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November 10, 2011
By ClumslyImperfect BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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ClumslyImperfect BRONZE, Spokane, Washington
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Author's note: I enjoy writing and one day this beautiful beautiful story just came to me and I wish that I could do it justice.

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You know living in a family of girl’s inst that bad, yeah sometimes it’s interesting when we are all on our periods, but other than that it’s great. We can have to house the way we want it, have scented candles always burning. Just have things the way we want.

Not to say that we don’t interact with the opposite sex because we do, Violet especially. Mom divorced our father when we were very young, because he was abusive and having triplets was enough for her to handle. My sisters and I haven’t had the best life, but our mother Bethanee has worked very hard to give us the privileged life that we have now. Mom is beautiful, she has medium length caramel colored hair, she has hazel eyes and a thin body with an hourglass shape. All of us girls did what we could around the house and the extra things, so Mom could keep trying at her dream of being a novelist. Little did we know that she wasn’t trying but succeeding and was offered a five book contract, Mom did well for herself. We were twelve when she got her contract, she is now a well known published author and has a contract that all of her books will be published by her publishing company, which she is in the process of buying.

Violet is the middle sister, she was born five minutes after me, and four minutes before Alli. Violet has a very classic style to her, she loves the glam. Violet has straight brownish red hair that runs just under her chest and hazel eyes; she is the tallest of all of us. Violet is curvy but very skinny, her high cheek bones and plump lips draw in the boys. Purple is her favorite color and always has been, we always laugh because she is purple. She’s into old Marilyn Monroe movies and red lipstick. Violet is also the boy’s favorite, even though we’re all triplets and look really close, Violet is the favorite. Alli and I are sometimes jealous but boys can be bad news, ask Violet she got the side affect of being around boys. Violet is pregnant, she’s about a four months along; the boy was a one night stand, after someone had drugged Violet. It wasn’t rape because she was willing but she wasn’t realizing what she was doing either. Violet is excited about the baby, she’s eighteen and is going to college, Mom, Alli and I are more than willing to help her, that baby couldn’t have a more loving family.

Alli is one of a kind, she is the opposite of Violet and I, she loves everything fashion and make-up. Yes Violet and I like fashion and make-up but we have other interests then just that, Alli is all about the beauty. Being the youngest of us Alli has always been a little more crazy then the rest of us. Alli is the shortest, she has waist length wavy black hair and brown eyes. She’s tiny, skinny and short but she uses her clothing tricks to give herself curves. She’s very mature but almost child-like when she’s excited or going shopping, what can I say we can’t all be sane, but we love her anyway.

And me, September. I’m the oldest of the triplets. I’m taller than Alli but shorter then Violet; I have waist length chocolate curls with brown eyes. I’m thin but very curvy like our mother. I have high cheekbones like the rest of them. I like cars and motorcycles. I love the edgy style, music and I love to write just like my Mom. Compared to my sisters I’m pretty boring, never had a boyfriend, well actually I have but he was only dating me to get closer to Violet, so he doesn’t really count. I always feel like the odd ball of the family, just because of the fact that I’m not really anything like my sisters or even my mother sometimes. Every family needs a weird one or a “black sheep”.

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Alli, Violet and I are well known around our high school, and that’s why Alli and Violet were a little upset when they heard that we were moving, Mom had to be where they were opening the new publishing building. I was actually excited, I really was looking forward to meeting new people maybe even trying to revamp myself a little bit. We would be finishing our last two months of high school at a new school and town.

“Vi, are you okay?” Alli and I stood outside the bathroom door, inside Violet’s bedroom. She was puking her brains out, morning sickness. I pushed the door open; Vi was hunched over the toilet. Alli grabbed a wash cloth and ran cool water on it; I grabbed Vi and pulled her into my lap brushing her hair out of her face. Alli pated her face with the cool cloth. Violet was crying.

“Sis, what’s up?” I held her in my arms and Alli hugged to her side.

“We’re moving and I’m pregnant, I don’t know who the father is. What are people going to think of me?” She cried in our arms, Alli pushed her bangs out of her face again.

“Who cares what they think, Vi, you’re the hottest pregnant eighteen year old this world has ever seen. You always have us by your side and nobody is going to say anything about my sister, or my niece or nephew in there,” Violet laughed and I smiled at my sisters.

“Yeah, because I look so hot right now,” we all laughed.

“It’s going to be fine, we have each other,” I whispered to them.

Each other was all we had for the longest time and even now that we have a lot more then that we still rely on each other more than anything else. We got up from the floor when Mom told us to get up and get dressed because we were going out to dinner to celebrate out last night in New York, but to also have dinner with Mom’s company. Because as of tomorrow morning we were leaving for Seattle, Washington.

We all went to our separate rooms, and dressed for dinner, we knew that we had to be more dressed up than normal. I dressed in black trouser pants what were very tight to my legs; I wore a light purple top that tied in the front, my pair of purple pumps and my white trench coat. I did simple jewelry with a pair of black hoops and a silver bracelet. My nails were painted in a beautiful purple, I wore my hair down in waves and my make-up was lightly smokey perfect for a nice dinner.

Once I was dressed, I headed to the living room where Mom was, she was dressed in white dress pants with a black blouse and heels, her caramel colored trench coat that matched her hair, with pearl earrings and nude nails.

“Still waiting on Vi and Alli?” I asked her. She looked up at me and laughs.

“Of course, but since Vi is pregnant she always taking longer saying everything makes her look fat,” Mom rolled her eyes, Violet could never be fat even if she was pregnant. Just as Mom said that Alli came down the stairs, she was dressed in a navy skirt, white tank and gray cardigan and her gray trench coat. She had on black heeled boots with all her silver jewelry. She of course being the fashion queen knew that those different pieces would work perfectly together.

