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Terrifyingly Beautiful

June 26, 2011
By MeganXtheXwriter, boremont, Texas
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MeganXtheXwriter, Boremont, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
But love is blind, and lovers cannot see
The pretty follies that themselves commit.
William Shakespeare


How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?
Albert Einstein

The author's comments:
First chapter. It's my first so I hope you enjoy!

I watched the translucent wings flutter past my head, illuminating when they caught the light of the full moon. Dewy grass chilled my feet, and flower petals brushed my legs. It was perfect. Every burden I’d ever carried with me seemed to float away with the wings. It was as if my complicated world was being replaced with a more serene, better place. In a matter of seconds my newly found perfect and fragile world shattered at the sound of a high pitched repetitive beep.

Angrily I hit the snooze button on my alarm, cursing it for ruining my perfect moment. After several futile attempts at trying to recover my precious dream I got up. As my feet hit the wooden floor I wanted instantly to crawl back under the covers. Grudgingly I walked to my shower and let the water wake me. I was not looking forward to go to school this morning, or any other morning for that matter, but it was just one of those “you got to do, what you got to do” things in life.

The house was an eerie kind of quiet, just like usual. No sounds of sizzling bacon on the stove, no mom yelling up the stairs to hurry up, not even a faint shuffle of dad reading the morning paper. My parents are the typical workaholic type, barely acknowledging my presence. I had gotten over that fact a long time ago, and I fended for myself. I got ready and headed out the door and climbed into my car, a-we’re sorry we forgot your birthday-gift from my parents. The ride to school was uneventful unless you count some idiot cutting me off on the road and my nearly irresistible urge to chase him down. (I can have a slight case of road rage issues).

I walked silently through the halls to my locker. Normally I wasn’t so quiet and sullen but I’d stayed up half the night writing an essay that was due today. “Ivy did you hear the good news?” my best friend Marley asked as she jumped up and down. I shook my head and opened my locker to put away unneeded things. “There’s a new student coming today!” she was still jumping grinning widely at me. I gazed at her dully, not understanding why this was so amazing.

“And I should care because?” I asked as we walked to first period English my personal hell. I swear our teacher has it out for me or something. “Because you just should,” she huffed after not being able to find a real reason. I laughed at her and sat in my seat at the back of the class. Class started out boring as normal and lucky me was first up to read my essay. My stomach started turning and my palms started sweating. I was always nervous when it came reading things in front of people, especially reading something I had written. Each step was a painstaking step down the aisle toward my utter doom and social death. Well maybe that’s a bit drastic and a little bit idiotic but it could happen. I reached the front of the room and turned facing the awaiting eyes of my classmates.

Before I could speak a word, the door opened revealing a boy around our age. He walked up to our teacher’s desk handing her a small piece of paper. “Well class, welcome our new student Blair Nottwood, I guess you can sit next to Ms. Lispen here,” she introduced dismally pointing at me, “she can be your student guide if you need any help around the campus.” I almost didn’t hear what she said because I was staring at the new boy. He wasn’t the jock or emo type of hot at all. He was more beautiful in a frightening way. He looked at me expectantly as the idea registered in my head to show him where to sit. I led him to the seat feeling self conscious as everyone except Marley and the guys’ stared hatefully and jealously at me.

Unfortunately, Blair’s interruption didn’t deter the reading of my essay. It wasn’t so bad except for the glares filled with hatred. I nearly fell into my seat with relief when I finished. I looked over at Blair, getting a chance to study him. Prominent jaw line, disheveled hair, but the most startling thing was his eyes. They were a dark gray with purple and blue flecks littering them. They looked as if they could find your deepest secrets with one look. I hadn’t even realized that I was staring until Marley poked me in the ribs. She shot me a “stop staring or he’ll think you’re a creeper” look. I rolled my eyes at her and cast a sideways glance at him. He was staring at me with curiosity, confusion, and some other emotion that I couldn’t name.

The day wore on leisurely like ripping a Band-Aid off a fresh wound. It seemed like the clock was taunting me by not moving. Finally the day was over and I could go home and do whatever I want. I really just wanted to go home and relax, but leave it to Marley to crush my hopes of having a night to myself. “We’re going to a party tonight,” she stated after school. She just said it like I would gladly go, like it was my plan to go watch a bunch of idiots get drunk, no thank you.
“No,” I replied walking to my car.
“Why not,” she whined.
“Because I don’t want to and anyway it’s Monday,” I looked at her and found Blair not too far away.

