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December 22, 2011
By Nightlock BRONZE, Thetford, Other
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Nightlock BRONZE, Thetford, Other
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Author's note: This book was first set for my English homework. We were doing creative writing and was told to write a short story. Who knew I got a bit carried away and did a lot more pages than he asked for! In the end, i got shouted at for doing more than asked for. I was very proud of my work, i always start writing stories and never really get to finish them. I sent my story off to a author, Samantha Young who as inspired me so much, she also gave me hope when she sent back a email on my work! I really do hope you like this book :)

The soft breeze murmured past me as the dark, metal gates of Bow and Arrow School of Redemption opened to me. I glimpsed back at the world behind me as I took sluggish steps towards the school. It felt like it was going to be the last time I would ever experience freedom again.
You see, I wasn’t meant to be here….well, that’s what I thought until a pitch black car came to my doorstep and practically dragged me out of my house, right after the police agreed that they would stop looking for my parents and my older brother, Peter May, because they hadn’t found any evidence or trace to my parents or my brother. However, I don’t believe them. I know my family is somewhere out there and I won’t stop at anything to find them, even if it means breaking out of this ‘jail-like’ school. First, I must find an opening, a plan to where I’m going to start searching and how I will survive until I find my family.
The Bow and Arrow School of Redemption was an enormous, eerie and dark mansion. From afar it could have passed for a villain’s great castle . It was as dark as midnight painted across the canvas with black ink. I’ve heard many rumours about this mysterious school, but I’ve never thought about what it’d be like to attend there. The school looked so miserable and bleak, I knew that my parents wouldn’t even think about bringing me to this terrifying school. They would’ve wanted me to go to a school of my choice, so that I could pursue my dreams. Though, all of that’s flew out of the window now that my parents are gone. So here I am now, Bonnie May, 14, was once ‘Queen B’ of my old school and now officially an orphan.
I didn’t even realise that I was daydreaming until I nearly walked into a perfectly polished, wooden door with an elegant gold tag nailed at the front saying, #3721. Even the door knob was flawlessly polished. I nearly burst out laughing when I thought about how different the school looks from the outside. Then the reason why I was here hit back at me and I remembered that I wasn’t here to be happy, I was here to find my family and uncover the real reason to why they disappeared. The school looked like a haunted, old mansion from afar but, on the inside, it looked like a queen’s palace, but still having an ancient aura around it. Everything inside it looked so new, the gleaming, crystal chandeliers, the polished, wooden floor and everything else. Though, it still felt odd and smelt like what an deserted, old castle smelt like.

“Dinner is at 7:00pm. If you’re more than 30 minutes late then, you don’t get any,” my tour guide told me. He gave me a chill down my spine when he bowed down to me. I thought this was 2011, a year where everyone no longer bowed down to everyone they met. Clearly, I was wrong.

I heard a high-pitched, melodious laugh from the other side of the door. Great, that meant that I had a roommate. That is just what I didn’t need. I’d already had enough of people giving me their sympathetic looks that made me feel like a lost puppy.

My hand began to quiver nervously as I gripped onto the shiny door knob. I don’t know why I was nervous. It wasn’t like I would become really close friends to whoever my roommate was. I took a steady breath as I slowly opened the door.

“Hello, my new roommate! You took your time to get here. Don’t tell me you were too scared to open that door!” A girl sitting on the window sill said to me as she jumped off and practically ran towards me. The girl had gorgeous, ginger hair that reminded me the colour of a captivating sunset. Her stunning blue eyes suited her perfectly well. She seemed like the type of girl that every other girl dreams to be like. “Oh, I’m sorry if I’ve frightened you! I get like that sometimes when I’m excited!” She sheepishly told me with a grin when she saw my shocked look. “Okay, let me start again. Hello and nice to meet you! I’m Riley Primrose, your new roommate! I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you!!!” Her hands stretched out and folded me into a tight, but friendly hug.
“It’s nice to meet you too. I’m Bonnie May. You have such a beautiful surname.” I said politely as I gently returned her hug.
“Ergh, I hate my surname. My mum clearly didn’t have any taste in surnames back in her days” She said with a disgusted look on her face. I heard a deep laugh and peered behind her shoulder. Behind her, sitting on the floor, were the two most handsome boys I’d ever seen. One of them had shaggy brown hair that just about touched his shoulders, and he had the sweetest chocolate brown eyes. The other boy, who was also sitting on the floor, had attractive and shaggy blonde hair that almost made him look angelic. He had blue eyes the colour of a clear sky with not even a hint of darkness trying to take over it. He was the most handsome and charming boy I’d ever seen.

Then, I was brought back to reality when I finally realised that it was slightly more than weird that there were boys in the girl’s dormitories. “Oh, I thought this was the girl’s dormitory. Did they change it to mixed?” I asked with awe and a confused face. Riley and both of the two boys burst out laughing when I said that and I felt my cheeks go warm.
Both of the boys jumped up and walked up to me. They laughed for a few more seconds and I could swear I saw tears in their eyes, they were laughing that hard. Once they finally got their act together, the one with the shaggy brown hair came and gave me a hug. “Hey, welcome to Bow & Arrow School of Redemption! The answer to your question is, no, the dormitories rules have not changed. We’re only here because Riley doesn’t want to be a loner!!!” He had to stop speaking because Riley punched him on the arm. Ouch, it looked like it hurt but, it didn’t look like it did any real harm to him. “Okay, Okay, I was just joking!!” He carried on, “Anyway, nice to meet you Bonnie, I’m Sebastien Web but, call me Seb for short. I mean it, call me!” He waggled his eyebrows as he made a phone gesture next to his ear with his hand. Riley punched him again on his arm but this time, with more force. This one must’ve hurt because he actually winced. “Hey! Will you stop that? I was joking again!” He yelled at Riley and she blew raspberries at him. They started to argue as a gorgeous blonde boy came in and casually pushed both of them at a reasonable arm length from each other.
“Children, calm down!” He said to both of them with a mock glare. Riley and Seb both stopped arguing, but continued to stand there, glaring at each other. The handsome guy with the blond hair turned back to me. “Sorry about them,” he said with an adorable smile, “I’m Blake Willows by the way, hope you have a great time here at Bow & Arrow School of Redemption!” He too, also folded me into a hug. I don’t know why but, I felt my whole face going bright red. However, when he let go, darkness took over me.


