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May 18, 2022
By Amahajan BRONZE, Corona, California
Amahajan BRONZE, Corona, California
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After finding the unidentified object, the team and I went to the headquarters to figure out what it was. We spent days trying to figure it out but everyone but me gave up trying. As I brought it to the lead scientist, the object flew out of my hands only to fly near the electrical grid, hiding on the floor. Electricity flew out of it and I managed to grab it. Then, the thing lit up and I quickly brought it to the headquarters. The scientists had the robots pass through the password but it wasn’t able to. They used all the tools we could think of to try and reveal the thing but we couldn’t find it. I convinced them to give me a try to crack it. Despite their reluctance, I was able to crack the code but I realized in the end that they didn’t deserve the success as they had relied on the robots who had failed them.

Anusha M.


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