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I Don't Ever Want To Go Back

November 19, 2011
By IMme2 BRONZE, farmington, New Mexico
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IMme2 BRONZE, Farmington, New Mexico
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just be yourself not some one your not.
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Author's note: I really hope you guys like it its my first real book so please comment and rate!!! i will truly appreciate it!

The author's comments:
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“NO! I will NOT go to that stupid school!!!!” .…

Now I know what your thinking, why does this chick not want to go to school. Right? Thats what you were thinking. Well, this isn’t any ordinary school its a private boarding school. All girls school, and that means that theres gonna be no boys at all. Are my parents trying to make me turn lesbian?

“Come on honey it’ll be good for you.” Mom said trying to keep the anger out of her voice. “ Yea your mothers right Alex. That schools the top in the country” said The ass hole named Nick that I’m supposed to call my father. But he’s actually my step-dad be cause when I was around 7 years old and after another 8 years later she re-married.
“ NO I’m not going!!!” I said as I ran up the stairs, and slammed the door and locked it.” after I closed the door I heard Nick chasing after me and start banging on the door yelling for me to get packed and that I leave for my plane in an hour.
“NO I’M NOT GOING AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!!!” ooh big mistake and I look around the room for a hiding place to were Nick can’t reach me. “YOUR GONNA REGRET SAYING THAT YOU LITTLE BRAT!!” and that when I close my eyes and get in the safest position to where I can protect all of my vital organs. BOOM!! The door hits the wooden floor and shatters. (yea a little something I forgot to mention to tell you, NIck beats me.) Thats when I felt the blows to my back and then he reached under and flipped me on my back and then started getting Me in the ribs.

CRACK! He broke my rib I knew it instantly. He faltered and then put his fist down by his side in shock. And then he whispered “ Get packed your leaving.” I had no other choice but to pack unless I wanted another broken rib. So I sucked it up and went through the pain and nearly started to cry because of the pain in my rib. And when I was done, I headed down the stairs dragging my bag down the stairs and out the door to the car and didn’t say a word to my mom or Nick. Mostly because it hurt soo much to talk and because I also mad at them. I’m kind of hoping they don’t expect me to talk to them. Because I would talk to my mom if it didn’t hurt to much. Once I was at the air port I didn’t even say good by I just got my bags and ticket and walked off toward gate 8 and as I got there it was already boarding and so I handed the lady my ticket and boarded the plane ignoring the bewildered look she gave me. I took my seat and pulled out my iPod and put on Crawling by Linkin Park, and shut out the rest of the world by concentrating on the music and soon I began to fall asleep.

Some time later I felt some one shake my shoulder and that I turn jostled my broken rib. Let me be the first to tell you that it hurt like hell. I came out of my sleep seething. I wanted to kill the person who shook me. I looked at the girl and then I saw that it was a guy with startling baby blue eyes. Yea once I looked in his eyes all my anger melted. “umm. Ow that hurts.”I said awkwardly. Then he realized that he still had his hand on my shoulder and said sorry. “umm, I think you might be on the wrong plane.” I told him. “uh I’m quite sure that I am.” he said with his eyes looking up in thought. I sighed he looked so adorable. Then he said
“ Um are you sure your on the right plane?”
And with that comment all the cuteness I saw in him a minute before was absolutely gone. “ uh yea this is going to crosstown boarding school right?” I said kinda annoyed, I mean who does this guy think he is asking me if I’m on the right plane, does he know what I’ve been through this morning? I think not!

“Yea.” He said as if it weren’t obvious.
“Okay listen I think your on the wrong plane unless your some kind of man hooker that all the girls ordered.” I said to him looking at the floor. All of sudden shy of what he thought of me.
“ Wait what? All the girls? Male hooker? Girl are you on crack? This plane is headed to crosstown a boarding school for guys.” he said very slowly like I was not all there. Thats when it sunk in… “ Crosstown is a boarding school for GUYS!!!!” I started to squeak and I never squeak. To bad for me that squeaking caused my rib to move and you know what that means….. “Ouchy! Ouchy! Owww!” I screamed clutching my broken rib. This seemed to scare him cause he was all over me trying to locate what was causing me pain. Then he saw my hand clutching my rib and said “ What happened is it your rib, is it cracked or broken or what is it?” you could here the panic of his voice. “ My step dad abuses me and he kinda beat this morning and forced me on this plane. And he broke my rib this morning.” I said straining. I looked up at him and let me be the first to tell you cause I’ve seen plenty of men mad and the boy with blue eyes looked ready to kill. It was kind of scary. Then the pain was gone and I sat up and told him “ jeez calm down I fine I just can’t talk very loud or have sudden movements.” he seemed to stare off in to space as if I hadn’t said anything.