“Run Bonnie!!” I heard someone say as I saw myself run. My brother, Peter, was right behind, urging me to go faster. What am I doing there running? How come I’m not in my own body?
Even more confusion took over me as the other ‘me’ and my brother, pulled to a stop behind a big recycling bin. “Listen to me Bonnie, when you wake up you will not remember any of this. Please remember that I did this for your own good and that Mum, Dad and Me will ALWAYS love you, forever. Now, I want you to run away as fast as you can, screaming for help.” My brother quickly told me as he held on to my other me’s face. Sweat was trickling down his face and he looked like he was finding it hard to breathe.
“Where’s Mummy and Daddy?” I heard my other me say in a panicked voice.
“They’re gone,.” Said an eerie voice from behind Peter. It was followed by a dark shadow that tried to lunge at me.
“NO!” Peter shrieked as he grabbed the shadow away from me, “RUN BONNIE!” He screamed as both he and the shadow disappeared into the darkness.
I saw my other me, start to cry and then I was pulled back into light.

“Bonnie! Are you okay?” I heard a deep, velvety voice say.

“Oh god, do you think she’s dead?” Another low voice said. I heard a smack and a high-pitched voice yelling at him to keep his mouth closed and to not speak nonsense.
My eyelids felt as heavy as a brick and my throat felt as dry as a desert, but I knew I needed to wake up and tell them I was okay. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be able to plan my search for my family. “I’m….*cough *cough” I tried to tell them I was okay but my throat was too dry. I somehow managed to open my heavy eyelids and saw three worried and alarmed faces peering down at me. Blake carefully put a straw in my mouth as I drank up all the water in the cup. I immediately felt a wash of relief through me, it’s amazing how much water can heal you sometimes and yet, loads of people dread drinking it. “Thanks, I needed that,” I managed to croak out. Then I suddenly remembered my ‘dream’ that I just had, and a tormenting, killer headache hit me again. I let out a painful groan as Blake quickly put the cup back to my lips.
“Shh, it’s okay Bonnie. Your safe now, your back to reality,” I heard Riley trying to soothe me but, I was already too worked up to be calm.
“You know what happened to me? What was it? Oh My God, I’m going crazy, aren’t I?” I said to no-one in particular in a shaken voice.
I felt someone pull me their arms. I turned my head slightly and saw that it was Blake who pulled me onto his lap, stroking my hair at an attempt to try to calm me down. “It’s okay now Bonnie. Your safe now and I promise you that I will not let anything harm you.”
“Hey B, don’t worry. It’s all over now,” I heard Seb say from behind me.
“What happened to me?” I asked as tears strolled down my cheeks. Am I really this weak? If I’m this weak then how will I be able to find my family? I need to become stronger, and quicker.
“Don’t worry about it. It must’ve been the loss of your family, it happens to everyone,” Riley tried to assure me. Tension began to rise. I didn’t believe them and they knew that. Then suddenly, as if by fate, the dinner bell rang. “Ohhhhhh, just in time. I was starting feel my belly grumble! What about you Seb?”
“Err, yeah, sure! I’m already starving!” Seb answered enthusiastically. Both of them were clearly trying to brighten up the tensed mood. Blake looked down at me still in his arms and gave me a comforting smile that normally would’ve been enough to make my day but, not this time.
“I bet you’re hungry” Blake said to me in an encouraging voice. That was true though, I was indeed starving. I made a note to grill them about the answers later. I gave him a short nod and a small smile. He set me back on my feet and we made our way to the dining room. Riley linked arms with me on the way out, it was as if she did it to comfort me and I was glad for that.
When we were walking down the hallway, there was a huge crowd of other students walking around as well. Seb sneezed and immediately everyone looked at us and in the same minute, all of them parted sideways to make room for us. I was shocked at this and looked at my new friends for an answer, but they just gave me a look that told me that they will explain later. So, we strolled down the now spacious hallway in total silence as everyone stared at us, wide-eyed. It felt like we were new celebrities walking down the red carpet except, I didn’t know if they liked us or not.
The place where we went to get our food was the same as my old school, line up with a tray, pick a starter, etc. However, normal schools had benches or plastic chairs for us to sit on but yet again, this school likes to stand out. The chairs were made from very fine and polished wood just like my rooms door and it also had soft, fluffy cushions for us to sit on. I raised an eyebrow at Blake as if I was questioning him about this but, Seb answered for him instead, “Our head master believes that if we aren’t comfortable while we’re eating then, it will affect our studies.”
“Don’t ask why because we don’t get it either” Riley said before I could ask why. We settled down on a table and began to dig into our food. The food was delicious, I had to use up most of my strength to refrain my eyes from closing because the food was so good. Around me, I can see Seb, Riley and even Blake biting their cheeks to keep them from laughing. “I don’t see what’s funny” I said as I jutted my chin out, “now would someone please tell me why you guys are being treated like celebrities here?” I asked, but no-one answered me. How’s that for a conversation stopper?
Riley was the first to break into the awkward silence, “Listen Bonnie, we can’t tell you yet, but you will soon know.” She said that with a distant look that had a hint of pity in them.
“Why?” I asked curiously.
“You’ll know pretty soon, don’t worry” she gave me a small smile.
“Why not now?” Still really curious.
Instead, this time Blake answered before she can say anything, “Bonnie, not only will it hurt you to tell you now, it will hurt us as well. A lot.” He reached for my hand as he said that. Defeated, I finally gave in but, reminded myself to ask them again soon. I then just realised that Seb hasn’t said anything, I looked at him and saw that he was looking back at me with a wobbly smile. I decided that what they were saying may be true and that I will let them off for the time being.