Finally, after twenty minutes of convincing we got Violet into one outfit that she looks perfect in. She was wearing a dress that looked like a gray top that was tucked into a navy skirt; she had on a pair of navy platforms that had a strap around the ankle. A black trench coat, with her pearl accessories and black bag. We were all ready; Mom was pressing us for time when we all climbed into her Lexus SUV.

By the time we got to the restaurant, everyone was already there, we gave our smiles and hello’s before taking our seats at the end of the table. All that was spoken about was the company, Violet, Alli and I had our own conversation. We quietly spoke about the employees, Mr. Fraimer’s always liked to talk with his mouth full of food and then share his delicious food with everyone who was listening to him.

“Mr. Fraimer’s, sharing food again,” Alli whispered to Vi and I, we all laughed. I think Mom heard because she tried to give us a glare but then it faded into a smile.

The food was good; Violet should know she ate all of her food and what Alli and I didn’t finish from our plates. She always ate a lot but never like this, she doesn’t puke even half of what she eats.

We could all see that Mom was really going to miss the people here, but we also knew that she was ready to make a new start for us. We’ve always lived in New York, the move to Seattle was going to be the real fresh start, and we were finally going to get rid of all the memories of our father and our hard ships. We slept our last night in our now empty house before grabbing our suit cases and sending the last things to be shipped. We were leaving most of the furniture because Mom said we would buy new things when we got there but we were taking our televisions, and small furniture but leaving the beds, and couch.

Goodbye New York, I’m not really sure yet if you’ll be missed but I won’t be uncertain forever.

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The plane ride was long and exhausting, it was the worst for Violet, and she spent most of the long plane ride in the bathroom. The drive to the new house wasn’t long, but it felt like hours.

“Mom, the house is beautiful,” Alli said. The house was beautiful, it was white with black trim, very modern but it had a certain old time feel to it.

“I knew you girls would like it,” Mom smiled, and headed towards to door. I held my breath and took Violet’s hand as we followed our mother and giggly sister.

The inside would a reflection of the outside, black and white, with a mixture of modern and classic. I loved every part of it. We all picked our rooms; they were all the same room basically, all around the same size with walk in bathrooms and closets. I picked the room that was by its self on the third floor. Mom, Violet and Alli were all on the second floor and then the rest of the living areas were on the first level. Luckily it had a rather large garage because; mom had us sell our old cars with the promise that we could buy new ones down here. With the new amount of money she was making she wanted to get us each better cars, and I can’t say we were objecting.

The first three days were spent unpacking; Alli and I did our own rooms and then helped Violet with her’s since she is so small, she shouldn’t be doing a lot even this early in her pregnancy. The doctors are worried she may lose it if, she puts too much strain on her body. Even if the pregnancy wasn’t planned there was no way we were going to let Violet lose the baby, that would crash her more then when she found out she was pregnant. Mom did her room, which was very simple and she had started on the rest of house. Once Violet’s room was done we all finished the house together. We finished late on the third day, mom told us tomorrow we were registering for school and going to buy cars.

In this home I felt safe, I didn’t feel like my father would come and find us and do horrible things. I felt like we had finally got away from him. I wasn’t really worried about my safely, as much as I was about Violet’s, Alli’s and even more so my mom. Dad always hurt mom more, then he would ever even think about hurting us girls. I also feared for the baby, what would happen if he found out about the baby?

I was the last one up this morning, which was a shocker. Normally Violet is the last one up, because of the pregnancy and everything. I must have really worn myself out in the last couple of days. I got dressed and got ready quickly before coming down stairs, everyone was waiting on me apparently.

“Finally,” mom rolled her eyes and smiled. “Okay, now I can give you girls your gifts, before we go to get your cars,” Alli and Violet were chomping at the bit to get their gifts. I sat on the couch next to Violet.

“Alli, I got you into an internship with one of the top fashion designers here, in Seattle! So here is something you are going to need to fill up with sketches and photos of your designs,” mom handed Alli, three large portfolios. Alli was jumping with joy that was the one thing that was going to get her to her dream of being a famous fashion designer.

“Thanks, mom,” Alli hugged her and Mom smiled.

“You’re welcome, dear,” mom turned to Violet. “Violet,” mom waved her fingers and we all went up the stairs and were standing in front of the door that mom said was going to be her study.

“What?” Violet asked confused. Mom just laughed and opened the door. Inside was everything a baby would need, minus clothing and color, because we didn’t know what she was having yet. Everything was done in white.
“This will be the baby’s room and a room for you to go and relax if things get to hectic or you just need a break,” Violet had tears in her eyes as she touched the crib. She ran and crushed mom with a hug.

“Thank you, thank you,” she whispered.

“My grandbaby only gets the best, remember that Violet,” Violet nodded and smiled as she took in the room some more.

“We can paint and decorate more, when we know the sex of the baby,” mom said to all of us. “Now, September,” she led us out of the room and the house and outside.

“Vi, cover her eyes,” Violet did as she was told, I heard my sisters gasp.

“Now,” my mother’s words trigger the hands to be removed and in front of me stood, a black Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

“Ohmigod, Mom!” I screamed as I hugged her. “Thank you,” mom just laughed. I ran over to my bike and admired it. It was so beautiful.

“Can I take it for a ride?” I asked. Mom pulled a black and white helmet from behind her back, I went to grabbed it but she pulled back.

“September, you have to promise me, you will be as careful as possible,” I rolled my eyes with a smiled.

“I will, please!” I begged, mom caved and gave me the helmet.

