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Summer in the Land Down Under Guardians of the Ocean

March 18, 2012
By Werkheiser2011, bayside, New York
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Eons ago when the earth was beginning to take form there existed no creatures on the planet. Gradually as time progressed species began to exist on both land and in the ocean. One day which would be known as New Dawn, a blue comet was passing in the sky. Aligning with the rising sun as well the setting moon from the four corners of the world a flash of blueish white light blanketed the sky.

Upon vanishing from the sky a small cove rose from beneath the waves. As the story would be told coming out from the cove a young girl looked on the world for the first time. Feeling the thirst grip her throat she dived into the water taking a drink of the sea water. At that moment the very ocean spoke directly to the girl who would become known as “The First”. Telling the first that she would need to carry out on task.

To watch over the ocean as well those creatures who called the sea their home from any threat that would come way. That very night while the moon shinned directly upon the cove a single figure rose from the water. The boy was covered in a black armor that was strong as a great white’s teeth his eyes also glowed bright blue. From that point on he was known as the Warrior. Beginning the line of Warriors of the Moon.

For the times to come the Warrior protected “The First” from anything that was a threat. Over time “The First” gained others who shared her gifts becoming the Guardians of the Ocean. The Warrior also gained others who began expanding the ranks of the Warriors of the Moon. With the modern age arriving the Guardians had expanded to all the seven oceans.

Meanwhile the Warriors didn’t exist any longer their line disappearing waiting for the moment when they’d be called to service for the Guardians. For thousands of years the Warriors wouldn’t needed for the Guardians lived in peace. Everyone figured that the peace would last forever and the Warriors wouldn’t be needed again. Then again no one could truly believe that with a constant shadow lurking over them with each day.

Majestically the calm Pacific waves swept against the shores of the Australian coastal city of Dolphin Cove. In the light breeze leafs from the palm trees brushed against the second story bedroom window of a wooden beach home. Gradually the night faded from the skies over the city beginning to grow brighter with each passing minute. Slowly from the horizon, small rays of reddish light spread into the sky. The light expanded brightening the surface of the sea as well as the town with reddish rays from the rising sun.

Glimmering against the water, a small family of dolphins jumped from the ocean swimming along the shore. By the bedroom window, hundreds of butterflies flew through the air. High up in some of the trees near the home slept a group of koala bears breathing slowly with the leaves providing them with shade. With dawn arriving small amounts of reddish sunlight blanketed the window a few rays shimmering through the blinds making their way into the bedroom. Wrapped in the covers, a sixteen year old sheila slept soundly. At the foot of the bed laid her nine month old dog. Twisting around in the bed she felt the growing warmth of the sun striking her in the back.

The deep green eyes of Angel Jones opened slowly as she leaned up from bed. Brushing her thick black hair back she glanced around glad to see that morning had come at last. Carefully Angel pushed away the covers wrapping them snugly over her dog. She walked towards the blinds, slowly opening them, immediately becoming consumed by the reddish sunlight. Upon hearing a whimper coming from the bed she turned around to find her dog with a hand over her eyes. “Aw sorry Eurybia” she spoke then reached down scooping her up and proceeded down the staircase. Reaching the foot of the stairs Angel gently released Eurybia from her hands. Barking, she ran off into the kitchen drinking water from her bowl.

Around the lounge room the flat screen television hung on the wall with the lounge facing it in front stood the coffee table. Beside each end of the couch were a small table with a spiral shaped lamp. Against the wall next to the television was a oak brownish chest filled with supplies in the first drawer, papers and records in the second finally the third kept random items such as duck tape, measuring tapes. In the chest were three smaller drawers filled with her parent’s medals and awards gained over the years from working as police officers for Dolphin Cove.

Just above the couch was the row of windows that had their blinds open allowing reddish light to pour in. Passing from the lounge room into the kitchen she walked passed the blower with Eurybia running around through the house. Darting through her legs, Angel spoke “Crikey Eurybia!”. Swinging open the fridge she reached in pulling out a glass of Adam’s Ale sipping on it. Resting the Adam’s Ale upon the kitchen bench Angel then opened the sliding door to the balcony stepping into the sunlight.

Her lush black hair swayed lazily in the early morning breeze with leaning against the railing. Staring down onto the white sand in front of her eyes the blue ocean swayed into shore. Catching Angel’s eyes was the sight taking place out in the sea. Waves rose from the surface making it a perfect time for surfers. Without a second thought Angel reentered the house switching into her bathing suit. Light poured into the house as she opened the front door, walking outside, closing the door behind her. Grasping the surfboard in hand she took off down the sand covered pathway stepping onto the warm white sand. Nearby the dunes covered parts of the beach making Angel climb up a slight hill before reaching the shoreline.

Swiftly she entered the shallow water walking until reaching the beach bank. Standing with sizing up the waves in an instant she’d took off diving into the ocean. Paddling through the water she took constant broad strokes pushing herself into deeper waters. Sitting up on the surfboard it had become a pancake. Drifting along with the current she waited for anything to appear on the horizon. Running a hand along the water’s surface Angel peered up towards the horizon seeing a swell roll in. Duck diving under a small wave she broke through the surface moments later. Guiding the surfboard towards the wave growing higher in front of her eyes. Angel sat on her board while the ocean sat flat, barely any movement on the horizon. From the horizon the morning reddish sun brightened the coast as well her.

She entered the surf beginning to paddle out into the open ocean. Angel moved from the shoreline and into the realms of the Pacific. after several minutes of vicious paddling she sat up on the surfboard wiping away the water. Taking a glance all around the water was flat no waves seemed to be appearing on the horizon. The current carried her down the beach while above in the sky the bright reddish light of the sun glistened the surface of the sea giving it a ripple effect. Rays of light shined against Angel’s skin giving her warmth. Sweeping over the ocean was a cool breeze making it the perfect temperature for surfing.

Suddenly something bumped against her leg making Angel cringe in fear of a shark. Slowly looking down at the water instantly all the fear inside her vanished upon seeing groups of sea turtles swim under the board. Angel reached down running a hand along one of the turtles shells. Soon all the sea turtles swam away further down the coast. Not a moment had passed before several gray figures surfaced all of them swimming over. A smile spread across Angel’s face at the sight of several dolphins which swam around. A few splashed water at her along with squeaking playfully. Splashing water back at the dolphins they returned splashing. Then facing in front of her, she watched two dolphins leap out from beneath the surface into the air. They criss crossed in mid air before diving back into the sea. Suddenly she found herself all alone in the open ocean.

Suddenly in front of Angel’s eyes came a small wave of water that slowly began rising higher and higher into the air. A slight grin spread across her face as she began paddling for the wave that headed straight towards her. Soon enough she found herself in front of this massive wave that barreled down. In a flash Angel rose to her feet beginning to ride down the length of the wave while it grew higher. A second later when she found herself incased in a tube of ocean water. Only a single thought popped into her mind. I’m in the pipeline. Angel felt a presence beside her and turned towards the wave of water. Swimming along side her was a figure with a silver blue tail that had it’s hand out stroking the wave. Instinctively she reached out meeting the figure’s hand. Both of them continued down the pipeline until the figure vanished as Angel reached the ending of the tube entering the daylight once more. Standing up on the board she was carving along the wave until taking the drop.

After a while she climbed out from the water heading back to the house. Angel pushed open the front door stepping into the house, wiping salt water from her face. Leaning the board against the wall not a second later Eurybia charged in facing her. Barking, she waggled her tail jumping up slightly. Smiling and picking up Eurybia, Angel spoke “You know I can’t play it’s for school”. Carrying her up into the bedroom she laid Eurybia on the bed while collecting the clothes she needed. Angel hopped into the shower quickly changing into her clothes before entering back into her room. She slipped on her sneakers before jumping off the bed thinking she’d heard a car pull up. Stepping on the last stair two doors slammed shut followed by the sounds of laughter. A smile spread across Angel’s face while pulling the door open.

Waiting on the doorstep was her two lifelong best friends Emma Williams and Crystal Andrews. Walking in front of the two was Emma with her shoulder length brown hair tied in a bun with her brown eyes shining in the morning sun. She entered then was followed by Crystal who’s blonde hair was tied in a pony tail. “G’day mates” spoke Angel stepping aside to allow them in. “G’day ow ya goin” replied Emma standing in the lounge room. “Good what about you” responded Angel walking into the kitchen. Both girls followed her with Crystal asking “Are you ready for the end of school?”. “Hell yes!, I’m always ready for summer it means more time with the waves” answered Angel. Scurrying around Emma’s feet was Eurybia who barked looking up at her. Scooping her up, Emma asked “How could you in good heart leave her here while we’re at school huh”.

“Well it’s not my fault that we need school all I need is the ocean that’s my education right there” responded Angel. “Of course it is but they don’t have a major in surfing when we go to college” said Crystal. “Don’t remind me!” exclaimed Angel with taking Eurybia from Emma carrying her into the lounge room. Setting her down, Eurybia ran off up the stairs barking along the way. Turning to face her friends, Angel spoke “When break-up day comes I’m spending every waking moment in the water surfing those waves”. Crystal laughed replying “You my friend are such a dawn patrol”.

“So what why should that even matter?” asked Angel becoming annoyed. “Nothing I’m just saying you’re so into it some people who find it scary”. “Well I don’t care about anyone’s option about my hobby!” retorted Angel. She grinned before Crystal responded “For you it’s not a hobby mate it’s your life we all know that so do you don’t lie”. “Fine whatever” spoke Angel who took a seat on the lounge. Facing Crystal, Emma told her “Now she is out doing her black cause your being annoying shill hit you be careful”. Stunned, shaking her head Crystal said “I didn’t do anything to make myself annoying what on earth did I do!”. Angered, turning to face Crystal, Angel spoke “Oh! belt up before I loose it”.

“You perfectly know well enough that I can take you” said Crystal while walking into the lounge room. Smirking, Angel replied with throwing a pillow in Crystal’s direction “Sure mate that’s what you think”. Letting out a slight shriek, Crystal shouted while laughing “Don’t throw things at me I’ll throw them right back”. With that said she tossed a pillow in Angel’s direction which missed striking the window. Dodging another flying pillow Angel ducked only for Emma to be struck. She gasped with a grin, Emma launched a pillow at Crystal watching it sail over her head into the wall. Twisting her body around Angel swung a lounge pillow towards Emma which found its target. It messed up her hair making her to pick up two small pillows from an armchair tossing them one at Angel the other at Crystal. Hitting both of them they returned the pillows but missed as they flew along the kitchen floor.