“Bonnie? It’s time to wake up!”
I still felt exhausted and tired although I didn’t know why. My eye’s ached as the bright light shone through the windows, which were directly in front of my bed. “What time is it?” I croaked out.
“Breakfast is in 10 minutes!” I heard Riley shout from the bathroom.
“Gee, thanks for waking me up an hour late!”
“Your not the only one who woke up late!” She said as I quickly jumped out of bed and quickly got ready for breakfast.
When both of us were finally ready, we were already more than 10 minutes late, so Seb and Blake ended up having to share their breakfast with us. What a great start to your first day of school!
“If I faint from hunger then I know who to blame” Seb moaned as he slouched down on the breakfast table and gave me and Riley mock-glares.
“Stop acting like a Drama Queen! It doesn’t suit your face!” Riley scolded him with a punch.
“Okay, normally I’d agree with Riley, but this time I’m going to have to agree with Seb. Haven’t you guys heard of an alarm clock before?” Blake whined as he slowly slid half of his toast to me.
“I’m sorry….” I began to say, but then forced myself to a stop because I was just about to say I would pay him back soon, but I realised that I probably wouldn’t be here by then, so I just finished it off with an apologetic look.
Blake and everyone gave me a suspicious look but, they evidently let me off as Blake gave me one of his charming smiles that made my cheeks go red as he said, “No, its okay if it’s you. Everyone makes mistakes all the time but, Riley doesn’t seem to really learn from them.” Okay, now that just made my cheeks go tomato red! Is it possible for a boy to be this sweet?
Riley was just about to say something to him but, the 1st period bell rang, so we hurriedly finished our remaining food and ran to our next lesson. I looked down at my time table and saw the weirdest subjects ever;

Period 1: Herbs and Flowers
Period 2: Defence against Dark Arts
Period 3: Strength Control
Period 4: Manifesting Control
Period 5: Poison 101

DEFENCE AGAINST DARK ARTS?!!!! I was expecting subjects like Maths, English, Etc, like all normal schools have. Clearly this isn’t a normal school. Could this school get any more mysterious and bizarre?
Apparently, yes. When I walked into the Herbs and Flowers Classroom with Blake, who had the same subjects as me today, the classroom looked normal, tall stools with a wooden table in front of them. The room smelt like burnt wood with a hint of sweetness to it, though that’s not what answered my question. When the teacher and the rest of the class saw me and Blake, they all stood up and the boys bowed to me, the girls gave a wobbly curtsy and the teacher came up to me and kissed my hand! I heard someone growl from behind me but before I could ask Blake why he did that, the teacher stood up and gave me an ear-to-ear grin.
“Hello Bonnie, welcome to Herbs & Flowers class! My names Professor Collins and I teach you students everything I know about Herbs and Flowers! Not just any flowers though, I unfortunately won’t be teaching you about Daisies and Buttercups but, I’ll be revealing the much more interesting flowers to you!” The teacher was the most enthusiastic teacher I’ve ever met.
“Hello, nice to meet you. I’m afraid I’m entirely new to this subject, the only herbs I’ve ever learnt about are the ones you use in kitchens to make soup!” I said politely.
“Not to worry, knowledge takes time! Now, I know that you’d want to sit next to Blake so, I saved you two a desk!” He said as he indicated a shiny, wooden desk at the back.
Slowly, me and Blake walked to the desk at the back. While we were walking past other desks to get to ours, I caught a lot of people staring at us, in their eyes, I saw fear and longing in them. When we finally reached our desk, I could still feel them glaring daggers at my back. I finally managed to settle into the tall stool and got my stationery out, ready to take notes on whatever we were learning about.
“Okay, let’s get started! I would like you guys to turn to page 79 and start reading when you get a textbook,” the teacher explained as he gave out these ultra-thick textbooks. I quickly slid a note to Blake, telling him that he had a lot to explain. I opened my textbook to the right page and started reading;


Nightlocks are one of the most dangerous flowers in the flower kingdom. If you were to unfortunately eat one then you’d be dead before it even reaches your stomach. Nightlocks have a large amount of pure deadly poison in them that can travel obscenely fast. The poison in the flower is so deadly, that not even a powerful Warlock or Fey can cure you.
Nightlocks can be found in…

Darkness took over me once again before I could even finish reading the sentence. I tried to grab onto the light, but it was like being tossed around in a tornado. I gradually loss the power to hold on and before I knew it, I was plunged into the darkness filled with sorrow and melancholy.


