole walked out of Tara’s room and went downstairs. Tara took of the dress and put her old one back. It was green and cut simple. But she thought it was beautiful.

Peter was sitting on his chair in the throne room. “I’m sorry Nichole, but she is going to have to wear that dress.” “It’s traditional for the king’s wife to wear a big dress to the millard ball.” “I guess I’m going to have to have to talk some into that girl.” “Thank you for telling me.” He walked upstairs to Tara’s room. He saw her sitting on her bed. He decided to sit across from her. “Nichole tells me you’re not going to wear the dress I picked out for you.” “I would really appreciate it if you would wear it.” “Well that’s just too bad for you, because I’m not going to wear it.” “I wish you never picked it out for me.” “You could have chosen a much better one.” “Oh well, I’ll just have to find one which suits me better.” “I can see you’ve already made up your mind.” “You don’t like anyone telling you not to do something you want to do you? “I’ll tell Nichole to bring up a variety of dresses to your room so you can choose one.” He walked back to the throne room in a hurry.

Nichole walked back to Tara’s room. She was carrying at least twenty different dresses. She laid all of them on Tara’s bed. “The king told me to bring all of these to your room so you can choose one.” “Now which dress do you like the best?” “I think I like this one.” Tara picked out one that was dark blue with glitter all over it. She thought it looked almost exactly like her mother’s dress. “I can’t believe the king changed his mind about this.” “He must have very strong feelings for you.” “No, I believe you are wrong Nichole.” “I know he doesn’t have any romantic feelings for me.” “He has never acted like he does.” “Maybe is afraid you won’t return them.” “We are much too different from each other.” “He loves to live by rules and I don’t.” “You know you are considerably lucky.” “Peter is a rare man.” “He could have made you do anything he wanted.” “But instead he lets you have a freedom of choice.” “I am glad he isn’t like most other kings.” “But I could truly never love him.” “You could change your mind over time.” “I don’t think I ever will.” “Can you please leave me now?” “I can get myself ready for the millard ball.” “If that is what you want.” Nichole walked out of Tara’s room. Tara went back to her dressing room with her new dress. She quickly changed out of her old dress and put on the newer one. I might as well try to look my best for tonight. After she finished getting dressed, she sat in her chair and started to read again.

After a couple hours passed, she looked up at the clock hanging against one of her walls. I can’t believe its six o’clock now. I should be going to the ballroom. She got up and placed her book into her bookshelf. She started to walk down the stairs to the ballroom. All the walls were painted red and white. She guessed there was at least a hundred people eating and dancing. I don’t even know why I came here. I hate being around huge groups of people. I think I should be leaving now. But it was already too late; she turned around and saw Peter standing in front of her. He was wearing his long royal robes. “I thought you were never going to come.” “I was just about to go up to your room and ask why you didn’t want to come.” “I’m glad you decided to come.” “Now we have to lead the first dance.” He took one of her hands and placed his other hand around her waist. They danced graciously for about two hours. Peter looked at her and said, “Can you please try talking to some of my guests?” “They are very anxious to meet you.” “All right, I guess I can try to talk to them.” “Can you tell me where they are? “They are waiting for you over there.” He pointed to a small group not too far from him.

She walked over to where they were. As she was walking, she there was only four young women. She stopped walking and said, “Hello my name is Tara.” “I’m the one who you have been waiting for.” She gently shook their hands. Three of them were very tall and the other one was short. Two of them had brown straight hair and green eyes. The other two had blond hair and blue eyes. The short chubby one with blond hair and blue eyes spoke up and said; “Hello my name is Katelyn.” “I am the oldest of my three younger sisters.” “My sister’s names are Leana, Diana, and Jessica.” “Our father is the king of Spain.” “We have learned English as our second language.” “I wish I could trade my life with yours.” “I’ve always wanted to be married to a king.” “Just think of all the money you gain and the rest of the privileges you also gain after you are married.” Tara was about to speak but Katelyn interrupted her. “I’ve heard you’ve tried to run away two times.” “And that you weren’t even punished for it.” “I think your husband should at least of hit you for running away.” “I guess he just isn’t tough enough.” Tara replied, “How dare you tell me I deserve to be beaten.” “No woman should have to be beaten by any man, even her own husband.” “What is wrong with your sisters?” “Do they ever talk?” “Or do you always speak for them?” “My sisters don’t need to talk.” “I speak their thoughts for them.” “Isn’t that right my sisters?” All of them nodded their heads in agreement. “I’m not going to talk to you anymore.” “I’m going to tell Peter how you have humiliated me and my sisters.” She walked away and started to look for Peter. She kept on asking everyone if they knew where Peter was. She had finally found him talking to a huge crowd of people. “I wanted you to know that Tara has humiliated me in front of my sisters.” “When I got back to Spain, I’ll tell my father how your wife has treaded me and my sisters.” “I’m very sorry for anything my wife has done to make you this angry.” “I’ll make sure to talk to her later.” Katelyn and her sisters turned around and left.

