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July 7, 2013
By alison23hale, sac, California
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Author's note: my friend leah and my boyfriend jesse inspired me to write this

I hurry inside the girls bathroom at Nightington high school, my best friend Zallah Peake right behind me. I check under the stalls to make sure the bathroom is empty. Zallah stays by the door as i do.
"Lock it," i nod to her.
She locks it and walks over the sinks and jumps up onto the stone counter and sits down. I sink to the floor near the door and breathe out a sigh. She sits with me as silent tears stream down my cheeks. When the bell rings Zallah slides down off of the counter and helps me up off of the floor.
"Don't tell kaiden or des about this?" I say giving her a quick hug. She nods her head.
"Here, you could use this," She says handing me a bottle of cover-up. She has the cover-up and all her other make-up on her at all times, though she hardly ever uses it. Zallah loves being a girly-girl, but she isn't all that girly. Her clothes and her beauty give an illusion of girly-ness, but her personality and attitude same the opposite. Today she is wearing a short black strapless dress with white flowers on it with knee-high black high-heel boots. She has long curly jet black hair and skin that shows evidence of a resent day spent sunbathing, but is usually a creamy color. She says her eyes are hazel, but they glow gold.
"Lock it when i leave," she says, i nod and she slips out of the bathroom.
I swiftly lock it and turn towards the mirror. My eyes are bloodshot, and my whole face is red. I hate using cover-up, but now i don't have much of a choice. I either don't use it and everyone know i was crying or i use it and no one knows. I dab the powder onto my face. When i'm done i put the cover-up into my backpack and wait a few more moments before unlocking the door. I walk out into the empty hallway and run to my sixth period class, English, room C-23. When i get inside everyone is standing up in the front of the class.
"Miss Night," my favorite teacher smiles at me.
"Mr. Maclare," I smile a little bit. He is really young, and really hot.
"Why does he have to be a teacher?" Des whispers, sounding miserable.
"Tell me about it," i whisper back.
Mr. Maclare walks around and points two students to a table.
"He's changing seats? why?" i ask.
"I don't know. but i'm almost positive we won't be sitting next to each other anymore," she says.
My friend Oliver looks at me and pulls me to the side, away from des and the other students.
"What the hell?" he asks,"who made you cry? I'll kick their ass right now, just tell me who." Great.
"Oliver, please. Just don't mention this to anyone, especially kaiden, okay? Please."
Oliver thinks about it for a few seconds and then sighs,
"Okay, fine. But if i find out that you were crying again- someone's getting their ass beat," he says. I nod.
"Okay, just do not breathe a word to kaiden. He'll freak, worse then that time at the amusment park, when Zal and i were on that roller-coaster that broke and wouldn't stop," i say, giving him and mysekf a flashback of that night last summer.
"Eh, yeah i remember that. It wasn't pretty for the park manager," he says.
Tell me about it, Kaiden went absolutely ballistic that night. Now, let's just say Kaiden is no longer welcome at that park, and the manager will not soon forget Kaiden lowe.