This time, I was in a different place. I was in a really dim room with just the fire place for light and warmth. In the corner, I saw my brother, Peter, tied to the chair with perfectly iron chains. He looked horrible. He was the splitting image of a dead corpse. I could no longer see his left eye as it was covered in revolting patches of purple and green. On his left cheek, there was biggest cut I’ve ever seen. It still had bright, red blood searing out of it! Peter’s whole body was covered the colour of death, red. Except, he wasn’t dead yet, I can see that he was still breathing, very faintly though. I couldn’t hold in my scream anymore,”PETER!!!” My tears were already pouring down like rain as I screamed out all my anger and fear.
Then, someone came strolling in the door. I thought he came in because he heard my outburst but, thankfully, it seemed like he didn’t. I was completely invisible to them.
“Hello there my dear friend Peter, I’ve heard some very exciting news today!” The guy who came in strolled over to Peter, towering him. He wore a bleach white suit with perfectly polished black shoes. Slowly, I saw Peter raised his head, it looked like it took his whole strength just to do that. The guy who came in smiled down at him with satisfaction before he continued, “I’ve heard from my spies that an adorable little girl named, Bonnie May is still alive! Hmm…I do believe that your little sister is called that as well, right?” He waited for an answer but, Peter gave him none. The guys face turned from a smirk, to a face of annoyance. He then raised his hand, curled up into a big fist and punched Peter right on the nose. The punch must’ve been really strong because Peter’s chair flew backwards. The guy’s face then, turned back into a smirk as he walked up to Peter, who is now on the floor, and grabbed him by the collar, “answer my question, you useless thing” he growled out to Peter.
“PETER!!” I screamed again and tried to pull the man back but, my hand just went through him. I felt completely useless.
“What do you want, Snow?” Peter said in a strong voice, it must’ve hurt to keep his voice steady but, even if it did, he didn’t show it. The guy doubled over laughing.
“Always the one trying to act tough!” The guy managed to rasp out between deep breaths from laughing too much. “Well, let me tell you something, big guy. You’re NOT the tough anymore and you NEVER will be. You know why? Because I’m going to make you spend your whole life in chains.” He started laughing again and I saw Peter’s face go red, not from pain but, from anger. “I have to admit though, you were one of the most powerful fey I’ve ever fought against, I’ll give you that! However, I heard that your little sister is a lot more ‘special’ than you are!”
“Stay away from her!” Peter grumbled, his face going redder by the minute.
“Or what, mouse?” The guy said with an amused look and a evil smirk.
“I’ll kill you,” Peter’s eyes looked deadly when he said that, even the guy had to step back. The tips of my mouth went slightly up with admiration. I always knew my brother was tough and never gave up, even if he was in chains and was covered in his own blood.
The guys smirk grew wider, “Oh really, do I need to remind you that your currently locked up in MY house!” His face grew with fury when Peter spat at him. The guy took a gun out from his pocket and aimed it at Peter’s leg.
“NO!!!!!!!” I wanted to sprint forward to stand in front of Peter but, I was pulled back into the light before I could even take a step.

Something was clogging up my throat, making it difficult for me to breathe. Then, it was suddenly gone. This sudden reaction made me bounce up, coughing and breathing heavily. I felt a cold hand gently touch my forehead and felt air flowing out of it. Immediately, my eyes snapped open. I jerked away from the persons hand and saw that it was Seb’s.
“Woah, calm down B, I’m only trying to help,” a surprised Seb said.
My eyes finally adjusted to the light, so I could actually see properly. I found myself on Blake’s lap again and he had what you called a panicked/worried look. Riley was standing behind him with the same expression, but she was sniffing which probably meant that she had been crying. Seb, on the other hand, was in front of me with a shocked expression and his hand half-way in the air because I accidentally hit his hand with a bit too much force than needed.
“What was up with your hand? I felt air coming out of it!” I said in short, shaky breaths. I looked up and saw all three of them nod at each other as if they were sending messages to each other with their eyes.
Riley gave one last long sniff and then she put a quivering hand on my shoulder, “Bonnie honey, we have something very important to tell you but first, could you please tell us what you just saw in your vision?”
My body jerked at the memory of what I just saw, “My……my vision?” I wasn’t sure I could tell them.
They all gave me comforting smiles that actually helped me much more than I thought it would. “It’s okay B, if you don’t or can’t tell us, then we won’t force you. But, could you please tell us who it was about?” Riley assured me as Blake me a sweet kiss on my forehead to tell me that I wasn’t alone.
I knew I had to tell them, I don’t know why, but every part of me urged me to tell them. “My vision…it was about…my brother and another guy called…Snow” I managed to stutter out. Blake began to cradle me in his arms as Seb put his hand back on my forehead and I immediately felt the refreshing air cool me. “What is seriously wrong with your hand?” I shot at Seb, causing him to give me an offended look and retrieved his hand.
“Seb stop acting so childish, you know she didn’t mean it like that!” Riley gave him a soft but, firm glare.
“Mean it like what?” I didn’t understand a thing they were talking about and I have a feeling that whatever they know, I should know too. “You said you’d tell me.”
“Of course honey” Riley said as she stroked my hair. “However, I’m just worried that you might not be able to take it very well.”
“After what I just saw in that vision, I don’t think this will do me more harm than what I just saw in the vision” I said, it was true though. I have never in my life seen something that terrifying before.
“You’re right” Riley said with a resigned look, she nodded her head at Blake, “Why don’t you start telling her?”
Blake gave a long sigh then, he looked at me with a really worried look on his face and gave me a kiss on the forehead again. “I’m so sorry Bonnie,” he gave a really sad, sorrowful and apologetic look before he carried on, “Do you know the 4 elements? Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Hundreds of years ago, the world used to be divided up into those 4 categories. The world was at peace for a few more years until the food supplies began to run low, which forced them to steal and break into each others territories. This caused a lot of anger and friction to everyone, in fact, it caused so much anger that they created a huge war against each other. The war was no ordinary war, not like the ones we have now with guns, it was with power. The four elements and other types of powerful people like, Feys, Wizards, Savants, Sirens, Warlocks and much more other powerful people joined in. In the end, the war went so bad that the Gods and Goddesses had to come down and stop it. The only way for them to stop this destructive war was to wipe them all out. The Gods and Goddesses couldn’t do something the high court elders didn’t agree to though, so what they did was wipe them all out, but made sure that some worthy people stayed alive so that the paranormal creatures wouldn’t go extinct. The four elements were what worried the higher ups the most though, so they decided to only let 4 people own an element and if they were to die then, it would pass down to someone else in there family, most likely their child if they had one.”
“Wait, wait, are you trying to tell me that Faeries and Witches are actually true?” I didn’t know if this was a joke they were trying to play at me or not.
Seb answered for Blake instead, “Yes.”
I had to bite down the sides of my cheeks to keep from laughing at this nonsense, “You actually think I’d believe you?”
“Bonnie….” Riley started to say when I stopped her with my hand.
“I only asked for the truth, I’m not a child anymore, so you don’t need to sweeten it up with fairy tales.”
“Bonnie, we’re not lying to you. It’s all true. You’re one of us too!” Seb said with a pained look.
“I’m what?” I looked at Blake for answers and he nodded.
“You’re the guardian of the Water element, Bonnie. It’s been going on in your family for years now. You’re not only the guardian of water, your part Fey too, your whole family is!” Blake told me, he too had a pained expression on.
“You mean, I’m a fairy?! Like, tinkerbell?” This was just getting crazier by the minute.
“No, no, you’re a different type. A much more powerful type as well. The whole school is filled with different types of paranormal creatures but, the elements are the strongest, that’s why they fear us so much!”
“No, I don’t believe you,” if they expected me to believe them after one little story then they’ve got another thing coming.
“It’s true! You have to believe us!” Both Riley and Seb tried to persuade me, but I’m not taking any of it.