“Oh it’s on!” shouted Emma sweeping her long brown hair back. At the foot of the stairs, Crystal hid, her deep hazel eyes glistening with feeling her heart beat rapidly. Flinging a pillow at the stairs it bounced off the wall hitting her in the back of the head. “I hate you whoever threw that!” she yelled while picking up the pillow, peering just above the banister. Whistling an inch from her face a pillow crashed against a bookcase making Crystal dug once more. “Stop cheating come out from your hiding place!” called Angel who sent flying a pillow at Emma. She gasped upon feeling it strike her gut immediately threw it back hitting Angel in the back. Jumping beside the chest, Angel picked up another pillow throwing it at Crystal simultaneously tossing one in Emma’s direction both quickly striking bot her friends.

Running from upstairs, Eurybia barked at them going in circles pushing her shout against Angel’s hand. “Aw look she misses you already and we’d haven’t even left yet. You need to play with her more often” said Emma. “I do so much of the time” replied Angel who then heard Crystal say “Well she wants you to now so that must mean you don’t it much”. “If you don’t shut up I’ll job you!” Angel telling Crystal. “Oh is that right huh!” called Crystal suddenly tossing a pillow at her which hit the chest. “Ha you missed!” retorted Angel reaching out to pick up the pillow. Coming up behind Angel, Emma tossed not one or two but three pillows at her. She screamed in shock, laughing Angel returned the pillows to their original thrower who managed to dodge each and every one of them.

“Damn it!” shouted Angel with Emma saying “You have terrible aim maybe you should work on that instead of the waves!”. “Oh, oh you wanna start don’t you bring it!” spoke Angel with a smile standing up. Coming forward, Emma reached for the armchair grabbing a pillow, her face was blocked when a pillow struck. Repeating the blow over and over, Angel said “How do you like this huh say one more thing about surfing!”. Swinging the pillow in hand, Emma caught Angel with her hand down striking for the face. “Gotcha mate!” shouted Emma who took off from the stairs. “Where are you going come back here!” yelled Angel but was blocked with a pillow in the face. Crystal took two pillows in her hands hitting both Angel and Emma simultaneously over the head. “Now who’s in charge!” she retorted. Growing increasingly tired, Crystal laid her arms down for a brief second only to be clobbered wit two pillows in the head.

“Obviously not you!” said both Angel and Emma. Trying to block with the pillows in hand, Crystal managed to have them back away for a minute. Emma breathed in deeply saying “Okay I’m done”. Nodding vigorously, Crystal sat on the floor surrendering. Laying of the lounge, Angel replied “Yeah same with me”. Around the lounge room everything was out of place with Angel speaking a moment later “We need to clean all this up before we head out”. “Oh I figured that we could just leave it the way it is” saying Crystal sarcastically.

“Oh shut up!” Crystal saying beginning to pick up some of the pillows from the floor. Getting to her feet, Angel followed by Emma picked up the remaining pillows putting them back where they belonged. Once finished they took seats around the lounge room yawning in sync. “How long till we need to get over to school?” asked Angel laying her head on a pillow. Covering her mouth from another yawn, Emma glanced at the wall clock before saying “We have about forty five minutes to go”. Exhaling, Angel replied “Thank god I need some rest”. “If you fall asleep again we’ll never be able to wake you up” spoke Crystal while walking into the kitchen. Rolling her eyes, Emma suggested "Why don't we just have the normal". "What do you mean by the normal?" asked Angel slightly confused.

"Jeez Im talking about the usual things we eat. Like pancakes, french toast, sunny side eggs, bacon, maple brown sugar oatmeal, waffles, bagels" responded Emma. It took a moment for Angel to reply "Oh yeah no I remember". With a smile, Crystal said "About time you remembered". "Quiet!" retorted Angel with a grin. She then opened the door of the fridge and begun pulling out different ingredients. "Do you need help?" asked Emma while Angel continued on pulling out more items from the fridge. Without turning around, Angel answered "No I got it, I'm almost done anyway". A moment later she closed the door o the fridge. Facing the counter there was an assortment of food products everywhere. "So where do we begin?" asked Crystal curiously while looking at the food.

"Just pick something that you're going to cook and roll with it" Angel told both of her friends. "So a free four all then" spoke Crystal to Angel replying "Basically". "Cool with me" said Emma as she began cracking eggs into a pan. With her beginning on making french toast Crystal proceeded to start cooking the waffles, bacon and bagels. "Hey can you pass me the carton of eggs that are behind you?" Emma asked without taking her eyes off the pan that lay in front of her. "What carton of eggs" began Angel as she turned around to only find a white carton filled with a dozen eggs. "Oh these eggs" she muttered, passing them to Emma's outstretched hand. Upon taking the eggs, Emma responded "Thanks so much". "No problem" answered Angel who carried two bottles of lemonade from the fridge, putting them down on the counter.

Over Crystal's head she swung open a cabinet, pulling out three plates along with three glasses. Angel set them around the counter while the others continued on cooking. In no time she had finished cooking and began setting up where they would be eating. Watching both her friends cook, Angel took the food she was cooking from the stove. Taking all their plates one by one in her hand she placed a bit of food on. A yawn escaped her lips while laying the last plate down. After she finished setting up the counter, Crystal called "All right I'm done". She slid an oven mitt on proceeding then to carry the pan to the counter. As Angel did before, Crystal split the food onto each of the three plates. While doing this, Emma spoke to both her friends "I've finished too". Turning off the burner she moved the pan towards the counter. "Hey watch out Crystal!" Emma spoke rapidly.

Quickly moving out off the way for her friend both Crystal along with Angel they watched as Emma divided all the food she had cooked onto their plates. Upon hearing the microwave beep Angel took out three bowls of oatmeal. Both of her friends had taken their seats around the counter as she placed in front of them each a bowl. Angel then took a seat beside Crystal as the morning sun poured into the living room. Taking a look around at both her friends she told them "Well dig in!". They didn't need to be told twice as they began feverishly eating. Quickly each of the girls had devoured their meals leaving only empty plates.

“What are you looking for you right?” asked Angel not peering up towards the kitchen. “Actually my stomach is rumbling I’m starving” responded Crystal rustling through cabinets. Groaning, Angel got to her feet saying “Before you tear up the kitchen tell me what you want and I’ll get it for you”. “Hey mate do we have enough time for some brekkie?” asked Emma. “I guess we do any choices of what to have” spoke Angel. “Let’s cook something” exclaimed Crystal excitedly. “Sure but back to my question what do we want?” asked Angel. Coming into the kitchen, Emma thought a moment before speaking “A little of this a little of that”.

Driving out of her housing development, they began entering the center of the town. Passing milk bars, and take away shops, along with stores, gas stations, they drove through heading up towards school. Heading up a slight incline, Emma drove her jeep passed hundreds of palm trees that sat on either side of the road. Going through a small housing development, they drove into the more jungled part of Dolphin Cove. Soon they approached a sign that read in bold letters, "Sea Point Reef High School".

Heading passed the gates, they found themselves in the parking lot. The school's campus was divided into nine different buildings, they didn't have a lot of students, but they wanted to have everything a perfect school should have, only in a perfect world. Emma drove through the grand open gates of the high school heading down the road into the campus. On the left side they passed a single row of neatly planted palm trees which blew lazily in the wind.

Before they turned right Emma stopped at a crosswalk allowing several high schoolers walk in the direction of a building. With all the students now gone from the road, they took off again down the road alongside each side were rows of plants and flowers. Around them were rows upon rows of palm trees while they drove deeper into the campus. On the left, Angel saw coming into view was the main building of the High School.

Emma turned into the parking lot looking for a space. Their high school had eight large buildings along with four small buildings spread around the campus. Surrounding the school was one side was the Pacific Ocean and the other was the city. Engulfing the school were hundreds of palm trees, plants and flowers.

A long empty white sandy beach rested on the edge of the campus where at the end of the year everyone would have no class and an end of the year party would be held. Usually it would be filled with competitions, games, food, and surfing. For Angel the surfing part was the only thing that truly interested her. Finally pulling into a parking space, Emma turned off the engine then speaking to both Angel along with Crystal “All right let’s roll”.

Driving down the car park, Emma quickly turned into the first spot she found, which luckily was within perfect walking distance from the main building. Twisting the key, the engine died down, as the girls swung open their doors, climbing out. Throwing their book bags around their shoulders, they closed the doors, just as Emma locked the jeep.

Stepping out of the jeep, they walked toward the main building were their classes took place. Angel looked at her watching turning to tell the others "We have about twenty minutes lets take a walk". "Sure fine with me" replied Crystal as they walked around the main building. Following a path, the girls made their way passed several rows of neatly planted ferns and flowers. Leaning over, Crystal plucked one of the flowers placing it in her hair. Continuing down the path they soon found themselves in the expansive courtyard that surrounded each of the campus buildings. Pathways crisscrossed around the campus, along the way were dozens of tables and benches. Laid in the ground around the courtyard were carefully placed palm trees, ferns, flowers of all different sorts and variations.

Taking in the scent of the beautiful atmosphere, each one of them stared around for a moment their minds drifted off into another world. Flutterby flew over them making calls to one another while Emma leaned against a palm tree watching these flutterby fly. A gentle gust blew through the air swaying the leafs of the trees. Looking around Emma saw a small underground mutton hopping in her direction and kneeled down to pick it up. Taking it in her hands, the underground mutton hopped around taking notice to this unusual creature that it had run into. After a moment she placed mutton back on the ground which after taking a final glance turned away beginning to hop towards the brush.

Angel smiled to herself upon hearing that familiar sound of the waves crash against the beach. Not too far off away from the courtyard was the beach that was rarely used on occasions the high school used it for activities usually at the end of the year. Piercing through the leafs of the palm trees, the sunlight blanketed the pathways along with the ground.

Rays of golden light lit the pathways as if it was an image from another world. Walking along the pathway away from Emma and Crystal, Angel entered through the bushes making her way towards the beach. A few minutes later, she stepped onto the white sand beach watching the blue waves rise then fall against the shoreline. It was silent for the most part the occasional call of a bird or the crawling of a lizard. Casually she walked across the beach looking around at the different trees and plants. Glancing for a moment down at the sand, Angel noticed several small dug craters. Peering closer at them, she realized that these were in fact sea turtle nests filled with eggs. Judging by the look of them it seemed that they were reaching close to when they would hatch. Kneeling beside the closest next a few of the eggs seemed to have been broken with small paths leading in the direction of the water. "I guess a few made the swim early" thought Angel while standing back up.