My bike purred to life, I loved the sound. I waved as I back out of the driveway and made my way around town. I didn’t go far, because I had to get gas first. Luckily I had some cash in my pocket because I didn’t have my purse. The gas station had a sexy black Camaro, getting gas but I didn’t see anyone standing by it. I park diagonal from it. I pulled my helmet off and shook my hair a little do I didn’t look like a total dork. I hung my helmet on my arm and walked inside to pay. I wasn’t really paying attention to anyone till; I got in line behind the sexiest man I have ever seen. He was in jeans and a black fitting tee; I could see his defined muscles and his hair was dark brown, in a messy untamable style. I was dying to see the color of his eyes, I watched as he turned and I caught a glimpse of his chocolate brown orbs.

“You ride that Ninja right?” his question caught me off guard. I smiled and answered.


“She’s a beauty,” he eyed my bike then looked back at me.
“She is,”

“I’m Daren,” he held out his hand, I took it and gave a firm shake, like my mother taught me.


“Damn, you’ve got a good grip. Have to admit though, it’s pretty sexy,” I blushed. “September, that the month you were born or something?” I laughed; it wasn’t the first time I had gotten that.

“No, my name is September,” Daren smiled.

“So, is your middle name December?” I laughed even more. I watched Daren pay, and then I did myself. As we walked back out I answered him.

“No, my full name is September Maddeleine Love Mason,” I laughed.

“That’s a mouthful, but at least I got you to tell me your name,” Daren winked. We parted ways and he the Camaro. Yes, the hot guy has the hot car. I felt my insides crawling into balls; this guy was the total package. I was turning the cap to my gas tank, when Daren appeared in front of me again.

“So, do you want to go to a party tonight?”

“When, and where?” I asked. Daren smiled and took my hand. I pulled out a marker and woke on my hand. He wrote and address and a number.

“I gave you my number in case you get lost,” he winked and was about to leave but I spoke.

“Would it be okay if my sisters came?” I asked hopefully. Daren smiled with a crooked smile.

“Of course, if they’re even half as beautiful as you I bet their room stoppers,” with that he turned and walked away. I smiled as I rode home. I knew that my sisters wanted to go get their cars as I knew I should get home.

I put the number and address into my phone so I wouldn’t lose them and went to the car dealer with my family. I would tell Alli and Vi about the party later, but I can tell you I can’t wait to go.

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Turns out we all got the cars we wanted. Violet chose a very realistic and safe car for her and the baby, a midnight blue Audi SUV. Alli, being the adventurous girl she is got a silver gold, BMW convertible. I wasn’t sure what car I wanted, I knew enough about cars to know what type of car would be best for me and it was a Chevrolet Camaro. I picked a black Camaro to match my bike. I did also realized that Daren had the same car, but my was a SS V8 and his was only and LS. We all had to drive our own cars home, as we all walked in to pulled Vi and Alli aside.

“Do you two want to go to a party tonight?” I asked. Alli started jumping up and down.

“Of course, I wanna go!” Alli screamed, mom walked pass and just laughed and continued up the stairs.

“I don’t know, Love. If there’s alcohol I could accidently drink something and risk damaging the baby,” Violet had worried eyes and I understood. Love was my nickname since I was a baby, September was a long name and so was my middle name so my extra name stock. Alli spoke before I got the chance to voice my understanding.

“Just, you get your drink and only drink out of containers that are closed. Also make sure you don’t put it down because someone could try and slip you something again,” Alli pleaded. Vi took a second before answering.

“Fine, it’s a chance to meet some people before we go to school in a couple days. How did you find out about this party anyway?” Violet said hesitantly. I smiled and told them all about the guy I met. I decided to text Daren to find out what time the party started.

Hey, it’s September, what time is the party tonight?” I was a little nervous to send the text but I did it anyway. Daren texted back almost immediately.

No time really, just come whenever ;)

I just smiled and the text and locked my phone. We didn’t want to be one of the first ones there, so we decided to leave our house at ten. We did our own things till, we ate dinner with mom. We explained to her that we were going to go to a party that was with kids from our new school and she encouraged us to go and make new friends. I didn’t really know how old they were actually but Daren couldn’t have been much older than me. I decided to take a nap after dinner and was up at nine to get dressed.

I dressed in a navy single sleeved shirt with jean shorts and a pair of navy cut out heeled booties. I wore my necklace with my initial that my mom had given each of us girls on our twelfth birthdays. I wore hooped earrings with shined through my long hair that I wore down in big sexy curls. I did my make-up sultry, but it wasn’t over top. Once I was satisfied with myself I went to go and check on Violet, hoping she was almost ready.

“Vi?” I knocked on her door as I opened it. I was surprised when I saw she was dressed. She was wearing a white jean skirt with a sheer white shirt with black over lays that covered everything but her sleeves. She wore black heels with simple silver jewelry.

“You two look hot!” we both turned to see Alli walk in. Violet and I laughed. Alli was in a v-neck dress that was done in a floral pattern. She wore a pair of peep toe heels with some jewelry. I rolled my eyes and smiled, Alli and Vi followed me down stairs. We said goodnight to our mother and made our way out to our vehicles. Alli and Violet took Violet’s Audi and I chose to ride my bike. They followed to me a college campus and to a fraternity house. I saw Daren’s Camaro parked in the driveway, other nice sports cars were parked around the large home. All the people there must have just walked from their house on Greek Row. I parked my bike out front, slid my keys into my pocket and put my helmet in Violet’s car. I walked in between Vi and Alli as we entered the house.

College students were everywhere. People were either holding beer bottles or red plastic cups that could have god knows what in the them. I didn’t see Daren anywhere, I looked. I kind of liked that fact that he was older then I was, he was more mature and more of what I needed in my life. I needed people that weren’t going to make stupid mistakes, someone who could really understand me. They would understand that I wasn’t the average eighteen year old girl. Being around an older crowd wasn’t the worst idea but we still didn’t know anyone that we would start school with.

“You came!” Daren came into view and he touched my shoulder with a shock of electricity. I smiled and introduced my sisters.

“Daren, these are my sisters Alli and Violet,” I gestured both of them as I said their names. Daren smiled at each of them.