Tara was walking upstairs to her room. I don’t know why I stayed at the ball that long. I shouldn’t have even gone to it. Now I’m probably going to be punished for speaking my opinion. She lay down on her bed and waited impatiently for Peter. A few minutes later, she heard a knock at her door. “Go ahead and come in Peter.” He closed the door and sat on a chair across from her bed. “Katelyn told me you humiliated her.” “All I did was tell her what she didn’t want to hear.” “She is rude, bossy, and a spoiled brat.” “Please don’t make me apologize to her, because I’m not sorry for what I have done.” “Don’t worry; I’m not going to make you apologize.” “I’m just glad someone had the courage to tell her she’s wrong.” “Everyone I know is terrified of her.” “Thank you for understanding this situation.” “There is something I’ve been wanting to know.” “Nichole thinks you have romantic feelings for me.” “Now I want you to tell me the truth.” “Do you really love me?” “I won’t lie to you.” “I do love you.” “I know you aren’t in love with me Tara.” “But I’m always going to love you no matter how you feel about me.” “Now I wish I never asked you.” “I thought you were going to say you weren’t in love with me.” “I hope you won’t waste your love on me for the rest of your life.” “You’re not a waste of my life.” “I’ll never fell this way for any other girl.” “I’m sorry Peter; I don’t think I can ever love you.” “So you better find someone else.” “I want you to get out my room now.” “I don’t want to talk to you anymore.” Without saying another word, he quickly walked out of her room. She fell asleep and tried to think of anything else which could distract her thoughts away from Peter.

Chapter Nine

Tara did not want to wake up the next morning. She tried to stay in her bed for the rest of the day. But then one if the maids came in and told her that wanted to talk to her in the sitting room. So she got dressed and walked downstairs to the sitting room. She opened the door and saw Peter sitting on a couch. “Please come and sit by me Tara.” She walked over to were he was sitting and sat by him. “There is something horrible I just found out about you.” “One of my spies has told me that King Kevin from France is trying to kidnap you.” He is one of my deadliest enemies.” “I felt like you had the right to know.” “I have ordered twenty guards to protect your bedroom.” ”I don’t want you leaving the castle for any reason.” “I don’t like this idea at all Peter.” “So I’m supposed to stay here and endanger everyone who lives here.” “I think I should leave and go into hiding.” Peter let out a short sigh and said, “You don’t know him like I do.” “You can not hide from this man.” “He will find you no matter where you go.” Tara shook her head and said, “I’m afraid you’re keeping me here because of your feelings for me.” “I still think the best solution to this problem would be for me to go somewhere far away from here.” “I’m not protecting you because of my feelings.” “I am mainly concerned for your safety.” “I’ve heard enough about my safety.” “I’m going to go to my room since that seems to be the safest place for me.”

Tara got up and walked back to her room. After she came into her room, she tried to open her window but it wouldn’t open for her. Peter probably had this window locked after he found out about me getting kidnapped. I need to find a way out of this place. I’m not going to stay and cause more problems for Peter. I should start looking for Nichole, maybe she knows a way out. I can see that Peter does trust her. She should be in the fitting room. She walked out of her room and went downstairs to look for Nichole. She went into the fitting room and saw six women measuring men and other women. She had found Nichole picking out a dress for one of her costumers. “Nichole, can I trust you enough to not tell anyone else about what I’m going to ask you?” “Its all right, you can trust me.” “Why don’t we go to the sitting room so you can tell me in privacy?” Nichole put the dress back and began to walk with Tara to the sitting room.

Both of them had sat down comfortably on two chairs which were right next to each other. Tara began to speak, “I was wondering if you a way that would lead me out of this castle?” “Why would you want to run away?” “You have everything you need here.” ”I don’t want to be a burden for Peter.” “Kevin is only planning to come here because of me.” “But if you ran away, Kevin would never stop looking for you.” “I don’t care if he keeps on searching for me at least he wouldn’t be interested in coming here.” “I admire your bravery for wanting to do this.” “I’m going to help you because I don’t want everyone in this castle to be put in danger because of you.” “If you really want to escape, I would suggest going through the King’s secret door in the back of his closet.” “You will have to find a way to get into his bedroom.” “His bedroom door is always locked.” “He is the only one who has the key for it.” “The king is in his study if you would like to talk to him.” “Thank you for telling me everything I wanted to know.” “I’m going to go see Peter now.”