Taking a look at her watch it read 7:52am, making Angel slightly jump knowing that she needed to head back up to the school. Running through the bushes she quickly found herself back on the pathway in the courtyard. Standing with their backs turned to her both Emma and Crystal were looking at the birds that were sitting at the tops of several trees. "Mates we need to head inside time is almost out" Angel told both of them. "Okay" said Emma reaching down to pick her bag off the ground. Going around the side of the main building, Crystal pulled open the main doors holding it open for her friends. With all of them inside the lobby the girls took a glance at the large clock that was built into the wall that showed in big red digital numbers 7:54am.

Angel looked around while other students walked passed them towards their classes. Then something caught their eyes when a teenage girl walked into the office. Angel was followed by her two friends as they inched closer towards the door of the office. Taking a glance through the windows of the office Emma was the first to see this new girl. Her brown shoulder length hair swayed slightly from the air coming through the air conditioner. She turned around for a brief second allowing them to take a glance at her bright blue eyes.

At seeing this a strange sensation flooded Angel upon remembering the figure in the wave had blue eyes. For a moment she saw this girls eyes glisten bright blue the color of the ocean around the city. Bouncing slightly with each step this girl took a small circle shaped necklace had a marking of a dolphin on it. What was strange was this necklace was too glowing slightly blue. To Angel something didn't seem right about her. Continuing to watch through the windows more odd things kept occurring. However only Angel seemed to pick up on them. While the girl rested against the counter from the corner of Angel's eye she could of swore that this girl's palm was shining blue light.

The girl looked at the sectary with a too innocent of a smile while she waited. Patiently the girl watched as the secretary roamed from cabinet to cabinet looking for the paperwork for this new student. From outside the office all three of the girls stared as the new girl seemed to be completely calm. "How is she not being aggravated by the time it's taking them to pull up what she needs?" whispered Crystal. "I have absolutely no idea how usually someone gets ticked off if it doesn't happen in thirty seconds. It's been nearly five minutes if that of been any other kid they'd be on the edge of flipping out". With saying that Angel continued on peering through the windows while she just stood there.

"Sorry dear just one more minute" said the secretary as she flipped through reams of papers. "Don't worry take your time I have plenty of it" replied the new student with a small laugh. Tapping her fingers against the counter the girl watched as the secretary finally managed to get her file. She walked back to the new student and opened the file scanning it. All of them listened closely while the secretary spoke to this girl.

"Okay Lauren Brody here's your schedule is there anything else you need" she said. Shaking her head, Lauren replied "No I’m fine thanks". Before walking out the office the secretary asked "If I can why did you transfer here so late in the year?". With a smile, Lauren answered "My parents just decided on it nothing special". Saying that Lauren walked out of the office into the lobby. Realizing that she was coming out, Angel along with her friends quickly pretended that they were up to nothing. Lauren caught the eye of Angel and gave her a smile before disappearing down the hallway out of sight.

"Wanna grab some brekkie?" asked Emma to the others who quickly nodded in response. Turning down another corridor, they stepped into the cafeteria where most of the students were each having breakfast. Standing on line, they each showed their student ID then picked up what food they desired to have. Checking her watch again, Angel told them "We need to move really quickly we got only two minutes". Rushing out of the cafeteria they speed walked down through the halls until reaching their classroom.

Hurrying up to their classroom, Crystal twisted the handle, pushing the door open. Stepping into the room, it was one of the girls most boring of classes. It was Australian National History. Since being in first grade they all learned about their countries history, every year they learned it. You’d think by now in eleventh grade they would of stopped teaching this class. Already bored, Angel leaned against the row of windows staring out at the horizon. Noticing for the first time that boxes had been stacked up around the walls of the classroom, she became curious like both of her friends. Peering into one of the boxes it contained some of the textbooks that they had used earlier on in the year.

“I wonder why these are being packed up” Angel said curiously. “Beats me maybe we’re finally getting new books since these are falling apart by the seams literally” Crystal replied. “Possibly but it seems like this half of this room is in one of these boxes” responded Emma upon glancing into a few other boxes. “Maybe the building’s moving like we’re getting a new facility” suggested Crystal to both of her friends. Staring at her as if she was crazy, Angel said “Yeah right that’s funny real funny our school doesn’t even by new textbooks what on earth makes you think we’ll get a new building huh”.

“Things happen in mysterious ways you know know that Angel” Emma told her. “Who knows why this school does any of this it’s all weird and confusing” Angel replied holding one of the textbooks. Taking from out of the bag, she popped off the cap of her lolly water, Angel drank a quarter of the bottle before stopping to breathe. “You really shouldn’t do that you know its bad for your body” Crystal told her. Raising an eyebrow, Angel said to her “Your telling me how fast I shouldn’t drink or eat, look at you inhaling every piece of food in sight”. Smiling, Crystal replied “So I still manage to stay thin even with polishing off a pound of food”. “Hey face it we all eat way too much for our own good” Emma added.

Standing by the row of windows that overlooked the palm trees, Angel stared deep in thought. Coming up to her, Crystal said "Relax, you will be able to surf those waves in a little while". "I know, I know" replied Angel, turning back to her friends. "I'm so hungry" groaned Crystal hearing her stomach growl. "You know what, you're always hungry, every minute of every day, you never stop!" Angel said. "Hey, it's not my fault that i love to eat, maybe i have a tapeworm but just don't know it" replied Crystal. "Yeah right, you just do it because you love it" said Emma. Her stomach groaned again, when Emma rolled her eyes, smiling and opened her bag pulling out a bag of potato chips handing them to Crystal. "Here, eat something, don't bother me for at least until the class is over about you being hungry or I swear" Emma told her with a grin.

Nodding, Crystal opened the bag of chips, beginning to wolf it down. "You also need to relax when you eat, your either going to choke, or get sick, both are unpleasant" added Angel. Continuing to eat, ignoring their words, Crystal sat on a desk consuming the bag. "Can't ever say we didn't warn her, you heard didn't you" Angel said to Emma. "I sure did" replied Emma, leaning against the wall. Before any of them could say another word, the bell rang instantly hundreds of footsteps rumbled through the halls. "Let's sit shall we" said Emma, taking a seat in the back row. "We shall" replied Angel taking up the seat beside Emma as Crystal sat beside Angel.

More kids began trekking in for several minutes as the late bell rang. Their chalkie walked in, carrying his laptop case and his coffee mug. A student closed the door after he walked in then sat back down. Placing his case on his desk as well his coffee, their chalkie turned to his class saying "Morning, now as you may of heard that this campus will no longer be used for this High School". Muttering began taking place through out the classroom, their teacher raising his hand for silence. "I'll explain what is happening for the following school year. Since this campus, is older along with the buildings aren't able to suit our needs, the administration have been in talks with the mayor and his officials for the construction of a new campus. I'm happy to announce that the final part of the construction will finish by late July and we will be ready to move in by September. I've seen this new campus, it blows this one completely sky high, in my opinion anyway, you all will get to judge it when it opens". Their chalkie took a brief pause before saying "Since it's basically the end of the school year, there will be no more work, the only thing I ask of each of you is to assist in my effort as well the rest of your chalkies in packing up the classrooms for the move".

Many the students replied "Sure" and "Okay', which then the chalkie responded by saying "Okay everyone, there are boxes at the front next to my desk, take one and begin loading up anything you see in the room, no matter how big or small". There was a great sound of chairs being pushed back, and the movement of many pairs of feet, as the class rose up heading to the front of the room picking up boxes. Waiting for the crowd to dissipate, Emma along with Crystal walked up to the front, picking of a box each then headed over to the nearest book case. Rows upon rows of textbooks lined the shelves, Crystal saying to Emma "Where do we start, there has to be at least a hundred and fifty books if not more!".

Exhaling, Emma replied "Hey, we got to start somewhere". "Start from the top shelve and we'll work our way down, sound good" added Emma. "Yep, sound good" replied Crystal standing on her tip toes reaching for a textbook. Pulling it down with one hand, it sent her hand down like a rock for it weighted a lot. "Jeez what's in these books a brick!" exclaimed Crystal. "Suck it up you big baby, it can't weigh that much" replied Emma, taking the book holding it in two hands. "It's light stop your whining" said Emma to Crystal. "You're holding it with two hands, try holding it with one" Crystal told her. Taking the textbook in her right hand, it instantly pulled her arm down. "I guess your right" said Emma, making Crystal smirk responding "I told you so". "Yeah, yeah, come we need to empty this massive bookcase" Emma told her.

Continuing to remove books from the shelves, placing them in the boxes, Angel walked over beginning to help them. She seemed not to be focused on the task at hand, her mind somewhere else. Removing the textbooks without paying attention, one slipped out of Angel's hand, nearly hitting her on the head. "Hello, Angel you with us, come back to earth" said Crystal, lifting up the fallen textbook, placing it in the box. "What… oh sorry, I was just thinking about something" Angel replied, snapped back into reality.

"Let me guess what you were thinking about" began Emma. "Don't start" warned Angel, but Emma just smiled replying "I bet that you were once again, like always thinking about surfing". "Shut up" muttered Angel under her breath. "See, I'm right, I'm always right, you can never fool me" Emma told her. "You go on about the same thing, why on earth do you, when you know the answer" Angel responded with a smile. "I do it because I love showing how well i know you by now" replied Emma smirking. "Yeah you should know me well enough by now, if you didn't then how could we have ever been friends for this long" said Angel. Finishing removing the top half of the bookcase, the girls commenced on tackling the bottom half, pulling out textbooks one by one. Lifting them into the boxes, they each hit the last one with a hard smack.

"Is it me or are these textbooks just keep on getting heavier and heavier?" asked Crystal. "I think your right" replied Angel, lifting two in her hands. "I hate this, you know I hate it with a damn passion" Angel said looking agitated. "It will be alright, the class is almost at an end" Crystal told her gesturing to the clock on the wall. "Thank god, hurry up before this class kills my arms" muttered Angel. "We all know that you need your arms to paddle out to the waves, just relax" Emma responded. "Your doing it again, your nagging" said Angel looking at her. "I know, I'm a bad friend" replied Emma smiling.

Moments later, the bell rang through the halls, filling with students switching to their next period classes. Grabbing their book bags the girls walked out of the classroom into the sea of people. "I'll see you guys later on" said Angel loudly over the roar of the crowd. "Gotcha" replied both Emma and Crystal while they walked in another direction. Opening the door that led to the stairs, she walked up to the third floor, entering the hallway. Heading down the corridor, Angel turned right down another hallway, stepping into the room on her right as soon she came down the hall.

Walking in she groaned quietly, having entered her math class. "Man does god hate me, i've been bad in some way for deserving this kind of torture" she said under her breath. Taking the seat in the extreme back corner next to the window, Angel sat down counting the minutes in her head before their teacher walked in. Laying her head against the window, two girls came up to her.

