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The Andromeda Fall

December 15, 2013
By EDWARDKAN, saratoga, California
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EDWARDKAN, Saratoga, California
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Author's note: I have always loved Space science fiction movies and books. I have always loved watching science fiction space horror movies. This is the genre I love reading, writing, watching movies about. I have wrote so many Sci-fi books, yet I never finished them. THE ANDROMEDA FALL is one of four books I am writing. I am thinking of putting them all together to make one big book.

I lay there, on my bed staring up at the ceiling. I don’t even know what time it is. It could be 2 am on Earth, or 4 pm, yet whatever time it was, I could never sleep. Not only I had so much to do in the Andromeda, but I felt never tired, I worked all day, and I had only 4 breaks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 5 hours free time, which was supposed to be the time when I slept. Instead I studied strategies and a lot of Math and Science. Science was very important in the ship, yet this isn’t supposed to be a explorer ship, no it is supposed to be a battle ship. I am close to getting the rank of Fleet Admiral. The Admiral right now is getting old and he is close to reaching retirement. There are two people in front of me to get Admiral.

Andromeda is a warship and it is on its way to Mars. The Martian/Earthern colonies that are on Mars have betrayed the USC. Andromeda and its fleet is now heading to eliminate the Colonies on Mars, and replace them with USC bases and Universities, as well as schools and Military testing grounds.

I got up from my bed and went to my tablet. I then got dressed. I walked out the door and and headed towards the Elevator, which was at the end of the hall. When I arrived there, I pressed the button that said up. It took a couple of minutes for the elevator to arrive. Finally it came and got in it and pressed the red button that said MAIN BRIDGE in big bold letters. The computer inside the lift asked to put my thumb print on this piece of paper to see who I am and to grant access to the bridge. A green light indicated that I am aloud to enter the bridge. The elevator started moving up. Then all of a sudden the lights in the lift started strobing on and off. I fell on my back when the elevator jerked back, and I got the wind knocked out of me. I couldn’t move or breath correctly. All I could do is think, and look. I saw the doors of the elevator getting pretty beat up. There was a lot of noise, I heard people screaming, yelling to each other, and by surprise the doors of the lift flew open. Pieces of metal dug inside my legs, arms, and chest. I then regained control of my body and started getting up, then the elevator flipped on its side and I hit my head, which made me unconscious.

I woke up in the infirmary. Apparently, someone had found me in a crashed elevator. I jumped off the bed, ignoring the pain in my chest, and the dizziness in my head. A nurse ran to me and yelled “you are in no mood of getting up. You got hit in the head pretty bad, and we are still working on taking those metal blisters out from you legs, arms, and chest. Now please, go back on the bed so we can clean you up!” I turned around and while I was walking I turned my head and said “No time for that, I need to check up on the bridge.”

When I finally arrived to the bridge, I found out that the Andromeda is in serious trouble. The bridge was in chaos, people yelling, papers flying, red strobing lights, and most of all a lot of people on the floor unconscious. I couldn’t find the Admiral, so I ran to one of my close friends and asked where the Admiral is. “Where’s the Admiral?” I asked. “Paris…, um,” I got the message when I saw his face and tears coming from his eyes. I turned and ran to Domonic, who is supposed to be the co Admiral. “What happened?” “The colonies have hit us hard. We got and oxygen leak in Left Hangar Bay, and we lost the Admiral.” He replied. “You don’t seem worried at all that we lost the FLEETS ADMIRAL!” I yelled to him. He looked up to me and stares right into my eyes. “I never show my feelings Paris. I only follow orders and make sure to do them right. Yes I am sad that we lost the Admiral, though we must move on. We cannot change what happened, but we can change the fate of the Andromeda, are you getting any of this?”
No, I thought. I turned around and jogged over to the power box. I turned off all the lights of the bridge. Everybody went silent. I switched the lights back on and turned around.

“Do you all want the Andromeda to fall apart? Because if you do, you are doing a great job right now. We can’t afford to lose this ship, including its fleet. Infact, Dominic, give me the status of the ship SALVADOR and the rest of the fleet. I want all the Patriots out of our Hangars and fighting. Meelus, what are we dealing with?” I turned towards him. “Um, we are dealing with.” he started pressing random buttons as if he was paying attention. “We are dealing with a class 2 frigate known as DESTINY.” Replied Domonic.