I started staring at him again, which was becoming a bad habit that needed to stop considering that we’re in almost every class together. “Blair will be there,” She grinned knowingly as she caught me staring. “Ugh, fine whatever,” I mumbled just a tiny bit excited. I got into my car and I saw Blair get in an oddly familiar car. I pondered where I’d seen it before. It hit me like a lightning bolt. Blair was the idiot that cut me off earlier.

I didn’t have that much time before the party so I just figured why not get ready early. Apparently I was really slow at getting ready because Marley was already at my house before I’d even finished. The party was no surprising sight when we got there. The music was excruciatingly loud, people dancing everywhere, the smell of alcohol wafted through the air, and the sound of a precious family heirloom breaking was present.

I left Marley to her socializing and went upstairs to find a vacant room to get away from all the noise. Partying wasn’t really my thing and I normally find a nice secluded spot and went home when Marley was ready. I went to the end of the hall and opened a door to a dark room with no sounds, good sign. I closed the door and slid to the floor sighing. What was I going to do stuck here? My mind wandered through topics to think about finally landing on Blair. I have no idea why I was thinking about someone I’d never even met or talked to, but whatever.

It was so strange how he could be so beautiful yet scary at the same time. It made me curious. I got bored thinking of Blair and decided to turn on the lights and see if there was a TV. I flicked on the light switch above me and screamed bloody murder.

Blair was sitting on the floor staring at me, an amused look in his eyes. “When did you get in here?” I hissed, trying really hard not to hyperventilate.
“I was here first,” he stated bluntly.
“Well I kind of figured that but why didn’t you say anything?” I asked like it was obvious.
“I was watching you think,” he mused still looking at me like I was a cute little kid that just did the most hilarious thing in the world.
“Yes, because that’s completely normal and not at all stalker-like,” I snapped sarcastically at him.
“So parties aren’t your thing either,” he stated.
“No, I didn’t even want to come but stupid Marley said this person was going to be here,” I sighed. I almost let it slip that he was the reason I came. Oh great, now I sound like a stalker.
“Who?” he seemed genuinely curious to know.
“Just someone,” I replied looking down.
“Is it me?” even without looking I could tell he was smiling.
“Why would it be you, I barely know you,” I lied, sounding unconvincing even to myself.
“I knew it,” he smirked looking truly pleased with himself.
I resisted the temptation to roll my eyes at him.
“And next time consider someone being a what, instead of a who,” he said smiling widely, and then left as if that wasn’t one of the weirdest statements to tell someone before you leave them bewildered and a bit frightened on the floor of a strange bedroom.

He looked straight into my eyes when he said it, giving me a taste of what it was to be mesmerized by them. The frightening thing was what he said. I mean what he mean, think of someone as a “what” instead of a “who”.

I racked my brains for answers, not finding anything that even remotely made sense. I looked at the clock on the nightstand next to me, looking at the neon green numbers that read 12:34 am. Sighing I stood up, dusting imaginary dust of my jeans and went back into the party-still at full swing-to find Marley. After countless times of bumping into people, saying several hellos, and nearly getting trampled by football players, I finally found her by the DJ booth.
“Are you ready to go?” I yelled at her over the loud beat emanating from the speakers.
“Sure!” she screamed to be heard. We weaved our way to the crowd, making it outside unharmed.
“So what interesting things happened to you?” Marley asked after she was done recounting her tales of tonight to me.
“Nothing much, I just went to a dark room and thought until I turned on the lights to find Blair watching me,” I told her indolently.
“What!” she screeched directly in my ear almost making me swerve off the road.
“Are you insane? Do you want to get killed? Don’t do that to people, especially people who are driving!” I scolded her, stressing the last sentence so that she would remember for future reference.
“What did he say?” she said trying not to yell by jumping in her seat.
“He was watching me think,” I replied glancing at her.
“Are you serious?” she shrieked, “that’s stalker-like, but you have to admit he’s a hot stalker. I mean a really hot stalker. In fact so hot it’s scary. Was that all he said?”
“Yea,” I replied, I didn’t want to tell her what else he said and pulled up to her house, “well bye, see you at school.”
I headed home when the most random thought popped into my head. I never got to see if there was TV in that room.