"Night! Hemmings! take your seats," Mr.Maclare (kyle)says.
I go to the back of the class and sit down. Kyle calls a few names and tells them where to sit. Des is three rows in front of me next to a girl with short blonde hair and glasses, i think her name is blare or clair or something like that. Oliver sits directly in front of me, by himself. And a boy who i remember transferred here a few weeks ago.
He's kind of a loner, but he's really hot. He has brown hair and icy blue eyes, with pale cream skin.
"Now for the next few weeks we will be getting to know each other. I want am essay on your partner on my desk by friday. I'm passing out a list of requirements," Kyle says.
"Kyle, um, what if we don't have a partner?" Oliver asks.
"then...do the essay on yourself or another person in the class, I honestly don't care."
"Sweet," oliver smiles.
He hands my partner the list and turns around. My partner looks the list over.
"I bet i could guess everything on this paper about you," he says.
"Oh really?" i ask.
"I'm pretty good at reading people," he says.
"Alright, try me," i say taking the paper from him," Favorite band?"
"Nickelback." No hints.No guesses. And yet the right answer.
"Favorite color?" I ask.
He looks at my clothes and serves me.
"Grey," he states.
"How do you figure?" i ask.
"Usually girls don't wear their favorite color. Also girls who bite their nails,paint their toes. the color you paint your toes is always your favorite color. Your toes are painted grey," he explains. Impressive answer and even more impressive observation.
"Favorite food?" i ask.
"You look like a meat lover to me." is his answer.i swear i see him wink at me, but i shake my head a little.
"Favorite book?"
"you don't have one."
"Favorite drink?"
"Water." What the hell? how did he know all of these answers.
"You want to know something Violet?" he asks.
"Yeah, what's that?" i ask planting my elbow on the table and putting my chin on my fist.
"Pens down people!" kyle booms. I drop my pen and it rolls on the floor and under oliver's desk.
"Sorry," i mouth to him. He just breathes a laugh and hands me my pen back. This time i set it down on the table.
"This paper is due on friday, no excuses. have a nice day," he says, milliseconds before the bell rings.
"Kyle," i say when everyone else is gone," Did you HAVE to change the seating chart? I mean- hell, i don't even know my partners name. Much less be able to write a five page essay on the guy!"
"Violet, you are the best writer i have seen since i came here. You'll do fine. Do you forget that ten page essay i assigned on that three second video we watched. You finished those ten pages on that three second video in less than half an hour. You can write a mere five page essay on your partner whose name is Cameron kroeger," he says
That's creepy.
"Why is that creepy?" kyle asks. I didn't realize i said that out loud.
"Nothing...it's just.His last name. He has that same last name as the lead singer of my favorite band. It is also creepy that he knows so much about me and i didn't know anything about him."
Kyle laughs,"Go home violet. Get some rest and we will talk in the morning before first period."
"Okay. thanks kyle." he just nods and i walk out of the class room. I text everyone that i don't feel good and that i will be staying home all night and that i can not have any visitors.

When i get home there's a note on the kitchen counter from lucien, the man who i am pretty sure is my father, but he says that my mom only likes him as a friend and nothing more.
"Violet, I should be home before you get home from school, but if i'm not, do your home work and then kaiden is coming over from dinner tonight. I already talked to him. If i'm not home by seven, i am stuck at work and don't wait up it's a school night. love, luke."
That's great luke, just great.

I run up the stairs to my bedroom and fall onto my bed with a sigh. Kaidan should be here any minute now, thanks to luke. im glad he did it, i hate being in this big house by myself, hell half the house we don't even use.
Lucian has done so much for me. He buys me clothes, food,and school supplies. He use to drive me to school and bought me a car, pays for the gas. He pays for my cell phone and the internet and cable. He buys me everything i want and need, yet he swears up and down he isn't my father. Though he did admit to me a few days after my mom went into the coma that he was in love with her and always has been. But even if you are in love a comatose mother, not many guys would let the kid live with them, much less adopt them and give them your last name and move into a manor, when you are never even there!
I am convinced Lucian is my father.But with my mom in a coma and Luke denying everything, there is little to nothing to fuel nor quench the fire of my curiosity. Though there is always another option. The option of a DNA test. But lucian would never go for it, he'd just look at me and say something like,"There are two types of Fathers,violet. The first is the kind that actually helps make the child. The second is the adult male, who does not help make the child, but loves and cares for it as their own. I am the latter of the two." which is actually whta he has said to me before.
It is true though. Lucian does love and care for me as his own and always has, which is why i think he is my actual father. Lucian Night has been there for me and my mom since before i was born. And when my mother Rosaline Burns went into a coma, Luke adopted me and bought Night Manor and has been my full time guardian ever since. Before my mom went into the coma I did spend a lot of time with luke, and i swear my mom loved him just as much as he loves her.
Downstairs i hear the doorbell chime. I slowly walk down the stairs and open the door. Desmaria.
"Hey des. What's up?" i ask ushering her inside.
"I was in the neighborhood, when Kaidan text me and said to tell you to turn your phone on and he just left the Academy and sorry for the delay," she says.
"Oh, okay," i reply as she flicks the T.V and starts going through the channels.
I call kaidan's phone. It rings six times before going to voice mail.
"He must already be driving," i mutter to myself.
Desmaria smiles as she picks a movie.
"I hate you," i mutter as i see what movie it is.
"Oh you know you love this movie!" Des says rolling her eyes and turning back to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. She knows i can't stay mad while watching Harry Potter.
After twenty minutes, the movie ends and Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire starts.
"A marathon?" i gasp.
Des goes to the guide and sure enough a Harry Potter marathon is in session. Just as the movie starts a hand touches my shoulder. I yelp and turn around.
"Kaidan!" i scream jumping over the back of the couch, leaping into his arms.
"Hey baby," he says into my ear.
We sit down on the couch and i lay my head on his shoulder and watch the movie.
"Pizza? my treat." des says.
"Nah," Kaidan says," I already ordered Chinese."
"I love you," i mutter softly.
"I love you too."

