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The One Thousandth Gravity Breaker

January 16, 2021
By Thesharklovingwriter, Winchester, Massachusetts
Thesharklovingwriter, Winchester, Massachusetts
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Over nine hundred years in the future, Kinanous Green tries her best to blend in. After countless global warming disasters, the world fell into chaos and regrouped into two main countries. Now those countries are at a merciless war. Worse yet, a rare group of people cursed with strange abilities hide among both countries. Anyone caught with these abilities, call 'magic' to keep people from asking too many questions, is sent to prison for life or executed. Kira has never wanted anything to do with them. Until one day she discovers a dark truth. Before she knows it, her world is flipped upside down as she is sent to a prison in the middle of the ocean, a secret country, the middle of the desert, and many more unfamiliar places. Worse yet, she looses everything she knows in the process.

Charlie D.

The One Thousandth Gravity Breaker

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