Tara got up and started to walk to the study. She opened the door and saw Peter sitting in a chair and writing at his desk. She walked over to where was and sat gently down on his lap. ”Peter, I’ve been thinking about what you had said to me for a while now.” “And I just wanted to tell you that I do love you.” “I didn’t want to tell anyone before because I was too stubborn to admit it to myself.” Peter looked into her eyes and said, “I can’t believe this is the same person talking to me.” “I remember when you told me that you don’t like to depend on anyone.” “Now you’re telling me that you’re in love with me.” “I only said that because I kept on telling myself I didn’t need anyone, but you changed my way of thinking.” “I’ve never felt this way about anyone else.” She pressed her lips upon his and gave him a small kiss. “You shouldn’t be doing this to me Tara.” “You’re distracting me from my work.” “You can finish your work later can’t you?” “I really feel like being with you right now.” “So now you want me to drop all of my work for you.” “I guess I can take a day off.” “Today I’ll let you choose what you want us to do.” “What would you like to do?” “You can choose to go to any room if you want.” “You could also ask me for anything you want and I’ll give it to you.” “Peter, I don’t want anything from you.” The only gift I want is you.” “Could we go to your bedroom?” “I’ve been wanting to see what it looks like.” “I said you can ask for anything you want and all you want is me and to see what my bedroom looks like.” “Unusually when I as young maidens what they want, they tell me they either want gold or more land.” “Are you sure you don’t want anything else?” “Yes I’m sure; you’re worth more to me than any amount of gold or land.” “If going to my bedroom is what you really want, then I’ll have to carry you up there.”

“I don’t know if you can carry me all the way upstairs.” “I might be too heavy for you.” Peter stood up and picked her up as she put her arms around his neck. “Well you sure don’t fell very heavy to me.” He walked up the stairs as he was carrying her and dropped her unto his bed. He sat next to her on the bed and said, “you’ve seen my room now what do you want to do?” “I want to lay down with you and just talk for a while.” “That’s fine with me; I told we could do whatever you wanted.” He lied down and put his arm around her shoulder.” “Is there anything particular you want to talk about?” “No, I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re more kind and generous than any man I have ever known.” He laughed, “I wanted to tell you that you’re the prettiest woman I have laid my eyes upon.” She lightly kissed his neck and than his forehead. He looked at her in shock. “I thought you said you wanted to talk.” “I did talk for a few minutes; now all I want to do is express my love for you.” She started to kiss him again as she quickly took his robes off. “Do you really want to do this Tara?” “You could end up being pregnant with my child.” “We don’t have to do this tonight.” “We still have plenty of time left.” “Please Peter; I don’t want to wait any longer.” “I love you more than anything.” Peter replied, “All right, if this is what you really want.” “I do want this; I wanted to do this for a long time with the one I truly love.” He took off her dress and kissed her on every inch of her body.

What happened during the rest of the night had felt like a dream to her.
She couldn’t believe she actually went through with it. She woke up early in the morning. I was hard for her to get out of bed. He had both of arms squeezed around her body. Wow; I never realized his arms were so muscular. She could tell he was still in a deep sleep. She gave him a quick kiss on his lips. He hugged her even tighter than before and placed her on top of him. She whispered in his ear; “please don’t make this any harder than it already is.” She loosened his grip around her and got out of bed. She put her dress on and walked over to the secret door in his closet. She took one last look at him. Look at what I’m leaving behind. Oh well, I need to get away from here. I don’t really have a choice. She opened the door and began to run far away from the castle.

Chapter Ten

Tara had been running on a path which was leading her to the nearest town. She stopped running and slowly came into a brisk walk. The path suddenly came to an end. She figured she must have been running for at least a couple of hours. She saw an inn and a few houses. She knew she would need a place to spend the night. She walked into the inn and saw a man with red hair and freckles. He was standing behind a long desk talking to a young man and woman. They looked like they were going to spend their honeymoon there. The couple picked up their bags and walked upstairs to their room. She walked to where the red-haired man was and said, “I want to stay here for one night.” “I can pay you a large amount of gold.” She took out a huge bag of gold from one of her pockets. “You can weigh it if you think I’m lying.”