So I put my hand on his shoulder gently and repeated what I had said before. Then he started to come back to reality. He looked at me all confused then he remembered. “ hey whats your name?” he asked changing the subject. “Alex.” I said as I stuck out my hand. He shook my hand and said “ Names Damien.” “uh, yea your headed to an all boys boarding school.” he said with a slight smile on his face, it was a complete change from the Damien that wanted to kill my step-dad earlier. I liked this Damien. The captain’s voice came from the speaker above our heads and told us to put on ours seat belts cause in 5 mins we are supposed to be landing. Within those 5 mins. Me and Damien became best friends it was like we knew each other in another life or something, we had so much in common and we had some differences like he loved sushi, while I on the other hand I hate it. By the time the plane landed Damien was telling me all the things that had happened at crosstown in the past years. This place was crazy, maybe it won’t be too bad. Also if all the boys here are nice like Damien then I would have a ton of friends. Damien helped me get my things from under the plane and nigh then most of the guys that were on the plane realized that there was a girl on campus and were all soon surrounding me. Damien was trying to keep between me and all of the boys and when we got into the lobby there was this big burly man and he reached about 6’8 and that is super tall. Damien is about 6 foot even and my being very petite I am about 5’3 and I felt super small. He came up and gave me a big bear hug and he actually picked me up about a foot up in the air. Well when he gave me the hug my rib was crushed against my other ribs causing extreme pain shooting through my whole body, and Damien knowing about my rib his eyes got so big they looked like they were gonna pop out of his head. Then he realized how much pain I was going through and knew what was coming next covered his ears. Smart boy. I screamed at the top of my lungs and tears came gushing out of my eyes. When I scream it is the most blood curdling scream you will ever hear. Its worse than the ones in the horror movies. Once the guy heard my scream (which wasn’t very long considering my mouth was right next his ear. ) Dropped me and every one that was in the lobby covered their ears. Once he put me down I fell to the ground clutching my ribs tightly and started to cry. No more screaming. Lucky them. The man knelt next to me trying to figure out what was wrong but Damien beat him to it. Damien pick me up as if I weighed nothing( which I don’t I weighed about 127.5 pounds. ) Damien must be stronger than I thought. But he started to carry me gently trying not to jostle my body to much. The man was talking to Damien trying to figure out what was going on, and bless Damien lied for me told them that before I came here I was out riding my bike in the mountains behind my house and my wheel hit a rock and I flipped and ended up breaking a rib. And that when the man that picked me up (apparently his name is Mr. Cross) that squished my ribs together causing extreme pain. Then Damien laid me on some kind of bed. Then the principle told him to check himself and me in and to get our bags and take them to our room. By then I had stopped crying and Mr. Cross closed the door and got me and ice pack for my rib.and then sat next to me on the bed and apologized for hurting me. And told me that he was my real dad’s brother and therefore my uncle. He told me that since I actually came ( not that I had the choice, but so far not regretting it . ) and told me I was going to live here like every other kid here till I graduate high school. But unlike the other kids I was the only girl and that on summer break and every other holiday break I was to live with him. Because my mom couldn’t handle me and he knew about her new husband and he also knew that Damien lied for me.

He let that sink in and then asked “ are you okay now little one?” that caused a brief flash back to two christmas’ before my dad passed away. And there he was my uncle dressed in a santa costume, sitting in the big red chair in my old living room, lifting me into his lap and asking “hello little one what is it that you want for christmas this year? Hmmm?” and me shaking my head no, as if I didn’t want anything. * I shook my head and I was back in the bed with him sitting there. Once he saw me shake my head he laughed “do you remember me little one?” he asked. “yea I remember but don’t call me that.” I said remembering my dad.

“okay.” He said. “hand over the ice pack.” he said holding out his hand.
“Why my rib still hurts.” I said scared. He laughed and said “I know Alex but your just like your dad you always melt the ice pack so fast.” I looked down and sure enough the pack was melted and squishy. I handed him the ice pack and he switched it out for a bigger one and he put in my hand and told me to put under my shirt and keep it against the hurt rib. Then he lead me to my room. My room was number 039 and then my uncle gave me a gentle hug so not to hurt me (it did a little) then handed me the key. Then he walked off down the hall. As I put the key in the hole Damien opened the door nearly running me over. He grabbed my shoulders as I leaned to far backwards. And he pulled me back to standing up straight and when he did that he was looking down. Then he looked up and his face was so close to mine, we were nose to nose and so close, close enough to kiss. Wait did that just came form my head? I shook my head and took a step back and asked him “Whats the rush?”

