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February 22, 2014
By cookieL, north wales, Other
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cookieL, North Wales, Other
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Favorite Quote:
“PIPPIN: I didn't think it would end this way.

GANDALF: End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Death is just another path, one that we all must take. The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass, and then you see it.

PIPPIN: What? Gandalf? See what?

GANDALF: White shores, and beyond, a far green country under a swift sunrise.

PIPPIN: Well, that isn't so bad.

GANDALF: No. No, it isn't.”

Author's note: inspired by so many books, films and writers.

This is my story, where it all begins, where it all started.
I’m Laila, just an ordinary teen girl, brown hair, blues eyes, average weight, nothing special, unless that’s what I thought.
I was special, I had a talent, not like singing or dancing, this was different. I had magic. I’ve always knew I was different from the others girls and boys, but never knew I had it till I was 16, I’m now 18.
I didn’t want to tell anyone though, not even my parents knew. I was too scared to tell anyone, as I knew I would be taken away and treated like some alien. That was no life for me.
I first noticed it when I got into an argument with my parents because they were arguing, I was so angry, so upset, I ran out side down to the park. I started kicking and throwing leaves about, until I just had to sit on the floor, sat there still, holding onto some leaves and then they just burst in to flames, right in my hands, in shock I threw them onto the floor and stamped on them with my feet to put the fire out. I had no idea what just happened, so confused no marks on my hands, no sign of them bursting into flames right in my hands, nothing. Eventually I just made up some excuse for myself and just left it alone.
The next day I couldn’t understand why it happened, was I going crazy, mental in the head, or was I just so annoyed with my parents my brain was just messed up. I carried thinking about it when I went to walk my dog, and crazy as this seemed I picked up some leaves and focused on them, nothing happened, I tried and tried thinking really hard about them, but still nothing happened. I knew it; I was crazy, or at least going crazy.
Well my life had to carry on, I have 2 horses to look after, and I thought to myself I can’t keep worrying about what happened with the leaf incident.
Weeks went by, still nothing. Until once again I got in to another argument with my parents, but this time about money, they were saying how I couldn’t afford to keep my horses and how they have to go. My horses are my life, my dream, my everything. Upset as I was I got on my bike and when down to see them. They never fail to make me smile. I was sat in my stable thinking about what I would do without them I got a little upset. Then at that moment I started to feel something dripping on my shoulder, I looked down to see and to my amazement i had darker coloured dots on my clothes like it would when it’s just started to rain. I looked up and out of my amazement it was raining, not to mention, inside my stable.
I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t scared this time; I stood up put my arms out to feel it. I could see little tiny water droplets on my hand, and then it clicked.
That time when the leaves burst into flames, I was angry and annoyed, and when it’s raining inside my stable I was upset. The magic, its… it’s running on my emotions. I’ve always felt like I really feel them, when I hurt I really hurt but when I’m happy I can’t stop smiling, so that’s the cause of all this, my emotions.
So now that I figured this out, I was still shaken up about this. Of course I didn’t know how to control it and I didn’t know why it’s only started to happen now because I mean I’ve been upset and angry before, so I started to do some research about this. I can’t be the only person in the world to possess this strange talent can i?
So when I got home that night I went upstairs and googled it on my laptop. A lot of strange things came up about witches and warlocks, legends and curses, both good and evil. I searched for 3 hours but found nothing that I could conclude similarities to me. I was tired and started to get a headache “owch” so I decided time for bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep.
I had a dream that night, about these very good looking lads but dressed very odd, dressed like they would if they were brave nights in the medieval times, fighted with swords and crossbows. It seemed like they were protecting something very special, looked like they would die for what they are protecting, although I had never seen these guys before. Curious as I was I just put it aside, decided I was stressed, and nothing else was said.