He grabbed the bag of gold from her hand. “I’m sure I won’t have any need to weigh this.” “I can tell you’re telling me the truth.” ”Can you tell me your name so that I can register you into my guest list?” Tara thought of which name she should give him. “My name is Laura Stewart.” “All right Laura, here are your keys.” “Your room is the second door on the left.” She took the keys from him and went upstairs to find her room. She opened the door and jumped onto her bed. I’m going to have to buy some new dresses for myself. I can’t wear this stinky dress all the time. It seems like I’m always getting kidnapped. The first time I was kidnapped, I was taken underground by surprise. Now I’m in danger of being kidnapped by a king I’ve never met. The only thing I’m sorry for is breaking Peter’s heart. I think I am in love with him. I was just too confused to make up my mind before. There must be something wrong with me. I keep on getting really bad headaches. Maybe I should see a doctor tomorrow. No I can’t, Kevin’s spies might see me there. I’ll have to wait for these headaches to go away. She closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Kevin was sitting at the table in his meeting room, talking to his scouts and spies. He looked at the spy sitting across from him and said, “You told me you saw Tara in Normington, now you tell me that you don’t know where she is.” The spy replied, “It’s hard to keep track of her.” “She probably disguises herself by giving every owner at the inns a different name.” Kevin was about to lose his temper. “I don’t care if she’s clever with names.” “You should have captured her by now.” “I’m going to leave and search for her myself.” “I should have known not to rely on idiots like you.” Kevin walked upstairs to his room and started to pack. He heard someone else walking in the hallway. He turned around and saw his wife come in as she closed the door behind her. “Why are you leaving me again Kevin?” “You’re gone almost all the time.” Kevin looked away and said, “If I wasn’t a king I would stay here with you and the children. “You know I don’t like leaving you.” “There is an evil woman out there who is trying to kill me.” “I need to find her and punish her for the crimes she has committed.” “It seems like there always someone who is trying to murder you.” “Go ahead and leave me then.” “Someone has to be here with the children.” “I don’t want to see them begging you not to leave.” He picked up his suitcases and quickly kissed her on her forehead. “You know I don’t want to leave you.” He walked out the door and sat down in his carriage. He waved his hand goodbye as he left to find Tara.

Christiana was sitting in a chair in her bedroom. She was thinking about her husband. I think Kevin is having an affair with another woman. I know that kings travel a lot. But he is gone almost every day. I should talk to all of my servants. It is very possible that he could be having an affair with one of them. She walked out of her room and went to all of her servant’s quarters. She had interrogated every servant living in her castle. They all said the exact same thing. They said that they had never even spoken with her husband. She was now sitting in a couch in the sitting room. One of the maids walked into the room and said, “I was afraid to tell you about this earlier.” “But I feel like you have the right to know.” She began to cry as her tears dropped past her brown eyes and blond curly hair. “You are right about your husband.” “He was having an affair with one of your maids.” “Her name is Emily.” “She is pregnant with your husband’s child.” “I know all of this because she’s my sister.” “She is now living with my oldest sister who lives in France.” Christiana replied, “Thank you for telling me.” “I wish more of my servants would have more courage like you.” “You may go back to your room now.” The maid went out and walked quickly back to her bedroom. Christiana thought to herself, so now I know there is a child who will be born with a servant’s blood. My husband won’t want anyone to know the mother of his child is only a servant. He’ll try to kill her the next time he sees her.

Tara had been spending every night in a different inn for sixteen weeks. She was sitting in a stagecoach, waiting for it to get to the next town. The stagecoach finally came to a stop. She stepped out and started to walk down the street. I need to find a doctor. I think I might have a sickness. I seem to be getting worse every day. I’ll just keep on searching in this town until I find one. She saw a man holding a black bag. He looked like he was giving a little girl some medicine. He left the girl’s house and went back to his stagecoach. She ran to the stagecoach and asked the man who was holding the reins to stop. She opened the door and told the doctor she hadn’t been feeling well. He told her to get into the stagecoach. “This stagecoach is going to take you to my office.” “I’ll examine you there.” “And then you’ll find out what is wrong with you.” The doctor looked out the window. His hair was black and his eyes were dark blue.

They waited until they came to his office as they stepped out of the stagecoach. She saw a sign by the door, it said Jonathan Smith. She lay down on the table as he examined her. “There is nothing wrong with you.” “You’re carrying a baby.” Tara looked the other way and said, “No, I can’t be pregnant.” “I know when a woman is pregnant.” “I’m telling you the truth, whether you want to believe it or not.” “I must leave and try to find somewhere to spend the night.” “I wouldn’t advise a lot of traveling to a woman in your condition.” “You should go home and rest.” “I’m sorry but I can’t do that.” She walked out the door and left to find an Inn. She had found one and started to fall asleep in her bed. She woke up to hearing someone climbing through her window. The man grabbed her and told her not to scream. She tried to get away from him, but he was too strong for her. He jumped out the window with Tara in his arms. He placed her on top of his horse as he sat on front of her. The man whispered, “Remember if you try to make any noise, I’ll have to kill you.” She had no choice but to stay on the horse as they rode off into the night.

Chapter Eleven

Tara and the strange man had been traveling for twelve weeks. The only time they ever stopped was when they had to rest and eat. This was one of those times. The horse was drinking out of a pond. Tara was sitting on top of a blanket. The man was lying down on the ground, trying to go to sleep. She spoke up and said, “I know who you are.” “Peter told me you were going to come after me.” “Your name is Kevin.” The only thing I don’t know is why would want to kidnap me.” “The only explanation I can come up with is you want more money.” Kevin began laughing. “You’re right my name is Kevin.” “But you’re wrong about me kidnapping you for money.” ”Then tell me, what other reason there for kidnapping a princess?” “You’ll find out in a few weeks.” “I don’t want to wait that long.” “Can you please tell me now?” “No, and if you keep on asking me, I’ll cut your off one of your feet.” “I wonder how you would like walking with only one foot.” “I want you to remain quiet so I can get some sleep.”