Destiny is a class 2 frigate. Frigates are rated 1-4, 4 being the strongest. Destiny can be considered a class 4 frigate, yet it was originally made to be a class 2 frigate to explore very hot places. An example would be a star. But after it was built some modifications, actually a lot of modifications, made it a battle cruiser. Then Mars bought it and because Mars has a lot of money, they upgraded it to the highest possible level. Now some people consider it a NEW AGE SHIP CRUISER or NASC. The name Destiny was given because its Destiny was changed and it was given a new one, to destroy, not to explore.

I lost my confidence, and when I was in the process of getting my wrecked tablet out I blacked out.

I saw a bright light, it was blinking, and when it blinked out, it didn’t turn on. I closed and opened my eyes hard and opened my eyes. It was almost pitch black. There was almost no noise too. I raised my head and turned it to face the floor. I had cuts and bruises everywhere and my leg was bleeding. I attempted to get up, yet I fell to the floor. I crawled over to a desk and used it to get up. When I finally got up I had a view of what was happening. Everybody was lying on the floor, and nobody seemed to try to wake up or get up. I looked at the desk and found a little laser light. I turned it on, yet it was strobing, which meant it was running low on battery. I pointed it to certain parts of the room and I found Dominic lying on the floor with glass fragments all over his body. His face had a big cut with blood pouring out. I ran to him and knelt and started taking out some of the glass pieces. As I took out one he woke up and screamed at the top of his lungs. He faced me, and muttered some nonsense. I smiled a little with relief that he was alive.
“You okay?” I asked. “Couldn’t be better.” he said as he glanced at the other people struggling to get up. “Domonic, I now that you are in charge, but I need you to help get these people up and ready, so that we can finish the mission and make sure all this isn’t for nothing.” He starred deep into my eyes, a tear was coming down his cheek, and he slowly got up, turned around and walked to the glass. Meelus was getting up now and I could see that he was in a very bad shape. His face was pale as snow. His dark brown hair was messy, and his lips were dry. “I give up. Give a distress signal to the USC please.” He said as he tried to pick up a C.O.M.P tablet. “I would if I could, we can’t get any signal because not only did DESTINY destroy all of our communication systems, but we are entering Mars’s territory, also known as the Dark Zone, yet it’s temporary.” I glanced at Domonic, who was still looking out of the glass window. “We can fix all this. Um…is there a way that we can jumpstart the engines, or do we have to do it manually? I’m asking you Meelus, you are in charge of the engines and the path of the ship! Now is there a way that we can jumpstart the engines, or do we have to do it manually?” I grabbed the C.O.M.P tablet from him, and looked straight into his eyes. “No, we have to do it manually, I volunteer to do it. How much time do I have?” He snatched the tablet back, and plugged in something that he had in his pocket, what it was, I do not know. “I saved this for emergencies. It is an Autostarter and it is used to turn on things that do not work or have lost the connection.”

30 slow minutes pass, and we have got a good plan in our minds. Everyone on the bridge was evacuated to the lower floors except me, Meelus, and Domonic. Domonic was starting to wake up from his daydreaming, and we got a small connection with the fleets class 4 frigate, SALVADOR. It was a written message and this is what it said:

We are heading towards the southern part of Mars and we cannot maneuver our ship because when DESTINY attacked us…

After reading all of that I realized something. An idea popped in my mind. Although it was a good one it put a lot of people in danger, so I tried to get it out of my head. I turned to face Domonic. He was in a very bad state. His eyes were dark, and he was very tired. His black hair was burnt and ruined, and he had a scar on the right side of his face. He looked at me and talked.“I leave you in command Paris, I am in no shape to lead, and I do not fit the rules for being a fit Admiral. The Andromeda is in your hands Paris, do something right with it.” He got up and limped towards the doors which lead to the stairs, opened it, and ran down the staircase. Trying to sound heroic, that’s what Domonic tried to do a lot. I didn’t think to go after him.