That morning I did my usual yard duties. Cleaning and watering the horses, mucking out and organising my tack room. I then went down to the bottom field where no one could see me. The field was surrounding by tall hedges making it a perfect place to figure this stuff out. I wanted to find out more what I could do rather than making it rain in a stable and setting leaves ignite in my hand, I had more in me. I could feel it, just didn’t know how to use it and what I would do with it.
Luckily it was a warm summer’s day with a nice breeze, as I sat down on the grass I started to concentrate on a small stone that was just in front of me. I wasn’t quite sure what I intended to make it do but if it just moved a tiny bit I would be happy. I stared and stared concentrating really hard but nothing happened all though it was kinda hard to get all emotional over a rock!
Suddenly I heard a voice calling my name, then the gate opening. I looked up and it was Jordan walking towards me, looking very confused as I was sitting on the grass in the middle of the field. Well I can’t really blame him because it’s not every day you see someone sitting in the middle of a field on their own.
He asked what I was doing, I couldn’t tell him I was trying to make a rock move by using my new magical, emotional running mind powers, how strange would that sound. So I just said “thinking” he asked what I was thinking about I just said “everything and anything”. Again he looked at me strange and could instantly tell I was lying but I couldn’t tell him the truth not yet, too soon. He just replied with “oh right ok” not wanting to ask any more questions, he just said
“Judy wants to know if you would like to come to the house and have a cup of tea and biscuits with us”
I replied “sounds great I’ll be up in about 5mins” he then gave me a smile and walked off saying “meet you at the house”
Jordan by the way is a lad that works up at the farm and helps Judy, the lady that owns the farm with john her husband. Jordan, very nice personality, helped me though a lot of tough times. Picked up the pieces that others left behind, Always makes me feel warm and smile like a goon. Guess you could say I was falling for him.
Any back to the point, as he walked away I looked back at the rock expecting it not to moved, I took one last look before I was about to walk back, thinking about Jordan, it moved. But it didn’t just move a little like I wanted it to, if flew across the field hitting the fence with a loud bang, Made me jump and the horses looked up towards it, then carried on eating as if nothing just happened. But then the warm summer’s breeze got faster and a lot warmer, my hair started to blow about and it felt like I was suddenly in Spain with this heat. I was amazed, I giggled to myself, and soon as I dropped my focus everything went back to normal like nothing happened.
I got up to the house, Judy had my cup of tea on the table with some biscuits, and Jordan was sitting in a chair, then burst out laughing Asking if I got attacked by a hurricane on my way up to the house. I gave an awkward smile replying sarcastically did you not feel that breeze. His reply was “no” once again looking confused. I thought to myself it must of only happened around me and nowhere else. I sorted my hair out and sat down by that time Judy walked into the room, we chatted away talking about the horses and plans for the yard.
When I got home it was pretty late so I went straight up to bed, dozed off. Once again I had that same dream only this time I could see one of the lads faces clearer. One of them stood out more than others, he looked very strong, looked like he was the leader of this gang. He had a nice body build, mousy brown spiked up hair and bright blue eyes. He looked beautiful in this strange way; something drew my attention to him more than the others. I then heard this name being called out “Aragorn” then he turned to look at who ever was calling him. I was unsure if this was him name as he was also responding to “strider” also which confused me even more, then I woke.
My mum was calling my name “Laila” “Laila” she shouted. I answered with a “what” as I was still half a sleep. I was all hot and sweaty started to feel flustered and unwell.
My mum said it looked like I was having a bad dream, moaning and mumbling about something she was worried because she said I was too hot. Then she got a damp cloth and placed it on my forehead. This felt nice, instantly cooling me down. Although I was still feeling sick maybe because I over heated. This dream made me feel dreadful. My mum whispered to me “try and get some sleep” and stroked my hair making me instantly fall back to sleep.