Blake gave out another sigh, “Bonnie, you need to persuade yourself to believe it. Listen, try imagining lifting the water out from that cup,” he said as he indicated a glass cup of water sitting on the table.
“This is crazy.” I said as I tried to get up from Blake’s tight arms but, they only just tightened even more.
“Bonnie, please, just give it a try!” Blake pleaded me.
I don’t know what made me do it, but I decided to give it a go. I focus on the water in the cup and slowly, it began to swirl around, this sudden movement made me jump and when I stopped concentrating on the water, it immediately stopped. “What…..” I breathed out.
“Carry on!” Everyone urged me.
I put my eyes back down the water, concentrated on moving it upwards and then gradually, outside the cup. Slowly, the water came out of the cup like a rope. This surprise pulled me out of concentrating on the water and it splashed onto the surface of the table.
“Amazing.” I heard Seb whisper.
“See, I told you! Your one of us Bonnie!” Riley cried out, looking at bit happy.
Blake didn’t say anything, he just stared down at me with a gentle and caring look. He was expecting me to say something, everyone was. But, what could I say? This sudden revelation has left me gobsmacked, never in my life did I think I was ‘special’. Although, I remember back to when I was young, me and my family were having a pool party with other relations when Peter was accidently knocked into the pool and was starting to drown, it got me so worried and scared. But then, the water slowly parted and all we saw was Peter lying perfectly dry at the bottom of the pool and the water was no where to be seen. I didn’t think it was me then, but now I know that it was me and I knew why my family gave me anxious and frightened looks. I understood it all now. It felt like a huge fog has just cleared.

Riley, Seb and Blake were still staring at me, they were waiting for me to break the silence and say something. What could I say though? I didn’t know who I was anymore. For my whole life I thought I was someone that I wasn’t.
I still didn’t know how to take this, it was all too new. It was like having a brand new music instrument arrive at your doorstep, you don’t know what to do with it, so I just sat there, wide-eyed, shocked face and speechless until Blake finally broke the silence and came to my rescue.
“Why don’t you go to bed first? This has been a way too long day for you. You should get some rest, we’ll answer all your questions tomorrow,” Blake said as he lifted me up and tucked me in bed like I was a little 5-year-old.
“Get some rest B, you’ll need it tomorrow,” Seb whispered to me with a warm smile.

I felt slightly cold, goose-bumps began to appear on my arms as I shivered. Blake must’ve seen it, he brought an old, wooden chair next to my bed and just sat there. His presence made me feel safe and the silence wasn’t awkward, it was more comforting. When he sat down, I felt heat gently radiate off him and wrapped around me. I made a note to question them later just before I drifted off to ‘dreamland’ and wishing that I could just stay there forever.