I woke up feeling completely devoid of sleep. It made sense seeing that I tossed and turned all night. I had a mind to just forget school and go back to sleep, but my parents would go into cardiac arrest if they found out and truthfully I really wanted to find out what Blair meant last night. I forced myself up and got ready for school, barely leaving the house on time. The school was busy as usual, a buzz about last night’s party in the air. Gossip about people I didn’t know was being passed to me as I tried to make my way to my locker. I passed Blair by his locker, a crowd of girls in miniskirts surrounding him. I felt a small smile tug on the edge of my lips as I saw his look of discomfort. Serves him right for leaving me bewildered like that.

I went to first period casually talking to Marley and ignoring her attempts at trying to bring up Blair.
“Well speak of the devil,” she whispered at me grinning.
I rolled my eyes at her and watch Blair walk in and taking his seat next to me. He looked over at me and gave me a lopsided grin that I returned with a raised eyebrow. Before I could ask him what he’d meant yesterday, the bell rang and our teacher came in fuming. Oh wonderful, she was going to lecture about how teenagers were Neanderthals that needed hard work and discipline to straighten them out. I used this as an opportunity to write down a quick question on a piece of paper and pass it to Blair.
What did you mean when you said think of someone as a “what” not a “who”?
I flicked the paper over to him, missing completely as I watched it land in the middle of the aisle. Nevertheless he picked it up and read it shooting me an amused look before writing something and sending it back to me.
What do you think I mean
“Ms. Lispen, are you and Mr. Nottwood passing notes in my classroom!” Our teacher barked at me ripping the note from my hands, “detention, after school, both of you. I let out a squeak in protest, sighing when she ignored it. I looked over at Blair who had a smile on his face. How could he be smiling when we just got detention? Marley gave me an apologetic look before wiggling her eyebrows mouthing “have fun with Blair”.

Strangely I was looking forward to having detention with Blair. The day was uneventful as always and detention approached quicker than expected. Marley walked me to detention telling me all the dos and don’ts I should use when talking to Blair. I nodded and assured and reassured her that I would follow her advice. My brain had been wired with activity as I mused over what I should say to Blair. It was as if this mysterious guy had invaded my brain, making himself the only I think about during school and I had only met him yesterday.

Something was wrong with that, and I didn’t like thinking about him all the time, but his smile and his eyes. They were just so intense, and unbelievably stunning. They, like most things about him, terrify yet put me in conjecture. It was sort of complex to explain. I really hoped that I wasn’t starting to like this stranger I’ve barely ever talked to because that would be disastrous brain damage. Just thinking about him made my head ache. “Ivy Jade Lispen are you even listening to me?” Marley shouted as we approached the door to detention. “Yes I muttered annoyed, and swatted her hands as she tried to straighten out my hair and clothes. “Go get ‘em tiger!” she yelled as I walked through the door. I glared at her and she just gave me a cheeky grin before skipping off. I rolled my eyes smiling a bit and turned around to raised eyebrows and amused looks. I smiled embarrassedly and walked to an empty seat.

Blair hadn’t made it and I had an uneasy feeling he wasn’t going to come. My assumption proved to be correct because after twenty minutes there was still no sign of Blair had made itself known. Detention was fairly boring considering that there weren’t many people in there. I walked out of detention wishing I had bought a jacket as I realized the drop of temperature. I walked across the deserted parking lot looking around and out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. I increased my pace to a light jog and hopped in my car taking deep breaths. I was just being paranoid; I didn’t see anything I told myself. If only that had helped. The whole drive home I checked mirrors making sure nothing was following me.

I trudged up the stairs to my room when I got home. I took a long shower nearly falling asleep and went to bed early. I needed sleep to help clear my foggy brain of Blair. I was sitting silently in a chair looking out into a beautiful garden, sketching it. “Your highness, the king would like to see you,” A small, cheery voice called from my door. It was a small winged girl; she was glowing and had vines covering the surface of her frail arms. I walked to a room I knew the way to by heart. There, sitting in a chair, was Blair, a crown on his head, but that wasn’t the outrageous part. He didn’t have wings, but his skin was glowing as if a thousand fireflies were hidden under it. His eyes appeared to have little swirling clouds in them, the purple and blue falling like raindrops. He truly looked terrifyingly beautiful.