That morning I didn’t wake up till 11 o clock, feeling like something had sucked the life out of me. I stayed in bed a little while longer then convinced myself I had to get up. I wanted to ride today but didn’t feel up to it, but I still had my breakfast and headed down towards the yard. I felt a little better as I got down to the yard guess the fresh air was doing me some good. So I brought one of my horses in, brushed and tacked him up ready to ride.
Just as I was leaving through the gates Jordan just arrived. He looked at me odd and asked if I was feeling well, complaining that I looked pail.
“I’m fine” I said liking the way he was worrying about me. He then replied with “ok, call me if you need me”
“Thanks” I said and then headed of out. I decided to go up in to the saint George hills as it was quite up there, not much traffic or people.
So when I got up into the hills I had a nice trot along the road and went for a good gallop when I hit this big open field.
As I walked along the path through the woods, no one was about just me and blue, my horse. I thought to myself to see if I could make the breeze ruffle though the trees as I was starting to feel ill again. I concentrated on the trees and thought of a cool summer’s breeze. I relaxed my mind; let myself feel calm and safe.
Did some deep breathing and then I could feel this cool breeze starting to pick. I could hear it thought the trees with the leaves russeling and then my hair started to blow back a little, not like in the field this was a cool and calm breeze. My horse’s mane started to move with in the wind and he looked like he was enjoying it just as much as me.
Then all off a sudden I had this huge pain in my head and everything dropped and went back to normal. But my head, felt like it was going to explode. I held my head with my hands for a while then it started to go away. I was feeling dizzy so I headed back to the yard.
Next thing I know I’m in my bed at home with my mum and dad both sitting around me quietly discussing if I needed to go to the hospital or get a doctor out to see me.
I sorta jumped up so quick shouting “where’s blue” “how did I get here” “what happened” so many questions.
My mum replied asking if I was ok and telling me it’s ok “Blues safe don’t worry” she said.
My dad explained what happened,
“Jordan phoned me up saying you collapsed” his voice was full of concern
“I what” I replied back all confused as it was a blur.
“Yeah, he said he seen you before you went out riding, said you were looking pale” he said.
“I felt ok though, a little sick but not too bad” I replied.
“Oh, well he explained that you had just come back in from riding, was coming over to see if you were ok, he said he shouted out to you, but you didn’t turn or reply to him” ok now I was confused.
“I didn’t even hear him calling me; I don’t even remember getting back into the yard”.
“Well he said as he was walking over to you, you just collapsed, so he ran over to you, put you into the recovery position, which was very clever of him and phoned me up, I then came soon as and brought you home. He also said he will finish off blue for you” well I guess that was quick thinking of him.
“Oh my god, I can’t believe that happened” I said. Jordan saved me, who too though he would place me into the recovery position. Then the doctor came round.
He took my temperature and listened to my heart, he said there were little differences from the tests but not much.
“Nothing to worry about, get some rest” he demanded.
I went straight to bed, was it the magic that was making me feel like this, making me feel strained and worn out. I didn’t want to use it if it makes me collapse each time. So I got very wary about it. Then fell asleep.
My dream happened again, same guy, same place in the woods, same horses, only this time the other lads their faces began to get clearer and I could make out a tattoo on each of them. They each had the same tattoo picture of a sun and a moon put together with a letter B under it. I had no idea what it means.
They were training of some sort, practicing fighting with swords and arrows doing targeting. It felt like I was really in the dream with them this time. Felt really real, felt so odd.
Out of the corner of my eye to my amazement I noticed a few of them had magic like me but had really strong magic. Could this be it the answer to all my problems, was this why I kept having this dream. What was I trying to be told? I felt like I tripped over a branch, and as I did they all looked at me, faces shocked and then I woke up, again hot a flustered.
They had magic, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to get to psyched up as this was only a dream, but then again I did have magic meaning everything thing I ever known was a lie. Maybe there were other witches and warlocks, maybe dragons and mystical creators were actually real and the tattoo I seen, well I needed to do some research on that, and how was it possible they noticed me falling over in my dream, was I actually there?

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