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Myths of the Full Moon

March 22, 2012
By Draknus SILVER, Nokesville, Virginia
Draknus SILVER, Nokesville, Virginia
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"If you think your writing isn't good, look again, the writers often see the story differently than the reader does."


Jedidiah Darkwood is a normal 15 year old. If you call someone who fights mythical creatures for a living normal that is. Jed's most recent mission is different than usual though. He has to form a peace treaty with the werewolves. Otherwise, war could break out. A war between vampires, and werewolves. If no one stops them, then the humans will be caught in the middle. But someone is manipulating things in the shadows. Someone who wishes for the death of a certain Nightslayer.

James H.

Myths of the Full Moon

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