Looking up, she saw Cameron and Danielle, who both said "Hey". "Hey, whats up" Angel replied looking out the window at the palm trees. Sitting on a nearby desk, Cameron said "I really hate math". Grinning, Danielle replied "Who in their right mind likes math". "Thats so true, i can't stand this subject, I drag my feet when I come walking down the hallway" Angel said. "I need to surf like right now, not even joking" Danielle told them. Smiling, Angel said "Take a number and get in line".

"At least the school day is almost over, well at least for some of us" Cameron said to both of them. As Danielle planed to say something, she was cut off by their teacher walking into the room, saying in a ringing voice "Everyone sit down please". The class instantly took their seats, most of them not saying a word. Everyone knew that the math teacher was very strict. Yawning as their teacher began the lesson, well more of a lecture, Angel looked out the window, beginning to stare.

Falling into a daydream, her mind slowly left the classroom traveling to her own world. She imagined doing what all surfers invasion of doing in their lifetime at least once. Being able to see and catch that one single perfect wave. Each perfect wave was meant for that surfer who had the luck to come across it in time. For Angel she had never gotten the experience of surfing her perfect wave.

Imagining that she had that wave, surfing through the tube it created, gliding her hand through the walls of the tube. Her imagination took her to a distant land, that no one seemed to be able interfere with. Over and over her mind turned hopes and wishes into a reality while watching the ocean from the third floor, which happened to be high enough to see over the palm trees. Time seemed to stand still for her, until making her jump, the bell rang.

Coming back to reality, she picked up her bag, hurrying out of the classroom. "Yes!" Angel whispered to herself, speeding down the stairs to the first floor. Speed walking down the halls of the first floor, she found Emma and Crystal standing in the lobby, waiting for her. Walking up to both girls, Angel said "Alright, we all ready to go". "Yeah, I think we were ready when we arrived here" replied Crystal. Laughing, they all walked through the doors, into the parking lot.

Before the girls got into Emma's jeep they saw two familiar figures nearby. Smiling the girls walked over to see Jerome along with Joe. Both of them were drinking water bottles seeming to be at the same time sweating. "You guys have been running around the campus again haven't you" said Emma with a grin. "So what if we have" replied Joe. "Yeah it's our favorite thing to do here" added Jerome. Smiling, Crystal asked "So what about classes huh?". "Oh we get to them when needed" answered Jerome. "It's so bad to cut you know" Emma told the both of them. Waving a hand through the air, Joe responded "Yeah yeah". "We're going surfing down at Sea Star Cafe so thats where will be if you wanna meet up". "Sure we'll meet you there in a little bit". Before they turned to leave Angel said "All right we'll see you soon". After she said that the girls began walking towards Emma's jeep leaving both boys in their wake.

Heading down the length of the parking lot, Emma pulled out her key, unlocking the jeep with the remote. Opening the driver's door, she climbed in as both Angel along with Crystal did the same. They all clicked their seat belts into place, as Emma looked back, beginning to back up the jeep into the street. Turning the wheel, she backed up, then slid the gear into drive and started driving off the campus. Passing through the gates of the school, they soon backtracked their whole trip they did earlier in the day.

"Where are we headed to?" asked Crystal from the backseat. "To Angel's favorite place, the beach" replied Emma flickering a smile to Angel. "Yes!" she exclaimed, a smile spreading across her face. Driving through the town, Emma began slowing down, turning into a parking space. Upon reaching the beach Angel jumped out of the jeep to find a familiar face standing barely a feet in front. She walked up slowly behind him with a smile that he didn’t suspect anything. Now standing right behind him, Angel slipped her hands over his eyes. “What the-” he started with her laughing slightly. “Ugh you again!” he said with a smile.
Turning around Angel came face to face with her best guy friend Jasper Kennedy. “Did you just say ugh you again huh!” she exclaimed. “Possibly” he answered then received a light blow to the shoulder. “Hey so violent” he replied with a grin. “What are you guys doing here?” asked Jasper. “Just to surf you know how it is” she told him. “Yeah I know you always gotta get in with those waves” he spoke smiling. “You know it!” Angel said. “So what are you doing here by the way?” she asked. “Oh like you I’m here for the waves” Jasper telling Angel while switching the surfboard to his another hand. “I see that but we know I’ll beat you in surfing. Every time you have no change whatsoever” saying Angel with a smile.

He laughed replying “Mhm yeah sure keep living in that fantasy world Angel”. “Oh yeah let the surfing do the talking right here right now” challenged Angel. Still grinning, Jasper answered “Not today I just wanna have fun”. “Loser you just know I’ll beat you” she teased. “Think whatever you want even if it’s so out there” he said. “It’s not out there it’s fact” Angel replied. “C’mon Angel you’re too smart to live in this fantasy land that you can beat me. Maybe you should take a break from the salt water it seems to be effecting your mind” Jasper told her. “No I think the problem is that the salt water is effecting your brain that you can actually win against me” she replied.

Pushing the drivers door open, Emma climbed out of her jeep while the others opened their doors. They all stepped out on the pavement, while Crystal helped Angel pull out from the trunk, their three surfboards. Closing the trunk, Emma proceeded in locking the car. "Ready" said Crystal, looking at the waves crashing into the shore. "You know I'm always ready to surf those Australian waves!" replied Angel smiling.

Without further delay, they all walked, beginning to run down the sandy pathway onto the white sand, heading to the sea. Jumping one after another into the waves, together they paddled side by side towards the horizon. In no time a wave began slowly approaching, Emma took the lead with Angel and Crystal following in her wake. Within moments they all began surfing along the length of the wave, each of them twisting and jumping in the air. Angel decided on riding the wave until it ended, however it began to crest faster then she expected.

Covering her in an instant, the powerful wave took her under the surface, pushing her down into the depths. Continuing to be tossed and pummeled further into the crushing black abyss, Angel began loosing what few remaining ounces of oxygen. Her lungs filled with sea water, as she continued drifting toward the sea floor. Watching with the few remaining seconds she had, the light from the surface faded away becoming smaller with each passing second. Blinking one last time, her eyes began closing as she tried keeping herself awake.

Nearly hitting the sea floor, the last few images that appeared in her mind was from the darkness, a figure began swimming towards Angel at a high speed. Trying to get a sense of the figure that was swimming toward her, she noticed a long scaly alive blue tail. Looking at Angel the figure was eye level with her, aiming a hand over her heart. From the figure's palm a blue light began shimmering. It burst from the figures palm into Angel's chest.

Instantly her eyes began glowing bright blue, suddenly Angel was able to see the figure in front of her. Watching the figure continue to release blue light into her, a smile appeared on its face. For some strange reason she had no fear. Placing a hand against her forehead, Angel heard a soft voice say to her "I want you to return to the ocean with the moon is at it's highest point". With those words spoken the figure pulled her by the waist, using her tall pushing up to the surface. Within mere moments, the surface became clear, the figure using her strength pushed Angel toward the surface. Suddenly shooting up through the surface, she flew in the air before smacking face first into the water.

Paddling frantically over to her, Crystal pulled Angel up onto the board asking alarmed "Angel!, Angel!, are you alright can you hear me!". Coughing heavily, she vomited sea water, gasping for air, desperately filling her lungs. Leaning on the surf board, she muttered "Yeah, I'm alright, I just forgot the first rule when being in the ocean- always respect it for it's a powerful force". "Well at least it let you off with just a warning" replied Emma. "Yeah well maybe next time, hopefully not, the sea might not be so forgiving to let me off" gasped Angel continuing to cough. Resting on the board, holding to it, inhaling deeply, she said "Okay, I've had enough for one day".

Pulling her surfboard toward her, she climbed on beginning to paddle for shore. Rushing towards shore, all that Angel wanted to do was rest. Stepping out of the water, she walked up the beach near the dunes, dropping her board on the sand, laying on top of it.

Closing her eyes for a brief second, she began to recall the mysterious savior that came out of no where. Racking her memory, the image of the tail hit her, that silver blue tail appeared. It was nothing that she had ever seen in the ocean. Pushing it out of her mind, "It must of been my imagination" Angel whispered to herself. Eye lids becoming increasingly heavy, she closed her eyes, breathing in deeply. Falling asleep, the dream soon turned into a nightmare, the feelings of slowly drowning returned. Reliving every image, she twisted and turned on her board, gasping silently while she slept. Jolting awake, Angel held her chest, sucking in deep amounts of oxygen, the pain of drowning returned in full force.

Resting her head back down on the board, the decision was made not to sleep, just stay awake she told herself. Staring up into the sky, watching the sky beginning to turn reddish orange signaling the sun was beginning to set. Yawning, slowly the feeling of wanting to sleep began to take over. Pushing herself to stay awake, it became a constant battle between her mind and body. Holding herself to continue on staying awake, Angel watched the sun beginning to dip in the west, casting its wondrous light over Dolphin Cove. Seeing the light, brought her comfort, for whether watching the sun rise of set it was still a beautiful sight to behold.

Quickly heading back to the jeep, Crystal took all of their surfboards, placing them in the trunk. Hurrying back down the sandy pathway, the girls ran in the direction of the Sea Star Cafe, which was on the beach surrounded by dunes.

Moving closer to the cafe, they began passing torches with fire, lighting up the path to the entrance. Smelling the scent of steak, burgers and hot dogs, Crystal began to go on overload. "Food!, food!, where is it!" she said exactly, her heart beating a mile a minute. Grabbing Crystal by the arm, Angel told her firmly "Relax okay, take a deep breath, in and out we are going into a public place and we need to behave in a proper fashion.

Don't think with your stomach right now, you will get to eat as will Emma and I". Smiling at Crystal, Emma added, "Remember when we went to summer camp a few years ago, what the counselors used to tell us, we're not real people". Calming down, Crystal deeply inhaled, her heart calming down. "Alright I'm ready" she told them gently. "Are you sure?" asked Angel, to Crystal replying "Yes I'm positive". Nodding, the three of them began walking up to the door of the cafe, pulling it open.

Stepping inside, one of the waitresses came over, asking "How many are you?". "Just the three of us" replied Emma, who was told "Alright please follow me". Following the waitress through the cafe, she gave them a table that overlooked the ocean. Glancing at the sea, it was lit up with reddish orange colors, making them all stare out with fascination. Light shined down on the beach, through the open window, striking the girls in the face.

