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Hún Jörð

June 14, 2014
By Aidan Subrahimovic, NYC, New York
Aidan Subrahimovic, NYC, New York
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It is said in Galatians 5 that “one must merely walk by the holy spirit, and they will not gratify the desires of the flesh,” that we must show abstinence from greed, from passion, from sexuality, from all of our most human desires, and we will be granted a place in the kingdom of God. It can be safely assumed that no human could ever possibly achieve this state of heaven, where one has abstained from all desires and cast themselves into celibacy, sobriety, and a constant state of disenchantment. We will always find ourselves captured in passion, groaning and raving for some form of contact with sin. This is not wrong, nor inhumane, for it’s natural for a man to dip his feet into the springs of hell, just for the pure pleasure of it.

Luka Dzarewic has studied this concept of sin in detail, and has delved himself into the facts of sin in modern theology. He yearns to learn more about why man chooses to divide himself from his desires for the sake of his developed spiritual beliefs. His research extends from the walls of his college theology classroom and to his own apartment in Manhattan, where he spends his day on an online theology board, learning about the variance in modern spirituality and theology.

On one of his boards, Luka learns of a cult, 'Kirkju Hún Jörð', the 'Church of the Mother', which originated from Iceland and has begun spreading to the rest of the world. With mild interest in the church's doctrine, he looks into what the religious movement is about. However, just as his interest begins to fade, a video is unearthed from the website's HTML code by an anonymous user on the board, and what it depicts raises his suspicions as to what the church is about...

Aidan S.

Hún Jörð

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