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Songs of the Mind Games

December 5, 2011
By Kailyn44 BRONZE, Kensington, Maryland
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Kailyn44 BRONZE, Kensington, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
Life is like a paintbrush. If you make a mistake,you can't erase it. You have to change your picture.

Life is everything, except for what you want it to be. There is never such a thing as a perfect life. Perfect is a completely overrated word. It's possible to have a good life. Although the mind could totally mess up your plan.

You know the saying "live like today was your last day"? It's one of the best sayings to live by, because its true. In this book, any second could be any one's last. We humans are lucky that in modern times, we have so much logic and technology.

Scientists have done so many tests and studies on the human mind. A human mind is way more complex than we give it credit for. It has the ability to hold information, control the body, and play tricks with it's master. These tricks seem to be almost impossible to control, but they are not. It takes complex thinking and quite a lot of will power to over power them. But they can be conquered.

I like to call these little tricks: mind games. They are like a black hole, sucking you deep into an unknown universe. In the unknown universe, they bring up a scary vision or use a voice of someone who's dead or not there with you. Even though the mind is the one that plays the trick, it can also be the one to stop it. If the mind doesn't get stopped, the games could go so far that something completely unexpected could happen.

Many people don't believe in the mind games and just go on with their lives. But most of the time, the people who don't believe are the victims. Their mind plays the games with them, they don't get whats going on, and then they lose it. For some, the consequence is death. For others, its just pure craziness. But for the people that believe, its a whole other story.

A small percentage of people believe in the mind games. Yet, the people who believe are the ones who can push away and get rid of the games the easiest and fastest way. They can then go on with their lives like normal. For they are not the victims. They are the people who can stand up to the bully and push them down.

Mind games go through everybody at some point in their lives. It depends on that person's life to determine how severe the games will get. If you are a person with a lot of stress, you could have something to worry about. Although if your a person with little stress, you should be good. The less you grieve and the less stress you have, the better.

My advice to you is that you remember that these are just stupid games that your mind plays on you. Remember that they are not real. Don't listen to them. These tricks could say anything. From telling you to jump or saying about love. Your mind knows it all.

I recommend that if you are creeped out already, you stop reading. Although if you do, your missing a great story. From this point on, it only gets more interesting and exciting. So keep reading, if you dare!

My friends were half-and-half. Some believed in the games while the other half didn't. Although, I was lucky because my friends never had almost any stress. Although there was one with a lot of stress. She never believed in the games and always went along with her life. Her life of fear. Then she became a victim.

This story is about my friend, Caroline and her experience with the terrible mind games. She had never believed in the games, beginning when she was a little girl at the age of six. She used to be so carefree and the happiest girl I knew. Then after one terrible month, she became a whole different girl. So stressful and unhappy. That's when the mind games began.

Caroline was once a beautiful, happy girl. She used to have it all. Captain of the cheerleading squad, honor roll and a grand mansion. She even had the captain of the football team as her boyfriend. She wasn't like all of the stereotype popular girls. Caroline had a good natured personality and a good, helpful heart.

Her good heart led her to be the most loved girl in all of our small town. She would always put others before herself. Her family also played a very important role in our community. The mayor of our town was her father. He was said to be the best mayor the town had ever had. Her mother was the most popular vet withen the whole state. The three of them were always "the giving tree" of our town.

She was a perfect mix between her mother and father. Long blonde hair that hung down to about halfway down her back. Large hazel eyes that would always used to show her warmth in her heart. A perfect body and face structure. Caroline used to be the most beautiful girl I knew.

Her experience with the mind games changed her for the worse. She hasn't been the same since. She cut her hair and her eyes never show the same warmth. While we are all thankful that she is alive, we are not sure what other problems we will have to deal with now. She is a new person and we are never sure if we will get our old Caroline back.

I only see here around school with her boyfriend and in or classes together. She is still together with the captain of the football team. They have always loved and cared for eachother. I do speak with him from time to time about her, but otherwise we try to keep our distance. But there is one thing I know me and him agree on. That we may never get our old Caroline back.

The month before the mind games for Caroline was horrible. This would be the month that would change her and her community forever. It was the month of March and her family was, of course, happy as ever. That was until a few days later when everything changed.

The first bad thing that happened to Caroline is that her mother had gotten cancer. Her mother had meant everything to her, so she was mortally depressed when she had heard that her mother got cancer and had a very good chance of dying. Caroline had skipped school for about a week to be by her mother's side. She thought that if she kept being by her side and making her smile, Caroline would be like the sun and make her mother grow like she was a flower. But instead it just made the situation worse for Caroline. She couldn't stand to see her mother dying.

To make it even worse, a week after her mother was diagnosed with cancer, her mother had a heart attack and passed away. This made Caroline lose it. She would sit in the corner at school everyday, crying and sobbing for her mother to come back, even though she knew it was impossible. Caroline would pray every night to see here mother just one more time, except here prayers would never be answered. She knew she had to face the fact. It was only her and her father, and that was because her mother had passed away due to cancer.

Caroline would stop paying attention in school to start drawing sad and depressing pictures. This gave her failing grades, which got her kicked off the cheerleading squad. She had lost almost everything she cared about. Except for the one person who really cared about her. Her boyfriend.

