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Death Cheaters

August 13, 2011
By charns, Riyadh, Other
charns, Riyadh, Other
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"Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality." -- Tales of Eternia


[Oh, silly, silly, little, lost Souls
What have you come here for?
The gates behind you have been closed
There's nowhere else for you to go
Since you are here, oh, little, lost Souls
Why don't we play a Game?
If you can win, I'll let you go
But if you lose, then that's a shame...]

When a nightmare visited Vivian Hollows, it changed her life forever.

Torn in a life-or-death situation, she now exists in The Other, a parallel dimension to Earth. And in order to return to The Real, she must become the champion of the Game. Failures face Erasure.

Will Vivian be able to return home safely, or would she die in the hands of a cruel play?


Death Cheaters

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