“Oh, um I was getting worried and I was gonna go check up on you.” he said looking down. Aw he looked so cute when he is shy. “oh well I’m here!” said lightly.
That got him laughing, and then he stepped to the side holding the door open and grabbed the keys and then dramatically swept his arm showing the room behind him. The room, our room was amazing the walls were a bold blood red with white borders. And the carpet was a soft shaggy white. As I looked around while Damien tossed the keys into a glass bowl by the door, and took my hand and lead me down a hall and opened a door at the end and once I walked in I fell in love with the room. It was a deep purple (my favorite color) and the trim a creamy pink (not my favorite color, I hate pink any kind except neon pink) and the bed was a California-king, with a blue comforter and a baby blue pillow and all my bags pilled neatly in a corner. On one side of the room was a small white dresser and stool and just above the dresser was a antique mirror. Next to the door was a door and when I opened it I realized it was a walk in closet. I turned to Damien and he was smiling from ear to ear as if seeing me so joyful makes him happy. And then I notice another door and I opened it not knowing what expect, it was a small bathroom with a shower in a corner and a big sink on the opposite side and a toilet in the other corner. It was a cute bathroom and the walls were tiled blue and the floor was a laminate wood floor. I turned around and looked at Damien amazed that all of this for me but when I turned around Damien wasn’t there. “Damien?” I called out. I turned around and he was leaning on a door jam across the bathroom. “I don’t like how they have us sharing the bathroom like this. It weird cause my door doesn’t lock and I might not know if your in here taking a shower or something.” I burst out laughing, he gave me an incredulous look and I explained. “ you’ll definitely know when I’m in the shower.” I started giggling.

“oh you sing in the shower do you?” he said smiling.
“yup”I said popping the p.and laughing. That got him laughing. Then I started to cry from the pain of my rib shocked me cause it was horribly painful. Damien was instantly at side “Are you ok?” he asked “I’m fine it just hurts a lot more than earlier.” I explained.
He helped me to the couch and helped me lay down. He got me a hand towel and told me to put in my mouth and bite down as hard as I can. The look I gave him said ‘what the hell?’ and he explained. “I’m gonna try and se if its broken or just popped out of place.” my eyes widened and he said “don’t you trust me?” and he looked truly hurt so I felt like I had an obligation to trust him. “of course I trust you its just… won’t it hurt?” “yea but thats why your supposed bite on the towel.” I looked at him scared of the pain he is gonna cost me. I took the towel and bite down. He told me to lay down flat, and I did. Then then the pain came like a tidal wave as he tried to locate my rib, he found it by me screaming into the towel. Once he found it he told me it would be better with out my shirt covering my ribs so he could actually see, whatever that meant. So I wen tot change into a sports bra. Once I was done I came out looking at the ground cause I didn’t want to see his expression when I came out. Cause guys have a tendency to stare at my chest. You see I’m not the flattest road in the world if you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t well then I’ll tell you what I mean, I’m am a size C cup. So yea. Anyways I laid down just as before and put the towel back in my mouth and bite down.

He located my rib again and then because of just how skinny I am was able to grab the bone itself and was able to drag it back to where it was supposed to be popped back in to place when there was a knock on the door. Damien stopped fro a second and looked at me as if he was asking is it okay if he could go get the door. I gave a small nod because of how much pain I was in. But before he could even get up to get the door the door opened and in came a gorgeously tall blonde boy texting on his phone. His hair fell perfectly framing his face, I could tell this guy rode a skate board thats how definite this guy looked. The ends of his hair was dyed black. And man was this guy hot. He stepped in to the foyer and said in a deep bass voice “Hey Damien.” he looked up from his phone and saw me on the floor in my sports bra and Damien next to me his hands on my rib cage.

“Um,” he looked to left then back at me and Damien and asked “I’m not interrupting anything am I?” Damien looked at me then back at the blonde boy. “Urm no not at all actually I just finished. Um, Kaleb this is Alex the headmaster’s niece remember, she gonna go to this school now.” Mmmmm. So his name is kaleb huh? He even has a hot name. And a bonus he wasn’t staring at my chest.

