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March 17, 2016
By AphmauSempie, owosso, Michigan
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AphmauSempie, Owosso, Michigan
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I  ran down the dark hall blind, looking for a place to hide. It’s about 11:02 I have to hurry, it’s coming. “Yes,” I whisper in a high pitch sound, I had found a door. Carefully and quietly shutting it behind me I turn around and sighed. “Look more stairs, up or down. If I go up he will trap me, so down I have to get out of here.”
Stumbling down the stairs I found a door. I pull out my phone the blinding white light gave me hope but that didn’t last long. The screen went completely black. “Of course DEAD.’’ Shoving it back in my bag then tried the door, locked. “Anything else bad going to happen.” I mumble in an agitated tone. After that the door above me slammed open causing dabree to fall from the decaying ceiling. Scrambling to the darkest corner like a mouse in a house full of cats.
The creature no longer human standing 6ft tall, jumped off the balcony and landed with a big thud causing bigger pieces of dabree to fall and the whole room to shake. It’s big blue eyes scanned the room, and he stared right at me like he was trying to concentrate. It turned it’s head to the door and tried it once, twice, three times it seemed to get agitated. The door wined in protest as he pulled it off of it’s hinges. Flinging it back nearly hitting me in the face.
I swear it saw me earlier, daring not to move I watch as he looked at the room one more time then descended down the hall. Waiting until I could no longer hear his footsteps I cautiously get up taking a look out the doorway. “Great.’’ I didn't see him so I turn around to find those big blue eyes 2 inches directly in front of my face. Turning away to run down the hall, the thing caught my arm tight every few seconds tightening his grip. It was to the point that I thought it would break; as if he could read my mind he smiled, a devilish one at that showing all his sharp and pointed teeth. Struggling to get away with multiple failed attempts I finally gave up. He gave an ear piercing laughed and shoved me against the lockers with a simple flick of his wrist. Adrenaline pumping through me made me forget about the pain in my arm casting both arms over my head screaming as he crept closer.
The sound of crunching filled the air, the smell of copper; thick warm liquid oozing out of the pain in my leg rapidly engulfing my thy.
IV’s sticking out of my arm, tubes weaving around each other all in a tangle. “MOVE” I told my body, no response.
“Kathrin, darling you're up.” I groan in pain as I turn my head to see who was talking.
“Jasper is that you?” He gets up and kisses my forehead while holding my hand with his soft delicate hands. I smile “look at you all in your gothic get up.’’ He chuckles.
“look at me, no look at you.” I looked at my outfit, it wasn’t a normal ugly blue hospital gown.  It was my leather jacket, my spider cut shirt, and my favorite jeans covered in safety pins. “It cost a little extra to let you wear that, by the way you look stunning.” I blush.
“Thanks,” I choke out just realising the pain in my leg it was unbearable I look “MY LEG IT’S GONE!” I start to freak out, no memory of what happened.
“It’s ok, you're fine. We went hiking and you got mauled by a bear, I tried to save you and this is what i got.” He glanced down hinting me to look.
“Honestly I didn't notice, I was to happy to see you.” He blushed rose red.
“Well now we both have souvenirs.” We laughed for a while.
  “Where’s mom?”
Raising one brow in his reply “whos mom?” I knew he was messing with me but I ignored it, I gave him the ‘ ARE YOU THAT STUPID’ look it took him by surprise; he expected me to laugh, he loves my laugh. “DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT I WAS JUST JOKING. She’s at work and before you ask your dad is going to get her.”
[Smart] I thought “Two birds one stone.” He looked at me with a smirk.
“Nah, I’d rather use a knife.” I stared at him.
He laughed once more. “You need some rest, don’t worry I won't leave your side.” Jasper patted my head like I was little kid who just had fallen.
“But all I’ve been doing is getting rest, but I guess if I have to.” I look at him with eyes filled with tears that said { is it true, are you lying.}
“Move over .” I was confused. [MOVE] I told my body over and over finally I get a response. I scooch over the confusion masked the pain crawling over every inch of my body. Jasper carefully climbed into the bed made for one and laid down wrapping his arm over me easing me down next to him. [closer] I thought [closer]. I drifted off to sleep warm and bundled up tight I felt safe for once. Lockers zooming by, bright blue eyes, attack I thought as I was jolted awake. Sitting up wiping my eyes and yawning sleeply.
I look to my left where Jasper was smiling with his eyes slightly open “Nightmares.” He chuckled lifting an arm inviting me in once more. Easing my head onto his chest listening to his heart beat creating a lullaby our fingers intertwined as I drifted once more.
“KATHRIN GET UP, YOU SLEPT THROUGH YOUR ALARM CLOCK AGAIN.” Splashing a cold cup of ice water on my face got me up. The blinding light outside I begged my mom to shut the curtains. “IF I SHUT THEM THEN WILL YOU GET UP.” Nodding my head under the blankets it was getting hot and stuffy in there, remembering that she can't see my face I called out in a muffled voice
.”Yes, and please hurry it's hard to breath in here.” Hearing footsteps and the swoosh of metal against metal assured me that they were closed. Poking my head slowly out of the blanket made sauna. Breathing in the cold crisp air not wanting to move but forced to when they were yanked off of me and she was agitated.