I woke with a start and sat up disorientated and slightly shaky. What was that all about? It was so vivid and lifelike, but it was surreal at the same time. It made absolutely no sense. I don’t think I can ever look at him the same way, without seeing those fireflies. Apparently sleeping couldn’t help me get my mind off a certain someone though. At least I felt a lot more refreshed than I had the past few days. The dream came to mind at almost every possible time, and each time I failed at trying to figure out what it mean, if it meant anything. I didn’t even bother to tell Marley or else she’d just go all hopeless romantic on me. She’d insist that this was a sign of our undying love for one another. I wasn’t in the mood for that.

I avoided any and all possible contact with Blair. Not that we ever talked to each other, but I refused to look at him in fear of seeing him like I did in my dreams. It was unbearably hard not to look at his eyes. For some reason today, of all days when I wanted to avoid him, Blair decides he wants to talk to me. He tried each and every way to get me to at least look at him. By the end of the day the refreshing energy that I had woken up with had been diminished to a nonexistent thing in my mind.

Blair had even gotten Marley to try and convince me to talk to him. “Why won’t you talk to Blair!” she exclaimed exasperatedly as we closed our lockers and walked out of the school and started walking to the ice cream shop nearby.
“Do I have to have a reason?” I said smiling at her annoyance and slight confusion.
“Yes!” she screamed causing several passersby to look at us questioningly.
“Keep your voice down, or I’m going to be deaf and will never talk to Blair,” I warned her.
“Tell me,” she whined as we reached the front of the store.
“Fine,” I cried over dramatically.
I recounted my dream to her, beginning to get worried at her solemn face. After I finished recounting my short story over ice cream I waited for her reaction. A moment passed by with her just staring at me when a large grin planted itself on her face, a squeal escaping her lips.
“It’s a sign. You two must be meant for each other. I wonder if he had the same dream as you only switched. That would be so romantic,” she sighed swooning and began rambling on again. I shook my head at her and tuned her out nodding every once and a while.

I didn’t want to go home after that, I needed to just put all my thoughts out in front of me and help stop the forming obsession with a boy I met only two days ago. I drove down a deserted highway, and parked my car by the sand of an old beach. The only sign of life was a single call from a seagull nearby. I sat on the water’s edge letting the tide soak my feet. I breathed in the salty smell of the ocean, savoring the peaceful moment. I loved this place because of the serene atmosphere and the way it could help me think of all my problems and ways to fix them. I felt myself smile thinking of everything that seemed to be a problem in my life.

I avoided the one topic that was most important not sure that I was even ready to confront it. I tucked everything else into a little box in my mind to keep anything from distracting me. The only thing I could come up with was that I definitely had feelings for Blair, but this nagging feeling was telling there was a reason I shouldn’t. At least I cleared that and some other things out of my head. It somehow felt lighter when I stood up, and was minutely proud I had gotten a small piece of the puzzle.

I didn’t want to leave just yet so I ran into the water fully clothed. It was an impulse more than anything, and I hadn’t thought it through. The water was freezing but felt good and I welcomed it laughing. I swam around, staying away from the deeper parts. I walked out of the water into the crisp air, the wind chilling me to the bone. Before I had made it to my car I had started shivering. I ran into my car turning the heat on high, struggling to get my temperature back to normal.

I immediately knew that I was going to be sick in the morning. I made it back home in my soggy clothes and changed instantly. I woke up with a splitting headache and one of the most horrible cold I’d ever had. With each step I took, I felt that someone was using the sides of my head as drums. Something wrong was happening, something very wrong. I don’t know if it I gained a sixth sense or something but I felt an unusual presence in my house.

