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TIME:Team from the Ages

October 23, 2014
By Patrick Veto, Parker, Colorado
Patrick Veto, Parker, Colorado
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Long ago, in the distant future, monsters and kaiju rule the Earth, and a rouge group of mutants who use acts of terrorism to get freedom, only one team can controll this madness. T.I.M.E., the team forged from eras in time, Tyler Feng, The leader of the team and a Draco Wurm mutant who decided to help humanity rather than kill it, Captian Isabelle Pose, the most fearsome female pirate to rule the seas and the bride of Tyler, Michale Stemas, the weapon specialist of the team and long time friend of Tyler, Doctor Edward Timus, the engineer of the team and adopted brother of Isabelle. together they can once again bring peace to their world

Patrick V.

TIME:Team from the Ages

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