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Apocalypse: Vengeance

June 29, 2016
By LaDew2000, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
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LaDew2000, Kings Mountain, North Carolina
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Suddenly, I saw a sign. It was Camp Forrest. We walked through the gate, which I was surprised was open, and headed for the first building we saw. When we  were all in, I turned the lights on as soon as I found the the switch, and saw a man sitting in a foldable chair.
          “Why, hello there guys,” the mysterious man said. “How nice of you to join me.” When he turned around, I knew exactly who it was.
          It was Connor, and he was pointing a handgun directly at my face.
          “Connor, how did you survive?!” I said, questioning if he was real or a figment of my imagination.
          “Well, when that skank shot me and you guys left me for dead, I woke up and followed an oil trail.” He said, with a smirk on his face.
          “Listen Connor, don’t jump to conclusions,” Sam said, trying to calm him. “We thought you were being hostile and needed you gone to let the group survive.”
          “I know what you did, and I'm going to repay you a favor.” He said. Suddenly he shoots the gun at my chest and I go down with a thud. Everything goes black, and the last thing I hear is Sam screaming.
Several Hours Later:
          I awoke to find myself lying  in an empty room. I look around, trying to find my friends, but no one was there. I looked down at the hole in my chest, only to remember I had a bullet proof vest on that I got at Hyatts Gun Shop.
          “Let go… me!” Its Sam! She’s still alive! I try not to say anything, not knowing who her capture was.
          “Stop struggling you…” Said a man. It was Connor.
          “I'm going to kill him!” I thought.
          “Don't take me to….!” She said. Where was he taking her? All of a sudden I remembered I had a GPS put on the radios before we left Hyatts. I looked at the device the GPS signal was on and saw she was going towards the mountains.
          “Im coming for ya Sam.” I said to myself. I then realized I needed to find Jack, Bill, and Ben. I looked on the GPS and saw that they were right behind Sam, but stopped suddenly.
          “Why did they stop?” I thought.
          “Don’t move, or I’ll shoot your brains out.” A young man then but an AK-47 to the back of my head. I put my hands up and turned around.
          “Doug?!” He said.
          “Cal!” I said. It was my younger brother. I hugged him like I never hugged him before. “How did you get here?”
          “I followed a van up here from Shelby. I hitched a ride with some survivors that were making their way up towards the mountains.” He said.
          “Thats where I need to go. Sam got kidnapped.” I told him.
          “You mean that girl you liked in grade school?” He asked.
          “Yes, but that's not the reason.” I said.
          “Then what is the reason?” He asked me.
          “No time to explain, we've got to go.” I said. I then heard what sounded like a horde of zombies coming toward the gate, and fast.

  “Hide, now!” I told Cal. I ran towards the large assortment of foldable chairs while Cal ran in the kitchen. We suddenly heard a loud screech and the horde seemed to get more agitated. But it all died down. I stepped out of my spot and peeked outside. I saw a large group of Hybrid zombies running out of the camp. almost like they were scared off by something. I then saw a large military chopper fly over the building. I was getting ready to run and try to get its attention, but it was too late. It was already out of sight.
          We made our way outside and noticed a lot of military vehicles that I saw earlier were gone. It was as if they all disappeared.
          “Hey Doug,” Cal asked me as we looked around for a left behind vehicle.
          “What's up, man?” I said.
          “Do you think there is a cure for this thing?” He said with a worried voice. “I mean, if there is one, does that mean we can be saved?”
          “Maybe,” I told him. “If we don’t get bit or die.”
          “Oh.” He said with a gulp.
          We wondered around the facility for at least another ten minutes, hearing nature, but mostly the disturbing undead.
          “Over here, I found one.” I told Cal, seeing the relief fall upon his face. It was a camouflage Hummer with a mounted gun on top. “Just what we needed.” I tell myself.
          We hopped in and I drove us towards what looked like an armory and parked in front.
          “Get to the mounted gun and tell me if there's any ammo in it.” I told Cal. He climbed back toward the gun and went up through the hole.
          “There is, but not much.” He said.
          “I’ll be back.” I told him. I made my way toward the door of the armory. As I walked into the facility, i saw a stockpile of weapons scattered across the floor and on the walls. “What happened here?” I wondered. I grabbed a few AK-47’s, sniper rifles, grenades, an RPG, a few pistols and handguns , multiple shotguns, and ammo for the mounted machine gun and the others. I had to call Cal over because there was so many. We finally get back into the Hummer and I start to drive us toward the gate.
          “Where are we headed?” Cal asked.
          “I'm going to find my friends and head for the mountains.” I told him, not trying to get him involved in the situation yet.
          “Why?” He asked.
          “You’ll find out soon enough.” I responded painfully.