I stalked down the stairs, becoming more confused as the faint smell a food cooking on the stove made me nauseated. I poked my head around the door, and nearly dropped the steel bat I was holding. My mom, a woman that’s barely home long enough to order takeout let alone cook a full meal, was standing at the stove shoveling eggs on a plate. My dad sat at the table, reading a newspaper and sipping coffee. I backed away from door wanting to get away from whatever surreal world I’d entered. I pinched myself several times to see if I could be dreaming, but oddly I wasn’t. Gingerly I stepped through the door as my mother’s back was turned. “Oh Ivy what happened to you, you look so sick?” my mom asked worriedly flitting around me trying to feel my forehead, “Go upstairs and take some medicine, I’ll be up in a minute with some soup and orange juice.”

I had almost forgotten about all that, but as my mom mentioned it the pounding in my head came back. I shook my head and went upstairs, doing as I was told in a trance like, befuddled state. Why would my mom and dad be home? I laid down hoping sleep would help the new issues that mixed in with the old ones. By the time my mom came in with soup I had only managed to confuse myself even more.
“Why are you here?” I blurted out as my mom placed a tray on my nightstand. She looked like she hadn’t expected to hear that.
“Well your father and I got some off time and we thought it’d be nice to spend it with you,” she said awkwardly, almost as if she wasn’t telling me something.

I nodded my head slowly; I didn’t want to ask any more questions. The entire day was filled with sleeping and watching old movies on TV. My mom and I had talked several times, but she and my dad normally kept their distance to let me rest. I tried to figure out how my life went from boring and normal, to me basically being infatuated with a stranger and my parents actually acting as if they cared. What was happening to my life?

The whole day I had ignored any phone calls from Marley because she’d use my sickness as the perfect excuse to not go to school. By the time I actually did answer her calls she wasn’t that mad at me. In fact she seemed slightly giddy.
“I know something you don’t know,” she taunted.
“Oh jeez, what is it,” I mumbled slightly afraid of what her response would be.
“Blair asked about you!” she squealed. I heard honking and shouting and instantly frowned.
“Be careful while you’re driving,” I scolded her.
“Hello, the guy you are madly in love with asked about you today, and you’re telling me about my driving skills!” she screamed. I heard more honking and shouts from Marley, “Some people can just drive terribly.”
“You mean people like you, and besides I’m not madly in love with anyone,” I told her lightly.
“Sure you’re not,” she said sarcastically, “well I have to go Ms. In Denial, bye.”

I rolled my eyes and went back to staring at the TV. My mind was more focused on the fact that Blair actually asked about me. I reached for my phone and dialed Marley’s number.
“I knew you’d call back, and I bet you want to know what he asked am I correct,” she said triumphantly as she answered the phone.
“Just a little,” I grumbled stubbornly.
“He came up to me and asked if you were okay, were you sick, if you needed anything, and he sounded so worried when he said it,” she said sighing dreamily, “see I told you, you two are perfect for each other.”

I said goodbye and smiled a little at her comment. I looked outside at the rain and let out a contented sigh. I walked over to the doors to my balcony and opened them just looking outside, the occasional drop of rain hitting me. I was enjoying the peaceful moment when something glowing caught my attention in the woods behind my house. It was shiny blue that looked really pretty against the forest. I wanted to go see what it was.

I crept down the stairs, avoiding the creaky spots so I wouldn’t disturb my parents. I walked barefooted across the wet grass toward the shiny blue light. I was so close that I could almost begin to make out what it was when it was jerked back. I followed it, when I tripped over a stray branch. When I looked up I met stormy eyes, with little blue and purple raindrops falling in them.

Too shocked to even move I backed away quickly, the eyes disappearing. My breathing increased as I sat there, in mud trying to get the image of those eyes out of my head. It couldn’t have been Blair because that was impossible. I don’t know how long I sat in the mud just staring at nothing hoping to see those eyes reappear. As if my senses had finally come back I shook my head and stood up. Mud was caked on nearly every possible surface of my pants.
“Ivy Jade Lispen, what on earth happened to you!” my mom explained when I made my way into the house.
“I slipped in some mud,” I grumbled.
“Well you march yourself up those stairs right now missy and take a shower, you are covered in mud,” my mom ordered.