“Nice to meet you both. Do you two mind if I steal September, for a little while?” he gave a questioning look. Alli spoke before anyone got the chance.

“Not at all!” she pushed me towards Daren and took Violet’s hand. “Come on Vi, let’s go get a drink,” they standing there by myself with him. Daren smiled at me and I blushed as he took my hand leading me to a group of guys.
“Guys, this is the girl I told you about,” they all sized me up with smiles. “September, this is the guys,” I smiled and said hi.

“Daren, you picked up this hottie, on a Kawasaki Ninja at a gas station?” the ten boy looked at him is disbelief. I laughed.

“Yeah, you can’t not talk to a gorgeous girl who rides a street bike,” Daren looked at him as if he was missing the obvious.

“You ride Kawasaki, huh?” a blonde haired boy said.

“Yeah, a black Ninja is the sexiest bike out there, almost as sexy as a black Camaro,” I flashed my eyes at Daren for a split second as I continued to speak. “Which I own as well,” I smiled a devilish smile. Daren gave me a confused look.

“You have a black Camaro?”

“Yeah, but mine’s a SS V8, so we really don’t have the same car, because yours is a LS V6,” I wasn’t dumb I knew my cars; it was normally a turn off to guys because I knew more than they did and apparently guys didn’t like that. Daren smiled, while everyone else was in shock.

“Girl knows her cars,” he smiled. “Did, you drive it here?” I knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to race; I could see it in his eyes.
“Sadly, no, I rode my bike,” I shrugged my shoulders. No one said anything, but they all started heading for the front door. Daren took my hand and we held up the end as everyone walked out and stood by my bike. They were all eying it.

“Can I take it for a spin?” Daren asked.

“Only, if I get to drive,” I smirked, and so did Daren. He went and sat on my bike, and motioned for me to come closer. I picked me up and set me straddling him. I took the keys out of my pocked and started the bike and rode away. I hand wrapped my arms around his waist and held on as he drove. Daren stopped at a stop light, I looked up at him, and I took one of my hands and put it on his neck. Daren lend his lips closer to mine and I closed the gap. He kept his hands and on handlebars and broke our kiss by hitting gas as the light turned green. I throw my hand back laughing.

Daren rode with a smile; I kept myself hugged to his body as we approached the frat house. I waited for Daren to cut the engine before hopping up. All the guys were still there waiting.

“How’s she ride, bro?” the blonde haired boy spoke again. Daren smiled and kept his eyes on me.

“She rides perfectly,” I blushed knowing he wasn’t talking about the bike. I was good with boys, I got boys but they didn’t get me. I was too complex for most teenage boys. Daren wrapped his arm around my waist and we proceeded inside, as we walked Daren slipped my keys back in my pocket. I smiled up at him and continued to walk next to him.

I found my sisters as I followed Daren out back, they were playing beer pong, Violet, of course was playing with water.

“Love, come play with us,” Violet said to me. I looked up at Daren and he gave me his cup and we went to play with Vi, Alli and some other guys that were a part of the frat. As we began to play I noticed that Daren was only drink soda, I was glad because, I didn’t come here to get drunk. I really don’t even like to party but I wanted to get to know Daren better.

“Yes!” I jumped. I got the last cup, Daren laughed and caught me as I jumped.

“I take it you’ve played this one or twice before?” Daren eyed me. To be honest I really have only played once before this but he didn’t need to know that.

“Something like that,”

As the night continued, so did my laughing. I hadn’t ever been around a guy that could make me laughed as much as Daren. He seemed too actually want to get to know me, he didn’t just want to get in my pants. I knew that Violet wasn’t looking for a guy, she was pregnant and no eighteen year old wants to be tired down like that. Hopefully Violet would find a man who loves her and her child, only time will tell. Alli, being the social butterfly was single and ready to mingle.

Daren and I had just met today and we were already, acting as if we were together. If a guy tired to talk to me or hit on me, Daren would say the same thing. ‘She’s mine, bro’ that was all he had to say and they knew. Daren most be really important at the frat because all the guys listened and looked up to him. I really didn’t mind girls talking to Daren, because I knew that there was a reason that he was spending time with me and not that other girl. I did let the other girls know by my body language that Daren was mine though. He had his arm around my waist and I with him, my body had molded to him. The way we moved it was like magnets, if he moved I moved with him and if I moved, he moved with me. Electricity run through my veins just thinking about his name

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The Twenty-Eighth of April, wasn’t very special other then the fact that it was our first day of our new high school. We were starting on a Tuesday, after the party, we had to wait till Monday to go and make sure we had everything in order. Even though we had already registered there, were problems getting our transcripts. Since I was doing a special program, where I was already taking my college classes at the local college and still taking some classes at the high school they were having a hell of a time just my stuff from the college teachers. The things finally did get sorted out, but it was added stress that we really didn’t need at this point.

I dressed myself in dark wash skinny jeans, with a gray cropped long sleeve off the shoulder sweater and a pair of black peep toe cutout booties. I wore my hair down in loose waves with accenting make-up. I did silver jewelry and I grabbed my black Juicy tote bag. I switched off my light in my room and throw my purse on my arm as I walked down stairs.

Alli and Vi were already down eating breakfast. Both of them were dressed similar to me, Alli was in a floral tank with turquoise and orange. Violet had on the same thing but she wore a very loose black shirt that fell off her shoulders. Even though she wasn’t really showing yet, she was still more conscious than anyone I have ever met.
“Morning,” I said as I grabbed an apple. “I’ll meet you guys at lunch,” Vi and Alli agreed as I ran out the door. My first three classes of the day were at the local college, which was also the college that Daren’s frat was at, so I was crossing my fingers that I would see him. My first class started earlier then high school started, so I left a lot earlier then I would have if I was going to high school for the first part of the day.