When the food arrives, we turn the T.V off and talk instead. Kaidan lives and goes to Hill Crest Academy in the next town over and drives here every day to see me.
"Vi, did you tell Kaidan about your new Lit partner?" Des asks.
"I thought the two of you were English partners," Kaidan says.
"We were," i reply.
"Kyle changed the seating chart today, for some odd reason," she says," oh crap, sorry. I have to go," she says grabbing her black leather jacket and running out the door.
"what's his name?" kaidan asks.
"Cameron," i say before taking a sip of pepsi.
"Cameron what?" He asks his fists clenching and jaw tighening.
"Cameron kroeger," I reply," why?"
"No. No, absolutely not. I am transferring to your school and i will be your new English partner. i do not want him anywhere near my girlfriend."
"What? Kaidan you love the academy. You can't transfer because of me!" I argue.
I look at his Hill crest academy uniform. His jet black hair spiked, and his creamy skin looking exteremly tan in this light.Dressed in black jeans, a white button down shirt, red tie and a sweater with the Hill Crest Academy Crest on it.
"Yes i like it there. But you are more important than a school. And i will protect my girlfriend, even if it is just some guy at your school," He says his eyes darkening.
"wait, what?"
"Promise me you will not ever be alone with cameron kroeger," he says.
"Promise me," he says
"I promise."

I wake up on Tuesday morning to tapping on my window. I sit up and look around.
"Lucian!" i call. My door opens a few seconds later as the tapping on my window continues, i dismiss it as rain. Lucian walking in dressed in dark jeans and a button down blue shirt.
"Hey sweetie," Luke says walking in with a plate of chocolate chip pancakes.
"Morning. Um...how did i get in my room?" i ask.
"I got here at two this morning and both you and Kaidan were asleep on the couch. He brought you up here and went home. He said something about picking you up today for school." he explains,"I thought he went to Hill Crest?"
I take the plate from him and he sits on the edge of my bed.
"He did. He told me last night that he transferred to Nightington, today is his first day," i laugh.
"Why did he transfer? I thought he liked Hill Crest."
"He does, and why he transferred is a very long story," i say, though i'm not exactly sure why he's transferring.
"Okay, you guys can tell me this afternoon after school," he says standing up.
"You'll be here?"
"Of course. Do you not know what tomorrow is?" he asks. what day is it today?
"Violet, it's your birthday tomorrow!" he exclaims.
"Oh, yeah," i laugh," So i'll see you in a few minutes?"
"Of course." he walks to the door and stops and looks back at me with a smile," I think someone is trying to get your attention." he nods towards the window.
"huh?" but he's already gone and the door is closed. I walk to the window and look out. There's no rain yet, but the sky is a smoky grey blanket of clouds. I look down towards the ground and laugh. Kaidan is standing beneath my window throwing pebbles. So that's what i heard, it wasn't rain. It was rocks. I open my window and smile,
"Go to the front door !"
"I thought girls liked this!" he yells back up to me.
"We do!" i yell back before closing my window and hurrying to get dressed. I decide on a pair of dark skinny jeans, dark snow boots with a fluffy white inside, and a soft fluffy white sweater on top of a black tank top. i throw on eyeliner and grab my backpack before running down the stairs. Almost crashing into luke at the bottom of the stairs.
"Slow down sweetheart, you'll break your neck running like that outside. There's a thick layer of ice covering the ground out there, be careful with my girl while driving Kai," Luke says as kaidan comes into view putting a plate in the sink.
"Always am sir," kaidan says.
"Nothing less than i expect," Lucian says.
"Of course sir," kaidan smiles.
See, even kaidan treats luke like my father! I do not understand why Lucian won't just say he is my father. Even if he has to lie to me. I would much rather he lie to me about being my father, than me wish he is my father and him say he is not. I wish my mother would just wake up already and get married to him! Because if he really is not my father that is the easiest way for him to become my father. Even if that doesn't really make him my father. It would be closer to anything than it is now. Luke acts like my father, he treats me like his daughter, he treats my boyfriend like my father. And i have seen the way my mom and him look at each other. And i KNOW that they have had sex. How does he know that it is impossible that i am his daughter. Unless...unless there was another guy involved...
I turn away from Luke and turn to face Kaidan. He can see the look in my dark violet eyes.
"We," i say slowly, trying not to think about if that could actually true,"we should get going".
"Whatever you want baby," he says walking out of the kitchen and walking into the entry way of the manor.
"I want to leave," i say,"Right now."
"Okay, i'll see you kids after school. What do you want for dinner?" Luke asks.
"Tell him you'll text him at lunch," i whisper to kaidan.
"She doesn't know. I'll text you at lunch with the answer," he says. Thank you kaidan.
"Okay, learn a lot and be nice to the teachers."
"Will do sir," kaidan says opening the door for me. I run outside before luke can say anything else. I'm choking back tears by the time we get to kaidans car.
"What's the matter?" he asks.
"You do realize that if luke is not my father, like he keeps saying he's not...then he had to watch my mother be with another guy for all those years. And if that is true than where is this guy now?" i ask.
"What you have to remember vi, is do you really want this guy to be here- if there is another guy? Think about it, if luke really is not your father than, would you want it to be any different than it is now? If another guy is your father would you want to be living with him instead of luke? If you found out that luke really is not your father, would you want your real father to come here? Would you replace luke with your real father?"
I really freaking hate these moments. the ones where Kaidan says something hella deep and changes my mind about something i'm dead set about thinking.
"No. I'm just saying that if he is my father, why is he lying about it? and if he isn't why hasn't he TRIED to lie about it? I mean, most stepfather's or whatever just say "hey im your dad" if the kid doesn't know that he's not. But luke... never once has he tried to do that. I just can't help feeling like he doesn't WANT to be my father. Even if he is," i admit.
"Of course he does violet! You are all lucian ever talks about. Don't forget he works with my uncle, trust me, Charlie is always going on and on about how luke never shuts up about you. He loves you violet, weather or not he's your father, and weather or not there was another man involved in your mothers life."
"But you would think he would hate me for being a product of the woman he loves and another man!" I say.
He starts the car and lets out a sigh.
"I wouldn't. He has been with you and your mother even before you were born. He's bound to love you when he raised you."
"Yeah, i guess." i decide to change the subject," what classes do you have?"
An evil smile appears on his face.
"Take a look," he says taking a piece of paper out of his pocket and handing it to me:

Nightington High School Class Schedule
Student's name: Halloway, Kaidan
Transfer from: Hill Crest Academy

Period 1: Alegbra 2- Mr. Kyle Maclare
Period 2: Physical Education 3- Mr. Stephen Wright
Period 3: Honors French - Mrs. Anne Jones
period 4: Biology 3- Mr. Kyle Maclare
Period 5: Honors History- Mr. Mark Looney
Period 6: Advanced Honors English lit- Mr. Kyle Maclare

"Kaidan!" i say.
"What?" he asks.
"You know what!"
"I had to make sure you are protected at all times."
"Protected from what?" i ask. I am starting to think that this is about more than his wanting to protect me all of a sudden.
"Everything. Everyone."
"How did you do it?" i ask smiling, slightly impressed.
"The principal is a woman. It only took a bit of persuasion on my part," he says with a wink.
"Kaidan! Tell me you did not seduce Mrs. Greene," i beg.
"Of course not! I simply asked her for certain classes at certain times with certain teachers and she gave them to me," he says.
"Really? Because she's a bitch. I really doubt she'd give you what you want just because you're hella sexy," i roll my eyes.
"Aww, thanks baby. But yeah that's all that happened. Today's gonna be a very good day," he says still talking about me calling him sexy. I roll my eyes again.

When we meet up with Zallah in math, her mouth drops open at the sight of kaidan.
"what are you doing here sexy?" she asks him as he sitting next to me in our group of four.
"I transferred. I wanted to be closer to violet, make sure no one is trying to move in on her," he smiles. Cameron? Cameron is not trying to "Move in on me".
"Why is he looking so hot today?" Zallah whispers to me. I just shrug, but it's true. Kaidan has this darkish glow to him today that makes him that much hotter.
"I would tackle you in the sheets," she tells him.
he just laughs. the girl next to violet, Delilah, has not moved her eyes away from him. It is making me a little bit more than uncomfortable the way Kaidan affects the girls here. i mean come on him girlfriend is sitting right here! I know he is attractive and sweet and all but seriously? I don't blame them, i almost go as far to start thinking it's him. He uses his looks and personality to get girls to do what needs to be done, like what he did to my principal.