I almost smiled at how motherly she sounded and did as I was told. I cleaned up and fell into a much welcomed, dreamless sleep. I woke up feeling loads better than yesterday and got ready for school. I’d managed to tuck away any thoughts of Blair and the eyes I saw in the forest as I got ready for school. My parents were home still which made me happy. I drove to school early just because I wanted to. The school was nearly deserted by this time of morning with only the rare teacher or lone student milling around.

Students were allowed to wander around the halls at this hour if they didn’t make a disturbance. So I did just that. I walked through hallway after hallway, entertaining myself with silly stories in my head. I started humming and twirling in small circles like a small child, a smile settling on my face. I was enjoying my little kid moment when a soft throat clearing interrupted it. I saw Blair standing there grinning at me, and watched me with smiling eyes.
“Well I see you’re feeling better,” he stated walking up to me.
“Yeah, I’m fit as a fiddle now,” I replied instantly regretting it. I can’t believe I just said that. He let out a low chuckle and looked at me intensely, as if looking for something. I gazed back into his eyes; searching for answers to questions I didn’t know needed answering. We were having a moment, not a romantic one, but a moment nonetheless.

The moment was ended as the bell rang and students started to fill the hall and he walked away. No goodbye or anything just leaving me alone again with more questions and zero answers. I didn’t understand this guy, and I wasn’t sure I ever would. I headed to first period and sat in my seat deciding to wait on telling Marley about earlier. We were talking when Blair walked in and I offered him a small smile in which he returned with a huge grin.

Marley looked at me questionably before whispering to me that I’d better tell her what happened. I promised I would, but frankly I didn’t even know what happened. Class began with our teacher in one of her moods again. The day was just one big blur of monotony and confusion as I had I had trouble comprehending even the simplest of classes. I felt like a zombie walking aimlessly to classes that would almost bore me to tears. I felt so tired that by the end of the day I felt I might just drop like a fly and sleep in the middle of the hallway. Marley helped keep me up partly because every time I saw her she kept reminding me to tell her what happened to me and Blair this morning.

Sweet freedom from the torture of school had ended as those welcomed bells signaled us to leave. I was so ready to get out of this place I left without even saying goodbye to Marley. My eyes immediately closed as I went into my room and fell onto my bed. I swear I could have slept through three hurricanes, nine thunderstorms, and a tornado. I woke up to a dark sky, and silent house. The digital clock on my nightstand read 2:39. My phone was beeping frenziedly, blinking with new messages. I had about 23 call from Marley and 20 from a new number. I didn’t even want to see how many texts there were.
“Where in Samantha Hill have you been exactly Ms. Ivy Jade Lispen!” she shouted angrily after the first ring.
“Sleeping,” I muttered groggily, involuntarily shrugging my shoulders in the dark.
“Sleeping! Do you know that Blair and I have been worried sick about you? We thought you were dead, raped, or lying in a ditch somewhere. He wanted to send a search party after you, a freaking search party Ivy!” she screamed. I could hear a mix of anger and relief in her tone.
“Did he call me?” I asked after she’d calmed down.
“Yeah, like 20 times. You better call him and apologize right now missy,” she ordered me.
“I was going to do that anyway, bye,” I said pressing end. I sat cross-legged on my bed and thought about how I was going to apologize to Blair. I must have picked up the phone a dozen times before getting up the nerve to call him. I felt like I was in junior high, asking out a guy for the first time. By the third ring a remotely familiar voice picked up. His voice sounded tired and ragged, like he’d been up all night. My voice caught in my throat and I managed to say something at the last second.
“Hi Blair,” my voice said sounding oddly high pitched.
“Ivy?” he asked sounding hopeful.
“Yeah,” my voice was small.
“Ivy where have you been? I’m so glad you’re okay. You are okay, aren’t you?” He asked. His voiced mixed with great relief and a little worry at the end.
“Yeah, I’m fine, I just was really tired and I fell asleep. I’m so sorry I worried you and Marley. Please don’t be mad,” I rushed.
“I’m not mad at all, just really glad you’re okay,” he sighed.
“Are you okay you sound tired, maybe you should drink some tea. I know a great tea recipe,” I babbled, feeling incredibly guilty.
“I’m fine,” he laughed, still sounding exhausted.
“Why did you worry about me so much? Marley said you wanted to send a search team after me,” I blurted.
“Oh, um I just got really worried I guess, well goodnight and see you at school tomorrow,” he mumbled embarrassedly.
“Bye,” I muttered and clicked off the connection.