I choose to drive my Camaro today, knowing that I wasn’t in the mood to carry my street helmet around both campuses. Once I knew what things I needed for my classes I could ride my bike, but I didn’t want to deal with it today. I parked my car and went to the student office to get my actual classes and the location of the class.

When I walked into my first class I get looks of confusion, lust and glares. I wasn’t really sure what to do other then let the professor know who I was and what I was doing. I was sat in the middle of the room, in prefect view for everyone I watch my every move. I was more than happy to get out of there. My next class was at the opposite side of the campus, I was trying to find my way to this hidden building when I was knocked down. I fell straight on my ass.

“Really?” I said under my breath. I started gathering my things when I saw a large hand grab one of my text books and hand it to me. I looked up and stared into those beautiful brown orbs.
“Are you okay, September?” I took my book from him and stood, I was shaky but Daren caught me.

“Yeah, I’m fine,”

“What are you doing on campus?” he asked me as he began to walk with me in the direction that I thought was right. Daren of course, I knew I wasn’t in college yet, well I guess I kind of was.

“I’m in a special program through the high school and I’ve already finished on year of college, so I take half of my classes at the high school and half at the college,” I explained. Most people didn’t understand, but I was finishing two year of college while I was in high school I was pretty happy. Daren smiled.

“So, that means I’ll be seeing you here every day?”

“Yeah,” I blushed and tugged on my hair. I don’t know what it is about Daren but he can make me blush within seconds.

“Good. What is your next class?” Daren kept his eyes locked with mine.

“I have math next,” I answered simply. I was done with many of my classes for high school so I was taking Math, English and a writing class at the college. I was talking the two electives I needed to graduate at the high school, so I was really only taking five classes. My major is literature, so the writing classes were mandatory.

I watched as Daren’s smile went from a smile to a smirk.


“Is your class perhaps in Meyer Hall in room 15?”

“Yeah, why?” I was trying to figure out what he was up too. I looked at him strange. Daren took my hand and didn’t speak but, led me towards a building and pulled me in. Once Daren pulled me, he pulled me to his chest and pecked me on the lips before I got a chance to react. I smiled up at him as he led me into a classroom.

I soon realized, Daren all so had my Math class, along with my English class. He walked me to my car.

“So, this is it,” Daren admired my beauty, as I set my things in my passenger seat.

“Yeah, this is my baby,” I looked at my car as my baby, she was the infant that was now my pride and joy, I still loved her brother but as of this moment he wasn’t here. Daren laughed and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“I thought I was your baby,” he gave me a pouting face. I laughed, and ran my hand across his cheek.

“Maybe one day you will be, but we need to get to know each other better,” I said sweetly. Daren smiled and nodded in agreement.

“I’ve got to go,” I hugged him and was letting go till he pulled my back and attacked my lips. When I finally got the courage to let go, I got in my car and looked in my rearview mirror as I drove away, watching the boy I could love one day walk away with a smile.

When I arrived at Rainer Beach High School, it was lunch time; I went to the office to get my class schedule and then joined my sisters at their lunch table.

“Hey, college girl,” Vi smiled at me. I just laughed and sat next to her, with Alli across from us.

“Guess, who I have two of my classes with?” I started taking bites out of both of their lunches. That got Alli’s attention.

“Who!” she almost screamed.
“Daren,” I said satisfied.

My sister’s question hit me like a ton of bricks. I understood their reasons for all the questions, I didn’t have many guys that wanted to be with me the way that Daren did. The more time I spent at Rainier Beach High the more I realized if we had gone to school here all of your life, I wouldn’t have had that problem. All of us had guys hitting on us left and right. Boys that were probably freshmen were coming up to us, Vi and Alli liked all of the attention, and I just brushed it off. I wasn’t interested in high school boys, I wanted to get to know Daren, I wanted him.

“Hey, sweet thing,” a husky voice rang in my ear. A boy appeared in front of me, he was lanky and slender with blonde beach hair. He wasn’t gross looking, but his voice sounded too rough to belong to such a baby cute looking boy.

“Hello,” I said to him as he sat in the chair across from me.

“So, did it hurt?” he asked pulling out his books. I looked at him confused.

“Did what hurt?”

“When you fell from heaven, because you look like an angel,” he flashed me a sweet smile. I just started laughing. I wasn’t laughing at what he had said, but just how cute he was.
“Thank you, but no it didn’t hurt,”

“So, you’re a senior right?”

“Yes,” he smiled when I answered.

“Good,” that was all he said. I smiled sweetly at him and paid attention to the art class. It went by smoothly, I was glad I was sat next to such a cutie, baby cute of course, almost like I wish he was my younger brother.

My last class was a music class. I only sang a little bit, I can’t play instruments at all. I’m just not coordinated for that type of stuff, being able to sing was a talent I was born with; teaching myself to do something never really ends well.

“Miss. Mason, will you please sing a piece for us?” Mrs. Cher pointed me out and I got every ones looks. Since I was new to the class she didn’t know if I had any talent, she knew the other students strengths and weaknesses.

“Sure,” I stood. “What would you like me to sing?” I didn’t have anything to sing, was I just suppose to pull words out of thin air.

“Perhaps just a song that you’ve heard on the radio of something,” Mrs. Cher wasn’t old; she was probably in her thirties with long straight black hair and big eyes with full lips. She was a gorgeous woman. I just began singing the first thing that popped into my head.

“And I remember all those crazy thing you said. You left them running through my head. You're always there, you're everywhere. But right now I wish you were here. All those crazy things we did. Didn't think about it just went with it. You're always there, you're everywhere. But right now I wish you were here,” I had shut my eyes as I sang, loosing myself in the words. The meaning of that song had changed for me in many ways but it still meant very much to me. My eyes flashed open as saw smile on Mrs. Cher’s face. I heard the claps and blushed. Singing was something I was confident about, but that didn’t mean that I wanted the attention either.