At lunch kaidan texts Luke an answer, i don't know what it was, kaidan can read me like an open book though, so i'm sure whatever it is i want it. But to be completely honest. I have not been paying any attention to ANYTHING all day. All that is on my mind is that i need to talk to Kyle. And right now is my only chance...i just have to get anyway from kaidan. I love kaidan i do. But i need to talk to kyle ABOUT kaidan, so he can't be ther when i go to see him, which needs to be soon.
Once oliver and his girlfriend Alejandra sit at our lunch table i stand up.
"I'll see you guys in lit," i say grabbing my bag.
"Where are you going babe?" kaidan asks.
"bathroom and then to the office, i have a headache and i have pills in the office," i lie easily.
"okay, be careful," kaidan says.
"I will, i promise. I won't run into any big bad men okay?"
"You mean; you won't run into any small, lying little boys?" he asks.
"yes that is exactly what i mean," i roll my eyes and walk away before he can stop me.

I walk slowly to Kyle's room and when i get there i rap on the door. Hard. Until he opens it.
"Violet! come in " he says opening the door for me.
"I need to talk to you kyle," i sigh jumping on top of his desk.
"What's wrong? I've never seen you this upset before. Have you met the new student?" he asks
"Kaidan Halloway, a transfer student from Hill Crest," i nod.
"You've met him." he says
"Actually...Kaidan's my boyfriend, he transferred here for me. But that's what i need to talk to you about."
He looks hurt at this. I feel bad.
"You...I never knew you had a boyfriend," he says.
"I know, i'm sorry," i say.
I tell kyle EVERYTHING, so he is more than hurt by the fact that i never told him about kaidan. Kyle is like the lovable uncle i never had. He treats me like a niece and he was friends with my mom and is friends with lucian.
But, i haven't talked to him in a while.
"You said kaidan is what you wanted to talk to me about?" he asks, sitting on top of one of the students desks.
"Yes actually," i rely.
"Let's here it then," he says like i am about to tell him the hottest gossip of the entire planet.
"Well, here's what happened".

"I won't deny that it's a bit strange violet, but-"
"But what kyle?" i ask.
"But maybe he's telling you the truth. Maybe he knows Cameron and what kind of person he is and doesn't want you around him," Kyle says pacing the length of the room.
"So what are you going to do?" i ask.
"ME?" he says confused.
"Yes, you. Are you going to leave me sitting next to cameron?" i ask. A part of me hoping the answer is yes.
"I don't see what else i CAN do violet. Cameron obviously knows about you...a little too well, but he probably already has the essay on you done. I can't just move you guys around AGAIN," he says.
"But what about kaidan?" i ask.
"He'll just have to sit in front of cameron, next to oliver," he says calmly.
"Kyle, he doesn't want me anywhere near cameron. He has to have a reason..." i say.
"I'm sure he does have an excellent reason for it," Kyle stops pacing and faces me in one swift motion."I bet..." he trails off. Oh god no.
"Kyle, whatever experiment you are thinking of doing," i say worried already,"Don't."
"I was just...THINKING how..." he trails off trying to find the right word "...diverting," he chooses," it would be if i place the two of THEM together."
"I am sure it would be EXTREMELY diverting if you did that. But it would also be horrific and most likely leave you with A LOT to clean up when it's all over," i say wide eyed. It would divert the situation, but then we'd have ANOTHER situation to handle.
"Don't do it kyle," i say.
"I don't think i will. I was just thinking that it would be ludicrous to do it," he says starting to pace again.
"IT WOULD BE!" i say.
He sighs,"If you don't want me to do it i won't...What if we gave it two days? test it. Then i'll switch it back if you don't like it. You'll be with oliver and kaidan will be with cameron, Just for two days?"
I think it over for a few seconds. What's the worst that could happen? Oh yeah that's right, THEY KILL EACH OTHER! what's the best that could happen? They don't know each other.
"Fine. Two days kyle."
I gave in.

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