Looking at both her friends, Angel smiled watching in amazement while Emma sat beside her on one side texting and on the other side Crystal listening to her iPod. For minutes she sat astounded, until finally speaking to them "Well I'm having fun, isn't this such a great conversation, I for one love it!". Neither Emma nor Crystal answered her, until minutes went by when Crystal replied "Wait, what did you say something". Rolling her eyes, she responded "Aren't we having such a great conversation, with you listening to music while Emma texts, my kind of night, oh yeah". No response came from either one, making Angel exhale deeply, smiling.

"For her this was typical nowadays" she thought. Emma it seemed whenever she wasn't surfing or tanning, she was on the phone texting, ever since getting it for a present. Buying it for Emma's birthday, her mom got the phone, since then its been one day and night, it was a miracle that the battery wasn't burn't out by now. Since the day she met Crystal all those years ago in school, Angel knew something was unique about her.

Crystal never stopped in one way or another of surprising her. When Crystal was young her father went along with the units of the Australian military to the deserts of Iraq in 2003. He was constantly completing one tour after another, making her never see him in years. Emma Williams originally lived in the large city of Sydney with both parents along with a usually annoying sister. When she was a child, her father being a championship surfer was fatally attacked by a shark while surfing off the Great Barrier Reef. After that, she along with mom and her sister moved away to the coastal city that resided in Queensland Australia, known as Dolphin Cove.

Getting agitated, Angel raised her voice saying "Are either one of you actually going to talk to me or not!". "Yeah what's up" replied Emma, stopping her texting for the first time. "You know I've been sitting here while both of you been off ignoring me, in case you didn't realize it" Angel told her. Turning red, she replied "I'm sorry, I didn't realize that I was ignoring you". Nudging Crystal's arm, who took out her headphones saying "Yeah". "Enough music" Emma said to her, with Crystal nodding "Sure, no problem".

"Now, are we finally ready to order something to drink?" asked Angel. "Yeah, I'm ready" said Crystal feeling her stomach growl for something to eat. Signaling for one of the waiters, he walked over to them asking "What can I get for you?". "I'll have water" Crystal said to him with Emma adding "Ice tea". Thinking for a moment, Angel told the waiter, "I'll take a pepsi". Nodding, he responded "I'll bring those right out", then walking into the kitchen. Turning back towards the open window, she felt a gentle cool gust roll in off the ocean.

Reddish orange light began fading away, the sun nearly disappeared from the sky. Listening in silence to the gentle rhythm of the waves crashing down against the shoreline. To most people who called Dolphin Cove their home, the rhythm of the sea was something that couldn't be replaced. A moment passed before Angel said "Wouldn't you love to be able to swim the seas forever". "That would be the best, we already spend the majority of time in the ocean as it is" Crystal replied softly.

Lost in the sight of the ocean, Emma said gently "The ocean holds many beauties, we haven't even explored a tenth of it. It holds secrets, mysteries, and wonders. It would sure to be amazing to see the different realms of the sea". Silence filled the air between them before Angel replied "The ocean is one of natures many wonders, every swimmer and surfer should always treat the sea, with the respect it deserves. You never turn your back on the ocean. It has a power that none of us will ever truly realize". "It has the owed to take and give, sometimes when you disrespect the water it takes, sometimes a little, sometimes it takes away everything" Crystal spoke softly to them.

Watching in fascination with the last light of the sun disappear, they didn't realize that their waiter was standing in front of the table. He cleared his throat making them jump slightly, Emma saying "Sorry, we were distracted". Handing out the girls drinks he then said "Are you ready to order yet". "Yeah, um I'll have a eight ounce prime cut steak cooked rare" said Angel. "I'll take a order of baby back ribs" Emma added. Turning to Crystal, the waiter said "For you". "I'll just have a burger cooked medium" she told him. "Alright then I'll put in your orders and bring them out as soon they are ready" their waiter told them before walking away.

With the waiter walking away the three of them decided to head outside for a few minutes. Rising out of their seats, Angel was the first to open the back glass door that had chairs along with benches on the low dunes that rose over the beach. Pushing through the door they entered the evening air with the gentle wind blowing off the sea. Climbing slightly up the small dunes, the girls were able to look out at the ocean. As the moon began appearing in the night sky, the last few glimmers of sunlight began to vanish. Laying against the dunes each of them watched the sky turn black with the stars soon appearing casting their light down upon the town.

Staring off into the distance after a while Emma along with Crystal told Angel that they were heading back inside. Laying against the sand alone, she stared out at the darkened horizon watching the gentle rhythm of the waves hit shore. Taking a glance at the water Angel saw a figure rise from beneath the surface staring up in her direction. This figure splashed behind it a silver blue tail while its eyes began glowing bright blue. Locking eyes with this figure , a soft slow song began to fill her head. With this song being played in her mind, Angel stared at this figure that had its eyes glowing blue. Slowly the eyes dimmed making it possible for her to take notice that the figure was in fact a girl. She stared up at Angel looking directly into her eyes not blinking for a second.

Transfixed by this girl, she saw the silver blue tail slap against the water behind her. Having the urge to move closer towards her, the moment Angel took a step towards the beach the girl dived back under the waves. Still being sung in her mind, the ancient language continued while she listened with all of her focus. Staring at where the mystery girl just was it was real for Angel to understand clearly on what she’d seen. It just wasn’t possible for what she saw to exist was the conclusion that she had reached. “It must be too hot out here or I’ve must of swallowed too much sea water thats why I’m seeing these things” thought Angel while sitting on the sand. Over and over, she attempted to give her mind a perfect answer to make clear on the girl in the water. She wanted an answer that had no loopholes in it whatsoever.

Blinking several times to make sure that she wasn't dreaming, Angel continued to stare out at the spot were this creature was. A few minutes passed until out from the darkness she saw them. All three of them. Swimming cautiously through the darkened ocean these three girls each had a silver blue tail. All of them looked up at Angel taking a glance at her before entering the shallows. Within seconds these three girls were walking with legs that didn’t exist seconds previous, them heading down the beach soon becoming lost in the dark of the night. Confused at the sight she had just witnessed, Angel decided on heading back inside to await their dinner.

Sipping on her drink, Angel glanced out the window watching the moon begin its ascend into the sky. Soon enough moon light shimmered down upon the wave while a cool breed blew from off the ocean. Turning back to face her friends, Angel asked both of them "So what do you wanna do over this summer?". Shrugging, Crystal replied "I'm not sure, I guess that usual surf, the pier perhaps the mall". "Yeah that's probably what we're gonna do" added Emma while drinking.

Smelling the mouth watering aroma of a rare steak, Angel's head snapped in the direction of the kitchen. Watching with great hunger as the waiter carried their tray of food towards the table. Setting it down on a table beside them, he lifted the plate with the steak on it setting it down in front of Angel. Beginning to cut up her food as Emma's was placed in front of her. Finally placing down Crystal's meal, the waiter said "Enjoy", then walked away. The girls ate in silence while the cool night breeze relaxed them. They consumed their food quickly along with the rest of their drinks.

Leaning back against their seats, Angel said "Well no more for me I'm full". "Same for me" added Crystal, with Emma only giving a nod as an answer. Reaching into her pocket, Angel pulled out her wallet. Placing a fifty dollar bill on the table, she then asked "You guys ready to head on out?". "Yep" replied Crystal, rising to her feet while yawning. Pushing the chairs, the girls headed out the door of the cafe into the night air. Walking to the beach, they noticed it was a cloudless night with only the moon shinning down on them. From over the beach, the palm trees swayed in the star lit sky.

Slowly walking up the sandy pathway, Emma pulled out the remote and unlocked the jeep. Climbing in, Crystal yawned loudly, her eye lids flickering. Pulling the jeep out of the parking lot, they began driving to Emma's house. Leaning her head against the glass, Crystal's eyes began closing, her breathing slowed, falling asleep. As they drove Angel turned around to see how Crystal was doing only to find her asleep. Smiling, she said to Emma "So typical of Crystal". "What is?" asked Emma to which Angel responded "She's asleep". "Oh that, yeah we know that's a routine thing by now" replied Emma smiling in the darkness. "Every time we stay out later or do anything that requires a lot of energy in the end she's the first one to fall asleep" Angel said.

"Just be thankful she doesn't not the one driving" Emma told her. "Oh yeah, I could see it now five minutes, not even she'd fall asleep at the wheel and we'd be driving into another car or through someone's living room" replied Angel. Laughing, Emma said "That's all real true if we ever allowed her to drive at night". "Thank god we never allow her to" Angel responded leaning back in her seat. Driving through a small housing development on the coast, she pulled into the house that was the second on the right before the block ended.

Pulling into the driveway, Emma pulled the key out of the ignition, opening the driver's door and climbing out. Stepping out of her seat, Angel closed the door behind her, then proceeded in opening up Crystal's door saying to her "Wake up you we're here". Opening her eyes, Crystal muttered "What'd you say". "I said we're at Emma's house let's go" repeated Angel. "Oh okay" was Crystal's reply, who then unhooked her seatbelt, lazily climbing out of the jeep. Closing the jeep door, Crystal staggered forward still overcome by sleep. Opening the front door to her house and pushing it open quietly, Emma walked in followed by her friends. Walking up stairs, they entered the first door on the right, stepping into Emma's room.

The lights were off, only the moon light shinning through the windows made it possible to see through the room to a degree. Handing both Crystal and Angel a pillow along with several sheets to which they laid around Emma's room. Climbing into bed, Emma yawned muttering to her friends a garbled "Night" before quickly falling asleep.

Crystal didn't say anything before Angel realized, she was already lost into a deep sleep. With both of her friends asleep, Angel stared up at the ceiling waiting to be washed by sleep. Minutes trickled by, still she was awake increasingly growing bored. The hours passed by, Angel tossing and turning attempting to find some way to fall asleep. Rolling around in her sheets, she lay facing the open windows, being struck in the face with the moon's light.

Upon hearing the waves crash against the shore, a soft voice in her mind began speaking to her. "Come back to me, I'm in the waves, I'm waiting" the voice spoke softly. Remembering the figure in the water, quickly Angel kicked off her sheets, rising to her feet. Pulling the bedroom door open slowly just enough for her to squeeze through. Walking in the darkness down the stairs, she unlocked the front door and slipped into the night. Listening to the rhythm of the sea, she walked slowly down the sandy pathway carrying her surfboard under her arm. Entering the shallow water, Angel dived into the darkened ocean, paddling out towards sea, entering the darkness. As she paddled the light from the coast began dimmer, only the moon lit was the only way she was able to see.

Resting against the board, allowing the current to carry her, Angel's eye lids slowly began getting increasingly heavy. Laying her head down on the board, she stared up into the sky, her gaze lost in the endless stars. Beside the board, a head slowly rose up, the figure smiling and saying in a gentle voice "I wish you wouldn't fall asleep on me, it's rude you know". Startled, Angel's head snapped toward the ocean, noticing for the first time the figure looking at her. "Sorry, I didn't mean to the paddling wore me down" replied Angel. Staring at the figure, Angel said to the figure "I owe you thanks for saving me". "It was no trouble at all" replied the figure, leaning on the front of the board.