“Class meet are new lead,” I was about to sit, but her words stopped me.

“What?” my voice was uneven and shaky.

“September, you are going to be the new lead, you will sing at the school talent show and you will sing at all of the end of the year events. You would be leading the musical but the musical is already done with,” Mrs. Cher had stepped closer to me. I was speechless. I just smiled and sat. Mrs. Cher continued to talk and once she went to re work all of the end of the year events I was hit with a crowd of people. I got all the questions. ‘Where do you take lessons?’ ‘How do you have a voice like that?’. If your could think of a question I got it.

Turns out that the theme for the schools seniors this year was a old night club. All the events were going to feature, a burlesque type of feel, but minus the stripping. A stage with lights and curtains and tables with a bar, serving non-alcoholic drinks of course. Mrs. Cher asked me to stay after fifth period, since I didn’t have a sixth and work on the shows. She gave me the chance to say no, but part of me wanted to do this to get myself out of my shell and show this world what I have to offer.

The kick off to all senior activities was Prom. I was going perform two songs, but there was going to be dancing in between so I had time to change. My songs were covers from the movie called Burlesque, that had came out over the holidays. Christina Aguilera was the singer in the movie and I was going to be covering her songs Bound to You and Show Me How You Burlesque. I had big shoes to fill. Mrs. Cher didn’t know that I could hit those notes just from what I had sang to show her my voice. While I stayed and worked with her she had my sing both songs and I put my high notes in as Christina did.

I had rehearsals every day till the day before Prom, once mom and my sisters heard about my news they all decided that we were going to every event for the seniors and mom would go to everyone that parents were allowed in.

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The couple weeks in between the first day of school and prom were very busy; I worked hard in school to make sure that I was going to graduate at the end of the year. I spent every moment I could practicing my songs and routines. I also tired to spend as much time as I could with Daren. I missed him, when I was away, I knew that I shouldn’t be that connected to him already but, what can I say love at first sight must be real. The fact that Daren was almost three years older than me, wasn’t an issue, even though many people tried to make it one. If we went to dinner and people somehow saw our age difference they would say something. Mom trusted my judgment but I knew that deep down she still worried, I couldn’t really blame her, she was letting me do this against her better judgment and that was important to me.

“Alli, I can’t find anything that looks good!” Violet moaned. Violet was having one of her ‘fat’ days. Prom was in matter of hours and she still didn’t have a dress, we had gone shopping a couple of days ago and Alli and I got our dresses but Violet just couldn’t find that right one.

“Vi, put this one on,” I trust a dress that I had just grabbed off a rack and pushed her in the dressing room. I didn’t even really know what I had grabbed but I knew it was a winner when I saw Violet’s face. A full length sapphire blue sweetheart cut maxi. It was flowy and hid her barely there baby bump, it was made out of a soft elegant fabric, perfect for prom and Violet.

“I love it!”

“Okay, we’re done finally!” Alli said to me, I laughed at her. When Alli gets tired of shopping you know it’s bad. We bought Violet’s dress and made our way to our already tardy hair appointments.

Alli had her hair put up into a curly mess of hair on the top of her head; curled pieces of hair framed her face with her bangs. Violet did a sleek high ponytail, with all of her hair pulled back and leaving her hair blown out straight. My hair took the longest, I had curls everywhere and volume that came out of nowhere. My hair is the longest out of my sisters but Alli is about two inches behind me and then there’s Violet while is five. I loved my hair, if I could wear it like this every day I would, my hair is naturally curly in a cute way but nowhere to the caliber.

Vi and I let Alli do our make-up; she was the best at stuff like that. She did Violet’s very neutral and soft, but she had very bold red lips, Marilyn Monroe inspired, no doubt. Mine was done very dark and smokey. Alli had fun with mine knowing that I was going to be on stage part of the night. My huge eye lashes and nude lips were perfect for stage. Alli did her makeup with silvers and pinks.

We all looked like rock stars, and with that I grabbed my dress and things and ran. I had to be at the hotel an hour early, one last rehearsal and I had to see what I was actually going to be wearing on stage. While my sisters were at home waiting on their dates, I was at the hotel looking at the outfits, Mrs. Cher picked out.

One the hangers hung and nude corset top and matching very small lace shirt that was cut up the side. She had a pair of raspberry colored platforms and matching jewel tone jewelry. Next to it hung a full length turquoise jewel tone v-neck chiffon dress. Silver rhinestone pumps were sitting next to it. Both outfits were definitely fitting with the theme.

“Love?”Mrs. Cher didn’t know that was also my nickname, but she was motioning the clothes.

“Perfect,” I smiled at her.

“Great, now show me your prom dress,” I rolled my eyes and laughed at her. Mrs. Cher was only about twenty-two and just married, she was like an older sister that I as suppose to be for Violet and Alli but never really could be.

I pulled my silver pedaled dress out of my dress bag. The v-neck dress was gorgeous. I paired it with silver pumps and silver jewelry.
“Awe, you’re going to look so beautiful, September,” Mrs. Cher hugged me then told me to get dressed in the gown for the first part of the show.

I hide behind the curtains on stage as I watched the ballroom start to fill with students. My nerves began to set in till, I saw a very handsome man walk in with my sisters. I knew both of my sisters had date but I didn’t know that they were from Daren’s frat. I didn’t tell Daren about prom because I didn’t think that he would want to hang out with a bunch of high scholars. I pushed the curtains over my face and lend against the nearby wall.

I took a deep breath. “You can do this, Love,” I said to myself.

“Ten minutes, superstar,” Mrs. Cher said as she disappeared out of the curtains and to the podium stand on the side of the stage.

“Here, September,” Kelly, the stage assistant handed me a silver rhinestone encrusted microphone and put a matching ear piece in my ear so I could hear myself.
“Thanks, Kelly?”

