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Graveyard Love

May 13, 2021
By Atom_dream_fairy, Tooele, Utah
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Atom_dream_fairy, Tooele, Utah
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Author's note:

I'm a writer and artist who loves creating characters. This story is an idea I just so happened to have. I love writing about fantasy type stories. 

I sighed and checked my soul finder. A young girl and another girl not too much older. Looks like they both like music too. I guess I can assume they're perfect together. I sighed again then said aloud. 

"Love found, track" It gave me the usual portal to their gravestones. Let's get this over with. I expanded the portal and jumped in. It led me to one of the girls. 

"Come on, let's go." I said to her. 

"Eh, what?" She said back in response. 

"Just get in the portal." I said somewhat in an angry/ annoyed tone. I pointed to the portal beside me. She looked at me confused for a few seconds before finally getting in. We arrived at the gravestone of the other girl. She looked confused but then she saw the other girl. She looked amazed, like there were stars in her eyes. 

"Who are you?" Said the second girl in a curious tone. 

"Cupid." I said then pushed the first girl into the other. They both blushed. I guess it's kinda cute or whatever. 

"Ah! Hello…" the first girl said. Yep, they're in love. I quietly left into the portal, arriving back at my house. I don't say this much but it must be nice, being in love. One look into each other's eyes and they fall for each other. I wonder how that happens. Not like I ever expect that to happen to me. 

I walked up to the front of the house. It wasn't long before chaos struck. 

"Ah! I'm sorry!" A witch girl the same age as me had run her broom into my face. 

"Ow…" my nose started bleeding. 

"I'm sorry miss. Cupid!" She bowed over and over again. This clumsy witch is my family's maid. 

"I told you to be careful." I said in an upset tone as I grabbed a tissue out of my pocket and jammed it in my nose. I walked angrily into the house as she followed. 

"Ah, welcome you two." My mother greeted us. She's tall and has long black hair with white streaks in it. She was wearing an elegant black dress. 

"Lucia, will you get yourself and cupid ready for tonight?" My mom had said. 

"Of course ma'am." She responded. We were being forced to go to some party my mom and her friends had planned. We left for my room. 

"A party…" Lucia said in a curious tone. 

"Yeah, let's just get ready." I said back to her. I sat down by my vanity, Lucia followed. She grabbed a handful of stuff like makeup, brushes, and hair ties. She started doing my makeup, the one thing she was good at. Once she was done she started on my hair. She put my gray hair into a neater ponytail, in addition with a black bow. 

"You should get ready too." I said to her before getting up and grabbing the dress that was on my bed. After I had grabbed it I locked myself in the bathroom to put it on. 

After a while I heard a knock on the door. It sounded like Lucia. 

"Are you alright?" She asked. In response I said,

"I'll be out soon" truth be told I was waiting for her to finish up. I unlocked the door and opened it to greet her. 

"Whoa, your dress is so pretty!" She said as she looked at me. 

"Yeah, I guess." I said back and walked past her. I looked away to make sure we wouldn't make eye contact. I guess it looks alright. It was black and puffed out at the waist and cut just above my knees. 

"How do I look?" Lucia said, directed at me. 

"Um, okay I guess." I said as I looked at her outfit. She was wearing her black witch hat and a suit that had a cape looking cloth coming from the shoulders. I suppose she looked pretty good. Whatever, it doesn't matter. 

“Should we leave?” I asked. She looked at the clock on the wall then returned her gaze on me. 

“I do believe we should.” She said with a smile on her face. We left my room and waited for my parents to finish up. They were taking quite a while to get ready. They don't usually take this long, Lucia had a concerned look on her face. We waited for around 20 minutes and they still weren’t showing up. Lucia finally spoke up.  

“Should we go see what's taking so long?” She was clearly distressed. 

“If you want to.” I said back. She grabbed my hand and walked fast down the hall to my parents room. She knocked on the door a few times.

“Hello?” She said after a few knocks. We waited, and waited. After a minute the door started to open. We both let out a sigh of relief. However that quickly changed when we saw who had opened it. Behind the red door to my parents room wasn't either of my parents. We both jumped back from the door. 

“Who are you!?” I yelled at them. They closed the door behind them. 

“No need to worry, I'm not a threat.” It was a mysterious man in a red outfit. He was tall and had glasses that had a chain hanging from either side. His teeth were sharp and he was holding a scythe. He out of nowhere bowed like some kind of prince. 

“My name is Hex Vermillion.” He said it as he was bowing. Lucia was now in front of me in a protective stance. I let her protect me while still being careful on my own. Who is this man and where are my parents? Why didn't they answer. I pulled out my soul finder just in case I needed to use it. We stood there carefully as he started to walk near us. 

"Hex that's enough." It was a voice that sounded much like my mom. In surprise both Lucia and I turned our heads to see who it was. 

"Stop scaring the children." It was my mom. She didn't appear to be hurt or anything. Besides that she somehow knew this strange man.