    We made our way out of Camp Forrest and headed north, straight toward the closest signal on the GPS. Cal was mounted at the gun like I told him and I was in the driver's seat. I needed to figure out who we were following. Ben, Jack, and Bill or Connor and Sam.
          “Hey, Doug.” Cal called out. “I think I see a group of survivors.”
          “Or zombies.” I said to myself. I was worried that we might have to shoot them if they were and attract a horde. We pulled up next to the group cautiously.
          “Hey, you guys lost or something?” I asked the wanderers. But to my surprise, I knew who they were.
          “Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” Ben Peters said, happy to see some fellow survivors.
          “I’m guessing you don’t need a ride,” I said sarcastically. “Seeing you guys are getting some well needed exercise.”
          “Shut up and let us in.” Jack Morrison said with a joking but aggravated voice.
          “Alright, alright. Get in and grab a weapon.” I told the guys. When they were all in, I started to make my way towards Sam’s signal, but I don’t want to tell the others just yet. Or why it’s so important.
          “Okay Doug, where are we headed?” Bill Vick asked.
          “Yeah, I was going to ask the same thing.” Jack put in.
          “We’re going towards the mountains, I picked up Sam’s signal and we’re going to get her.” I finally told them.
          “Okay, but who’s the guy at the gun?” Ben asked.
          “He’s my younger brother Cal. I met up with him after I woke up and before he shot my brains out.” I said.
          “Why?!” They all shouted.
          “Long story, but fortunately for you guys, I have enough time to tell it.” I said, as heard their groans.
      2 Hours Later:
          We approaching Sam’s signal at a slow pace, keeping a good distance between us. It was as if they had found a vehicle too, but I wasn’t sure.
          “Do you guys know how Connor survived and why he took Sam?” I asked the group, trying to get their story.
          “Not sure, all we know is that he took her in some kind of armored truck, but not a military style like this one.” Jack said.
          “I can’t recall why, I just remember seeing him grab her then I blacked out.” Ben said.
          “Same here, but that was caused by a bullet hitting my chest and knocking me out.” I told them.
          “When I came towards the camp, I had to duck under some bushes because a big black truck like Jack described came by, but there were two other guys in the back,” Cal informed us. “Must have been some hired guns or something.”
          “I don’t know, nor do I care who they are, I’m going to kill them all.” I said, not aware of the shock that filled the silent vehicle.

 “Its getting late Doug, we need to find a place to camp out.” Cal said, getting tired of standing up with the gun.
          “Not until they stop,” I said. “We can't lose ground.”
          “Alright then, wake us when they stop.” Ben said.
          “I will, you can count on it.” I responded. As agitated as I was, I shouldn't take it out on the team. I should have just apologized. But I couldn’t. A horde of Omega Zombies came right toward the Hummer.
           “Guys, wake up.” I said frantically.
           “No man,were too tired.” Bill said, tired.
           “Too tired to not die today!?” I yelled.
           “I'm up!” Ben said quickly as he hopped up.
           “What is the problem exactly?”Jack asked.
           “Some Omega’s. About 15 of them in a horde.” I told them, trying to stay calm.
          “What are Omega’s?” Cal asked, confused.
          “Smaller zombies than the others,” Bill answered. “Their weaker and less intimidating, but just as deadly,”
          “Okay, I’ll make sure to stay away from them.” Cal said quickly.
          “Well, you're gonna have to deal with them now!” Jack yelled. The horde was coming right toward us! Cal instinctively started shooting, trying to aim for their heads. He got 10 of them with head shots, while the other five were still charging. He finally got them with a few quick shots, hitting two at the same time.
           “Impressive, kid.” Ben said astonished. “Maybe you will be useful.”
           “Thanks, I guess.” Cal said uncomfortably.
           We made our way further down the road, running over the zombie corpses. From what it looked like, Connor heard the shots and drove off fast, But I had to be faster. I needed to catch him. I needed to end him.
           “Hey guys,” I called out. “They’re stopping up here. We could probably take them out when they stop.”
           “No, we can’t.” Cal said.
           “Why not?” I questioned.
           “Because they’re going into an old saw mill.” He told us.
           “Great, a larger area to hide.” I thought. No matter where the went, I was going to find them, get Sam back and take Connor out for good. That's what had to happen.