Chapter 2

“Alex this is my best friend Kaleb. I’ve known him since second grade.” Damien said kind of nervous. “Hey.” I said trying to hide my excitement.
“Um. Hi? Why are you in a sports bra, if you don’t mind me asking?” he said glancing down and right away looking away uncomfortable.
“Oh! I...um…” I didn’t know how to explain it without him knowing about my step-dad.
“she crashed her mountain bike behind her house a few weeks ago.” Damien said saving my butt, once again… Grrr, that boy has saved me twice in one day…. Who is this guy, who does he think he is?!!!!
“Oh, um ok, then um is it all right if I invited the guys over? Cause I forgot that she was here.” Said Kaleb jerking his head to me. I looked at Damien and to up and hurried to my room before the other “guys” came. I decided to take a quick shower to get rid of the stress and to get rid of the knots that had wound tight be cause of the pain my rib had caused in my back. The shower head had the moveable settings and I had set it to massage mode and let it do its magic.

When I got out I wrapped myself in a towel and went to my room. I looked through the suitcases and found a nice black v-neck short-sleeved shirt that had hello kitty on the front and put it on over my favorite pair of skinny jeans,(they were a deep purple.) Then went in to the living room that now had speakers playing techno music. The living room had like 7 guys just sitting on the couch and just talking and once they saw me every one just stopped and stared opened mouthed…

“What?! You guys look like you've never seen a girl before.” I said trying to hide my annoyance. They still stared except one guy who was really cute and came to stand next to me. “YOU GUYS!!!!” Trying to get their attention away from me. Well, it got their attention and practically blew my eardrum out with it. “Thanks.” I whispered to the guy who yelled. “Your welcome!” oblivious to me covering my ears. “Hey by the way my name’s jacoby.” he said sticking his hand out. I shook it and said “Alex.” In a calm cool manner, trying to hide the fact that my ear drum had been blown. All of the guys immediately snapped out of it when they saw me shake Jacoby’s hand. Then they all practically would have trampled me if Damien and Kaleb hadn’t step in to received the pummeling.

“Guys theres no need to tackle her to the ground with stupid questions and trying to introduce yourselves, seriously just back off and stand in a line. And then you guys can introduce yourselves.” said Kaleb looking toward the couch… I followed his eyes to see a guy sitting there patiently and then I looked at Kaleb he started to smile at the guy sitting on the couch and then I realized that he was gay…..

How do you know for sure you ask? Well, you know how when you see a girl in the hallway trying to decide if she should go up to the guy she likes and then when she sees him her eyes get all glittery and big? Well, thats how Kaleb was looking at this one guy… Grrr what the heck why does the only hot guy here have to turn out gay??? WHY?????!! (Not that Damien isn’t he’s cute but not as hot as Kaleb.) I was gonna go up to him and ask him but he was oblivious to me behind and just walked away….
Ok, now I was kind of miffed but then I felt someone grab my hand and all I felt was hot electricity throughout my whole body, making me shiver, it was a gentle and yet delicate shiver like I wasn’t cold but just from nerves.. I felt my eyes close for a second enjoying the feeling then I felt the small tug on my hand bringing me back to reality. I my eyes shot open and I looked at the person holding my hand… Damien ( and just in that instantaneous moment I saw he was doing the same thing I had a second ago, he looked at me and then I thought about twenty years down the road and seeing us married and just us together) and then I guess he realized that he was still holding my hand cause he took his hand away all startled like…like I had shocked him in a way.

“I..um...the… hey the guys want to introduce themselves.” He said gesturing his hand to all the guys squished and squashed trying to all fit on the couch. I laughed I mean I had too they were all squished and they were trying to make themselves decent. I mean if you were in my position you’d laugh too, so don’t look at me like that. I looked at him but his head was down. Then I realized that he saw the way I was looking and chasing kaleb, I mentally kicked myself. I then decided to just to not fix something if it isn’t broken and went to the guys. I giggled again at how silly they looked and then I said
“Hey guys just stand up!” all the guys literally just slapped themselves on the forehead. I laughed sooo hard. I doubled over nearly fell on my back rolling I was laughing so hard. Then they went down the line saying their names. “James” “Carlos” “Draco” “Cain” “Matt” “Max” “Justin” “Brandon” Ok that was really weird. Sorry the “Max guy started to wiggle his eyebrows at me cause he caught me staring at him I was staring at him cause he looked sooooo familiar. I looked away rolling my eyes at him making sure he saw me do it. Causing him to yell at me as I was walking away… “Don’t act like you’re not in to me!!” He started to laugh. I couldn’t help but laugh also.

