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Winds of Change

June 24, 2019
By TashaS BRONZE, Sammamish, Washington
TashaS BRONZE, Sammamish, Washington
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Gabrielle is the first successful human-avian hybrid created for the sole purpose of advanced warfare. Her life is controlled by her director, a strict man who expects absolute obedience to military orders and demands. Because of her unique genetics and physical composition, Gabrielle is isolated from the world for more than just military purposes. The only window to the outside world of children her age is the children’s stories read to her by her mother, the scientist who created her. These stories fill her imagination, teaching her morals and ways of separating herself mentally from the constant training in an attempt to save whatever innocence she has left. With her own experiences and the stories, she explores the concept of humanity when all the humans in her world wanted to devise new ways of killing others. Fearfully, she must choose between staying herself and following her dreams of freedom and innocence or becoming the soldier her director wants her to be.

Natalya H.

Winds of Change

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