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True Colors: The Inter-dimensional Tragedy

June 23, 2019
By ObtuseRectangle, Grass Lake, Michigan
ObtuseRectangle, Grass Lake, Michigan
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Loneliness has been a large part of Owen’s life after he lost his mother. Other than that he lived the life of your average mentally ill teenager until he met an old friend he thought he would never see again, only to find the next day later she went missing. Determined to find what happened to her, he ends up lost in an Interdimensional society that is falling apart, tormented by the ruthless Legion, lead by the mysterious Fallen One wielding a weapon of mass destruction called the Wretched Eye. Only one chosen hero can use ancient powers of a near extinct race of warriors to defeat him. Using great focus, they could control the realms to their bidding. The problem is, even if the fate of the universe rests in his hands, focusing is the only thing Owen can't do.

Becky S.

True Colors: The Inter-dimensional Tragedy

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