Being able to see the figure closely, she noticed that it was actually a teenage girl. Her black hair swayed in the night breeze, just dangling over the waters surface. Looking into her eyes, Angel noticed they weren't the bright blue that she'd seen in the water, but they were dark green. Hearing a slash against the surface of the water, she looked behind the girl taking notice of the sliver blue tail.

"My name is Sidney" she told Angel. "Mine's Angel" she told Sidney. Smiling in the dark, Sidney responded "I always notice you out everyday at dawn when the sun rises. You always surf for long periods of time then return back on land. But you always come back a little while later staying until the sun disappears". "Yeah that's what I do, I love the water, if I wasn't born on land and had to live on it, I'd probably be in the ocean forever. It's my element, my life, always had been since day one. It never has changed and never will" Angel told her.

"I could of guessed that, I don't run into many humans like you very often. Usually I see humans discarding trash into the water or having to escape oil spills. There's only a rare few that I come into contact with that feel love and respect for the ocean. It's a unique gift, not many see the value in the ocean" Sidney replied. "Yeah I see that too, I hate when people disrespect the ocean, it one of nature's wonders.

No one could ever possibly fathom the secrets, the stories the ocean could tell" Angel said softly. "It's true the ocean has wonders that no human could guess of, it's sad sometime's it would be nice to share, but the dangers of it are too great" responded Sidney. Laying on the surfboard, Angel felt the soothing sensation of the cool water lash against her body while speaking to Sidney.

Looking up at the moon, she said "Since I could remember I've always loved the water, since I could pick up a surfboard. The waves were a part of me along with all the sea life that calls the ocean their home. I've always treated each sea creature will the care and respect that they deserve. Whenever I surfed the sea protected me, treated me right as look I showed the same in return.

I would never hurt or befoul the ocean, I would protect with everything I could. It deserves the protection for without the existence of the oceans I wouldn't exist along with everything on land. Not many people realize that the oceans give us life, its where everything started. It will always be in my heart when I have a career its purpose will only to be to help animals of the ocean and protect the ways of the ocean. I'm absolutely tired on hearing about careless people damaging the sea by either killing incident sea life or creating destructive oil spills and getting away with it".

Taking in Angel's words, Sidney floated around the surfboard, thinking in her mind "I haven't heard a human speak like this in years". "I also have three best friends who feel the same way. We would spend our lives traveling around the seven oceans helping out anyway we could. It's something that more of us should be doing but one day my friends and I will make a difference somehow someway" added Angel softly. "Who are your friends?" asked Sidney curiously while swimming along side the board. "Oh yeah um it's Emma, Crystal and Jasper, I don't know if you've seen them in the water. Their always with me, well Emma and Crystal are sometimes Jasper comes along too. I actually need to spend more time with Jasper, we haven't seen him around lately come to think of it" replied Angel.

Not realizing it but the current had been carrying both girls slowly out to sea, the lights from the town were dimming quickly. Yawning loudly, her eyes began increasingly became heavy making it extremely difficult for Angel to keep awake. "Hold on a minute" she told Sidney then taking in a deep breath, plunged her head into the darkened water for a moment. Coming back up, her eyes were fully awake, saying "That's much better at least for now". Smiling, Sidney asked "You haven't been in the water at night until now right?". "Yeah that's pretty much correct, the water is much cooler then during the day. I could of guessed that it feels good though its relaxing and soothing" replied Angel.

Glancing up at the bright moon, Sidney said to her "I would much appreciate it if you didn't share to anyone about me". "Oh course no problem, I don't like the idea of being labeled insane of I did and locked up" responded Angel with a smile. "That wouldn't be fun, I'm sure you would go insane if you didn't get to surf" Sidney said. "That's all too truthful separating me from the ocean has really bad affects of me as well those around me" Angel told her. "I know what you mean" Sidney said flashing a smile. With Angel beginning to yawn again, Sidney told her "I think it's time for you to return back to shore". "Yeah your probably right" replied Angel in the middle of yawning.

"Hold on a second before you go I have something for you" said Sidney. Cupping in one hand a small pool of sea water, she took a scale from her tail placing it in the pool of water. Covering it with her other hand, a glow of blue light illuminated the water. Watching this, a moment passed before the light disappeared, in her sand was a deep blue colored necklace of a wave. Placing it around Angel's neck, Sidney told her "Always wear this it's unique trust me on that it will assist you when you need it along with whenever your in the ocean you can always find me".

Without allowing Angel to respond, Sidney turned the surfboard around aiming it at shore. Thrusting with her tail, she propelled through the water pushing the board along with Angel toward the shore. Pushing forward with all the strength she could muster, Sidney released the board allowing it to jet across the waves until it hit shore. Climbing out of the shallow water, Angel looked back out towards the water being able to see Sidney. In her mind, Sidney's voice said to her softly "Goodnight Angel, we'll see one another again shortly". Slipping under the surface, Angel watched her vanish from sight. Picking up the board, she walked up the sandy pathway toward Emma's house. Quietly pushing open the front door, Angel leaned the board against the wall, heading upstairs to Emma's bedroom. Climbing back under the sheets, it wasn't long for her to finally fall into a deep sleep.

Night had fallen over the city of Dolphin Cove. Most of the coast was dark the only exception was the city center. Office tower complexes still had their lights shinning brightly lighting up the water. City Hall was still active as well all the movie theaters around the city center. It seemed that tonight was the night that the teens had chosen to celebrate the end of the school years. Pizza as well burger shops were full to the mass along with the Sea Star Cafe staying opened passed midnight. Angel's parents in the mean time were busy with police cruisers fanning throughout the area making sure that everything remained peaceful. All up and down the coast the beaches were packed with hundreds of teenagers who were in the process of surfing or building up bonfires.

They were watched by police officers from the dunes as well boats were keeping an eye on those who entered the water. While the teens only had partying on their mind the officers had sharks or drowning on theirs. She surfaced slowly amidst dozens of surfers making her afraid that she'd been seen. Sidney swam quietly away from the surfers who seemed to be attracted to her. Finally she rested in the black water only to realize that a few surfers were only about ten feet from where she was. Compounded by the fact that a nearby police boat was heading in her direction. "Son of a-" she began muttering wide eyed as the boat came closer. But as the surfers moved away so did the boat to Sidney's relief.

Night had begun over the city hours before, the bright moon glowed down over Dolphin Cove, shinning up the beaches and coast with gorgeous light. At this hour the city was all but asleep, laying in their beds drifted off into each of their own imaginations and worlds. On the beach outside the house darkness of the night had taken over with the tall palm trees had their leafs gently swaying with the cool breeze that was coming off the water.

Several groups of baby sea turtles had just popped from their eggs now slowly crawling in the direction of the sea. A flock of birds flew over the house out over the water. Waves washed against the dunes little by little becoming claimed by the ocean. Inside the second story bedroom, Emma along with Crystal were fast asleep their minds wondering endlessly through many worlds. On the floor having fallen into a deep sleep, Angel laid in the bed beginning to toss and turn around.

In her mind a dream continued to play of Sidney in the water along with others with glowing blue eyes. Blackened waves crashed against the shores of the beach with the bright white moon shinning down moonlight. Out in the distance of the ocean a single figure appeared from below the depths. Sidney’s blue eyes glistened under the light from the moon as she watched the Angel’s house. Around her the water became calm with everyone further away. Slowly a hand rose from beneath the surface and was aimed at the window of Emma's bedroom. Closing her eyes a small burst of blue light traveled through the air then slipped through the window. It hovered over the room for a brief moment before lowering into Angel's chest.

The effects were instant and Sidney was able to see all of her thoughts. But something began to go wrong. Angel started to shake in her bed. Angel began sweating furiously soaking her sheets with sweat. While laying in the bed her body temperature back steadily rising reaching one hundred and five. All of her body limbs locked in place making it impossible for Angel to move. In her chest Angel's heart began beating erratically going faster and faster. Pain ripped through out her body while she laid there in bed. Feeling the heavy pain from Angel's body, Sidney raised a hand again pointing it at the window releasing a green burst of light. It entered the bedroom and struck her in the chest. Instantly her body relaxed everything returning to normal. With now having the connection with Angel, Sidney was now able to see inside her mind.

Rolling around in the bed, Angel groaned softly as she begun to see several darker images that Sidney watched. A grave look appeared on Sidney’s face upon viewing in Angel’s thoughts. She begun to shake uncontrollably while tossing and turning upon seeing faint images of soldiers around the city along with around the coast were over a dozen black ships. In a flash there were images coursing through both their minds. Suddenly she saw several black armored battle cruisers with their heavy guns firing at the city. Explosions tearing through the streets many people being killed. Another image then entered showing many soldiers that were in the streets opening gunfire at police officers as well those who lived in the city.

Office towers at the center of the city were on fire burning with heavy black smoke. A few of the towers began crumbling with parts of the building vanishing towards the streets below. In the sky were helicopters as well other aircraft firing at the city with explosions tearing through everything in sight. While seeing the images that appeared in Angel’s mind everything rapidly changed. Sidney managed to peer into the sky to see the moon had changed color to a light blue. “A blue moon” she uttered then was engulfed in this new image. She found herself standing on a street in Dolphin Cove. It was night then a group of figures were walking down the street towards her. Looking curiously at them soon they came into focus. Sidney gasped in shock at what she then saw.

That image passed quickly only to be replaced by yet another. Then over the sky it was a moon filled night the skyline of Dolphin Cove had radically changed with impressive new towers had risen up into the sky. These towers had all glass facades allowing the moonlight to glisten against it. Most of the cities skyline was different then it originally was making Sidney curious at what this was. Suddenly there was the drone from the sky above the city and dozens of black armored helicopters flew. She saw walking down the street was a much older version of Angel, Emma, Crystal as well many other girls and boys. Then a familiar face caught her sight astounded to see herself only appearing to be in her twenties. It looked like they were all having a good time when the sounds of rotor blades filled the air. Sidney was able to hear herself say to the others "What's that there in the sky". The image sped up to see these helicopters move lower to the city.