Even though she had lost everything and had become one of the least popular girls in school, he stayed to be there with her. He loved her for her and didn't care what happened to her, he just wanted to be there for her. If she didn't have him, she would have been the only girl in the town who didn't care about anything and almost wanted to die.

The only person who helped reserve her on this earth was her boyfriend. That month had been so bad and hard on her, she didn't know what to do. He was there to help her get through it. He promised her that if she would be honest and tell him everything, he would be with her forever. He said he didn't care what happened to her or how it affected her,it would never affect them.

I always was jealous of her a Damon. The people in school would always call the "Dayoline" and they still do til this very day. He had always been there for her and was like no other guy in this world, much less this galaxy. She was actually one of the luckiest girls ever, because she had him. He kept her tied down and kept her alive. I'm also sure that it was the same for him.

He was the one that kept her alive, she was also the one that kept him alive. They have a special relationship that nobody will ever understand except for them. Damon always had his special ways with her. Even now he can make her smile. Which we are all thankful that we have him here to make her smile every once in a while.

Damon is a very special guy that is like no one else in the world. He was there with her through that whole month, right by Caroline's side.

So far, you already know quite a lot about Damon. That he is the captain of the football squad and the boyfriend of Caroline. He is also the coolest guy in our school. Although he almost gave that all up, just to be with Caroline.

Damon is the best guy in this town to have as a boyfriend. He is always sweet and shows up for everything that Caroline asks him to go to. Whenever Caroline needs something, he's there with it withen the hour. Then besides all that, he spends almost every second of every day he can with her. Although it would be tough for any other girl to date him because him and Caroline might be the toughest couple to break up ever.
Damon is not only a great boyfriend to Caroline, he is also just a great friend. He is always there for his friends, no matter what the situation. He would sit there and try to make you feel better. Though if that didn't work, he would do almost anything he could to cheer you up. He rarely ever gets into fights with anybody. Damon has a truly good heart.

I can't say as much as I would want to because I'm not that good of friends with him. Although he is still there to cheer me up in the tough times and through rough situations. When Caroline was going through the mind games, he was there for the whole town, not just one person. Even after Caroline was down with the mind games and the town was going through a small depression, he was there. If there was a chance to help anybody, he was there to jump in on that chance.

Although of course, everyone has their flaws. Damon didn't have many but he did have a few. He had a tendency to be really slow at replying to text messages, but that wasn't something we needed to necessarily worry about. He also very stubborn, not leaving unless he has done what he went there to do. Which still isn't that bad in the world of flaws.

Another great thing about Damon is that he was a complete anti-perfectionist. He would never point out anybody's flaws or bad sides. He would just sit there and compliment their good sides and their positive character traits. This would make others gain back their self-esteem, but this time in even greater quantity than ever before. After talking to him, people feel better withen about 5 minutes. Damon has a personality like no one else I know in this town.

In this town, we are lucky to have someone like him when we are going through such tough times. Many other towns never have anybody like him and the whole town suffers through tough times. In this town, even though we do suffer, we have someone there to lighten up the day for everybody, not just one person. So throughout Caroline's horrible experience with the mind games and her transition afterwords, he was there picking us up every time we were let down. Damon is a truly good person with a big, helpful heart open to anybody in our town.

Caroline's first mind game was horribly bad, but it was not her worst. The first little mind game took place about four days after her moms death. She was in French class, one of the classes that we had together last year, when all of the sudden her eyes went dark and her face went into a shock of fear. At first, the teacher thought she was having a heart attack, but I knew better. I stood up and told the class about the mind games. So in the end, we all concluded that that was the beginning of the mind games for Caroline.

Luckily, the first games didn't last that long. They only lasted about 10 minutes. But in her face, you could tell that these games were horrible for her. Though back in that day, we were really good friends and she would tell me everything. So this is the story of her first mind games.

She told me that she was on an unknown island in the middle of the ocean. At first, she thought she was alone but then when she turned around her mother was there. Her mother started telling her to go there and talk to her. When Caroline ran up and tried to hug her mother, she disappeared and her mother became a horrible demon threatening to eat her.

When she saw that, she screamed not only in her vision, but in real life too. She was so scared, she puked when she woke up. That was the end of her first mind games, but it certainly wouldn't be her last.

Caroline knew it wouldn't be her last, and that thought scared her the most. I mean, nobody would want to go through horrible visions like that more than once. That's when Caroline started drawing in class, which led her to start failing school, which led her to being kicked of the cheerleading squad. The mind games messed up her whole life and that was because she didn't believe in the mind games, and she never had until that day of her first mind games.

Even when she started to believe, she never knew how to stop them. Whenever Damon or I tried to tell her, she would slip into another horrible mind game. So we could never tell her how to stop them which meant that she would have to keep dealing with the mind games til they stopped on their own.

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on Dec. 10 2011 at 7:32 pm
Kailyn44 BRONZE, Kensington, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
Life is like a paintbrush. If you make a mistake,you can't erase it. You have to change your picture.

Hey! I hope you guys like it! The chapters are a bit short but soon I am making them larger so keep in touch! Please post your honest opinions and comments! Thanks!