I turned around to look for Damien but he wasn’t there. Now I was confused. I could have sworn Damien was right behind me. I looked around again and he just wasn’t there. I walked to my room and then went through the bathroom to his room so no one would know that I’m looking for him. I heard the floor board creak and I turned around expecting Damien to be there but I was wrong. It was Kaleb.
“If your looking for Damien he went in to the hall.” He said jerking his thumb to the front door.

So like the dumbstruck person who reaches out to those who are hurt I went into the hall looking for Damien. I looked to the right he wasn’t there. I looked to the left and guess what? He wasn’t there. So I decided to wonder for a bit to see if I could find him. And right there, right when I decided that my life went into a down spiral….
So I walked down the hall but when I got like six feet away from the door someone grabbed my arm and spun me until I crashed I to their chest. I landed with my hands laid flat on his well muscled chest and I could already tell this guy was tall. I looked up though everything in my body was screaming not to. And who I saw was the person I least expected… Damien. When I saw his face I instantly melted with relief and with pleasure. He was looking straight down the hall and at nothing. Thats when I thought I should just come out and say it.
“ Damien I didn’t mean to hurt you I just… I don’t know but you were the last person I wanted to hurt, plea…” I was cut off by his finger roaming up and down my back drawing little circles. I closed my eyes and tilted my head up to him and started leaning into him, wanting to become a part of him to be closer to him.

I opened my eyes to see him doing the same. I felt him pull me tight against his body. He opened his eyes and then looked at me. He was still drawing the little circles and that felt so good and once again a delicate shiver went down my spine. Then he Damien looked at me as if I were the only one that he could see. Then he started to slowly lean his head down toward mine and instantly I knew what he was doing I got on my tippy toes. I looked him in the eyes al I mentally asked him permission but then I realized the same thing was going through his eyes and thats when I leaned the last few inches toward his lips and then they touched and I sighed it felt like I had become complete. Right when our lips met I felt an intense fiery feeling through out my body.

The next thing I knew someone cleared their throat and I thought it was my uncle but when I pulled away I couldn’t stop smiling even if my life depended on it. Then I saw who it was…. Kaleb. My cheeks started to burn as all the blood in my body rushed to my cheeks and I looked down realizing that Damien had his arms around me and that my hands were around his neck pulling him closer to me. I looked at him and noticed that his face was inches from mine and that he was looking right at my lips and bitting his bottom lip and his eyes looked very passionate and filled with so much intensity. And hungry. I have to admit I loved that look in his face it was sexy. So being run by my emotions I bit my lip and pecked his lips quickly and turned to look at Kaleb, (big mistake on my part.) he kissed me( well tried to kiss me but ended up kissing my neck…) he kissed my neck and then realizing it was my neck he nibbled on it… and oh my gosh it made knees weak and here I am attempting to tell Kaleb something I had instantly would have fallen if Damien hadn’t been there pinning me against the wall and I looked at Kaleb he had and amused look on his face and tapped Damien on the shoulder.

He bit my neck again making me widen my eyes, gasp and gently unwrap my arms from his neck (with some difficulty I might add) push him away.
He gently but with some struggle pulled himself away from me and looked a little annoyed at Kaleb. “What?” he said rolling his eyes. It was sooo cute, I had to giggle.
“You should really get a room.” Kaleb said chuckling
“Yea well we have guests over so we can’t” Damien sounded really annoyed about that.
“That can be fixed.” Kaleb yelled that me and Damien need our space to unpack our things and for them to leave. We could hear a collective moan. I tried to straighten my self out. Then they all came out and started to laugh, I didn’t know why their were laughing until I felt Damien shift his hands. I looked down at his arms embarrassed,
He cleared his throat and let go of my waist.

He stepped away from me and all they guys said “Awww!!” I blushed furiously. I walked quickly into the room but I guess I could call it an apartment. I practically ran to my room slammed the door shut and jumped on my bed crying I had no idea why I felt the way I did when Damien kissed me. I felt as though my world had been complete and that there was no way in heck that I would have thought it was real. I didn’t know why I felt as if we were to opposite magnets that finally met. There were no words for how I felt. Could you call it love? I don’t thinks so. I know for sure it wasn’t that. It wasn’t that at all. It felt like something stronger. Something that I couldn’t describe in to words it was so much stronger.
Never in my life have I felt this (correction: like that). I don’t ever want to feel this way I don’t like it because then I feel daydreamy and I can’t concentrate, and me being in this all guy school, I need to keep my guard up. I’m pretty sure all of these guys could take advantage of me if you know what I mean.