Now, what happened to the frigate DESTINY? Meelus was starting to get almost all the computers in the bridge running with no connection, but then he stopped working and turned to me. “What about everybody else in the Andromeda?” Strange, I never thought of that. I have been so worried about everybody on the bridge that I didn’t get a chance to think of the people on the rest of the ship until now. Meelus gazed outside of the glass window. Outside of the Andromeda, in space, I saw drifting parts of ships, and some broken drones. Then I started seeing something very bright, so very bright, coming towards the glass, and then I got a glimpse of what it was. It was a satellite, and it meant one thing, we are close to Mars.

I yelled to Meelus. “Can you get the COM back up, as well as all the screens throught the ship, I have to deliver a message.” Meelus didn’t answer, yet I think he understood and was already starting to do it.
I looked out of the glass again, and I saw a dark red light coming from the side of the Andromeda. I knew what it was. “Meelus, I need you to get those COMs up now!”
“Paris, I’m trying…Wait…just one sec…done! Back online, woohoo!” I picked up the intercom and spoke into it. “Patriot 1 943 you don’t have permission to leave Andromeda, over.” There was no signal back, so the person inside the spacecraft had to type back.

Co-1943, Paris__Yeiko, I-am-going-to-stop-stop-stop-stop-DESTINY----

I knew it was Domonic. Only he had the code to access the Patriot fighters. How does he think he is going to destroy DESTINY. You need at least a class 3 frigate, and all he has is a Patriot fighter. “Domonic, come back, I repeat come back, I order you, over!”


I smashed my fist on the desk, knocking over my tablet again. Sparks flew, yet the tablet was still working. “Why does Domonic have to be…” “-Paris, um…well, we got connection with the lower decks and the rest of the Andromeda.
“Pitch me through.” I grabbed the intercom and spoke. “This is Paris Yeiko, I am your Admiral now. Domonic Radion has flown away in a Patriot fighter to stop the frigate DESTINY. We cannot rely on him to stop Destiny. We have lost all contact with the USC and Earth, and I decided there is no turning back. If we turn back, we may not even be able to arrive that far, and we have lost so much for nothing. We must go on, and finish the mission we started, Paris Yeiko over.” I took a deep breath, and realized that Domonic was clapping. “Very heroic Paris, very heroic. Now lets get back to work.

As I was getting the engines working, and all the electricity through out the ship working, I got a message from the computer.

Escape Pods 1-40 requesting launch-Escape Pods 1-40 launched…

“Oh no, no, no, no, Paris um…the escape pods launched, withought permission!”
Meelus was trying to stop the launches, but I stopped him. “It’s to late. They don’t feel right or safe, they can leave, they can leave.” I felt a tear coming down from my eye, and I washed it away fast before Meelus could see it. Why was it coming down? I’m not sad, am I? “The ship is losing oxygen, and it is losing it fast. There is a break in the lower deck, and there is no way to fix it. Um, we are stuck.” “But were not screwed.” I replied. I ran to the staircase and turned to face Meelus. “I’ll be back in a second.”

I hurried down the stairs and through the halls, and noticed that the ship was somewhat quiet. Other than the buzzing of the engines echoing and the sounds of the lights flickering on and off, it was quiet, but maybe too quiet. Not everybody in the ship could fit in the escape pods. Where was all the staff, or the cadets, or the soldiers, or anyone? Then I heard the crinkling of the mike. “This is Meelus. Paris get away from the second deck, get away as fast as you possibly can…we have a problem.”

Problem, what problem? I ran through the long repetitive corridors finding some parts that the lights are working, and some parts that they aren’t working. I ran to the nearest staircase, and jogged up to the fourth deck. I was exhausted when I got up to the deck, the thin air was starting to get me. I ran to the main hall, and took out my pass or access card. I looked at the code on the pass and memorized it very fast. I then ran to the nearest wall of the long octagonal hall. There was a keypad, in which my code was supposed to be typed in. I typed my code. “2, 4, 9, 4, done!” The code then sent a alarm off and a countdown from 10. I turned away from the keypad and ran back to the staircase. I calmly walked up the stairs. Then the count down went 4, 3, 2, 1, lock! All the doors in level four closed, making sure no more oxygen from the Andromeda escaped. For a second I stopped moving and just sat down in the staircase and closed my eyes. I took a very deep breath and let it out. I felt calmer, more relaxed. Then I got up and continued walking up the stairs.