Tara decided to wait until he was asleep so she could try to escape. When she saw that he had finally fallen asleep, she got of her blankets and slowly started to walk away. But as soon as she started to walk past him, he grabbed her ankle and whispered in her ear, “If you ever try to leave me again, I’ll have to kill you.” “Now you’re going to have to lay next to me for the rest of the night.” He let go of her ankle and forced her to lay down with him. “If I were you, I wouldn’t even think of trying to run away.” “I have a knife in my pocket and I can use it whenever I want.” She laid there and thought about her as she went to sleep. She awoke the next day and saw Kevin packing all of the blankets and gearing up the horse. “You won’t get any breakfast today because of what you did to me last night.” “Now hurry up and get up on the horse.” “I don’t have very much patience today.” Tara sat behind him and said, “I just wanted you to know that I hate you and I’m never going to forgive you for this.” Kevin replied, “I’m glad you told me, because now you have made this so much more fun for me.”

Peter was sitting down in his study, having a private discussion with Phillip. “I hate just sitting here and being unable to do anything for preparing for this war.” “I need to get Tara back from him” “She most definitely has a lot of valuable information for us.” “You’re right sir; you do have to talk to her.” “But aren’t you angry at her for leaving you like she did?” “I am angry at her, but I still need to talk to her.” “Everything she ever told me was a lie.” “She used me so she could escape from me again.” “I told her father that I would always take care of her.” “Why am I still in love with her after everything she has done to me?” “I don’t think she lied to you.” “I believe she really does love you.” “She probably ran away because she was you would killed because of her.” “How do you know why she left me?” “Because I’ve seen this kind of love happen so many times in my old age.” “Even if you what you said is true, I still could never forgive her for what she did to me.” “You may think that way now but you’ll change your mind when you see her again.”

Tara and Kevin had finally reached his castle after weeks of traveling on horseback. Kevin quickly got off his horse and picked up Tara, while he gently carried her to the ground. The guards came and took her to one of the dungeons inside the castle. She lay down on the floor and tried to go to sleep. But she couldn’t fall asleep knowing that she was in Kevin’s castle. So she just sat up and tried to think of something else. She heard footsteps moving closer to where she was. She looked up and saw Kevin standing across from her. “Why have you come to see me?” “Did you come to make my life more miserable then it already is?” “Even though I would enjoy making your life miserable, I came here for another reason.” “I know about your secret, which you’ve been hiding from me.” “I had my physician give you a physical examination while you were knocked out.” “He told me you’ve been pregnant for almost nine months.” “So now I know that there is an heir to the throne.” “You won’t have to worry; I won’t have your baby killed.” “You should know that I do show mercy, when it comes down to children.” “That may be true, but I know you’ll have me murdered before I even get to see my child’s eyes.” “You can believe whatever you want, even though you’re wrong.” “I would never want to kill you.” “I have plans for you and your child.” “I don’t want to have a part in any of your plans, so you might as well kill me now.” “Believe me; you will be part of my plans whether you want to or not.” “I’m going to leave now and let you sit here to fell sorry for yourself.” He left her and went back to his bedroom.

Tara suddenly started to hear an entirely different set of footsteps. She turned around and saw Christina staring right back at her. “I want to find out the real reason why my husband would want to kidnap you.” “Can you please tell me everything he has said to you?” “From what I can remember, I think he said he has something planned for me and my baby.” “I fear he plans to make you become his mistress.” “I can not let this happen.” “I don’t want you to have to go through what his other mistresses were forced to do.” “I’m going to help you escape.” “Why do you want to help me?” “You barely even know me.” “I know my husband is a lire and a murderer.” “I have to live with him for the rest of my life.” “You are very young; you still have so much more in your life you haven’t lived yet.” Christina unlocked the wooden bars preventing Tara from going out and said, “I have ordered all of the guards to take a break from being on duty.” “So you won’t have any trouble getting away from here.” Tara got up and said, “I could never thank you enough for this.”

Just as she was about to walk out the door, she saw Kevin standing in the middle of the doorway. “So you could make a fool of me and get away with committing treason against your own husband.” “You already know the punishment for treason is getting your head cut off.” “But I’m not going to have you killed.” “After all, you are the mother of my children.” “Do you think I’m stupid enough to let you do something like this and get away with it?” “Well you’re wrong, from now on you’re not allowed to travel anywhere.” “You won’t even be able to go to visit your friends.” “You should have thought about that before trying to help this prisoner leave the castle grounds.” “I don’t care if I have to stay here with you.” “I’m just sorry I couldn’t help Tara get away from this horrible place.” “Now I’ll have to live the rest of this nightmare with you.” “I’m begging you to please let this girl go free.” “I will never let her go.” “She is the key to me winning this war.” Kevin pushed Tara back inside the dungeon and locked the keyhole to the wooden bars. “Now you’re going to come upstairs with me and go to bed Cristina.” Christina went up the stairs and left Tara sitting in a dark room, all alone.