I can’t believe he worries about me. I wanted to get up and dance around my room screaming yes, but thought better of it. I couldn’t help but grin at the thought of him thinking about if I was okay let alone worrying. Then again I felt awfully guilty about him distressing over me. Even if he wasn’t exactly in distress over me I still felt terrible. Maybe I should bake him cookies or something. Before I could make a final judgment on that decision I saw the glowing blue light I had seen the other day. Only this time it was accompanied by green and purple lights.

I let my curiosity get the best of me again and went to see what those things were. I snuck outside and got so close before they disappeared again like they were being jerked by something. I followed it this time, and yet again I trip on a stupid tree branch or something. I looked up expecting to see those stormy eyes, but I only saw the darkness of the forest. A little disappointed and more than a little perplexed, I walked back inside the house and slept away the few hours I had before school.

I went to school with butterflies and fear rising in my stomach. The fear was for Marley and the butterflies were for Blair. I walked to my locker with no signs of Blair or Marley in sight. Just when I thought that I could make it to class without seeing either one of them, Marley had to go and ruin it.
“Young lady, you are in deep, deep, deep trouble,” she hissed at me, stressing out every word.
“Yes, mother,” I saluted her mockingly.
“Don’t sass me, you are grounded for a month, no Blair, now march to class young lady,” she said jokingly.

We walked to class laughing, but not before she made me promise I would never do something like that. Even though all I did was simply fall asleep.

We sat down and chatted for a minute until Blair walked in. She sent me a stern look, that said “talk to him” and I did.
“Hey Blair,” I said shakily, “how are you feeling.” I heard Marley snort as she tried to cover up a laugh.
“Hello Ivy, I’m good,” he said smiling at me.

Before he or I could say anything, the bell rang signaling the start of class.
“Today class I will be assigning partner projects,” boomed the voice of our teacher, “and don’t bother thinking that you’re picking your own partner. I have assigned each and every one of you a partner.” An assortment of groans flew around the room. As she started reading out the list of partners, I was secretly hoping that I either got Blair as a partner or that I at least wasn’t partners with Marley. Even though Marley was my best friend, she was useless when it came to projects. A sudden pairing caught my attention.
“…Ivy Lipsen and Blair Nottwood,” she called. I could have fainted at those words, I was so happy. I tried keeping the stupid grin that kept trying to plant itself on my face, off.
“Your assignment is to find out how the other person lives. You will visit their house, observe them, and become them. By the end of this project you will be able to recite facts about and answer questions about them at the speed of lightning,” our teacher stated dramatically.

I looked over at Blair and he caught my eyes smiling. Marley was busy trying to decide whether or not to squeal for me or her. She got Matthew Drilden, her longtime crush of seven years. The rest of class flew by and before I knew it the bell rang.
“So Ivy, would you like to come over to my house tomorrow or me go to your house?” Blair asked.
“If it’s okay can we go to your house first, I’m going to have to convince mine,” I said sighing. And convince I would.
“Sure, you can ride with me after school Friday,” he smiled and walked away.
I felt Marley grip my arm and I jumped. I didn’t even know she was standing there. She seemed to have an evil glint in her eyes, and I dashed to class not wanting to know. That girl could have seriously messed up ideas when she got that glint in her eye. For the rest of the day I had a smile on my face. I didn’t even get scared when my French teacher announced a pop quiz. Nothing could possibly go wrong, that is until my car decided it didn’t want to start.

The end of a wonderful day had come and the wonderful part had to be screwed up by my car. Every key turn only got a little lifeless sputter. I banged my head against the wheel repeatedly until there was a tap on my window. I looked up and saw Blair with a raised eyebrow.
“Need a ride?” he asked when I climbed out of my car. I looked at it ruefully, nodding my head yes. I followed him to his expensive car and hopped in. That was day I promised myself to never ride in a car with Blair as long as I live. By the time we reached my house my nails were digging into the leather armrest in near hysterics. He gave me an apologetic smile and I gave him a shaky one back. I waved goodbye and collapsed on the floor, kissing it when I got inside.
“Marley, did you drive with Blair when you were looking for me?” I asked her on the phone.
“At first, but then I made him drop me back so I could drive myself. The dude has major speed limit issues,” she said laughing.
“Then why didn’t you tell me that!” I yelled at her.
“Why, did you ride with him home today or something?” she laughed.
“Yes!” I screamed at her.
“Oh, well next time I’ll be sure to tell you,” she said surprised but I could tell she wanted to laugh, “well bye Ivy.”
I sighed and shut my phone. I was beyond the point of boredom and was crossing into desperateness. I needed something to do before I went crazy. It seemed like hours passed when the sun finally sank into the horizon and the moon hovered like a silver circle in the sky.