“GET UP.” My mom dropped the fabric ball to the floor and stomped out.
“HEY MOM, THE DOOR.” I was just messing with her she groaned and stomped back and slammed it shut.
“ BETTER?” She called from the other side.
My mom had just went through a divorce so she’s a bit grumpy. She was downstairs making breakfast as I going on a search and find in my closet. Sliding on my fishnet tights, my black and red checkered short skirt, my favorite slipknot t-shirt full of safety pins. Sitting on my bed playing with my swiss army knife even after the millions of times I was told not to. My phone sat on my bed side table charging by my window it buzzed.”A text,” grabbing it checking the battery 95% “good enough, YAY IT’S RACHEL. Google read aloud.”-Hey Kat, since when does your window lock?-” I smile “Google reply.” “-What is your message?-” “One sec.”
“-Did you want -”One sec.”- as your message?”
”-Message sent .-”
“Thanks google.”
“-You are welcome.-” I hear her goat screaming ringtone go off I knew exactly which window she was at. Walking over to it I pull open the curtains to find my best friend sitting in the tree, unlocking it when she waved. Carefully opening it and helping her through.
“How long have you been out there?” Rachel was doing the potty dance.
“2 hours, and I really need to use your bathroom.”
“Don’t wait for my permission, you know where it is.” I said pushing her out all in a hurry “I don’t want a puddle in my room.”
“THANKS” I heard her yell as she bolted down stairs.
“YOUR WELCOME.” I holler after her. I turn around to find jasper in the darkest corner of my room.”How long have you been standing there?”
“Long enough for the show my darling.” He had a smirk plastered on his face like a porcelain doll.
“You saw me…” He nodded with the same smile. “Well if I would have known you were here it would have been more fun.” I was joking.
“I might have to take you up on that, thanks for the tip.” I was hoping he was joking too, he knows that I’m a virgin. He was by my chocolate colored door I heard the lock click then my phone rang“Buzz Buzz Buzz PICK UP YOUR PHONE IT'S YOUR BESTIE Buzz Buzz Buzz”
“What do you want Rachel?”
“I want one million dollars and to know where the heck you keep the TP.”
“Sorry the money is a no, and in the cupboard to yooouuurrr left.”
“Don’t mention it, seriously don't it would be too embarrassing.”
“True dat.” We laughed for a while then hung up. Jasper stood there waiting for me to finnish.
“Done yet?” He chuckles ”Because I have something to tell you.”
“Before you tell me I have a question.” He stayed put, with his eyes trained on me interested in what I have to say. They were so silver they could be called blue. I roll up my sleeves and hope they would stay. Two identical marks burned into the outer part of my arm. ”What are these, and when did I get them?” He was surprised.
“You see that is what I wanted to talk to you about, we weren’t attacked by a bear.” I was shocked
“Then what took my leg?” He hesitated.
“I don’t know exactly, but I do know what it is but I do know what it's called. It’s the ‘Morph Omega’ and it infected you, it marked you as it's own. You are healing faster than you should, you will soon be immortal and indestructible, but one week in every year you will transform you will have no power over your body during this week. But there's only ONE way to stop it but it might be too late already.” He looked down with a sad face.
“Jasper how do you know about this?” With his head still down he lifts up his sleeve it was the same mark as mine. He looks up with tears in his eyes.
“I know I should have told you before but I couldn’t until it was too late you lost your memory so you don’t remember most of it and the parts you do they are just brief moments.” I wipe the tears away.
“It’s ok, at least you tried. Now help me get rid of this and we will be together.” He looked at me once more.
“I had already transformed, I took your leg. Trust me I tried to stop but remember I had no control over my body.” We stood in silence and out of nowhere I spoke.
“Maybe if we work on this we will gain control.” Jasper was still by my door and he smiled.
“ You're right I remember reading it somewhere, but we have to hurry. Tonight is the blood moon that is when the week starts.” We rush down stairs pass my mom and Rachel.
“Rachel I have to go I will be back soon.(I hope).” Cramming through the front door we ran to the forest behind my house where Jasper lives alone in our old tree house. Books littered the floor, old broken toys cluttered the battered shelves, and claw marks deep within the walls as if to send a warning. “let's do this.” It’s about 11:25 by now the cloudy night hid the moon gave us more time. And just like a normal horror movie not long enough.
“It’s too late, look.” Out the window the moon peeks out calling the transformation into action. My body aches as it takes it’s new shape. [Food, hungry that was all I could think of. Now all I am is an innocent helpless bystander trapped in my own body. I regained my memory all in a rush I passed out because of all the pain. All I could hear was the next victims scream and I knew exactly who, my best friend Rachel.
[STOP] I thought [STOP THIS ISN'T RIGHT,] but it was too late there was nothing left not even a pile of bloody bones. “That’s it.” I did it I gained control, I don’t know how but I did. I could see Jasper trying and trying.
“Finally,” he said with power “finally I have control.” For the next few years we hide in the shadows practising and training with our new selves. Every time we morphed we grew stronger and we now have control over when we change. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it that is what we learned. 

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