Tara thought to herself, I wonder why Kevin needs me so bad. There seems to be some kind of secret he doesn’t want me to know about yet. I have been nothing but trouble to Peter ever since he married me. I’m surprised he’s still looking for me; after all I have done to him. I am never going to be a good wife for him. If I were him, I’d start looking for a new girl to marry. I’m not that pretty and defiantly not smart. I don’t know why he’s still in love with me. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow why Kevin wants me to stay here. After a few hours had passed, she fell asleep on the cold and hard floor.

Chapter twelve

Three more weeks had passed as Tara began to experience more discomfort from her pregnancy. She woke up one morning from starting to feel the pain of her contractions. As the one of the servants came in to bring her breakfast, Tara grabbed her arm and told her, “Go tell the king that I’m going to have my baby very soon.” The servant dropped the food and started to run out of the dungeon room. A few minutes later, a young woman came in carrying a couple of blankets and towels. “My name is Mary; I will be assisting you during the delivery of your baby.” She took out one of the blankets and gently placed it underneath Tara’s body. “Now you’re going to have to push with all of your strength when I tell you to. “You’re contractions seem to be very close, so I want you to start pushing now.” So Tara started to push as she yelled from the intense pain she was starting to feel. After she was finally done pushing, she heard the baby cry as she saw Mary holding the baby as she wiped off all the blood from his fragile body. Mary gave the baby to Tara and said, “You now have beautiful baby boy.” As Tara was holding him she said, “I almost wish he was a girl instead of a boy so that Kevin wouldn’t want to take him from me.” “But I will always be his mother so I will name him David.” The servant quickly turned around and ran out the door.

A few minutes later, Tara slowly rose up around and saw Kevin come in as he walked towards her and the baby. “One of my servants told me that you just had a baby boy named David.” “I’m very sorry for doing this but I’m going to have to take him from you.” She tried to stop him from taking her baby but his strength outweighed her own. So he took the baby and abruptly left the dungeon room. Tara lay down on the floor and tried to think of a way to murder the man who took her only child away from her. Kevin walked quickly to his bedroom as he was carrying David between his arms. He placed him down in a crib, which was right next to his bed. He thought about what he should do with the infant who resting peacefully in his crib. I think I’ll keep him alive for the rest of his life. I’ll adopt him and when he gets older, I’ll tell him his biological mother died when he was only a baby. I’ll tell his mother I had him killed so she won’t go looking for him. He was very smug, as he sat on his chair praising himself for thinking of such an ingenious and devious plan.

Eric was in the meeting room, talking to all of his scouts and spies. “I have just found out that my daughter has been kidnapped by that arrogant tyrant.” “I hold Peter responsible for this mess he has put upon himself.” “He was always trying to reassure me nothing bad like this would ever happen to my daughter.” “I wish I could have him hanged for telling me all of those lies.” “But I cannot since he is one of my allies.” “I need to travel to Lamoria so I can ask him what his plans are for my daughter.” He got up and went to the stables. He told the young boy working there to hitch up his horse for him. Eric left for Lamoria the next morning. Peter was sitting in his throne room, blaming himself for what had happened to Tara. His royal adviser came running through the doors. “Phillip, what do you have to tell me that is so imperative to interrupt me now?” Phillip replied, “King Eric has just arrived, asking to see you.” Peter looked up from his throne and said; it would be better if I hurry up and get this over with.” “You can tell him he can see me right now if that is what he wants to do.” Phillip walked out and ran off to fetch Eric.

Eric went into the throne room, feeling distraught about something that was bothering him. “You’ve been idling away on your throne while my daughter has been gone for weeks.” “And I’ve never heard of a rescue attempt being made by you.” “So what exactly are your definite plans for rescuing my daughter?” “I don’t plan to rescue your daughter until the war is over.” “I can’t afford to spare any of my men right now.” “The war will be starting in only seven days.” “So you’re just going to sit here to plan your trivial war while my daughter is in great peril.” “Tara should have already been back, safe and secure inside this castle.” “But I already know you don’t really care what happens to her.” “The only thing you seem to care about is your precious war.” Peter replied, “That’s not true; I care a great deal for Tara.” “I just can’t try to recue her and prepare the war at the same time.” Eric looked away from him and said, “You can stay and do nothing is what you want.” “But I’m going to go and try to get Tara back from that scoundrel, even if I’m forced to travel there alone.” Peter ordered his guards to seize Eric and to bring him to the dungeon room. Eric tried to run away from them his speed was to slow. As he was being carried away he yelled, “I’m never going to atone you for doing this to me Peter.” The next morning Peter walked into the dungeon room to visit Eric. He went over to Eric’s cell and said, “I’m sorry I had to seclude you in this dungeon overnight.” “But you left me no other choice.” “I hope you’re now more reasonable then you were last night.” “I need you to stop acting like an apprehensive father and try to act more like the king you are.” “You’re going to have to go back to your country and gather all the men you possibly can and then come back here before the war starts.” Eric looked down at the floor with worry and said, “I guess I have been behaving rather foolishly.” “I shouldn’t be worrying about my daughter at a time like this.” “I’m sorry for what I said to you yesterday.” “Prepare my horse for me so I can leave as soon as possible.” Peter unlocked the wooden bars and let Eric escape the castle so he could return to his country to help him win the upcoming war.