An eerie silence fell over the group as a whistling sound was heard. Before anything happened. One of the girls shouted "We're being bombed we're being bombed run!". She slammed several of the others behind a car as the street in front of them vanished in an explosion of red flames. Houses around them disappeared in flames as people around them screamed running through the streets. Vehicles from the Dolphin Cove Marines sped down the burning street. Humvees slamming into burning cars trying to make their way to the city center. As the fighting continued the humvees of the Dolphin Cove Marines stopped in the middle of the street. Dozens of uniformed soldiers came out and begun opening fire at the helicopters that swooped down on them. Left and right humvees exploded in flames as bombs fell on them. Soldiers were thrown back some not getting up.

Cameron watched in horror as she pulled a soldier away from a burning vehicle. It suddenly exploded in a red burst of flames. Her eyes went wide as the screams filled the air. Around the city more battles were occurring. A boy in black shiny armor grabbed a girl who was in the same armor as him telling her "Get the Warriors around the city fend of the aircraft now!". She responded to him with a yes then shouted directions to many others in the same armor. Dozens of Warriors raced along the street firing bursts of blue light into the sky as the streets vanished in fire. In groups these Warriors were killed as the helicopters fired down from the sky. Explosions sent many of them into burning structures along with some falling where they stood. She watched as herself as well Angel, Emma and Crystal charged down the street along with many others who slashed the air releasing blue and red flashes of light.

A girl by the name of Julia ran along with several friends through the entrance of the Dolphin Cove Marina. Around them boats were engulfed in red flames as the helicopters above attacked. She slashed a hand through the air sending a burst of blue light at the nearest helicopter which spiraled into the water. "C'mon" she shouted to those behind her while running down the dock. Water rained over them while many fired light into the sky attempting to take down the helicopters. Julia pulled one of the Warriors to the ground with her as a bomb exploded on the dock where he stood mere moments ago. “Thanks” he said to her replying “Anytime C’mon we need to defend the area”. With that said both of them stood back to back shooting up bright blue lights up into the sky. Two more armored helicopters were struck sending them into the docks below.

Explosions around them sent many Warriors as well Guardians into the water. “I don’t think we”re winning here” said the boy to Julia. “We need to try at least” she told him. Turning around the boy watched while friends were thrown crashing into boats or into the dark water. A helicopter then honed in on both of them beginning to fire down at them. In front the dock was ripped apart as Julia’s eyes widened. This boy jumped in front of her throwing a hand into Julia”s armor making her fly a few feet back. She watched while the boy used both hands in an effort to take down the oncoming helicopter. One of his bursts of light struck the cockpit of the aircraft sending it into the dock in front of the boy. Julia watched at the dock around her exploded with the boy vanishing into the water.

She moved quickly peering into the water where the dock used to be looking for the boy. A few moments later she found him leaning against a piece of wood. Reaching down Julia using all of her strength pulled him up back on the dock. He stirred then looked up at her with a smile speaking “Thanks again”. “This time I owe you thanks” Julia told him with returning the smile. Around them bombs tore through the remaining boats as a few groups of Dolphin Cove Marines arrived. They sprayed gunfire up into the sky at the aircraft which then took aim at them. Soon enough the soldiers vehicles as well them were disappearing in fireballs. Hearing their screams the boy rose to his feet telling Julia “They need our help!”. “Let’s go” she replied and without another word both took off for the soldiers.

Other Warriors as well Guardians followed Julia towards the troops soon surrounding them. Some pulled injured Marines to safety while others joined the remaining soldiers in their desperate defense. “This is gonna be one hell of a night!” shouted a soldier. Replying to the trooper, “Yeah it will be”. A mixture of Dolphin Cove Marines, Dolphin Cove Police Officers as well Guardians and Warriors formed a tight circle around the military humvees and trucks giving the helicopters a run for their money. Those helicopters that attempted to battle the growing number of defenders were almost immediately sent into the water in flames.

A new sound was heard in the sky as from the darkness a wave of tilt rotor aircraft launched reams of fire down on the defenders. There was a few burning cars around Julia when an idea popped into her mind. Closing her eyes for a moment she raised both hands at a burning car when a yellowish light struck the vehicle. Around her many watched as the burning car rose into the air. Now reopening her eyes she smiled and with one hand slashed threw the air making the vehicle fly through the air. It became a missile as it struck the engine of one of the aircraft. It exploded in fire then sent the rest of it in a huge fireball. They cheered as she shouted to the others “Well what are you waiting for start launching!”.

They didn’t need to be told twice as Guardians and Warriors began sending the surrounding burning vehicles into the air against the attacking aircraft. The effect was almost instant with a number of these helicopters as well tilt rotor aircraft were taken out into the sky crashing in pieces. “What about the burning boats in the water!” shouted the boy who still was side by side Julia. “What do you mean-” she began saying before understanding what he meant. Without a moment to lose, Julia fired a burst of yellowish light at one of the nearby boats but was having trouble raising it into the sky by herself even with two hands.

“Let me help you with that” the boy said to her who then shot a jet of yellowish light at the same boat. Together they both were able to throw the burning boat into the air against the aircraft which struck two helicopters. But their victory was short lived upon seeing coming out from the darkness of the ocean were a small fleet of black armored battle cruisers. Over the battle everyone at the Marina were able to hear the sounds of small explosions followed by whistling. “Everyone down now!” screamed Julia throwing those near her to the ground. Suddenly a house as well a part of the street vanished in an explosion leaving a huge crater. “Their using their heavy guns against the city!” shouted one of the soldiers the emotion of fear on her face.

Then if that wasn’t bad enough the sounds of rushing landing craft landed at the Marina as well on the nearby beaches that they could all see. Everyone had the same thought in their minds that they were hopelessly out numbered by the landing of hundreds Oceanic Marines. In minutes dozens of black armored jeeps were driving on the beaches heading up towards the streets towards them fanning out with the Oceanic Marines ready to join the fight. Standing beside her the boy spoke “We’re facing a massive invasion worse then in 2008. What’s the plan now”. Ideas swarmed her mind until one clicked making most sense. Julia closed her eyes making a connection to Sidney saying “I’m calling to the island for help we need it”. “Do it we won’t last much longer” replied Sidney.

Turning to the rest of Guardians and Warriors she yelled “Fire a burst of blue light over the ocean!”. Instantly beams of blue light illuminated the sky which were joined by other beams of light from around the city. They flew over the fleet of battle cruisers heading out towards the horizon. In seconds the sounds of the raging battle stopped as both sides paused for a moment. Silence filled the air with the Oceanic Marine aircraft hovering over the city as if waiting for something. “What are they waiting for?” asked a Dolphin Cove Marine in a hush whisper. “Give it a moment” spoke Julia softly.

It appeared that only Julia knew what was coming as the silence continued. Then there was a sound from the ocean as if thousands of objects were racing through the water. “What the hell is that” spoke the boy who’s name was Devin. “Hush Devin give it a second” she told her new friend. Then the black waves erupted with hundreds or possibly thousands of jets of blue light. The skies above the city turned bright blue as the defenders throughout the city paused watching this. Civilians also looked up in the sky with these lights steaming over Dolphin Cove.

Then in a flash dozens upon dozens of helicopters vanished in overwhelming amounts of blue light. Waves of Oceanic Marines flooded the streets engaging the Guardians, Warriors as well the Dolphin Cove Marines and Police. But for those landing craft still speeding towards the beaches didn’t make it when light vanished them in blue flames. Those soldiers on the beaches turned towards the waves to find in horror that what appeared to be thousands of Guardians stepping out. With no hesitation they slashed through the air sending a wave of blue light towards the soldiers which vanished the beaches as well those surrounding houses into blue flames.

Running towards the fray the thousands of Guardians met up with Angel, Emma and Crystal and begun the defense of the city. In minutes Julia found at least a hundred Guardians approach her with one saying “Who’s in charge”. “I am” Julia replied while the Oceanic Marines charged up the docks with their jeeps. “Okay what’s the plan then?” asked another Guardian to her. With a smile she responded to them “There isn’t we’re winging it”. All of the Guardians grinned with some of them responding “That sounds like our plan”.

Forming a long line their was a mixture of people human with Guardian and Warrior that waited as the Marines stormed through the entrance of the Marina. “Now!” screamed Julia who then felt a strong surge of air blast around her with hundreds of blue light as well bursts of gunfire rain down on the Marina. In moments the Marina ceased to exist still with hundreds of Oceanic Marines still surviving the attack. Closing in on the defenders both sides now were engaged in a fierce struggle with many on either side dying. Julia along with Devin continued to fight against the soldiers while those around them did the same.

Brian Kennedy with Jerome, Joe, Danielle, Rebecca, Melissa and other Warriors entered through into Barracuda University as hundreds of the students along with staff stood outside in shock as the city was on fire. “What are you all doing you need to get out of here!” shouted Brian while himself as well friends and dozens of Guardians rallied around the campus. “Who are you!” shouted many of the students who were alarmed by these people in black armor. “Those who are defending the city as well all of you” he responded when a moment later there was a whistling sound and one of the dorm buildings had it’s top floor torn apart by an explosion. Many of the students began running but Brian screamed “All of you stay in a group your’ll be safe!”.

“How is that true!” yelled a student who was set to run like many others. Brian rolled his eyes as many Guardians with Warriors surrounded the hundreds of University students. In a flash there were jets of blue light into the sky that struck the attacking helicopters. Students screamed as explosions rocked the area around them. Several of the Warriors raised both hands into the air sending up a wave of red light that surrounded all of the students. Watching fascination, Brian told them “Stay in this”. With speaking to them the defenders released bursts of light at the swooping helicopters which were sent into surrounding buildings.

One of the helicopters flew low over the ground aiming directly at the students. Rebecca raised both hands at the helicopter erupting from her palms was beams of yellowish light that halted the helicopter in midair. Using all the strength she could muster, Rebecca rose it into the air then threw it through the air sending it into a nearby building. Following her example, Jerome, Joe as well Danielle fired bursts of yellowish light at the swooping helicopters catching several of the aircraft. They couldn’t move until they threw them into the air sending them into the ground around them erupting in bursts of flames.

Then from the ocean out of Melissa’s eye she saw several massive black objects with small bursts of flames coming from them. Before being to say anything there were whistling sounds as dorm buildings were engulfed with fire. “What the hell!” shouted Joe who then turned towards the ocean which answered his question. “We have battle cruisers”. Then he added “We have landing craft”. In time the sky was lit with blue light when an overwhelming number of Guardians ran through the campus up to Brian. Without wasting a second more he yelled “Let’s go!”. With him in the lead Brian along with over a hundred Guardians ran towards the beaches lighting up the beach with blue flames.

Around him Guardians were falling to the ground as the Marines fired back at them. Out at sea the battle cruisers continued to use their heavy guns against Barracuda University. All of the Warriors with the Guardians then charged down onto the beach heading directly for the Marines. Brian raised a fist slamming it into a soldiers face knocking him over while Danielle jumped into the air managing to drop kick another soldier before flipping one onto a group of rocks.