The loud wind outside woke me from my slumber. I was just going to go back to sleep, but a thought and my fear kept me awake. My brother was out there suffering and I was just here relaxing when he could be dying right now.
I needed to find my brother and I knew that I had to start looking right now. I still haven’t thought of a plan yet, but I feel that I might go insane if they tell me anymore about these 4 elements, fairies, etc. My brother would know the answers to my questions and if I were to pick who I trust more, the school or my brother then it’d definitely be Peter.
Blake was no longer sitting on the chair, the whole room was empty and silent. I used this, probably one and only, chance to escape and search for my brother, Peter. My backpack, which was leaning against the end of my bed, was the only thing I could actually bring from my old life. I know that sounds crazy, but when you have people dragging you to their car just before you’re about to leave for school, you don’t really have the time to pack for a one-way trip to a freaky boarding school.
The backpack was the only thing I had to carry my things with so, I quickly grabbed it, emptied my school belongings out and filled it with things I would need to survive. I managed to briskly change into comfortable clothes and tied my hair up. Then, the harder part came, how was I going to get out? If I went out by the front then, I’d surely be caught by the security guards, the window was probably the only way out.
Taking a deep breath, I stepped towards the wide window and as quietly as I could, I opened it. I took one last look behind then, stepped on the window sill, ready to make a jump to the tree right outside the window. I was just about to make the jump when someone grabbed me around my waist and yanked me back. A scream nearly escaped my lips when a small, soft hand covered my mouth, so the scream didn’t come out.
“Shh, Bonnie it’s only us!” Riley shushed me as she took her and off my mouth.
I turned around to see that it was Blake who had his arm wrapped tightly round my waist. “How did you guys know?”
“We suspected it after you told us about your brother,” Blake said as he swiftly folded me into a warm hug. “We were so worried that you’d leave without us,” he whispered softly into my ear.
“Blake. Seriously, man? You only just met her and you’re already hitting on her!” Seb joked but, quickly held his arms up in surrender when Blake and Riley both gave him the death glare.
“Wait, what do you mean by me leaving without you guys?” I tried to ask them, but it sounded muffled because Blake wouldn’t free me from his hug, so it was more like I was speaking into his shoulder. “Blake, you can let me go now,” I tried to pull myself out from his arms but, he only held on tighter.
“Blake, your going to suffocate her, man,” Seb said as Blake reluctantly let me go and gave another death glare to Seb.
“We’re going with you to find your brother,” Blake said with a voice that meant that there was no arguing against him.
“No, I don’t want to get you guys into trouble because of me,” I tried to argue back.
“Bonnie, we are going with you. End of story.” A velvety, deep voice that only belonged to Blake said. I was just about to argue back at him again, but he silenced me by putting a gentle finger on my lips, so I couldn’t speak. “I can’t imagine how you would survive out there by yourself! Plus, we have been waiting for you. Now that all four guardians of the elements have united, we are stronger than ever. We also researched on this ‘Snow’ guy that you were talking about and we found out that he is top on the wanted criminal list in the ‘paranormal’ world. We suspect that he secretly wants to build up an army of paranormal creatures. The plan, is that we rescue your brother first because with his help, we can reach the elders more easily with him, since he is an high-ranked warrior of the Seelie High-Court of fey. We need to let the elders know as quickly as possible, we’ve also found that this ‘Snow’ person has nearly destroyed the world once and he may succeed the second time.”
“How are we going to find him? I don’t even know where to start looking for him!” I panicked.
“Not to worry, we’ve already tracked him down!” Riley said with a huge grin.
“Do I even want to know how you guys did that?”
“Well, wherever this ‘Snow’ guy is, he can’t hide from us because he’ll always have air around him” Seb said with a mischievous grin.
“Ahem,” Riley broke in, “He will also be near earth most of the time!”
“Oh, I should’ve known from Seb’s hand thing that he was air,” I said with a slap on my forehead. “Let me guess…..” I turned to Blake who still had his arm wrapped loosely around waist, “fire?” I asked him, remembering the warmth that radiated off him when he sat on a chair next to my bed.
He gave me a cheeky grin along with a wink, which made my face burn up as if someone has just rubbed chilli all over my face. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Riley and Seb were rolling their eyes at each other.
“Did someone turn the heating up? I feel like I’m going to melt from all this heat!” Riley pretended to fan her face.
“Yeah guys, could we please get going before the whole school melts? Not that I mind the school melting, but I just wouldn’t like to melt along with it!” Seb said with an uncomfortable look, he clearly wasn’t used to all this romance.
“Oh yeah! Transport. How are we going to get there?” I asked, slightly worried.
“Having a Dad who owns a car company has it’s perks,” Blake had a mischievous look while he dangled some car keys.
“You guys just keep on surprising me,” I said with another slap on my forehead.

Blake brought us to a shiny, black and brand-new 4-seater car. It looked like something only a billionaire would own.
“Man, I knew I was friends with you for a reason!” Seb joked as he and Blake bumped fists.
Now this time, it was me and Riley who rolled eyes at each other, “Boys.” She said it like it explained everything, though I do agree with her.
“Me and Bonnie are taking the front,” Blake said as he took my hand and took me round the front to open the passenger door for me. Could this guy seriously get any sweeter?
“Hey! That’s unfair! How come Bonnie has already taken my place?” Seb moaned as he miserably got into the back.
“As much as I hate to, I actually agree with him. I don’t know if I would stay sane if I have to sit next to him for the 6 hour journey,” Riley let out a long sigh as she too miserably sat in the back.
“No arguing children,” Blake and I chuckled as he put the keys in to set the car up in ignition.
“How are we going to drive out of the school?” I started to panic once again.
“No worries. Seb’s going to help us, right?” Blake tilted his head backwards slightly as if he was pointing at Seb with his head.
Seb abruptly jumped up at the sound of his name. “Sure! But, I’m going to need Riley’s help because the car might be too heavy with all 4 of us in it,” he said as he looked at Riley with puppy-dog eyes.
Riley rolled her eyes once again, “Fine, fine.”
“Would someone tell me what’s….!” I couldn’t finish my sentence because Blake stepped on the pedal, going full speed and the car was suddenly lifted up into the air and when I looked outside the window I saw the tree’s helping the air lift the car. I looked outside again and saw the school get further and further away. I heard a groan come out from the back-seat and I saw Seb and Riley holding onto each other’s shoulders with sweat trickling down their faces. Their eyebrows furrowed together as they gripped onto each other’s shoulders more tightly.
I looked at Blake to ask him something, but his head was dipping out the window. I looked out of my window to see what he was doing and saw that the guards from the school were after us, but they didn’t get very far because a thin line of fire blazed up. The guards obviously didn’t see this coming because they quickly jumped backwards. Blaze leaned back inside and clapped his hands together as if to say his work was done. He reached to clasp onto my hand and gently stroked it with his thumb, it was like his way of saying that everything would be okay as long as he was there, and I believed him.
When the school was finally out of our sight, Riley and Seb slowly lowered the car and Blake began to drive. “WOW. That was amazing!” I said with fascination and admiration to Seb and Riley, but none of them said anything. I turned around to look at them and saw that both of them were in deep sleep from exhaustion. “Thank you,” I whispered to them before I turned back to sit properly on my seat.
“Why don’t you go to sleep? Trust me, you’ll probably need it when we get there,” Blake said softly so he wouldn’t wake them up.
“What about you?” I asked.
“Don’t worry about me, I’m to going switch with Seb when we’re half way there,” Blake grinned at me. “It’s okay, go to sleep.”
“Night.” I whispered to him and I was plunged into that darkness again before I heard him say anything.