Kevin was in his bedroom talking to his wife. “Christina, I know that you resent the idea of taking someone else’s baby.” “But I have do take him, if I don’t then he will become the heir to Peter’s throne.” “You know Peter has always been one of my most hatred enemies.” “I have to prevent that possibility from ever happening.” His wife walked away in anger and said, “You’re just using that reason as an excuse.” “You’re just mad because your kingdom is not as prosperous as Peter’s.” “You don’t place blame on a baby for your mistakes.” Kevin replied, “It doesn’t mater anyway because I’m still the king of this country.” “I can do whatever I want to.” Christina started to walk towards the door and said, “even if it means losing the people you love.” She turned the other way and quickly walked out of the bedroom. Peter was in his in his study room talking to his royal adviser. “Kevin’s armies will be here at the crack of dawn.” “I hope Eric and his armies will get here soon.” “Don’t worry sir, I have a feeling he will be coming here very soon.” “I hope you’re right about this Phillip.” A few hours had passed following that same evening; Peter saw Eric and thousands of his men riding their horses towards his castle. He looked as Phillip and said; “I should have never doubted him.”

Chapter thirteen

Tara woke up and looked out her only window as she watched ignorant men start to line up for the hectic war; which was about to begin. All of a sudden, there were tears climbing down her cheeks. She dreaded the thought of having to watch thousands of men die because of their hatred for each other. She started to hear footsteps slowly coming closer to the dungeon door. She was surprised to see one of Kevin’s servants walk through the door, since she had just been given food and water a few minutes earlier. “The king has ordered me to take you out to the battlefield.” The servant was a tall and strong man with black hair and green eyes. He unlocked her cell door and dragged her down the stairs to the stables. He told the stable boy to get a horse ready for Tara. After the boy had finished, he placed Tara behind him as he led the horse towards the battlefield. The horse stopped abruptly as he quickly got off his saddle to talk to Kevin. Tara couldn’t hear what they saying because they were speaking in low whispers. The servant walked away and had left her alone with the king.

Kevin walked towards her and said, “I suppose you’re wondering why you were brought here.” You’re a tool I must use to help me end this petty war.” Kevin gently placed the ring with the green gem resting in the center on one of her middle fingers. She looked at it with despair and asked, “Why do you need me to wear this stupid ring?” He replied, “You’ll find out pretty soon.” He jumped on top of Tara’s horse and sat down in front of her. He put his hands around the reigns as he steered the horse to the edge of a cliff where his men were waiting for his orders. He yelled at top of his lungs, “Peter; you all of your people are going to be very sorry for crossing me.” “I have been hiding my secret weapon for a long time.” “Now I think this the right moment for me to utilize it.” “I know that it only works when its owner tells it what to do.” “Tara; I want you to say that you would like Peter and all of his allies and men to be burned from scorching fires.” “If you do not do exactly what I told you to then I will have you and your baby murdered without any hesitations.”

Tara opened her mouth to mimic his words, right after she spoke them she turned around and screamed in horror as she had to watch Kevin slowly burn to death from fire which had suddenly appeared all around his entire body. Kevin’s royal adviser walked up to her and asked, “What were you thinking of when you saw Kevin start to burn?” Tara started to cry as she said, “I was thinking of Kevin burning in hell for all the crimes he has committed.” Matthew thought about what she had told him and said, “I think I know how he died.” “It’s because the ring is controlled by evil thoughts.” “That is how the ring carries out your darkest desires.” “It was the king’s own ignorance that killed him.” He walked over to where Kevin’s men were standing and said, “Your king is now dead.” “You can see his ashes for yourselves.” If all of you don’t wish to die you should retreat back to your homes right now.” All of the men who were following Kevin’s orders turned around and ran far away as they went back to their homes. Matthew left the battlefield and went back to his king’s castle. Tara looked up at the clear blue sky and couldn’t believe what she had just done to Kevin. She took the ring off her finger and threw on the ground in frustration.

