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Dusk; a novella

September 3, 2012
By EmerWick BRONZE, Kutztown, Pennsylvania
EmerWick BRONZE, Kutztown, Pennsylvania
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Claudette Emory wakes up from a nightmare to realize she is just in another one. Or so it may seem. Here the day is forever fading and sun hangs on the edge of the earth never falling off. Forever Dusk. Hence the title its inhabitants gave it. Dusk. Three beasts reside in Dusk. Looms; the creatures that give humans nightmares. The Weaver; the creator of nightmares. Finally the Hounds; nightmares that have grown into malicious creatures that howl in the night and hunt down anything in their path to getting to the mind of a human.
So now Claudette must escape by going the way she came in. Through her nightmare. Before it's to late.


Dusk; a novella

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