I was back in the same chilling room again. Except Snow was no where to be seen. In the darkest corner of the room I saw Peter and I just had scream, he looked worse than the last time I saw him! Last time, his face was covered in his blood, this time, his whole body including his clothes were covered his blood. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen, and trust me, I’ve seen a lot of other horrible things before but, none of them was a petrifying as this!
“PETER!!!” I started screaming at the top of my lungs as I ran towards him. His eyes opened and looked at me, it was like he could sense I was there but, wasn’t sure if it was real or not.
“Bonnie?” He whispered. I screamed his name again. His eyes then lit up with hope and the chains that were around him started to glow more redder by the second.
BANG! The chains disintegrated into thin air, along with the chair. “Don’t worry, I’ll come and find you” he said, and then his eye’s glowed as he gathered up all his strength into his muscular arms and the room slowly started to shake. I saw Snow and the rest of the guards burst in but, before I could see anymore, I was wrenched back into the light.

“PETER!!!” I screamed as I tried to go back into the darkness. I needed to see if Peter was alright but, someone was holding onto me really tightly.
“BONNIE!” Blake cried with relief.
I opened my eyes and saw that I was yet again sitting on his lap but, this time, we were in the backseat of the car. Riley was sitting on the passenger seat looking back at me with a pale and tear-stained face. Seb, who was in the driver’s seat, was also looking back at me with a pale and a clearly worried face.
“We thought you were asleep, but when we tried to wake you up, you didn’t wake up!” Blake explained. “What did you see?”
“Peter,” I whispered, my voice quivering. “I think… I think he escaped.”
“Do you know where to?” Blake asked carefully.
“No. But, he said we was going to come and find me so I’m guessing that he’d look for me in our old house,” I said as I leaned my head against Blake’s chest, I was exhausted for some reason.
“Seb, could you please drive to Bonnie’s old house?” Blake said to Seb’s as he settled back on his seat with me still on his lap.
“Take some rest B, I guarantee that you’ll feel better when you wake up,” Riley gave me a reassuring smile before she too settled back into her seat.
I was going to ask them how they knew my address but I knew it was pointless, they probably knew my whole background, so I drifted off to sleep for real this time with Blake gently stroking my hair.

I was having the nicest dream ever until somebody woke me up. I got ready to glare at whoever woke me up.
“Bonnie, did I ever tell you how adorable you look when you glare?” I heard Blake laugh.
I finally opened my eyes and saw that we’ve already reached our destination, my old house. “Geez, can’t you guys stop acting so lovey-dovey for minute?” A frustrated Seb looked back at us from the front.
“You know, I don’t even know how you two can get along so well, let alone being in love! Last time I checked Fire and Water don’t mix!” Riley started saying
However, I wasn’t listening to her, instead, I was looking back at my old house. It used to look so homey with my Mum’s flowers surrounding it and my Dad’s ‘home-made’ door. Now, the flowers looked like dead weeds and the door had green moss growing on it, the house looked like it hasn’t been touched for years instead of weeks.
“Well, should we go in?” I heard Seb ask. I finally pulled my eyes away from the house and saw three concerned faces looking back at me.
“Yeah,’ I said wearily as I pulled myself up from Blake’s lap and climbed outside the car. I took a deep breath and I immediately smelt the fresh tree’s like I always used to, relief flooded me, at least something stayed the same.
Once we were all out of the car, Blake slipped his hand into mine and we all slowly walked up the driveway to my house. I reached down to get the spare key I left under the doormat and unlocked the door so we could go in. I nearly fainted when I saw the state of the house. It was trashed. All the furniture was ripped up, the walls were dirty with old blood.
“OMG, what I happened?” Riley gasped from behind me.
“Well, well, well, who would’ve thought that you actually came back, and oh look, you even brought your element friends along! How lucky am I? 4 in 1! This saves me a lot of time! Now, if you guys would just let me chain you guys up then I’d very much appreciate it!” A man who looked like Snow, but wasn’t, was standing against the kitchen doorframe, smirking at us.
“Like hell we are,” Seb grumbled out as he sent a huge ball of swirling wind at him, knocking him backwards.
In the same second, the mans subordinates lunged out of the kitchen and ran towards us. I was fine at first, but when I saw all of them shift into what looked like a werewolf, I just had to scream.
Blake shoved me behind him and a fireball shot out of his arm and the werewolf that was just about to lunge at me, disintegrated. More and more wolves were coming out of the kitchen and throwing themselves at us with their claws and sharp teeth out ready to bite our heads off. I knew I had to help as well, so I caught sight of a jug of water in the corner of a room and imagined lifting the water up and throwing it at one of the wolves. To my surprise, it actually worked. I peered over Blake’s shoulder to see the wolf I tried to aim at and shock poured over me as I saw a huge hole through the werewolf’s body.
“Nice one B!” I heard Riley shout from the other side of the room. She looked absolutely invincible. Everyone looked powerful. Riley was using tree branches to strangle the werewolves, Seb was still throwing his ‘air-balls’ at them and Blake was shooting fire out of his hands.
We went on fight for quite a while now and it seemed like it wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. I was starting to feel exhausted and I could feel myself gradually run out of energy. I looked around me and saw that Blake, Seb and Riley felt the same too. However, the wolves weren’t stopping.

