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October 28, 2015
By Hetzer BRONZE, Savage, Minnesota
Hetzer BRONZE, Savage, Minnesota
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Cambria takes place on a planet closely linked to Earth by odd transportation devices known as 'Scrye'. 


Technology has developed at a very different pace here, far different from the post World War 2 Earth, and much of the history and innerworkings of the planet are shrouded in mystery, including an ancient and powerful language that can control reality itself, clockwork knights frozen in ice from ages past, a moon the color of blood that constantly hangs over the planet and much more. 


The Mire, who have been at war with seafaring Vampires for ages, find themselves in a difficult position as strange radio broadcasts begin to occur throughout the lands and a creature as old as time itself falls from the skies. Many consider these events a sign of the end times, and perhaps they aren't wrong, since these events were predicted in a legend from long ago. 


Cities in the northern lands are disappearing, stripped completely of their inhabitants and left as ghostly shells of their former selves. More and more reports of strange creature are surfacing. Something is happening. Something big. 


It is during these trying times that an organization is established. An organization with the goal of protecting both Ares and Earth from whatever peril that is fast approaching. 


It may be the only hope either planet has for survival. 


The Broken Era is here. 

Justin R.


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