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The Tragedy of Basil Osimoso and The Ultimate Dilemma

January 26, 2017
By EverettHicks, Saint Louis, Missouri
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EverettHicks, Saint Louis, Missouri
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Author's note:

My name is Everett  and I love reading and writing fantasy/scifi fiction. I have grown up watching various tv shows of the such nature and I love it more and more every year. 

“Everyone quiet down right this second!” The head of the witch council said bloomingly without hesitation. Her name was Cora. She glanced around and witnessed the chaos, the chaos of which she was trying to control. Her whole council of witches was pinned against each other. There were all arguing, screaming even. It was a very sensitive topic. Resurrection.
“We all know that resurrection is against our own laws. That kind of dark blood magic is way too dangerous, not to mention the risks we would have to take to go through with it. What if the groups found out! We would be done for.”
“Ok, ok, Ebony you can sit down. We all understand what you are saying, but we have to think this through. We all knew Basil very well, we raised her, she brought a whole new aura to the council. Also, the power she held was much beneficial to us and a bountiful asset.” Cora took control once again after Ebony’s brief introduction.
Ophelia’s head jerked back and her eyes fogged over. A newer member named Yavonne leaned over to Cora and asked what was happening. “Oh sorry, her name is Ophelia, she has a very special gift we call The Sight. It allows her to see events that happen in the past, present, and future.” Ophelia hushed the crowd and talk of her vision, “I have witnessed the event in which Basil died. A knife entered Basil’s abdomen and she screeched in terror. I would give more details but alas, just as quick as the vision came, it vanished.”
Plum slammed open the door and ran into the chamber. Cora now stood at the end of the table next to Ophelia and opposite the entrance Plum just entered. She looked briefly at Ophelia, nodded, and ran over to Plum. The others questioned Ophelia while Cora took care of Plum.
“How could you not tell me! My bloody sister! You don’t think I would want to know that my sister was dead! How could you keep that from me!” Plum screamed at Cora and anyone else that would listen.
“Listen, honey, sit down-”
“NO, I will not sit down until you explain yourselves.”
“Ok, Plum, you know we are all hurting here. But, I will explain. Yes, Basil died. We just found out she was stabbed, but we are trying to find out by who and why. The main concern right now is the debate on whether or not to bring her back.”
“What?! You can do that?! Well, it isn’t a question now, is it? Do it. Bring her back.”
“Honey, it isn’t that simple. The reason we haven’t taught you about this magic is because it is forbidden. We didn’t tell you she was dead just in case we did bring her back, that way none of the other groups find out she was ever dead. You must understand, we were not trying to hurt you worse, just trying to help.”
As Cora conversated with Plum, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that Sephonia was the only one still sitting in her chair. She hadn’t gone over to help with Ophelia. She thought it was strange, but didn’t question it too much as her focus was on Plum. She managed to calm Plum down enough in order to have her sit down. 
Ebony saw her chance to take back the floor and started up the conversation again. “Well, now that Plum has calmed down let us review the facts. The magic it would take to resurrect Basil would require hardcore, not to mention illegal, blood magic. It would definitely require the strength of us all, potentially even draining us for a week or so. Is it worth the risk of being defenseless without magic or a week or more?”
“Of course it is worth the risk!” Shouted Cora, cutting Ebony off. “How could you even say that. Saving Basil is completely worth the risk. We raised her, she is part of this family. You should remember very well the years that we have put in to raise her and her sister after their parents died. Even not considering that, just think what her mom would want. Chereen Osimoso was a very respected and dear part of this coven. Without her, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We should have already resurrected Basil out of respect for Chereen and all she did for this coven.”
“Ok. Ok. Yes, I know that we all took part in raising Basil, but I think we all know that you got more attached than any of us. Some might even say too attached. It distracts you from your duties as the leader, what's to say that if Basil comes back you won't be able to fulfill your duties. Also, I do respect Chereen, but I still feel as though we shouldn’t break a law like this. It is meer principle. Everyone dies at some point.”
At this point, Cora and Ebony had both said what they had to say and it was semi-calm again. But this wave of calm came crashing down by the accusations of another coven member, Sephonia. “Ebony, why are so invested in keeping Basil down, one might think you had something to do with her undoing?”
“I could never! Just because I care about the laws put upon us does not mean that I murdered a member of our coven.” Ebony replied sharp and quick.
It was then that Ophelia had another vision. The others grasped her hands to alleviate some of the discomforts and to stabilize her in order to gain more information. This vision lasted slightly longer. She once again witnessed the stabbing of Basil, but this time as Basil fell down in the snow and started to bleed profusely, the image panned up and she saw a woman cloaked by a spell. Normally visions of these sorts can not be tampered with, but some experienced witches know how to hide. As the lady turned and ran, Ophelia noticed that the hooded cape she was wearing bore the crest of their coven. She was in shock. She didn’t believe it was one of them. Her head snapped back up for the second time and she told the group of the tragic events she witnessed.
A sudden uproar occurred, witches were making accusations left and right. More blame was thrown at Ebony, new members were being yelled at as they were thought to seem suspicious. Cora was being yelled at for some thought she might be corrupt. Plum got out of her chair and stood on the long table. She stomped and yelled, “CALAM SULTUM.” It was instinctual as she had never been taught the spell, but it sure worked. Every single witch in the room became silent. It was quiet for a good minute or two and then Plum spoke again, “I will do anything it takes, this is my sister and we have to bring her back, no matter what.” She started to sob and she slithered back to her chair.
Cora looked around and saw that everyone was looking at her to see what to do. She had made up her mind. They were going to bring her back. She went and fetched Basil’s body without saying a word, and placed her on the table. She asked for Plum’s hand and Cora sliced it open, the blood fell onto Basil and some of the other witches started to chant, “muerte saha edo vavantum auflebena anaimam” over and over. Ebony attempted to shut down the operation, but Cora tired her to a chair with a spell. They enchanted the blood, it seeped into Basil and with the joining of hands a powerful surge of energy flowed through her. She sat up so fast a gust of wind could be felt and she quickly inhaled deeply. Sweat formed on her forehead as she nervously looked around the room. What she was looking for wasn’t in the room.
Unannounced to the rest of the coven, Sephonia had slipped out during the ritual and was now running up the stairs of the secret chamber into the faux cabin. She left the cabin out into the snow-laden woods. Her footsteps could be seen, but they disappeared with the snow growth just as fast as she had.

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