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The Purity Project

March 27, 2021
By sweetcowgirl13, Lynnwood, Washington
sweetcowgirl13, Lynnwood, Washington
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"Be careful. Don't die"- Minho, Maze Runner


The year is 2060. It's been 40 years since the people of Marolo attempted to overthrow the government.
Jada Stone, Halona Murray, Lorenzo Castro, and Tyler Park are all living in the new Marolo, a country with strict rules and a president that plays the role of a dictator. Strange disappearances have forced these four strangers to work together. They find out about The Purity Project, an experiment that will supposedly help the country achieve true equality. But these four teenagers know that it could lead to the death of millions. They'll do whatever it takes to protect the people of their country, no matter the cost.

Najma A.

The Purity Project

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