"What the heck is going on." I said aloud. I was confused yet relieved that I knew my mom was at least ok. I looked at her hoping for an answer. 

"Hex is mine and your father's tailor." That was my mom's response. He was some tailor that somehow neither myself or Lucia for that matter knew. How did neither of us know who he was. 

“Whatever, were gonna be late to your stupid party.” I said clearly not in the mood for this. I started walking away as Lucia followed behind. My mom made a confused expression as we walked passed. She said something to  Hex before meeting up with us again. 

“Everyone ready?” My mom had said as we headed outside the house. Lucia motioned  that we were with a thumbs up. Outside there was a carriage, my dad already in it. It almost felt like we had waited for no reason, even Lucia looked upset. My mom got in then followed by me. Lucia was the last to get in, we sat together on one side as my parents sat on the other. Neither of us looked at my parents on the ride. After about fifteen minutes we made it to our destination. It was a giant mansion that my grandma owns. The outside was black and gray. We got out of the carriage ready to head inside. 

We all got out and headed straight for the door. My dad knocked a few times before the door opened. My grandma's butler opened it and greeted us. He showed us the way to the ballroom. There were a lot of people, more than I thought there would be. Most of them had some kind of masquerade mask on. That's when my mom handed a mask to me and Lucia. We reluctantly put them on. I sighed quietly and put it over my eyes. Lucia took off her hat, put the mask on, and then put her hat back on. 

“Alright you two feel free to explore the ballroom, have a good dance. Whatever you would like to do.” My mom said to us. She held my dad's hand and they walked away, they went over to my grandma. She said we could do whatever but how much could we really do here. Before I knew it Lucia grabbed my hand and started walking toward where people were dancing. 

“What are you doing?” I asked her. She didn't say anything until we made it to the dance floor. 

“Will you dance with me?” She said it with a flustered face. She moved her gaze away, avoiding eye contact. 

“Um, sure.” I said back. Her face lit up with excitement. I could tell she had wanted to try a more formal dance, or at least go to one. We got into position, I led since Lucia hadn’t really ever done this before. We danced to the music, Lucia slowly got the hang of it. I won’t lie, I was having fun. It had been awhile since I had felt like this. One could say we danced the night away. 

I had a weird feeling in my stomach. What is this? I had never felt this way before now.  As we danced it got worse. It felt weird but good in a way.  That's when I had a moment of realization. My face became flushed. 

“Hey, why don't we take a break?” I said to Lucia. 

“Ok, if you want.” she said back with a confused look on her face. We walked to the garden that was a little ways away from the ballroom. I stayed somewhat far from Lucia. Were just two sixteen year olds on a stroll. Nothing going on between us. That's when my soul finder started making a noise. “The heck?” I said to myself. I looked at it. It had a picture of Lucia. I thought it was weird, she's a living person. It's never done this with a living person before. It's only supposed to find lost souls...wait lost souls? Maybe it's just because I've only helped those who were dead, not alive. But then that means. I sighed, Lucia has someone. I went up to her. I looked at my soul finder. 

"Have you, have you ever been in love?" I asked her. 

"Not until recently." Lucia said back. Not until recently. What does that mean? Without feeling I started crying. I didn't know why. The thought of Lucia being with someone else...other than me, it hurt. 

"Cupid! Why are you crying?" Lucia said panicked. 

"It's nothing." I looked at my soul finder again. Who is it? Who's the other person? I want to know. I looked at it, it only showed Lucia and a heart. What is this? It usually showed two people. 

"Maybe, it's you." Lucia suddenly said. 

"What?" I said back. It didn't register for a minute, but then it hit. 

"What? Me?" I had a confused look on my face as I said it. Then Lucia grabbed the soul finder from my hands. 

"Look!" She said as she showed me. It was now a picture of me with a heart instead of her. Me? It's, it's me. The stomach problem, the flush on my face, the crying, the pain. It's because I…I love her? I told myself this would never happen, yet here I am. I'm so stupid. I laughed out loud. It happened so fast. 

"Cupid? Are you ok?" Lucia asked. I replied. 

"Yeah, but there's something I wanna tell you." In response she said, 

"What?" I'm going to do it. I held her hands and situated myself out. I fixed the bow in my hair. I looked into her bright green eyes. She looked into my for once sparking gray eyes. That's when I said it. 

"I think I like you." I said it with a smile. Then Lucia responded. 

"I think I like you too." She said back. That was her response. We felt the same way. 

We talked for the rest of the night and when it came to going back home we both fell asleep in the carriage. When I woke up I was In my bed. 

"Morning!" Lucia was yelling at me like she did every morning. Everything was basically the same, except that we were together now. This went on for several months. In general we just got more comfortable with each other. I got more confident in myself. Lucia started learning more spells to use. I could never imagine this would happen. 

This has been our story. Who knows what will happen next. 

To be continued…?

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