I need to clear my mind. I gathered my p.j.s and went to the bathroom and took a shower. Right when the hot water hit all the tensed muscles in my back and massaged the knots out I got out and got dressed. When I got out of the bathroom Damien was sitting on my bed waiting for me. Now I was confused how did he get in my room? My door was closed and it was still locked as far I could see. Then I realized that the only way he could access my room was to go through the bathroom while I was showering.

Shock covered my face and Damien’s shy smile and guilty face only confirmed my suspicions. I was so mad at him for going through the bathroom while I was taking a shower. But the weird thing is I didn’t see him or hear him go through the bathroom. I couldn’t believe he would do such a thing! I was raging mad. I started to walk slowly to him. He must have seen the fire pit of hell in my eyes because he got really scared and started to get up and slid against the wall back towards the bathroom door. I glanced at the door and pictured in my mind it slamming. Three seconds later Damien got REAL close to the door and then the door slammed HARD!!!!! I was so shocked that it really happened I stopped in my tracks to look at Damien. He looked like he would faint. “H..h..how’d y..y...ou d..do that?”
“Do what?” I asked still shocked that it had worked.

“S..slam the d..door.” He was shaking now. I had lost all my energy slamming the bathroom door with my mind I fell to my knees. My head was spinning, I don’t know how it happened I wasn’t even sure what had happened. Damien saw me fall to the floor with the extreme loss of energy and his brain started to finally work right and he ran or more realistically stumbled to me and picked my head up so I could look at him. Well I’ll tell you what that wasn’t gonna happen, cause my eyes had closed because I had already passed out from the exertion.

When I woke up I didn’t have any clue what was going on all I knew was there was a whole lot of yelling and loud noises.
I sat up a little to fast, big mistake on my part I got lightheaded and it felt as if my head was spinning. I slowly got up and walked to the door. I reached my hand out and… BAM! The slam slams right into my head making me fall on my but and yell “Owww!!”
“omigosh!” said a very concerned Damien who was trying ( and not really succeeding to get me to sit up). I ended up helping him and sitting up myself. Then I looked at Damien and then I scooted away really fast and then I got up and ran to the living room and ninja jumped on to the couch and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV with a sudden burst of energy. Damien rushed out of my room, eyes frantic to where I may be. Then he saw the TV, and then saw me giggling on the couch and he sighed and shook his head and he walked over to me and grabbed the remote out of my hand, clicked a button and the TV screen went black. He dropped the remote on the couch, sighed and said “Do you always run off when you wake up from passing out?” he chuckled when he saw my sheepish expression. He sat down next to me and leaned forwards elbows on his knees and rested his head in his hands. I watched him intently.
He stared to massage his temples, he looked very stressed.

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on Jan. 3 at 8:06 pm
Writtingisamazing BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Act as if what you do makes a difference because it does!

You need to write more the suspense is killing meeeee! Please help save a life and write more! Amazing book you are talented by the way!!! 🙂

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MeganLaChance SILVER, Wells, Maine
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To be yourself in a world filled with people who want to change you is the worlds greatest accomplishment.

Umm... What FallenAngel170198 said. :D sooooo great! Need more!

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Can you please write some more? would be greatly appreciated!

IMme2 BRONZE said...
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Favorite Quote:
just be yourself not some one your not.
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o ok what parts do i need to work on and thanks for commenting!!!

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i really like the book it is so good i couldnt stop reading it i got in truble twice for not paying attention but you might need to work on a couple parts it seems to jump a little bit. 

on Nov. 28 2011 at 6:54 pm
Mermaidmissy SILVER, Las Vegas, Nevada
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Omg! Your story is way better than mine is, I hope you keep on writing this soon, I would so love to read more on this story. Keep up the good work ok. Oh and can you rate and comment on some of my stuff please, thank you!! :)

IMme2 BRONZE said...
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IMme2 BRONZE, Farmington, New Mexico
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Favorite Quote:
just be yourself not some one your not.
- unknown

i would really appreciate any feedback on my work! so please drop a comment!