After a few more minutes, we finally ran out of energy and couldn’t fight on anymore. Blake and Seb both shielded me and Riley with their bodies even though, they too had no power in them left.

“What an amusing fight that was! I have to admit, I was indeed impressed. Very impressed. Although, what else would you expect from the 4 elements.” An amused Snow look-a-like said as his wolves started slowly, prodding towards us. “Hmm….let me think. Should I kill you guys now or should I bring you to my brother first?”

It looked like he was going to say something else, but before he could say anything, a spear was launched and aimed at his heart from behind us. The Snow look-a-like was wide-eyed for a few seconds before he fell backwards and didn’t move at all. Blake quickly put a protective arm in front of me, while Seb did the same, but to Riley instead. We looked behind us to see who our saviour is.

Standing behind us was my one and only brother, Peter May. He looked much healthier and stronger than when I saw him in my vision. Now, he had on clean jeans and a clean t-shirt with a black, leather jacket. He looked to the werewolves and said one single word to them.
“Disappear.” That was all it took for the wolves to go away.
“Peter?” I whispered, still staying behind Blake just in case it wasn’t him.
“Bonnie.” He ran towards me, pushed Blake out the way which made Blake glower at him and then folded me into a tight hug. When he finally pulled back, his eyes were glistened with tears. “I’m so sorry, Bonnie. We didn’t want you to have a life like this. You don’t know how happy and fortunate I feel right now. I thought I would never see you again!” He said while he gently touched my cheek with his trembling hand.
I realised that my eyes were covered in tears as well, “where’s Mum and Dad?” I asked him between sniffs and hiccups.
Peter’s eyes watered even more, “I’m so sorry Bonnie. Their gone Bonnie, their gone.” He folded me into another tight embrace, “We only have each other now.”
I pulled myself out of his embrace, “No we don’t, we have the three other guardians of the 4 elements, which you forgot to mention to me, here to help us.” I buried deeper into Peter, my chest constricting with grief at his news. Mum and Dad were gone? I’d never see them again? I couldn’t comprehend it. I sobbed hard against him, soaking his t-shirt with my tears. It felt as though we stood there forever, my sobs eventually fading into broken, quiet shudders. Finally I pulled back, eyes swollen, my heart in my throat. ‘It’s not just the two of us,’ I told him, tears spilling into my words. ‘We have the three other guardians of the 4 elements. They’re here to help me. Something you forgot to mention to me.”
“You don’t know how sorry I am, Bonnie,” he apologized to me then turned to Blake, Riley and Seb, “You guys don’t know how grateful I am for looking after Bonnie.”
“No worries!” Seb said as he held his hand out to shake Peter’s hand, “I’m Seb by the way, Guardian of the Air element.”
Then Riley walked up and offered her hand too, “I’m Riley. Guardian of the Earth element.” Everyone was expecting Peter to shake her hand, but to our surprise, he bent down and kissed it instead.
Peter then turned to Blake, who took hold of my hand again, and practically growled at each other. Peter looked at me and Blake’s hands laced together then back at Blake. “And who might you be, eh? You must be someone brave, since you actually have the courage to touch my little sister without permission from me, a High-ranked Warrior of the Seelie High-Court.”
“Blake Willows. Guardian of the Fire element and yes, I’m braver than you’ll ever be,” Blake held out his other hand to shake Peter’s, without breaking eye contact.
“Oh, really?” Peter’s eyes glinted as he took Blake’s hand, without breaking eye contact as well. “You should know better than to challenge someone like me.”
Both guys glowered at each other and the way they shook hands was very unique. Both hands went a shady pink colour and it looked like they were trying to break each others hand or to see who would flinch first.
“Guys, calm down!” I let go of Blake’s hand and stepped between them to pull their hands apart. “First of all, Blake, I’ve just found my brother and I would hate it if I lost him again and secondly, Peter, Blake was always there for me when I was in trouble. Seb and Riley were as well, but Blake was the one that actually held me and told me that everything would be okay! Also, I would not like it if you hurt the person I love!”
Everyone looked at me with shocked faces after my confession. Peter had his mouth open in the shape of an ‘O’ and I could swear that I saw Blake blush a little bit. I heard Riley and Seb struggle to hold their laughs in.
“What do we do now?” Riley asked.
“We need to let the Elders know that Snow is back. We’ll take my truck there.” Peter said as he, Seb and Riley walked outside.
“What about your car?” I whispered to Blake as he wrapped his arm loosely around my shoulders and guided me out.
“Oh, don’t worry about it, I’ll come back and collect it later. So, what were you saying about loving me?” Blake asked me with a huge grin on his face. My face must’ve gone bright red because he started to laugh. “I’m glad our feelings are mutual, Bonnie,” he said softly. Then, he bent down to give me the sweetest kiss I’ve ever had.
I heard someone growl from behind me and saw Peter standing in the doorway with his eyes filled with fury. I felt my face burn up to possibly 100◦C and my face was probably the brightest red ever.
“I’m so gonna kill you, Willows!”

“Hmmm….so I see,” a ‘santa-like’ Elder said from his armchair while drinking hot chocolate. This was so not what I expected. When Peter said we were going to see the elders, I expected a huge castle, not a little, wooden cabin.
Me, Blake, Peter, Seb and Riley all sat cross-legged in front of the elder like little children waiting for a story.
“Hmmm….” The Elder continued to say as he stroked his long white beard. “I have made up my mind,” he confessed. All of us sat straighter, waiting to her what he was going to say. “I, Lorenius Alvord, command you, Peter May, to bring you and your guardian friends to find Snow and to kill him!” Then, he disappeared into thin air, leaving the echo of his voice.
All of our faces paled as we thought back to all the terrifying events we had with Snow. This was going to be another long adventure and this time, I wasn’t sure if I could live through it or not.

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