“Yeah?” Kelly smiled at me.
“Do you thing I can do this?” I asked her nervously. She laughed at me.

“September, there is no way Mrs. Cher would give you this part if she thought you couldn’t do it,” Kelly grabbed my shoulder. “You’re going to do great,” I thanked Kelly and took my spot of the stage with the band and the dancers. I listened to Mrs. Cher announce.

“Welcome, class of 2011 to your senior prom!” I heard the cheers of the crowd. “Well, we have a special treat for you’re this year. As you all know the class theme is a burlesque night club, and as you all know over the holidays a movie came out that was just about that. Please grab a partner and enjoy the show!” Mrs. Cher said enthusiastically.

I took a deep breath as I heard to curtains open; I kept my head down as I felt the dancers moved around me.

“Alright, Rainier Beach, this one’s a slow one,” I softly chanted into the mic. I heard to band begin the cords to Bound to You. I kept my head down as I began to sing.

I began to lose myself with in the words; I lifted my head and connected my eyes with Daren’s. I sang my heart out and held on to my stomach as I did. I watched as the couples of Rainier Beach held on to each other, sharing soft, innocent, intimate moments. I saw my sisters with they’re dates in hand, I don’t think that I had seen Violet smile that much around a guy in almost six months. I felt my high notes coming and I closed my eyes to hit them and feel the emotion of the song. As I sang the last note the lights turned the room into a black hole was I ran in the back and changed into the corset outfit. I grabbed my jeweled head sit mic and again to my place one stage.

I began to sing as to lights turned back on. This time I was dancing with the dancers, I didn’t have a mic to hold so I did every movement they did. The students were jumping and dancing along. I glanced at Daren every chance I got. I saw the smile on his face and felt that confidence I needed to do some of the dance moves. As I sang the last note, I stuck my pose with the dancers and smiled. Mrs. Cher closed the curtains and gave another announcement. I tried to cool down and swipe the sweat off my body as the girls back stage helped me and each other fix our hair and make-up to actually attend prom. The band start playing popular songs that everyone was dancing too.

I got my dress on and gave myself one last look in the mirror, I looked good as new, but I had a glow of confidence that was going to follow me throughout the night. I walked all the way around and entered the ballroom they way the rest of the students had. I got many compliments as I walked through the crowd but I stopped when I reached my sisters.

“Love, that was amazing,” Alli and Violet hugged me. They introduced me to Jacob and Matty. Jacob was with Violet, tall tanned and muscular, totally Jacob’s type. Matty was tall as well with shaggy blonde hair surfer boy written all over him.

“Love,” I heard his velvety voice as I turned is direction. My sisters understood when I started to walk towards him. He pulled me into his arms and gave me a fast kiss before speaking.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” his grin told me he wasn’t angry but he still wanted answers. I had to admit he looked amazing in a tux.

“I didn’t think that you would want to hang out a bunch of high school kids,” I blushed and looked away. Daren grabbed my chin and made me look at him.

“Love, I would spend every day with a bunch of kids just to spend time with you, not to mention my girl was the star of the night,” I blushed as Daren pulled me into a dance as one of my favorite songs began. I started singing along.

“She’s everything, I ever wanted, everything I need,” I sang.

“You know what this means right?” Daren whispered in my ear.


“This is our song now, Brad Paisley, nice choice,” I laughed but I did love this song.

“Have I told you, you look beautiful today?”

“Thank you,” I smiled and looked up into his sparkling eyes. I grabbed my back of his neck with my hand and pulled him down to me. Even with my high heels he still had inches on me. Daren accepted my kiss and held me close to him as he rocked up back and forth.

Probably the best night ever, I couldn’t wait to see what this boy was going to bring me in life. Hopefully a lifetime of happily ever after. What can I say, a girl can dream.

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The weeks after prom were filled with excitement and fun time for everyone. Alli and Matty were inseparable, as were Violet and Jacob. I soon found out that Daren, Matty and Jacob were all friends that had grown up all the way through their schooling together. Daren was close to them and they to him, I saw their relationship in the same way that I saw mine with my sisters. Daren understood my relationship with my sisters, so easily and I didn’t understand why, until he told me the background on him, Matty and Jacob. Every day I learned more and more about this man who I met at a gas station.

Mom was busy at work most days and we wouldn’t see her, more then a couple minutes at a time. Vi, Alli and I understood, we moved her so she could do this. We’re eighteen now too, we can take care of ourselves. Violet was now six months pregnant and you could defiantly see that she was pregnant. Jacob knew her whole story, how she was unconscious when she got pregnant and how she didn’t know who the father was, so that wasn’t going to be an issue. The best thing about it though was Jacob didn’t judge her, he wanted to get to know her and bed around her even though she was pregnant. The way she glowed from her pregnancy was amplified every time he was around. Mom was in love with Jacob and Matty, Daren hasn’t really met him yet and that’s more my fault then anyone else’s. Daren always comes through my window at night to see me because he’s always at school or, spending time with his younger sister during normal day hours and if he’s not we normally go to his frat. Not that mom would really have the time to meet him anyway. Jacob and Matty happen to be over one night while Daren was with his parents.

“Hey, pretty girl,” Daren’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek.

“Hey, yourself,” I said sweetly.

“So, Miss. Graduate, what’s the plans for tonight?” yes today was my last day of high school and parties were everywhere tonight.

“I don’t know, I don’t really feel like any things different. I mean I know I’m done with high school and I’m graduating with my AA but, I still feel the same,” Daren wrapped his arms around me from behind and I laid into his chest.

“Well, I have a surprise for you,” he kissed my hair. I turned my body and faced him, I laid my hands on his chest and his hands were sitting on my hips.

