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Book Addict

November 2, 2014
By Kiwi_The_Awesome, Cupertino, California
Kiwi_The_Awesome, Cupertino, California
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  Kate Patan an ordinary twelve year old girl, who loves to read, finds her self following a boy who seems oddly familiar. She is stuck between a choice to leave this world and live in a fictional world of her choice or stay and live with her cruel Father that has been, plotting for years, trying to kill her.

   Kate lives in a wealthy family with a cruel Father. After being told that she is going to be sent off to an orphanage, on her brithday, she runs and seeks refuge in their personal library. She reads until a mysterious boy slips her a note saying that she can come with him to find a key that will unlock any fictional world of her choice.

  Will Kate choose to go with the mysterious boy, and find the key, or will she choose to keep things the way it is with her crazy Father after her?

Kiren B.

Book Addict

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