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The Return of Cujo

May 28, 2019
By Grognak-the-Destroyer-Attorney-at-Law, Parsippany, New Jersey
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Grognak-the-Destroyer-Attorney-at-Law, Parsippany, New Jersey
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The Return of Cujo

Based off of the Stephen King novel, Cujo


Donna was starting to finally get over the death of her son, Tad. That dog... he caused the death of her innocent six year old boy.

Oh no, oh no, I just remembered that dog. No not dog, that beast. No not beast, that MONSTER.

Donna and Vic have been struggling with money and keeping their house and they just found out that Donna was pregnant again.

“I’m very happy that we’re having another child, but I’m just terrified that something will go wrong. Like, something related to that monster,” Donna said.

“But honey, you killed that beast a year ago,” Vic replied.

“I know but, something doesn’t feel right.”

“I really don’t know what to say. You killed the monster a while ago.”

Three days later, Vic saw a tear in the couch. “Donna, did you scratch or rip the couch?”

“No. If I did, I would’ve told you 100%.”

“Do you know how it happened then?”

“No, hold on let me come on there and see it.” Donna walked in and saw on the side of the couch a huge gash in the side. “That looks— it looks like it came from a dog. And not just a chihuahua, a— a Saint Bernard.”

“Honey, Cujo is dead!”

“I know, but I think it’s his ghost. Not ghost, his demon.”

Donna was terrified. She didn’t want to lose another child or her husband. Donna was wondering what was going to happen and all of a sudden *CRASH!!*

The table flew over and glasses shattered to the floor  like icicles falling on to hard concrete.

Donna got launched into the ground she felt the same force when Cujo attacked and bit her. She got back up and saw the couch getting shredded. Meanwhile Vic was freaking out.



She was right. It was the ghost of Cujo.

Cujo was searching revenge. Cujo was mad and he wanted blood. Donna had killed him forcefully with a bat. Now it was his turn.  Donna and Vic ran from the house, got to the car, and drove. They didn’t even hesitate to look back. They drove to the Cambers’ house and told them about the beast.

“Charity, your dog, Cujo… He’s back.”


“He’s not alive. But his ghost, no his demon, is haunting us.”

“How is that possible?”

“We don’t really know how but we think he’s getting revenge on us.”

Vic was thinking, How is this even possible. It’s a ghost causing physical harm? Since when did ghosts even exist?

Vic and Donna were scared. They weren’t going to lose another child. Or each other.

After a few hours, Donna and Vic headed home thinking Cujo was gone. They were wrong. Completely wrong. They went inside and sat down in the kitchen. Donna still a little scared, said to Vic “If anything happens, I just want to say I love you.”

“I love you too honey.”

Then all of a sudden, glasses flew out of the cabinet across the kitchen shattered all over the floor and terrified both Donna and Vic. He was back. Donna got pushed over again and felt a scratch across her face. Donna was feeling weak and she started bleeding viciously. Her neck was getting chewed on. Blood splattered. Vic tried to kick Cujo off, he tried to use a pan to whack the ghost off because Vic saw the faint blue glow of Cujo. Cujo got off and disappeared. Donna wasn’t doing to good though.

Vic rushed Donna to the hospital and got her in the emergency room.

“She’s been attacked,” Vic declared.

“By who or what?” the doctor asked.

“A dog.”

“Was the dog rabid? What type?”

“I don’t know if he was rabid but I know he’s a Saint Bernard.”
“Alright. I’ll start operating immediately.”

Vic was waiting anxiously. Ten minutes went by which felt like three hours. What if the ghost comes for me? Will I be next? Vic thought.

The doctor came out, “I’m sorry.”

“No, no, no,” Vic was furious. “What about the baby?”

“The child is gone” the doctor replied.

This can’t be happening, I just lost my son. Now my WIFE! Vic was mad he started to become the beast that killed his wife. He was getting aggressive, vengeful, and he wanted them back. Vic pushed the doctor down, stormed into the operating room, ran over to Donna and grabbed her. Vic started shaking Donna, trying to get her back.

The doctor walked in, “Sir, you can’t be in here.”

“Do you know what that dog did to me?” Vic asked harshly. “He took my first child, now he’s taken my wife and my new child.”

Vic was furious at that time. He ran over to the doctor and pushed him down. Vic was now punching the life out of this innocent man. Pounding his head into the ground, choking him, throwing punches to his face.

There the doctor lay, on the floor of the operating room, dead. Vic stopped and just realised what he had done and have just become.

The beast was in him.

Vic still had some of his consciousness so he ran over to the operating table, grabbed a scalpel and used it to penetrate his stomach. Vic started to wave the scalpel mindlessly in his body throwing blood all over the operating table and the room itself. Vic collapsed on the floor. He realised what he was and saw that the ghost had control of him so as he ended himself, he also ended any further harm on the town of Castle Rock, Maine.

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