“Meelus, what’s the big problem?” I grabbed my tablet from the desk and attempted to turn it on. “Um, well…” The whole Andromeda started shaking now and then it stopped. “You know how when we lost connection, and all the lights were out.” “Yes,” I replied. “Well, I just found out that they docked with us, and they shot our power with a missile so that we couldn’t notice it. The ship DESTINY sent four ships inside hangar 1. That’s why I told you to get away from the second deck.” He took a deep breath, and was about to continue, but I cut him off. “So, this is a problem. The soldiers in the ships could be anywhere in the Andromeda now my guess the engines.” I dropped my tablet and walked towards the entrance to the staircase. “You don’t seem worried at all.” Meelus said with no tone at all. “Well, that’s because I’m not, and I have a plan.”

I opened the door to the staircase and turned to Meelus. “I need you to stay here to make sure nothing crazy happens.” I sprinted down to level one. I opened the door and exited the staircase. Yah, I’m tired, I thought. On this floor al the lights were out, and it was way colder. I took the laser pointer I had previously used to find Domonic among the people on the floor in the bridge. I walked straight, and turned right towards the armory. I took out my pass and swiped it across a screen, which opened the door to the armory. The door barely made any noise when it opened. The lights were flickering too in the armory, yet I could still see pretty good. Armors were everywhere. There was pilot suits, and countless heated space helmets, for when you go outside of the ship, in no gravity and when it is very cold. I picked a suit up that was made for the cold and no oxygen. “Done this…now.” I looked for some body armor to magnetically attach to the suit. “Hmmmm,” I hummed. I shot the laser pointer at a corner, and I found the body armor. It was black/grayish with a long red stripe. I took it and attached it to myself. It stuck to my suit fast and wouldn’t come off unless you wanted it. I then searched for a helmet that could give you oxygen if you were in space, but also let in oxygen from outside. Luckily I found one that was the same color as my suit. After that I grabbed a knife and a shock, which was a type of weapon which can shut down all the systems in the enemies suit, and put them to sleep, in other words more like a tranquilizer.

Finally I got out of the armory. I plugged in a chip that was connected to Andromeda’s intercom, so that Meelus can speak to me and I can speak to him through the mike in the helmet. “Meelus, over.” I waited for a response. “Hear you loud and clear Paris. So what’s your plan?”

“Hangar 1 is on floor one correct?” I again waited for an answer. “Correct.” Good, I thought. So I’m on the same floor as the enemy, good. “Ok so here it is. I get the troops to follow me to the fourth level. I open the airlock doors, and flush them out the Andromeda.” I stopped to think and realized how bad the idea was. “That was your plan, all along, it’s terrible Paris and…” I cut him off as usual and started talking. “-This wasn’t my original plan. My original plan had a lot of big risks, we can do it but you have to come down to get suited up, and we risk burning the whole Andromeda.” “Paris, tell me, what is the plan?” I don’t want to say it, but I have to. “Remember when we were kids, we learned a story, or more like a legend where a man took a risk and he stopped the…” “Yeah I remember and what is it going to be? Like that story/Legend?” I thought for a moment of my previous idea. “Yes, we get suited up and go to the bridge and land the Andromeda near the Mars colony.” I stopped and stared up to the ceiling as if looking into Meelus’s eyes. “Um, that’s risky I admit, but it’s the only thing we’ve got. So I say lets do it, lets finish this rebellion. But wait a minute, how do we finish the rebellion and take out the whole colony?” I smiled and faced the floor. “Well Meelus, just get me to Mars with the Andromeda, and you’ll see.”

