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The highway

April 16, 2022
By refreshing, Somewhere, Other
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refreshing, Somewhere, Other
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"It feels impossible"
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* Sighs *  
Friend, Will he ever wake up? 
June 21 I finished the last month of school in 2019 and everyone is happy, including me. I am Leo. At the age of 16, I passed 10th grade this year. I'm introvert, someone who enjoys spending time alone and prefers to focus on my inner thoughts and ideas rather than on what is happening outside. But luckily for me, I have 3 friends like, Noah, Gary, and Lucas who made me happy when I was worried and in trouble.On the day While I was clearing out the books, I heard a phone call. The caller was Lucas, who was planning a trip and invited us to join him. I asked him where we were going, but he did not want to know. “Don’t worry, guys! The place to go is amazing!” We all loved the surprises and were overjoyed at the moment. I asked my parents to let me go. Fortunately they both agreed because they believed in me. That afternoon, I went to Lucas’s house with some of my bags. When we finally arrived with the others, we heard the bad news that the car could not pick us up and we had to wait until 7pm. 
We were depressed and waiting for the car. But with my friends, there have been some amazing changes. Finally, we got a call from the driver who came to the house. We all packed our bags in the car and got ready. We all believe that sitting on a car can be a boring time but it wasn't that boring  than we thought. It has been a little dark since 8 pm.  
Suddenly, we heard some noises in the car and paused. The driver went outside to the car to check what was happening. Minutes later, he said something went wrong with the engine. We were all scared. The driver said he would walk back to the road to ask for help, but there was definitely no one but us. As the driver walked back to the side of the road asking for help, we were all sitting in a taxi, terrified and unable to utter a word. 
“Are we going to stay in a taxi??” Noah shouted. 
“Calm down..” 
“How can I keep calm in this situation?” 
While we were arguing, Gary said, 
“Look at this old house!” Gary said with admiration. 
“Can we just stay in this car tonight?” I said. 
“Or let’s just sleep in that big house!” Lucas said happily. 
“I have no way to stay in that house!” Noah replied. 
“Don’t say you’re scared,” Lucas said. 
“Huh! Just say who’s scared! Don't dare to tell others!” Noah shouted. 
“Oh, chill man,” Lucas replied with a laugh. 
To our surprise, all four of us entered the old house. There is not a speck of dust outside the house. The lights are on. 
“Hosts! Are you there!?” 
No matter how much I shouted, no one answered. Our group also owns the rooms in the house. I looked in the kitchen but found no one. The strangest thing was that there were a lot of valuables in all those rooms. Ancient treasures. 
“There is no one.” 
“Yeah .. not a speck of dust, and every room is lit.” 
As we were talking, a sudden downpour of rain fell. 
“I think it’s raining on the way back! Let’s get ready to go home quickly!” I told everyone. 
We also slept in a room as large as a hall. 
“Oh.. Are you scared now? Noah?” “Stop it! You’re trying to get me to have nightmares!” 
“Noah! You’re finally crying!” Lucas laughed out loud. 
“I’m not crying! There is something crying in my eyes!” 
We all know that Noah was crying out of fear. 
“All right, friend,” Lucas whispered, laughing. 
They are getting ready to sleep in that big house. By midnight, everything was fine. Suddenly, while we were asleep, we were all awakened by the sound of someone stepping on the stairs. We were scared. 
“Um ... who is that!?” Tell me 
“Show yourself! You scared us!” Gary shouted. 
After a while, the footsteps stopped, and the windows and doors opened and closed. The light bulbs came on and off. 
“Lucas ... I told you this is not a good idea!” Noah shouted in a startled voice. 
“Calm down, my man! It could be the wind,” Lucas said in his usual voice. “Do not be alarmed because we are alone here.” 
After a few minutes, It became the worst. The curtains in the room were opened and closed ... 
“help me!!” “Lucas ... what’s going on ??” I said 
“I do not know yet!” 
“Everyone is scared !!” Gary shouted. 
We heard evil laughter like on TV shows. 
“AHHHHHH!!!!” “All! Let’s get out of here !!” 
We ran and left our belongings, but when we suddenly reached the entrance, the door suddenly closed and could not be opened. 
“Oh no! The door cannot be opened!” “What are we going to do ??” Gary cried out in terror. 
At that moment, everything got worse. Those footsteps. Doors and the windows became louder. “There is only one way to get out of here. Or let’s go to the basement.” I said nervously. 
“Everyone! To the basement!” 
So when all went to the basement, there was no noise. In the basement, there was nothing on the bookshelves except books. 
