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Untitled Victory: Order Of Nemesis

September 16, 2019
By YvonneAngel2004, Frankfurt, Other
YvonneAngel2004, Frankfurt, Other
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Katherine Williams: a perfect student, quiet and discreet, living the teenage life after the world has been divided into two military regions-the Korean and the American-and small speck of Neutral Zone.

When a terrorist group from calling itself "The order of Nemesis", originating in the east, starts causing trouble on the western hemisphere of the world, its corrupt leader is quick to decide how to act. The cold-blooded Brad Williams, leader of the west, has many enemies; he doesn't just endanger the existence of the Western Alienated Nations but also the life of his daughter.

As Katherine Williams has a boring life in England, former Neutral Territory, but strange things start happening in the small town, London, in which she lives. Strange things, she quickly connects with the appearance of an annoying bodyguard and her father. She gets more and more involved with the plan of infiltrating the eastern terrorist group and comes across twists, secrets and death-because the order wants her and has perhaps already taken over her life.

Yvonne L.

Untitled Victory: Order Of Nemesis

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