Josephine along with Jessica watched as coming from the beach in front of them were hundreds of Oceanic Marines. Around her were nearly fifty Guardians along with Warriors who looked at her for direction. Sea Star Beach was now being overtaken by the Marines who wished nothing more then to destroy them. “So what do you wanna do abandon the beach” spoke Jessica concerned as what seemed to be thousands of Oceanic Marines with hundreds of armored jeeps streaming towards them. Taking a long look at the homes above them on the street which overlooked the coast to the Sea Star Cafe then at the oncoming enemy.

“Look we maybe outnumbered by far but that doesn’t mean we just run away. There’s thousands of innocent citizens of the city as well our friends who are in the same position we’re in right now. They’re defending their areas that means we should too. We’re defenders of the city as well the oceans no one is running from this. We’re not weak even in this moment in our history. All of here tonight are going to defend this beach until the end”. Everyone around her nodded to agreement when there were the sounds of approaching humvees along with footsteps coming from the sandy pathway. In minutes surrounding the Sea Star Cafe where they stood were what seemed to be over three hundred Dolphin Cove Marines along with at least seventy Dolphin Cove Police Officers.

A single soldier and police officer ran up to Josephine saying “I’m Corporal Anderson of the 54th Dolphin Cove Marine Regiment and this is Captain Douglas of the Police Department. We’re here to help you out”. Both Josephine along with Jessica exchanged looks with one of them saying “Are you sure this isn’t going to be an easy fight”. “We’re prepared for it to do whatever is necessary” replied Captain Douglas. “Okay let’s go!” shouted Josephine to everyone who then ran through the maze of dunes. Staying beside Josephine as well Jessica the Corporal along with the Captain asked “What’s the overall plan?”. “Take positions in the dunes where we’ll have cover from the Oceanic Marines and defend from there” answered Jessica.

“Gotta” they both replied before taking off in different directions. Humvess rolled up to the top of the dunes with the soldiers aiming down at the approaching Marines. With the Guardians as well Warriors in place both girls shouted “Now!”. A mixture of blue light as well gunfire roared through the air tearing through the beach below. They heard the screams from the Oceanic Marines who were being pushed back. Armored jeeps were returning fire but couldn’t reach any of the defenders due to the rocks and dunes in the way. The Marines then began to charge up the dunes towards the defenders.

They met a volley of fire from the Guardians turning the dunes into a wave of blue flames making it nearly impossible for the soldiers to charge towards them. Still they tried coming up the dunes sending wave after wave of Marines. Humvees sprayed gunfire at the Oceanic Marines who screamed as they fell to the sand in droves. Standing on top of the dunes both Jessica with Josephine shot bursts of blue light down at the running soldiers. One of the jeeps fired at them and a moment later an explosion shook the sand from under them sending both girls rolling down the dunes landing in front of the cafe. Both rose to their feet when there was a whistling sound from above. Josephine looked at Jessica in the eyes when the cafe instantly vanished in a burst of flames covering them in the fireball. Smoke rose into the air with the cafe all but gone. There was a single pair of running footsteps reaching the destroyed cafe. Michaela Brody looked around in vein searching for both girls until finding them under a slab of wood.

Pulling it off of them they were covered in dark red blood but still alive. She kneeled beside them then raised both hands one of each of the girls chests firing a burst of green light into their chests. Michaela then felt their heartbeats returning as well their breathing began. Looking up at the defenders she rushed over to them taking charge of the battle of Sea Star Beach. An explosion ripped through one of the booths on the Dolphin Cove Pier while Lauren Brody jumped over a burning trash can being followed by dozens of Guardians. Coming to a halt she released two bursts of blue light into the sky which struck a helicopter sending it into the pier in front of her. She was thrown back against a glass door as the aircraft broke the pier in two. Another Guardian ran up to her and pulled Lauren up asking “You all right?”.

“Yeah I’m fine” she answered who then walked towards the gash in the pier. There was a hundred foot space from the part of the pier the Guardians were on to the next that was separated by the crashed helicopter. There was a rumbling sound as the rest of the pier in front of Lauren’s eyes began crumbling into the sea. In a matter of seconds it collapsed into the surf vanishing from view. “Well that sucks” she muttered not noticing that a helicopter was hovering beside her. She slowly turned to the right to see a burst of fire tear through the pier sending her flying into the darkened ocean below. Angel, Emma, and Crystal ran through the street as explosions shook the ground all around them.

They reached City Hall which was surrounded by a host of Warriors that were defending the area when an explosion overtook the the building vanishing it in flames. They struck several of the helicopters which exploded a few crashing into houses. Guardians as well Warriors were defending the Marina from the attacking helicopters. Through the rows of boats explosions sent many of them to the bottom as Warriors ran along the docks firing up blue light. But it was useless as the docks were torn apart. They were thrown into the water many of them floating away. Fires erupted along the rows of boats as the remaining Warriors continued to fight. On the beach a few remaining Warriors and well Guardians were defending the Sea Star Cafe. One of the girls who’s name was Jessica shouted to another named Josephine to continue the defense when she was caught off.

A fireball tore threw the cafe catching both girls in it. They didn't even have time to scream before they vanished. Sidney looked out in the distance to see where Barracuda University was located bursts of blue light lit the sky as well explosions ripped through the college. She felt as each of her friends died during the attack. Even far away the University was lit with red light as smoke billowed into the sky. Behind her the High School campus vanished in several bursts of explosions as Sidney felt dozens of friends vanish into the night. The smoke rose into the sky above the school making it known that it no longer existed.

As the group of girls ran a girl in armor slammed into her pushing Sidney behind a car as the street was riddled with gunfire. This girl was slammed into a car door as she bled out. Sidney ran to her to see that this girl was dying before her eyes. "Don't tell Jasper all right don't tell him" she spoke to Sidney softly. "Don't worry Alexis I won't" responded Sidney while grasping her hand. With a smile Alexis looked up as the battle raged on around them. While in Sidney's arms, Alexis spoke to her "You tell Brian to take control of my unit you understand make sure they defend the city as best they can. Don't let the city burn to the ground". She coughed up a bit of blood onto her armor while watching a group of girls run passed reaching City Hall.

Many of the girls fired blue light into the sky crashing into a few of the helicopters which spiraled towards the ground. One slammed into City Hall exploding it in flames. Several girls were tossed into the air while more firing accorded around them. In the street the boy named Jasper turned to face Sidney to find his younger sister in  her arms. Her armor was twisted apart with holes spread around. "No!" he screamed beginning to run towards Alexis. A girl who’s name was Elizabeth grabbed him pulling Jasper back while another girl named Brittany held him by the waist. Both tugged him back with Jasper fighting with each step. "You can't she has her we need you there's nothing you can do!" shouted Brittany over an explosion.

"Like hell it is!" he screamed with hearing Alexis heart beat slow with each breath she took. Fear overtook him while watching his younger sister on the ground dying. As the night went on the city of Dolphin Cove was burning like it had never before in its history. Another image replaced the one before showing the sun beginning to rise over the city. Reddish light was casted down over the ruins of Dolphin Cove with thick black smoke still rising. In the street that led to City Hall three girls walked passed destroyed homes that still burned. Lined up against the street were the bodies of those who were killed in the attack. There were hundreds of citizens that were covered in sheets or blankets anything that could be found.

Looks of horror washed over Angel, Emma and Crystal's faces at this sight. Guardians as well Warriors watched them pass stepping onto the remains of City Hall. The girls stood on the stairs of the building overlooking the bodies of those who were killed. Many people looked at the three girls who stared down at them with sorrow. Around them the city was in total ruin. Gleaming office towers that rose into the sky just mere hours before now must of them were in heaping ruins only a few still remained standing. Nearly every home had been destroyed with thousands taking to the streets to watch these three girls. While standing on the steps, Brittany spoke to Angel softly

"There's news from Sydney. Expect an attack from the Oceanic Marines". Their faces turned to stone as a number of overwhelming emotions exploded through them. Suddenly all three girls at the same moment burst out with a horrific scream filled with sorrow. Everyone in the area retreated back several steps from the girls. Brittany tripped down the steps looking up at her friends. In a flash Angel's hand jolted into the air followed by Emma's then Crystal's. A jet of blue light shot into the sky from Angel, a red light from Emma and a green from Crystal. The three jets of light shined into the heavens then twisted into each other.

A light that never had been seen before shined. A bright bluish white light rose from them into the sky for nearly a minute. Then the light vanished leaving the three girls standing there shaking. Each of them fell to the ground tears pouring down from their faces. Around them the Guardians as well the Warriors fell to the ground tears running down each of their faces. Angel looked at the fallen bodies around her seeing their friends Josephine, Jessica, Danielle as well others who they knew. Out the corner of their eyes they watched Cameron and Julia carry Alexis then laying her on the ground. Pain never before experienced by any of them filled their hearts.

Overhead in her dream aircraft flew in the skies above the town. Squeezing her eyes together the sounds of screams filled Angel’s head while she began to sweat. Deep off in the sea, Sidney’s eyes grew narrow with every breath she took grew heavier. Going through her mind while staring at the second story bedroom window the intense images of people dying and their screams.

Eyes bursting with blue light, she saw the deathly images of dozens of cruisers out in the middle of the Pacific facing hundreds of people. Fires were breaking out everywhere along with friends being killed in the process. Throughout Sidney’s mind, she saw the figures of Angel and her friends shouting at others while streaks of bullets flew through the air. With the images continuing to roll through, Sidney watched as Angel was running along the deck of a ship suddenly becoming struck in the chest with a burst of blue light being thrown back.

Another image swam into her mind following up from the previous. Angel was blasted into the air, flying overhead of many others then crashing into the deck. On the deck was a figure in a darkened hooded cloak her brown hair swaying along with the wind. The figure released blue flashes of light at many others hitting some of them. Sidney saw groups of people vanish or crumble onto the deck. She saw several people covered in black armor speeding through the struggle at the cloaked figure.

Out of the group a few had fallen but the remains of the group were fighting against this figure. Watching this fight unfold before her very eyes, four black armored boys fought as fires erupted around them. Then as this all occurred the image was gone filled with a blast of blinding light covering the ocean and sky. Sidney found herself still staring at the house breathing in deeply. Suddenly the images stopped leaving Sidney in the ocean in shock at what she just witnessed. An overwhelming pain tore through her heart as if she could still see the girl Alexis die before her along with the screaming and the feeling of heat from the fire. distraught, Sidney disappeared under the surface vanishing into the abyss.

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