Her father Eric; came galloping on his horse to where she was and had finally come to a complete stop and asked, “Are you all right Tara?” “I saw Kevin being burned to his death earlier.” “And then I heard you scream like you had seen something horrible.” Tara replied, “I’m all right;” “I think I saw one of Kevin’s men run towards him with a burning torch.” “His clothes might have been saturated with some kind of combustible liquid.” “I’ve com here to take you back home with me.” “That idiot; whom I forced you to marry, has no right to even be called your husband.” “Now get on behind me so I can take you away from this horrible embarrassment.” Tara just looked the other way and said, “But I can’t go back; I have a child who needs me here.” “What are you talking about?” “Are you trying to tell me I have a grandchild who was born from your body?” “Yes; that is exactly what I was going to tell you.” “His name is David and he was taken away from me at the very moment he was born.” “Now I need your help to get him back in my arms.” “I believe he is still somewhere inside Kevin’s castle.” Eric replied, “I will help you only because you are my daughter and even though I might not have been showing my feelings that well, “I do love you with all of my heart.” “I guess I’ve been too arrogant and adamant to admit my true feelings to you before.” “We should hurry up and head off to Kevin’s castle.” Tara took her horse and followed her father to the castle.

After their horses had succumbed to a halt, Tara and Eric saw Matthew sitting by the front gates; cradling an infant between his arms. “I knew you would come back to search for him, so I snatched him from his crib and I decided to wait here for you.” Matthew reached out his arms and gave the baby back to Tara. Tara took the baby and said, “Thank you for everything you have done for us.” Eric looked down at the baby and said, “We need to back to Peter’s country.” “I’m assuming he is the father of your child.” “I may not like him but he needs to know that he now has a son.” “And that baby is going to need his father’s discipline.” Eric and Tara took off on a long journey to search for Peter. When they had reached their destination, Eric rushed through the front gates with Tara and demanded to see Peter. The guards could tell he wasn’t in the mood to wait so they took Eric, Tara and the infant to the throne room. They walked in and saw Peter resting peacefully on his throne. “So why do you want to see me Eric?” Eric replied, “Tara will show you the reason why we came here.” “Tara; go ahead and show Peter his son.” Tara kneeled down in front of the throne and gently placed her baby in the center of Peter’s lap. “This child can not be mine.” Tara would have told me if she was ever pregnant.” Eric shook his head in frustration and said, “How could you be so stupid?” “Tara probably didn’t even know she was pregnant until after she left you.” “You need to grow up and face the harsh truth of this matter concerning my grandson.” Peter spoke in a clear and resonating voice, “All of this is really hard for me to comprehend.” “It’s hard for me to believe you because of all the lies your daughter has told me.” “But I have known you to be an honest man ever since I’ve met you.” “Therefore; I will believe what you have told me to be the truth.” Eric walked towards the door and said, “I’m going to leave this room and let the two of you work this out by yourselves.” He closed the door behind him as he left the throne room.

Peter gave his baby to one of his servants to be put away in the nursery and said, “Now what are we going to do about this predicament we have seem to have fallen under?” “I know you’re sill my legitimate wife, but I can’t let you stay here because of all the times you left me.” “How do I know if you will actually stay here with me?” “I’m afraid you will abandon me and our child.” Tara replied, “The only reason why I left you before is because I thought I was protecting you from getting killed from Kevin’s armies.” “I didn’t want you to die because of me.” “I thought leaving you was the only option I had left.” “I didn’t lie to you when I told you that I love you.” Peter sighed in confusion and said, “How do I know if what you are saying is true or not?” Tara smiled happily as she said, “This time I’ll make a promise to you.” “I will not run away again this time because I don’t have any reason to leave you now.” “If you think I’m lying to you then I will grab dagger and take my own life.” “For I would rather die then have to watch you be hurt from something I have done.” She took her dagger out of one of her pockets in her dress and pointed it directly at her chest. Peter walked over to her and seized the dagger from her as he threw it at the floor. “You have already proved yourself to me.” “I’m not going to let you throw away your life.” “You are going to stay here and help me raise our son.” “I don’t want him to grow up without his mother.” He held her hands as he passionately kissed them. He whispered in her ear, “You are the only woman I want to be my wife.” “I could never marry another woman.” He picked her up and walked up to his bedroom as he placed her down in the center of his bed. He lay down on top of her as he kissed her lips and neck. He stopped kissing her as soon as he heard her crying. He asked her, “Why are you crying?” “There is nothing you need to be ashamed of.” “I’m crying because of what you told me about never wanting to marry another woman.” “Every king I know has at least seven or more wives.” “I’ve never met a king who has only wife until I met you.” Peter rubbed his hands against her cheeks as he said, “It’s probably because they have never found their true love like I did.” For the rest of the night they lied there taking solace in the new serenity they had found with each other.

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