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The Castle of Blood

April 23, 2021
By hanksun2173, Beijing, Other
hanksun2173, Beijing, Other
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A war more than a thousand years ago is on the verge of erupting once more. Blood-thirsty vampires and spreading all over Europe. Seven teenagers, mysteriously selected, all with magical powers, seem to be the continent’s only hope. They had barely won their first battle underneath Everest, and now they must repeat their success again. A secret trail left by archaic mages of the past led them on a treasure hunt across the ancient relics of Europe. They will face monsters, people and mages, along their quest to find and destroy the castle of blood, or else the vampires will overrun Europe, plunging it into eternal darkness. Will they be able to save Europe from the grasp of the creatures of darkness? Find out in Seven Continents, Seven Heroes: The Castle of Blood.

Hank S.

The Castle of Blood

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