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Struck: A Book of The Veil

March 28, 2011
By Amaranthina, Gravenhurst, Other
Amaranthina, Gravenhurst, Other
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'the pen is the tongue of the mind'


Ask Hailey about parties, drinking or drugs, she won't have a clue what to say. Ask her about evil beings like vampires, lycans or fae and she could tell you a whole hell of a lot.

No, Hailey is not the poster-teen for normal. But it's not until an elf named Tobias drops in that she learns just how messed-up she truly is. It’s not only her curse of second sight, there's more: Hailey is discovering sinfully unacceptable feelings for Tobias and an ability, difficult to tame and coveted by all; to bend the elements to her will.

And then there’s Lance, her ex-boyfriend and only friend, she thought she was protecting him in not telling him her secrets. But when Lance is taken by vampires who want to twist Hailey's abilities she must risk her life to preserve his blissful ignorance and mortality.


Struck: A Book of The Veil

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