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The Fall of the Angels

January 6, 2011
By RaiderWriter14 BRONZE, Roanoke, Virginia
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RaiderWriter14 BRONZE, Roanoke, Virginia
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Author's note: I got inspired to write this piece by the whole thought of another super natural world that only exists on paper. I hope that people get that you should never judge peoples motives and personality by what you hear from other people.

I was headed down the hall toward the great room of the school, when I saw him. I don’t know how he got in to the school but he was there. I ran the other way because I wasn’t protected at the moment when all the world went black…………..
When I woke up I was sitting in a chair with people all around me asking me questions like “Are you okay?”, “Do you need anything else?”. But the only thing on my mind was how he got into the school. It was protected from all evil and non magical creatures in the world. When I sat up some more llda gave me some water, “Here drink this. What were you thinking? Just turning around and running the other way.”

“ I didn’t have anything on me to protect me. If I would have stayed he would have killed me. But don’t worry about me, what I would like to know is how he got in the school?” I asked as I kept drinking my water slowly.

“The Higher Power is saying that he used some kind of defense that weekend the protection around the school. I think they are covering up something but who am I to judge people?”. Llda was one of the wisest and oldest angels I knew since I become one. Her dark black hair fell in heavy waves across her face, and her aging skin sagged and was wrinkled in places but other wise was a beautiful has her soul. She was from Mexico moving here in the 1920s after her mother and father died during the war. She became an angel in the 1930s after she got ran over by a car walking across the street. No one becomes an angel unless they are dying or died. There soul leaves the body but then they have to chose between afterlife or serving you rightly lord by becoming an angel. I choose to become an angel because I knew that I had no one up there to help me in my quest to ultimate reality. I was about to walk down the hall of study room when I heard someone call me name, “June, wait up!! I have something to ask you!!” I turned around to find that it was Headmaster Yorn, and I knew before he reached me what he wanted to ask me. “June I was wondering if you could cover my after orb class study hall, as you know I am a very busy man and I have no time to deal with those pesky little middle scholars anyway. SO what do you say, help and friend out?”

“Sure headmaster I would love to cover up for your class but I already am covering for Llda because she has to go to the council today. I wish I could.” I said I as turned and walked right into my classroom. Yes, classroom. As if you didn’t know there are two types of angels. One: is the charmed angel, two: is the minute angel. The difference is that the charmed angels stay at the school, not all the time we do have lives to live you know, but they stay and teach white lighters or people who have been chosen to protect witches and wizards across the world. The minute angels stay down on wherever they are assigned and do legal work for the Higher Power. Yes this seems boring that really its not. Minutes and charms, that’s what we call them, have very normal lives except for that fact that we aren’t supposed to live on earth.

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