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The NIght It all happened

April 27, 2020
By Anonymous

 There once were two sisters named Piper and Claira who were going to Florida, Miami, because their grandparents invited them to their mansion. The grandparents had a neighbor who had two sons and also asked them to dinner and to show them their granddaughters. When Piper and Claira arrived at their grandparent's house, they were speechless. 


“Wow, it’s so cool! Piper and Clara said in unison. 


  “Who’s lame now, girls?” grandma asked. 


  “GRANDMA!” said Claira


   “Ok, I guess you are not lame, just kidding,” Piper answered.


 “ I thought your house would be like a small house,” Said Claira.


“OH, NO! Our house is WAY larger now, come and meet Kardin and Roy” Said, Grandma.


“umm, who exactly are this Kardin and Roy?”Claira replied


“Kardin and Roy are our neighbors, their parents are Rose and Jack.”


“I think that Kardin and Roy are the same age as you. Are you guys 7th graders, right?”


“Um yeah” replied Piper


“Oh, great! Kardin and Roy are wonderful! They will show you around.”


“Oh great now this Kardin and Roy are going to show us around! Ugh! I wanted to do it with our cousin Zoey!” Clara pouted. 

“ Yeah, me too!” Piper agreed.


“Uh hi are you Piper and Claira?” asked Kardin 


“Uh, yes, I’m Piper this my sister Clara” Piper introduced. 


“ Are you Kardin or Roy?” Clara asked. 


“I’m Kardin,” replied Kardin blushing hard. 



“Clara, I think Kardin is blushing. He likes you,” whispered Piper.


“What? No! Eww! Shut up,” said Claira, blushing.


“Where is Roy?” asked Piper.  


 “ He’s coming,” Kardin answered. 


“Hi, I’m Roy. I’m older than Kardin by only 2 months,” Roy said.


“Come on,” you got to say that to every time you meet someone new!” Kardin complained


“Oh stop complaining sorry Kardin’s kinda whiny,” Roy said


“WHAT NO I’M NOT!” Kardin shouted.


“Stupid Roy,” muttered Kardin.


“Whatever. Come on we will show you where you guys are sleeping,” said Roy


“Why do we need to know where you're sleeping?” asked Piper. 

“ Uh… Because,” said Kardin. 


“ Can you show us where WE’RE sleeping, please?” asked Piper. 


“ Yeah,” Roy answered. When Roy and Kardin showed Piper and Clara’s room, they were amazed. 


“It’s beautiful!” said Piper.


 “It’s Gigantic,” Clara exclaimed. 


  “Thank you, Roy,” Piper said


“Don't forget the awesome Kardin?” Karin said 


“ Um… sure” Clara replied


         “I can’t believe we are sleeping in this room. It’s way bigger than the size of my room, my sister’s room, and Parents combined!.” Clara Shouted. 


“Wow, I can't wait to explore eeeeeee!”Piper and Clara exclaimed in unison.


“Come on we will show you around,” Roy said


“No, it’s okay we want to explore by ourselves,” Piper replied.  


“ Thank you, though!” Clara thanked Roy and Kardin




“OK, fine with us we will just be in the living room watching football,” Roy replied, blushing. 


After Roy and Kardin left, Clara was like… “Ooooooooh! Roy likes you! He was blushing while talking to you!” Clara told Piper. 





“BRO, you like PIPER! OOOOOOH! All of us saw you 

blushing at Piper!” Kardin Yelled 




“UMM... it's not called Stupid Waffle business. I told you it's called Kardins AWESOME waffle business. You hear the word AWESOME! And not Stupid!” Kardin said. 

“Whatever,” Roy replied. 


“ Whatever?!? It is a BIG DEAL!”Kardin argued. 


“K,” Roy answered.  


“ Roy just stop, imma just gonna go to the pool,” Kardin said and stormed

 “ Gosh darn it, I forgot my swimming trunks,” Kardin shouted and stormed out… again. Then Roy decided to go check on Piper and Clara. 


“ How are you guys doin’?”Roy asked  


“MEH, I guess,” Clara answered. 


“Clara, let's go to the pool,” Piper decided. 


“ Ok!” Clara replied 


“ Uh… I don’t think you want to go there.” Roy said 


“ Why not?” Piper asked. 


 “ Because KARDIN is down there,” Roy answered.  



 “So what it's not like he is gonna smack us with pool noodles and push us out duh,” Clara said *eye roll*  


 “ Suit yourself, but just so I can prove you wrong, I’m coming with. Oh, Wait... I can’t come, I have to go do my homework… Sorry” Roy apologized. 


