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God-Slaying Machine

July 1, 2015
By Chemical_Insanity, Mount Vernon, Washington
Chemical_Insanity, Mount Vernon, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"My brain is like my room. Disorganized, messy, and covered in enough clothes to dress a small army."

"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study hard and be evil."


Osaka is not what Miyako Akane thought it would be. Used to her life inside Hutchingson Laboratories, Miyako now has to cope with the curiosity of her classmates and of the new prototype sent to help her, as well as how to carry out her missions without the rest of Japan finding out.


But when she finds a body inside the house of the first girl she murdered, questions are raised. How is everyone so connected? And why was Jaede forced to disappear only weeks after her arrival? With the help of an antisocial boy who knows more than she’d like, Miyako is about to discover that there’s more to Project God-Slaying Machine than she realized, and that what she learns could destroy everything, including herself.

Tiara H.

God-Slaying Machine

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