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Captain's Log...

March 28, 2016
By JoeVader, Brooklyn, Connecticut
JoeVader, Brooklyn, Connecticut
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Earth is rendered uninhabitable after the Sun has unleashed several solar mass ejections upon the planet. Desperate to ensure the survival of the newly founded United Earth Empire, the government's members have established a new capital on Saturn's largest moon, Titan. To further secure the Empire's future, the Supreme Emperor has sent starships to colonize solar systems across the galaxy and ally their intelligent life. However, the the starships discovered a government that has almost become galactic known as the Tethys Confederacy, who opposed the Emperor's will by destroying the Empire's vessels. The actions made by the Confederacy has led to a long war between the two governments. The conflict ended over the Confederacy capital planet when Imperial super capital ship, Annihilator, had almost detonated due to her overloaded reactors. After signing a treaty of surrender, the Tethys Confederacy were forced to the outer regions of the Milky Way Galaxy only to completely dissolve from existence. The United Earth Empire would have reigned peacefully for years to come, until now. The Alliance to Restore a Federation has risen from the ashes of the Confederacy and progresses their military power to completely destroy the Empire. To counteract this, the Emperor has ordered the construction of capital ships that shall exterminate the presence of the Alliance in both Imperial-controlled and uncolonized systems. However, an accidental collision between two Imperial ships after a brief battle has left Captain Rogers stranded on an Earth-like planet in a distant, uncharted system. Attempting to survive, the captain must find a way to depart the planet to regroup with the Empire or be rescued by the government itself.

Joseph D.

Captain's Log...

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