 “ That’s ok” Piper replied



“Honey, Piper, Clara it's time to go,” Grandma said 


“Go where, grandma?”Piper said 


“We are going to meet your cousin Zoey! Remember, you met her at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and when your grammy, your aunt, uncle, Zoey and me when we came to your house for summer vacation?”Grandma asked. 


“Yeah! Let’s go” Piper exclaimed


“Could we stop at the mall for shopping, Please?” Clara questioned


“ Yes, but after we see Zoey,” Grandma answered.  


“Yasss,” Clara replied. 


“Why do you always want to go shopping at the mall? Why not go to the Boardwalk? ”Piper said


When they were on there a way to the car the phone rang


Grandma answered the phone


“Hello! Who is this?”Grandma asked

“This is Zoey! Grandma, I’m kinda sick, so I can’t go with you. Sorry maybe later! Bye!”Zoey apologized


“Girls, I’m sorry, but Zoey is kinda sick, so she can’t come with us. Sorry” Grandma said with sorrow.  


“Maybe we could stay inside and watch a movie! I just checked the weather, and it's gonna start pouring out there,” grandma said, trying to lighten the mood.


“Wow, the rain came fast, it's already raining! I think we’re gonna have thunderstorms coming soon,” Piper predicted.


  “Come on, let's go to the living room! LASTS ONE THERE IS A ROTTEN EGG HA!”Claira shouted.


“Wait, what? That is so not fair! You got a head start! WAIT!”Piper screamed.


Piper suddenly stopped, “Grandma, did you invite anyone here?”

“NO! Why? Piper what's wrong” Grandma asked


“Cause there a girl by the garden, and I think she is holding a doll sitting on the grass” Piper replied


“What? Quickly! Let’s go get Claira, she's by herself, and the Tv is by the Garden quickly!”Grandma exclaimed.


“Wait. Roy and Kardin are still there with Claira. I saw them, and I’m kinda scared,” Piper said, shaking.


“It's okay we have to stay together we gotta go get them, and then you guys will go upstairs to the large room, and I will get grandpa, and we will lock all windows and doors.”Grandma planned.


“Okay, let's go,” Piper agreed.


They ran to the TV room when they finally came to the living room they were watching “Take My Brother Away” ( The Irony).


“ Come quickly upstairs! Now Piper will tell you what’s going on,” Grandma hurriedly. 


“Guys come on upstairs in the biggest bedroom. With the bunk beds! And Bring all the food you can grab!”Piper said 


 Meanwhile outside…………………………...

“It's okay dolly we will take revenge we shall take out electricity and then when that ugly old grandma comes out we shall go in and lock the door,” the girl said




 By now, the neighbors started turning on their lights, trying to see what was happening, but the girl ran so fast in the woods that it seemed like she was never there. (now it seemed like she was not even human she had an ashen face wearing a long white dress with long black hair her teeth were so sharp she could bite through a rock)


 In the house, Grandma and Grandpa were locking all windows and doors. The kids were staying in the main room watching TV and eating the snacks they brought. Piper started to relax UNTIL. She heard her Grandma scream. Piper began to run toward the door and yanked the door open and see what just happened but Roy grabbed her and said

“No Piper, I know you want to help your grandma, but she wants you to be safe she would rather kill herself between the choice of killing her or you,” Roy said


 “You know me now. I will do anything for grandma.” Piper assured


“I’m so worried! I hope grandma is alright! Should I sneak downstairs through the secret entrance? No, I shouldn't. I would just get in trouble and Roy's right maybe I could just…..’” Piper thought. 


“I KNOW” Piper exclaimed


 “What's wrong, Pipes?”Claira said


 “I know how to look to see what's wrong downstairs,” Piper said


 “How,” Claira said


 “You know that security camera grandma has? ”Piper asked, whispering.


 “Yeah, I know... but why are you whispering,” Claira said very confusedly.


“Cause we don’t want whoever is down there to know about it” Piper whispered


Piper ran to the computer and turned on the camera security app.


“OMG grandma’s dead she..she..has..a..a knife in her back.” *sobs*💔😭😱 Piper whimpered while sobbing


“Wait, what! Are you lying?” Claira asked.


 “Ahh! Where did the light go?” Claira screamed


“AHHHHHH,” Kardin shouted.


 “ Stop being such a baby, Kardin!”Roy said.


 “AHHHHHHHH”Claira Yelled


“What's Happening!?” Piper exclaimed.

“The lights turn back on. Piper sees all of them dead.


 “Claira *sobs*Kardin*sobs Roy” Piper said


 “Who did this” Piper yelled




No one saw them ever again, DUN DUN DUNNN!!

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