“Do you?” I looked up at him and felt one of his hands leave my hip, I looked down following his hand. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a Tiffany and Co. box. I gasp as he handed the box to me.

“Happy graduation, pretty girl,” I smiled and took the box.

“You didn’t have to get me anything,” Daren lend down and kissed me.

“I wanted too,” I smiled and opened the box, inside was a sapphire stone embedded within diamonds on a silver chain.

“Ohmigod, Daren this is gorgeous,” I said holding it up. Daren took it from me and put it on me.

“It is, but not even a tenth of how gorgeous you are,” his crocked smile got me every time. I smiled and wrapped my arms around him neck and I brought his lips down to mine.

The day started out perfectly, I wore my necklace all day and I never intended to take it off. Tiffany and Co. is so expensive and the fact that Daren felt he needed to get me anything made me melt inside. This boy was going to be the death of me.

I met up with my sisters once I got to the high school and the buzz of seniors last day was crazy. Nobody was going to class or abiding by the rules anymore. Alli and Violet were all smiles, since seniors last day is actually before the rest of the school we were all dismissed and able to go home to get ready from the graduation ceremony that was tonight.

I work, a strapless black dress, that cling and had an over lay of black lace. I wore a pair of black patent platforms. I wore heart-shaped diamond hoops with matching Juicy Couture jewelry. I wore my hair in long loose waves, my hair was full and big. Alli, choose a glitter covered, gold and white dress, she wore matching gold shoes and jewelry with her hair pinned up in a messy bun of curls. Violet wore a black and coral strapless dress that was flowing enough that it didn’t cling to her baby bump, she wore wedges to keep from her feet hurting as much. She of course had stick straight hair and flawless skin.

“Ohmigod, I can’t believe that my little girls are all grown up,” mom was crying tears of joy as she hugged all of us as she took pictures of us. With our cap and gowns in hand, we climbed into mom’s SUV and made our way to the arena center, where all graduation ceremonies are held. We parted ways with mom and made our way to the back, all the students were either putting on their gowns or were alright wearing them, boys had black gowns while the girls had silver ones, thank goodness the gowns were long and you couldn’t see Alli’s shoes or it would have looked very odd. I started to put my gown on when, I was given an extra set of arms. I turned and was pulled straight into Daren’s arms.

“Hey, pretty girl,” Daren kissed me.

“Hi, boyfriend,” I smiled as I hugged him. Even in my four inch heels, Daren still had a good four inches on me. Alli and Violet were in their own love fests, when we got to call to get into line. We said our goodbyes too our boyfriends and made our way into the line. I stood, with Alli in front of me and Violet behind me. As we walked we held hands and still held them as we sat in our sets for the ceremony. Listening to the speeches and watching one by one as students received their diplomas.

“Allison Odette Skye Mason, graduating with all her high school credits and honors society awards,” Violet and I watched as Alli walked down the row to receive her accomplishment. I knew I was next, I took a deep breath as I heard the principle.

“September Maddeleine Love Mason, graduating with her two year degree in literature, along with honors society awards,” I walked over and grabbed my diploma and took the picture with the teacher. I smiled and shut my eyes for a split second as I walked down and around following my sister. Alli and I listened for Violet.

“Violet Blake Olivia Mason, graduating with her high school credits and honors society awards,” We were down, every single one of us. We retook our seats waiting for the final call.

“We’re done, guys!” Alli pulled us into a hug before we heard the last call and throw our caps. The screams and excitement of the now gradates filled then room. We linked arms as we made our way to, our mom and boyfriends.

“Congratulations, girls,” Mom pulled us into a hug as she spoke. Smiles, giggles and love filled filled the air, I felt a pair of strong arms snake around my waist and I felt my sisters let go of me. Daren turned me around facing him as he kissed my forehead.

“Congratulations, pretty girl,” he smiled as I did too and stood on the tops of my toes, letting him know what I wanted. Daren smiled and pressed his lips to mine. I didn’t care that my mom, sisters and their boyfriends were watching. All I saw was the man in front of me.

“Now, isn’t that sweet,” fear ran through me as if I was only air. I heard I voice I hadn’t hared since I was twelve years old. Daren felt my tense body and pulled me closer to him. I took a lot from me to look over Daren’s shoulder and see that man.

Tall and lanky, skinny and twisted like an old petrified tree stood, my father. I felt my mother take my hand and I turned looking for my sisters, Alli standing right behind me with Matty by her side, I saw Jacob was in front of Violet almost hiding her from him. Daren kept his arms, securely around my waist.

“Michael,” I heard my mother whisper.

“What are you doing here?” I spoke with venom in my voice. I was beyond angry, my fear was there but overpowered by my anger. I was the oldest; it was my job to protect my sisters and my mother. Michael smiled a twisted grin.

“Do you really think that I would miss my little girl’s graduation?” he asked as if we were missing the obvious. I took everything in me to let Daren hold me back, as I wanted to deck my ‘father’.

“If you even think that you have any right to us you are mistaken. We are eighteen, you have no power over us, I think it would be best that you left,” Alli said everything so calmly that it was more scary then it would have been if she would have been angry. The dark laugh I heard brought back only memories of fear and pain.

“You heard my daughter’s, you need to leave,” mom spoke in the sweetest voice. Michael stepped closer, and reach out to touch mom’s cheek. Daren move faster then light and stood in front of my mom and I protecting us from his grasp.

“I believe, they asked you to leave,” Daren’s voice was strong and powerful. Michael just laughed.

“Alright, boy. I’ll leave, but Violet let me know when you have that baby, I know a couple that will pay just about anything for a newborn, white baby,” he winked and turned on his heel. I heard Violet grasp, Jacob caught her before she fell. All she whispered was. “My baby,” before she past out.

“Violet!” we all screamed. Jacob, lifted her up and we made a run for the cars. Daren’s Camaro never looked safer.

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