By the time dinner came I found myself staring at an old crayon drawing on my wall from two years ago. I didn’t realize that I was so hungry because I nearly devoured my food within minutes. My parents had worried looks on their faces so I slowed down.
“Honey we’ve noticed that over the past few days you’ve been extremely tired and eating very fast, we want to know if you, if you’ve been doing drugs,” my mom asked worriedly. My food sprayed from my mouth all across the table. Was she serious?
“Of course I’m not doing drugs,” I retorted aghast.
“Well is something wrong dear?” my mom seemed genuinely concerned. I don’t know why but her sudden willingness to care angered me.
“Why should you care, you’re never here anyway! If something is wrong with me I’ll deal with it without the help of you! I didn’t need you caring before this week, and I do not need it now!” I screamed. I felt a small pang of guilt as I saw the words sting her, but I was too angry to even care.

I rushed up the stairs and slammed my room door lying down on my bed. I took deep breaths to calm myself and stared at the ceiling. The guilt came in heavier as it found a way into my thinking. I couldn’t help but see the pain spread across my mother’s face. I winced at the memory of it.
Quietly I padded down the stairs making my way to the kitchen. I decided that it would be best if I apologized to my mom. I put my head through the door and caught my mom looking blankly at a cup of coffee. I took a seat across from her and just stared down at my knuckles, tracing the lines on them. Neither of us said anything for a while before I managed to find my words.
“I’m sorry for what I said at dinner,” I apologized, my voice barely above a whisper.
“It’s not like what you said wasn’t true. You had every right to yell,” she stated giving me a small smile and I gave her a confused look, “what I mean is that your father and I do work ridiculous hours, we don’t spend enough time with you, and we never meant to make you feel like we don’t care because we do,” she said looking at me. We were bonding, I think. At least it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I said goodnight and hugged her for the first time in who knows how long.

That night I actually fell asleep and had absolutely no dream. I was having a good morning before I grasped the fact that I didn’t have a car. I refused the offers to let my parents drive me and just decided to walk. Besides, walking was better for the environment. I arrived to school finding my car where I left it. I almost wanted to go see if it was working but then that would have just been a waste of time. I was almost late to class anyway.

I slipped through the door in just enough time to not be tardy. I slipped into my seat and smiled at Marley and Blair.
“So are you ready for this afternoon?” Blair whispered to me. I gave him a confused look.
“Remember we’re going to my house to start the project,” he continued. I had completely forgotten about that!
“Oh yeah, I’m ready,” I lied easily. The truth was that I wasn’t ready and I was now freaking out.
“Hey Ivy, what’s up,” Marley asked when she saw me after class.
“Help Me!” I hissed grabbing her shoulders and shaking, “I forgot that I was going to Blair’s house today!”

She looked frazzled for a few minutes before her mouth formed a perfect ‘O’ of realization. All of a sudden she decided to burst out laughing. Her laugh quickly escalated to an insane level of hysteria. I glared at her and walked away from my useless best friend so I wouldn’t be late for class.

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oh.....my.....GOSH!! THIS IS FREAKING AMAZILY EPICALLY AWESOME!!!! Haha i was literally Giggling the WHOLE time! ...AND I DONT GIGGLE!! hahaha You mi friend, you are truely talented.. YOU NEED TO PUBLISH THIS AND GET SELLING.... (once your finished the whole book of course) xD But yea this chapter is AMAZING and i loved it from the first word to the very last.. The only part i didnt like was thats all youve put up so far :P Haha What you've got is outstanding and i wish you the best for writing it all :))))))) <3