“Now we are hopeless! We do not even know what is happening!” 
“It’s because of you! You’re crazy. It would not have happened if we had not stayed here.” Noah shouted. 
“Come on, this is not Lucas’s fault,” Gary said. 
“Then guys. It’s my fault. You’re right. Noah, I should not have asked you to come here.” 
“No ... what do you mean you should not ask us to come here?” 
“I’m sorry I just said that, but I brought you here on purpose.” 
“What ...” We were all surprised. 
“We brought you all night together to spend this night in this house. I told the driver to pretend the car was broken, and I brought you here ... I do not intend this to happen,” Lucas said with tears in his eyes. 
"All right, Lucas. We are all fine." 
"I'm sorry for what I said earlier," Noah apologized. 
"No! I'm the one who should apologize!" 
While they were talking, Gary and I looked through the books on the shelf and saw a very special book at the bottom. When I pulled it out, a secret door appeared. We were all surprised and went inside. 
"God! The secret door!" 
"Let me in! I'm so curious!" 
Once there, I found a secret bedroom and a desk with a book. 
"Hmm .. This is someone's bedroom." 
"What is this paper?" 
Dear Diary, 
As always Working as a housemaid in this mansion has become something very special. The owner died of cancer. But I went to the owner's room and tried to get some of his belongings. I saw a note in his handwriting that read, "This house must be demolished." "Darkness has been covering the house for the last 20 years". I was surprised and realized that this was the answer I needed from now on. Coincidental noises and strange things were happening here, and when I started working here I was terrified and could not stop thinking about those sounds. I asked the owner what was going on with the noise, but he did not respond. Every time I asked him, he ignored me. But at the time, I needed money so much, so I ignored them as much as I could. After the note I see a 4-digit code written down. I can open the box under the cupboard and look at what is in it. The time bomb is still running and it says it is written on June 21, 2019 at 4:00 AM I noticed that the day of the explosion was the owner's 90th birthday and the time was the death of his wife. I ran as fast as I could and told the other maids to leave the house immediately. An attempt was made to call the police, but the owner waited for the moment and did not break the darkness of the mansion. Today is October 10th and I made a note before I left this house immediately. If anyone sees this note, Get out of this house before it is too late. Be aware that random things can start from midnight to sunrise. If you need help calling the police to rescue you, I've left a telephone in the closet. But notice that there is a bomb in the upstairs closet. 
Stay safe, 
- Pal 
"Hey guys.. I think we should go now!" 
"I'm so scared of this bomb!" 
"Ah !! Why is it so coincidental today !!!?" 
"No .. It's 3:30 now !!" 
"Get out the phone quickly!" 
* Call 911 * 
"Yes, what is your emergency?" 
"Um, my friends and I are stuck in a big house on the highway from Chicago to 'Evanston', and now something weird is happening and there is a time bomb that will explode at 3:00 in the morning." 
"Guys, hold on. We're coming!" 
*hang up* 
"All right! The police are coming!" 
As we waited in the basement ... 
"It's 3:40 now, so it's too late for them to come here !! We're going to die !!" Noah shouted. 
"Keep calm! We can do it!" 
"Calm down!? this is not the time to rest. We are going to die." 
Unexpected noises reappear * 
"No .. Guys .. I think these sounds are coming out again!" 
"But there is only one way out!" 
"Wait a minute! I think I have to get out of the attic!" 
"Hurry to the attic !!" 
We hurried to the attic and heard the sound of a helicopter finally arriving! 
"Quickly open the roof exit !! The bomb is about to explode !!" 
The roof hole was on the ceiling, so we had to climb on each other's shoulders to get to the top. 
"Hurry up guys!" 
When I finally got to all but myself. 
"Quick Leo !! Pull my hand !!" 
"I - I can not catch up" 
"Quick guys, get out of here!" 
One minute before the bomb * 
"Me - leave me and leave !!" I shouted. 
"We cannot leave you" 
"Go on !! I can not catch up !! I'm sorry!" 
30 seconds before the bombing * 
"No !! It must not be like that !!" 
"Boys, we'll have to leave! It 's too late!" The pilot said. 
"See you later guys," I said with tears in my eyes. 
"Sorry guys .. we have to leave!" yelled the pilot. 
"Oh, it's not like that." 
* Flew away from the house * 
10 seconds before the bomb explodes * 
"No - no !!!" 
"LEOOO !!!!" 
I heard my name screams from the helicopter... I closed my eyes and.. 
To be continued? 

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