 From what it looked like on the GPS, they had made it into the mill. Possibly into the main working facility. We had to get in there, before it was too late.
           “Alright guys, listen up. Were going in there, and we're going in there packing heat.” I told the group. “Grab a weapon you are good at and be ready for anything.”
           “When we get her back, are we going to blow the place sky high?” Ben asked.
           “Yes, yes we will.” I responded.
           “Score!” He replied happily.
           “You're a little psycho aren’t you?” Cal asked him.
           “Oh, you haven't seen his rage at full capacity,” Jack told him. He knows how Ben can get. “And don't get me started on Bill.”
           “Alright, we don’t need this. Not now,” I ordered. “We need to stay serious and end this, once and for all.”
           “Let's do this!” Cal yelled.
           “That's what I wanted to hear.” I said.
           We all got out of the Hummer and grabbed weapons. Cal grabbed an AK-47, a few pistols, and a couple of grenades. Ben and Jack both grabbed sniper rifles and grenades, while Bill grabbed the RPG and an AK. Typical. I got my handguns, a 47, and a shotgun that I strapped on my back. Now we were ready.
            “Alright, we all know whats at at stake here. We need to get in, get Sam and get out. And if anyone gets in our way, put lead in his head,” I spoke as if  I were an army sergeant. “Got?”
            “Got it!” They all proclaimed.
            “Then let's get in there and get her back.” I said finally as we headed for the entrance.

We all went in through the door of the old mill, not knowing what may lie ahead. I signaled for all stop and listened as I heard Connor speaking with his hired guns. I motioned for Ben and Jack to get up onto the balcony as quickly and as quietly as they could. Cal, myself, and Bill moved toward broken wall and ducked for cover. I finally let my emotions get the best of me and yelled out.
            “Connor, I'm gonna kill you!” I yelled.
            “Well, well, well. Look what pieces of trash just blew in. If you want to kill me, you’ll have to get through these guys fi--” He stated as suddenly Ben and Jack fired at the bodyguards with their rifles, both hitting the head.
            “Your out matched Connor, just give us Sam and we’ll let you live.” I said to him as I came out from behind the wall.
            “Well, if you want here, go and take her.” He said as he moved slightly and revealed Sam lying on a concrete slab, bound by ropes. I moved towards her, but Connor hit me with what felt like a car hitting a person. I flew back about five feet from him.
            “What the heck was that?” Cal exclaimed in shock and horror.
            “I don't know, but it's not good.” Bill told him. I don’t think I even want to know, but I had to get passed him.
            “Why don’t we do this like men, put down your weapons.” He told me. Hesitive I did, and I charged right at him. Only when I did he lifted me up and tossed me behind him. “There is now way that he should be able to do this!” I thought. Then it hit me. “Give it up Doug, you can’t beat me. I have been given the strength of ten men. That shot that whore had dealt on me didn’t even kill me when it should have,” He stated as if he had just won a championship medal. “I am immortal.”
          “No, your not,” I said as I shot him dead in the chest. It knocked him back a few feet. I walked over him and stomped my foot over his wound, I hovered my handgun right above his head. “You’re not immortal. You’re just another damned Hybrid, and just another one I’m gonna kill.” I pulled the trigger. It was finally over.

  “How did you know he was a Hybrid?” Ben asked.
            “There was no way that he could have survived that shot Sam gave him. Plus when I took a double take, his superhuman strength and rotting skin, he was definitely was dead.” I told them, I was finally confident enough to tell them the truth, but not now. “alright let's get Sam and get out.” I said, but I was too late. An explosion happened towards the back of the mill, starting a fire and knocked us all back.
            “What was that?!” Jack asked as we all looked up. A chopper passed by us and was circling back around. “We've got to get out of here, now!”
            “No, not without Sam!” I said as the fire reached a few gasoline barrels and exploded, collapsing the roof and covering Sam. Just as I started moving towards her, they pulled me back and towards the Hummer. I got myself free and ran towards the entrance as another missile hit the building, knocking me down. The team dragged me back and put me in the back with Ben, and the others finding a place.
            “It’ll be alright man, we’ll get you help” Ben said as I looked down at my leg, it was penetrated by some metal.
           “No it won’t. We needed Sam.” I said.
           “We know you loved her, but it’ll be alright.” He tried to reassure me.
           “That's not it,” I said. “She was the one. She was the cure.”

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