Ok so here’s my theory. When DESTINY’s four ships docked with the Andromeda, they took out many soldiers. Looking through the tapes and cameras, the four ships were pretty big. They must’ve taken most of the people of the Andromeda, pretty much all the soldiers so that we cannot fight. They probably also took many doctors. They left us with all the cadets and staff. Then the staff and cadets got scared and ran away with the escape pods. So all we were left with was me and Meelus, in a ghost ship. It sounded impossible, yet it was the only possible one. The scary thing is, I know nothing of what happened to the crew, and neither does Meelus.

“Hey Paris, you know what I found out. The four ships took off along time ago with our crew, but they left DESTINY’s soldiers on our ship, but why?” I walked through the corridors heading once again to the staircase. “No idea, and that’s why I am mad. I have no clue what’s going on.” I slowly walked to the second, then third, and up all the floors to the bridge. Then I heard voices. The voices came from the floor right underneath me. “Um Meelus I need you to lock the doors to the bridge now!” I ran to him and he was already at work. “I’m on it, give me a minute, four minutes at most.” He ran around the bridge as if he was crazy, but he wasn’t. He plugged in countless chips, and attached four tablets to the main computer. “Come on, log on, come on.” He ran to the door to the staircase and unscrewed the lock box. “We have to do it manually so um…come here!” I jogged to him. “ Hold this.” He gave me a chip. So many chips, so many! “Ok give the chip back.” I gave it to him, he plugged it in, then screwed the lock box back on.


An alarm went off which closed all the doors airtight. “Ok, one thing done.” I looked at Meelus. He wasn’t happy, judging by his expression. “What is it?” I asked curiously. “Our engines are falling apart and we are descending on Mars, with very high speeds.” He made a sad face. “I know the Andromeda well. We’ll just have to sit tight.”

We are heading to the center of the Mars colony, will we survive? Will the Andromeda survive? And will we get to finish the mission? So many questions, yet just one answer, we’ll see.

“Losing connection with all parts of the ship!” Meelus tied to yell over the noise of metal burning and us entering the thin atmosphere of Mars. “I looked forward through the glass window and all I could see was a orange and red. “Lost visuals!” Meelus was running out of breath. My hands were now heating up, and my armor started to lose its color. “Meelus, you have nothing on! You risk…” I slipped and fell down, slipping down the whole bridge. I landed towards the front of the bridge, and the wall I lay on starting cracking. “Um,” I whispered. I got back to my feet, and gradually climbed to the back of the bridge. Ok, what next. “Meelus?” I could see his skin peeling, and blood all over his hands and face. He was sweating like crazy. I turned around and attempted to log on the main computer. “Come on, come on.” I saw Meelus working so hard on trying to keep the ship intact, when all of a sudden a blast of light hit his chest. He fell unconscious. I spinned around to find DESTINY’s troops struggling to stay up on the stairway entrance. I immediately took put my hand to were my tranquilizer should’ve been. I tried to feel for it, but realized it wasn’t there. Oh no. I crouched down and saw it at the front of the bridge. If I slide down to get it and hit the wall it would break making me fall of the ship. Ugh, I knew I had to get it, because it was no time for martial arts. I slowly slid down and picked it up. I got it, turned around and shot the stairway. The troops saw me and shot back. I bent over behind a desk, and shot at random, hitting two. They fell and slid down the bridge and against the wall. The wall started cracking even more and the metal was as red as Mars itself. I looked at Meelus. He was still on the floor. “Lets end this!” Then the wall broke and I fell out of the Andromeda.

I am scared, I thought. I am scared. I hit the side of the Andromeda, burning my left arm. I looked down, and saw the Andromeda crash into Mars, setting off a huge explosion. Metal pieces were flying everywhere, and one hit the glass of my helmet.
Then I blacked out once more.




I opened my eyes to see the Martian sky. I lifted my head to see around me. All there was, was fire. I threw my head back to the floor. I starting seeing Domonic standing right infront of me, looking deep in my eyes with a grin. You didn’t finish the Mission Paris Yeiko, you didn’t finish the mission. I shaked my head, causing a headache, but when I looked back he wasn’t there. Just a vision, just a vision I thought. I took deep breaths, and just lay there staring up, to the sky, wondering what will happen next.



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